Pageants aren’t about having a pretty face or a “perfect body.” It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul. Hi! My name is Shakthi and I was crowned Miss Teenage South Calgary 2018 two months ago.  Pageantry was always a part of my life as my own mother was Miss Madurai 1994 back in India. She would always gush about how she made amazing friends and heartwarming memories she could never forget.  Looking at how inspiring & successful the women were after receiving a title, I was inspired to do the same. The girls I met, the memories I made are truly unforgettable. I’m glad I got to meet all of them, every girl I met had their own way of showing their passions and values and that was the best part of the entire pageant.


Something that’s very interesting and unique about me is that I’m an Indian classical Bharatanatyam dancer in Calgary. My mother and I had started our own dance school 13 years ago. I’ve been dancing since the young age of two and I don’t think I can ever stop. Starting this dance school not only showed the people of Calgary the diverse art form but it also was a chance for my dance students and I to contribute to society in a positive way. My mother and I have been organizing fundraisers for non-profit organizations for the past 12 years and we have raised over $3500 every time.  Organizations like the Leukemia society, Sadhana Sangama (orphanage in India), and the CHESS organization are just some of the non-profit organizations we fundraised for. My platform is Girls education and empowerment around the world.  Teaching young girls how to dance and be confident is really the best part in all of this. Not only am I supporting my platform but I’m also empowering young women around Calgary. Nearly 62 million girls dream of going to school. This leads to more poverty, early marriages and young deaths. Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women in our society today.  62 million girls dream of going to school today and I believe that I will be the one to make those dreams become a reality.

This is a picture from one of our photoshoots. I’m on the left and my mom is on the right!!

On August 11, 2018 I will be organizing a fundraiser, here in Calgary, for Plan Internationals BECAUSE I AM A GIRL foundation. Different schools from Calgary, including mine, will be performing and showing off their talent. I’m very excited and I hope to see some familiar faces there. My dance girls and I have been practicing very hard for this show and cannot wait to fundraise for this event!

Other than my dreams of helping girls receive the education they deserve I also want to become a pediatric neurosurgeon when I grow up. I’m in the tenth grade in the senior high school Henry Wisewood in Calgary.  School is very important to me and I try to keep my average about a 90% so that I can go to the University of Toronto,  the University of Alberta, or the University of Calgary.

I can’t wait for Nationals this summer in Toronto and to meet all of the girls participating. They all seem fantastic and I can’t wait to meet them in real life.  I’ve been attending many events and preparing for Nationals in many ways, this experience is something I will never forget.

I’m sure the year to come will be filled with excitement and more experiences for me, I can’t wait to share all of them with you!!

I hope everyone has an amazing day!



Written by: Shakthi
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Hello everyone!  For my fashion post I chose a company that celebrates an important aspect of my platform of living your best, natural and healthy life!  Ideally this starts in childhood, and this Canadian clothing company is built on the idea of having kids just be kids, with the comfort to play and be themselves, while still being fashionable and in style. Thank you to Traci from Peekaboo Beans, and Diana for letting me use her little models!

Peekaboo Bean’s Fashion for Pre-Schoolers in Calgary Alberta



Written by: Leslie
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The city of Calgary has some of the most fun and beautiful places in Alberta, it is hard to come up with a favourite location! For my first blog assignment I have chosen to write about one of my favourite places in my region, Holistic Kids Of Mahogany, a local dayhome in my community! I love this small family owned business because of the wonderful lessons they are teaching the kids.  At Holistic Kids Of Mahogany they encourage kids to live their best lifestyle, everything from eating healthy meals or making sure the children get enough exercise during the day. The dayhome is also located in the beautiful community of Mahogany, filled with children and an amazing group of adults. Mahogany also has its own lake, splashpad and community centres within the neighbourhood!

I have had the pleasure of volunteering at the day home many times and have gotten to know the children in the past few months. I get the opportunity to go on trips to the lake with them, play games, and read books to the kids of the dayhome.

Holistic kids of Mahogany also follows my platform, living a healthy natural lifestyle! Some of the kids have allergies like Celiac but that’s no trouble for the dayhome because they already follow a very healthy diet! I also like the dayhome because each of the kids have such unique personalities that can sometimes help bring out a side of me that I didn’t know I had! About once a week they will go to the lake and play around in the water.  The kids are able to run around the grassy areas and unleash who they are on the inside! They also get to play at the parks and get to know other children around the neighbourhood. Some of the older kids in the dayhome, ages 9 to 11 get to jump on the dock and swim in he lake!

Holistic Kids Of Mahogany is a great place for kids to be themselves and express who they really are through activities like art, sports and just play! The dayhome owner also encourages all of the kids to play together to avoid anyone being left out during the day, and to work out conflicts on their own.

The reason why Holistic Kids Of Mahogany started up was because the dayhome owner wanted to encourage living healthier to young children so that they can take those skills in life and create a healthier environment for their families in the future. The owner of  Holistic Kids Of Mahogany says that her favourite part of owning her dayhome is getting the opportunity to listen to the interesting things the children have to talk about! “I can also get a hug when ever I want which is pretty nice, especially on long days” the dayhome owner said.

The kids can also take along the skills of sharing, caring and being there for each other in tough situations! The children at Holistic Kids Of Mahogany are very fortunate to have such a wonderful leader to guide them through one of the most exiting parts of life and to get taught the importance of living a heathy and natural lifestyle at such a young age! I believe that we need more places like this in the province of Alberta!

If you are interested in learning more about Holistic Kids Of Mahogany check out the link below!

Yours truly,

Miss Teenage South Calgary 2017

Written by: Leslie
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Hey everyone! Miss Teenage South Calgary 2017 here, I though that I would dedicate this blog post to talk about my platform.

Ever since I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012 I have been very interested in ways to keep my body healthy and natural, including using better products on my skin. My platform entering the pageant was to encourage people to live a healthy and natural lifestyle, so to keep my promise I have been making 100% homemade natural products including body wash, soap, bath bombs, diaper cream and so much more! I have had the pleasure of going to different events, informing them on the topic and helping families choose a safer way to take care of their house hold!


Miss Teenage South Calgary 2017- Leslie


Written by: Leslie
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Hey Everyone! I am so thrilled to have been able to take on the role of Miss Teenage South Calgary 2017!

Here are some things for you guys to get to know me better!

I’ve been living in Calgary for 13 years now and there’s never a moment that I would want to live anywhere else. I love the amazing places in Calgary, the fascinating history, and most of all the people! And I am so exited to be able to be more a part of that this year.

Something I want to pursue in life is acting, though it sounds like a difficult path I am determined to accomplish my goal! I also love to sing and almost every other kind of performing you can imagine! I was in the musical Annie the supporting role Molly and I have lots of experience singing in choirs and shows!    

This year I would like encourage other girls to push for what they believe in and not to let anyone get in the way.  I would also like to encourage living a healthy and natural life style, this can be accomplished by being ok with your natural image, not feeling as though you might need to add anything to your self to be perfect.


Miss Teenage South Calgary!



Written by: Leslie
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So far, this experience competing in the Miss Teenage Canada 2015 pageant has been so memorable, I’ve never done anything like this in my life! Something that the girls and i enjoyed a lot was when our chaperons took us to the Toronto Easton Centre mall and we got the chance to eat at the tacos and burritos truck located in the market restaurants. As i am a very picky eater i was very impressed that they were still able to accommodate me in and they were able to make me something that i was able to eat and enjoy at the same time. The service they provided us was quick and easy! You just tell them what you want and they make it right in front of you so that you can see everything that they are putting into your food. the majority of us are very picky eaters and the employees were vary nice and patient with all of the girls that needed accommodations. Thank you so much rich tree for sponsoring Miss Teenage Canada 2015 for our lunch yesterday!
Richtree Website:
Richtree Facebook: /RichtreeMarket
Richtree Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

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My platform is to raise awareness for the organization Right to Play. Right to Play is a global organization using the power of play to educate and empower children and youth through playing sports and games. The Right to Play teaches children essential life skills that kelp them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease so they can create better futures and drive lasting social change in their communities and beyond. At the core of every activity is the reflect-connect-apply approach, which encourages children to examine their experiences, relate those experiences to what they already know and apply that learning to their daily lives.

Am estimated 67 million children around the world do not attend school regularly. By making play a part of the school day, they see better attendance, and in some cases, even increased enrolment in schools. Right to Play trains local teachers and community leaders as coaches to deliver play-based educational program before, during and after classes on a weekly basis. With play as an incentive, children are more actively engaged in their lessons, which leads to better learning.

The success of this program is recognized by governments around the world. After 20 years without a plan for early childhood education , Right to Play helped the government of Benin develop a curriculum for its youngest citizens based on the play-based learning model. In Rwanda, their activities are approved for use in primary schools across the country and they have helped develop a national physical education and health curriculum. Today, the play activities also also form the basis of the physical education curriculum delivered in all of Thailand’s Burmes refugee camp schools.

Millions of children world wide are dying from preventable causes. Through regular, health-focused played activities, they can give kids the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to stay healthy.The coaches are trained to create safe, supportive environments where kids can talk openly about the important health topics that affect them like HIV and AID’s, malaria, sexual and reproductive health and hygiene.

I chose Right to Play as my platform because I truly believe that every child should have the same and equal opportunities as every other.

This platform means a lot to me because sports have always been a huge part of my family and I’s life. I believe that the sports i play make me who i am for the better. I have learnt so much through playing sports. I think that every every child around the world should be in a sport.

If i was chosen as Miss Teenage Canada i would promote this platform by becoming an ambassador for Right to Play and i would do events with Right to Play. I would also like to promote Right to Play by going around to schools and talking about how important play is for a kids childhood and share my personal experiences with children all over canada.

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“Give me a good canoe, a pair of Jibway snowshoes, my beaver, my family and ten thousand square miles of wilderness and I am happy.” – Archie Belaney (Grey Owl)


“In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts that tear nations apart, Canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity, and mutual respect.” – Bill Clinton


Canada is one of the most amazing places in the world, there are so many reasons that make this country great but I’m going to talk about the three reasons i think are important. Canada has beautiful landscapes, is one of the most patriotic countries, and is very multicultural. These three things to me, make Canada great!

This amazing country has such an extraordinary landscape. Canada has the most breath taking mountains, so big and rocky. The mountains are great, as many Canadian’s go adventuring, hiking, biking, rock climbing, ski/snowboarding and other winter sports. We have miles of prairie land used for farming. Also, we have huge coniferous and deciduous forests which create fresh air and make for a great place to go camping, hiking or adventuring. Canada has gigantic lakes, the water is so pretty and Canadians love to use them to go fishing, swimming and skating.

Our country is one of the most patriotic countries in the world. We sing our national anthem before every sport or event and we sing it with pride. We like to show we are Canadian when we travel by having a Canadian flag tag on our back packs, as Canadian’s we like to show off our fag as it is such a strong symbol.

Canada is a very multicultural country, we let immigrants into our country no matter what race they are. We encourage immigrants to maintain their culture and bring it into our country for more diversity. Any ethnicity or race are welcome into our country, people from all over the world can come to Canada without being judged by where they are from. Many immigrants come to canada for freedom, safety, and a better life. Canada is one of the top ranked places to live for a better, brighter and greater life.

These three things to me make canada great. I am proud to be a Canadian.


love always,

Samantha, Miss Teenage South Calgary

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