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The main place in my hometown, Calgary Alberta, which brings in tourists is the Calgary Stampede. This 10 day event is an anticipated yearly function which puts Calgary on ‘the map.’ Whenever I have traveled outside of Alberta and I get asked where I am from, I mention Calgary. Those who are not familiar with the city tell me they are definitely familiar with the Calgary Stampede; “the greatest outdoor show on earth.” For those of you who aren’t sure what the Calgary Stampede entails, I will attempt to describe the basis of it here. The Calgary Stampede is so many things. It is pretty much one big jumble of everything and anything you can imagine. There are midway rides, games, shows, and various other forms of entertainment. It is also the host to many competitions within the rodeo and chuck wagon races. People from everywhere and anywhere venture to my great city for this event.

To start off this 10 day escapade is the “sneak-a-peek” day. The sneak-a-peek day is the Thursday before the first day of Stampede really begins. This day is a time for people to get into the grounds at a reduced cost and spend their evening previewing the Stampede that is to come. The gates open at 5 p.m and shut down at midnight. The first official day of Stampede occurs on the Friday and is the yearly parade. The parade always occurs on the Friday as a ‘kickoff to the Stampede.’ Many streets are shut down and people wake up early to reserve their seats. The parade usually consists of a few floats, marching bands, and line-dancers. After this day, the Stampede transforms from the streets to the grounds. For those of you who are not familiar with the location of the Stampede click here. The cost of admission to the Stampede various upon special events for that day (Suncor Energy Family Day and Western Heritage Day) and the age that you are. A detailed list can be found here.

As the Stampede kicks off people venture to experience the entertainment this amazing place has to offer. The various forms of entertainment range from free shows (on Coca Cola stage) to costly concerts (at Nashville North.) The free concerts feature many Canadian artists all across our nation. A few examples of the artists who will venture to the Coca Cola stage this year are, Serena Ryder, Hedley, and Down With Webster. I have been to Hedley, Down With Webster, and Simple Plans concert over these past few years. Despite these amazing bands, what the Stampede is most known for is the rodeo and the evening show (consisting of chuck wagon races and the grandstand show.) I have been to both of these events in the past and despite the hefty price tag ($38-$400) for the rodeo and ($54-$400) for the evening show, I definitely recommend seeing both of these shows at least once. Click here to find tickets.

I have been going to the Stampede ever since I was a young child. The photo to the left is of my brother, my father and I at the Stampede. Below is a photo taken with a few friends three years back. I still try and go every year to the Stampede although many times the days of the Stampede conflict with my work schedule and/or travel plans. This year the Stampede is from July 5- July 14th. As my fellow pageant girls know, we are leaving for Toronto on July 13th, meaning I will miss the last two days of the Stampede.

  Many teenagers go to the Stampede for the rides. Personally I am terrified of most rides, but I will still explain to all of you the ones that are most popular and frightening! First and foremost is the cost. The cost of the rides is a dollar per coupon (each ride requires a different amount of coupons.) The cost for rides adds up very quickly. Since most people spend a lot of their time going on rides, instead, most people buy a ride all day bracelet for $50. This year the Stampede is starting something new. Since wait times for rides can be devastatingly long, the Stampede is now giving an option for a limited amount of guests (first come first serve) to pay an extra $20 and essentially “skip the line” for rides. Now for a brief description of a few rides. The most extreme rides are the slingshot, skyscraper and the new ride coming this year called mach3. Some other common favorites of the Stampede include the Ferris Wheel, a roller coaster called Outlaw, and of course the very scary, very height-defying Skyscraper. The Stampede is also known for its crazy food. This year the list includes items like deep fried butter, deep fried pie, and deep fried pickle beans…pretty much anything deep fried! Shown to the left is the Banada However the Stampede also carries some foods which are not deep fried. These foods include Godzilla Mac and Cheese, Chocolate Bacon Fudge, and Banana Bacon Ear (shown to the left.) Despite all these crazy, wacky foods there are still places to mellow down and relax. A favorite place to do so is by sitting on one of the machines that massage and rub your feet. Personally these machines tickle my feet too much, but many of my friends enjoy these few minutes of (paid) relaxation. In conclusion, the Stampede offers many new and exciting food, midway rides, information, and the Stampede also offers amazing concerts and other entertainment. There is something for everyone at “the greatest outdoor show on earth.” Children have their own midway rides, the Stampede dedicates a day especially just for senior citizens (a discounted rate), and all of you young adults out there have a multitude of possible ways to spend your time. So, if you have some spare change (or a lot of spare change) dig up those cowboy boots and saddle up!

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