Hey Everyone! I am so thrilled to have been able to take on the role of Miss Teenage South Calgary 2017!

Here are some things for you guys to get to know me better!

I’ve been living in Calgary for 13 years now and there’s never a moment that I would want to live anywhere else. I love the amazing places in Calgary, the fascinating history, and most of all the people! And I am so exited to be able to be more a part of that this year.

Something I want to pursue in life is acting, though it sounds like a difficult path I am determined to accomplish my goal! I also love to sing and almost every other kind of performing you can imagine! I was in the musical Annie the supporting role Molly and I have lots of experience singing in choirs and shows!    

This year I would like encourage other girls to push for what they believe in and not to let anyone get in the way.  I would also like to encourage living a healthy and natural life style, this can be accomplished by being ok with your natural image, not feeling as though you might need to add anything to your self to be perfect.


Miss Teenage South Calgary!



Written by: Leslie

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