The city of Calgary has some of the most fun and beautiful places in Alberta, it is hard to come up with a favourite location! For my first blog assignment I have chosen to write about one of my favourite places in my region, Holistic Kids Of Mahogany, a local dayhome in my community! I love this small family owned business because of the wonderful lessons they are teaching the kids.  At Holistic Kids Of Mahogany they encourage kids to live their best lifestyle, everything from eating healthy meals or making sure the children get enough exercise during the day. The dayhome is also located in the beautiful community of Mahogany, filled with children and an amazing group of adults. Mahogany also has its own lake, splashpad and community centres within the neighbourhood!

I have had the pleasure of volunteering at the day home many times and have gotten to know the children in the past few months. I get the opportunity to go on trips to the lake with them, play games, and read books to the kids of the dayhome.

Holistic kids of Mahogany also follows my platform, living a healthy natural lifestyle! Some of the kids have allergies like Celiac but that’s no trouble for the dayhome because they already follow a very healthy diet! I also like the dayhome because each of the kids have such unique personalities that can sometimes help bring out a side of me that I didn’t know I had! About once a week they will go to the lake and play around in the water.  The kids are able to run around the grassy areas and unleash who they are on the inside! They also get to play at the parks and get to know other children around the neighbourhood. Some of the older kids in the dayhome, ages 9 to 11 get to jump on the dock and swim in he lake!

Holistic Kids Of Mahogany is a great place for kids to be themselves and express who they really are through activities like art, sports and just play! The dayhome owner also encourages all of the kids to play together to avoid anyone being left out during the day, and to work out conflicts on their own.

The reason why Holistic Kids Of Mahogany started up was because the dayhome owner wanted to encourage living healthier to young children so that they can take those skills in life and create a healthier environment for their families in the future. The owner of  Holistic Kids Of Mahogany says that her favourite part of owning her dayhome is getting the opportunity to listen to the interesting things the children have to talk about! “I can also get a hug when ever I want which is pretty nice, especially on long days” the dayhome owner said.

The kids can also take along the skills of sharing, caring and being there for each other in tough situations! The children at Holistic Kids Of Mahogany are very fortunate to have such a wonderful leader to guide them through one of the most exiting parts of life and to get taught the importance of living a heathy and natural lifestyle at such a young age! I believe that we need more places like this in the province of Alberta!

If you are interested in learning more about Holistic Kids Of Mahogany check out the link below!

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Written by: Leslie

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