My platform is to raise awareness for the organization Right to Play. Right to Play is a global organization using the power of play to educate and empower children and youth through playing sports and games. The Right to Play teaches children essential life skills that kelp them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease so they can create better futures and drive lasting social change in their communities and beyond. At the core of every activity is the reflect-connect-apply approach, which encourages children to examine their experiences, relate those experiences to what they already know and apply that learning to their daily lives.

Am estimated 67 million children around the world do not attend school regularly. By making play a part of the school day, they see better attendance, and in some cases, even increased enrolment in schools. Right to Play trains local teachers and community leaders as coaches to deliver play-based educational program before, during and after classes on a weekly basis. With play as an incentive, children are more actively engaged in their lessons, which leads to better learning.

The success of this program is recognized by governments around the world. After 20 years without a plan for early childhood education , Right to Play helped the government of Benin develop a curriculum for its youngest citizens based on the play-based learning model. In Rwanda, their activities are approved for use in primary schools across the country and they have helped develop a national physical education and health curriculum. Today, the play activities also also form the basis of the physical education curriculum delivered in all of Thailand’s Burmes refugee camp schools.

Millions of children world wide are dying from preventable causes. Through regular, health-focused played activities, they can give kids the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to stay healthy.The coaches are trained to create safe, supportive environments where kids can talk openly about the important health topics that affect them like HIV and AID’s, malaria, sexual and reproductive health and hygiene.

I chose Right to Play as my platform because I truly believe that every child should have the same and equal opportunities as every other.

This platform means a lot to me because sports have always been a huge part of my family and I’s life. I believe that the sports i play make me who i am for the better. I have learnt so much through playing sports. I think that every every child around the world should be in a sport.

If i was chosen as Miss Teenage Canada i would promote this platform by becoming an ambassador for Right to Play and i would do events with Right to Play. I would also like to promote Right to Play by going around to schools and talking about how important play is for a kids childhood and share my personal experiences with children all over canada.

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