Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! I am 18 years old and attending Sait Polytechnic College, from Calgary, Alberta. Im currently striving to get a diploma in EMT. I plan to work as a paramedic when I graduate from Sait Polytechnic. I was the first and youngest of my siblings to go to college with the help of Indian affairs. With hard work and dedication, I will be able to pursue my dream in becoming a paramedic.
I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends, being outside, organizing the house, taking my dog on walks and of course playing lacrosse. I’v also volunteered for events around Calgary such as: serving food at the homeless shelter, organizing books for kids, halloween event at heritage park, volunteer trainer for the JR.A Raiders men’s lacrosse team, and volunteered doing 50/50 raffle ticket sales. I am a huge country music fan! A fun fact about myself is that i’v competed numerous times at the National Lacrosse Championship, last summer my team won silver for team Alberta. Also i have achieved athlete of the year in school and MVP in lacrosse.
    I come from a family that has always encouraged me to never give up on my goals and dreams. They have always supported me in every aspect of my life, from acting in a grade school play, competing in national sports to getting my education and becoming a paramedic. I believe that my family’s consistent love and support has encouraged me to give support and mentor children and young adults.

The person I look up to is my older brother Brett. Brett has always been there for me through all the good and all the bad, he has never left my side. He had helped me pursue my dream of playing the highest level of box lacrosse a female lacrosse player can play, by playing in the field down the street from our house for hours everyday.

I value my family, friendships, and sports. My family has been there for me through thick and thin and if I ever need help with anything I can always go to my family. Friendships are very important to me because I can turn to my friends for almost anything and they always support and encourage me in anything I do. Sports have made me strive to do my best and reach my goals and has also given me confidence, leadership, communication, technical and problem solving skills, along with team work. I feel that team work is very important, as it gives you skills to work as a team as one and to help build individual goals.
My platform is to raise awareness for the organization Right to Play. I chose this platform because I believe that every child should have the same and equal opportunities as every other child.

   I believe being successful is to give it your all whether you win or lose. If you have learned something valuable in the experience then you have achieved success.

Love always,

Samantha, Miss Teenage South Calgary.

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