So far, this experience competing in the Miss Teenage Canada 2015 pageant has been so memorable, I’ve never done anything like this in my life! Something that the girls and i enjoyed a lot was when our chaperons took us to the Toronto Easton Centre mall and we got the chance to eat at the tacos and burritos truck located in the market restaurants. As i am a very picky eater i was very impressed that they were still able to accommodate me in and they were able to make me something that i was able to eat and enjoy at the same time. The service they provided us was quick and easy! You just tell them what you want and they make it right in front of you so that you can see everything that they are putting into your food. the majority of us are very picky eaters and the employees were vary nice and patient with all of the girls that needed accommodations. Thank you so much rich tree for sponsoring Miss Teenage Canada 2015 for our lunch yesterday!
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