If I had $250K to plan and shoot a commercial I first would start my planning with a team of marketers and writers. After consulting others I would develop a script. I would then look to hire actors/actresses to fill the roles required from the script. To cut back costs I would look to my connections through family and friends to fulfill some of these required roles. Although I did not have a group of consultants, my idea is to show the mending power of a towel. Towels are not normally thought of as ‘healing.’ I will set out to show the viewers that not only towels, but personalized towels can be very mending.

Imagine your anniversary is fast approaching. It has been a rough past few months in your relationship, and you are looking to buy your significant other something special. You turn on the television and see an ad for personalized towels. At first you grab the remote to change the channel, but then something catches your eye. The ad mentions the mending power of these personalized towels. You decide to continue watching because you are curious to know just what they mean by that. This is exactly how I want the commercial I’ve created to draw others in. One of the first things you notice in the commercial is the music. In the background of the commercial is the song The Circle Of Life from The Lion King is playing.

The first shot shows a baby just after being born. The towel is wrapped around the infant creating a soothing sensation for the child. The child keeps the towel throughout their adolescence. The next shot shows the same child as a young adult. It shows him with his very personalized towel wrapped around his neck. He has just worked out. The personalized towel has become a part of his everyday life. As the young adult grows, he begins life on his own in a small apartment. His companion is his sole cat; Cuddly. Cuddly is given the towel after a stressful bath. The cat regains his warmth and comfort from the special personalized towel that the man has carried throughout his life. The next scene shows the man purchasing a personalized towel for his wife for their anniversary. The personalized towels are hung side by side in their bathroom. This demonstrates the closeness of their relationship.

Upon seeing this shot in the commercial something resonates in you. You see how excited the woman was to receive a very personalized gift from her husband. You decide to finish watching the commercial.

One of the last shots is of the man’s wife giving birth to a baby boy. The man wraps his young son for the first time and continues the tradition by giving the young child his own personalized towel. The last shot shows the company logo and purchasing information (cost, shipping and handling etc.)

After you watch this ad you decide the perfect gift for your significant other is their own personalized towel. You realize the towel is an item that is very useful and with Signature Towels becomes a very personal gift. You realize the closeness that a personalized towel can bring. The towel you see has mending capabilities, so, you go to the website and buy the personalized towel for your significant other. Voila!

Love Always,

Lexi Brunner

Written by: Lexi Brunner
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