Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 26

Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 26
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The four of us tried to get together at least twice a month after our first encounter with four-way sex. We had given up strip poker as too slow. We wanted to get down to sucking and fucking much more quickly, but we still liked the way the luck of the draw directed the action so we played high card--low card stuff a lot.

One of our favorites was two-on-one, where the lucky person with the high card got to be worked over for five minutes by the two of the opposite sex. Bob's hair trigger was a little bit of a problem at first, but after a few meetings either Sandy or Linda solved it by sucking him off as soon as they started double teaming him.

That settled him down, and he always seemed able to bffs wild best friend sex party compilation a really stiff hard-on afterward. Bob and I really liked watching the two women get it on together, and they never seemed to get enough of it. We were always talking them into putting on a show for us, and we really liked the result because after a few minutes of eating each other's pussy they were horny as a pair of animals in heat.

One night Bob and I noticed the two ladies off in the corner whispering to each other and smiling a lot.

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Just as I was about to ask what was going on, Linda said that instead of them putting on a show for us, we were going to entertain them. I completely missed the message because I asked what they had in mind, and this silly grin spread across both of their faces.

Linda said that she had a video she wanted us all to watch, and then Bob and I were going to imitate it. The movie started out with a couple fucking, but within a few seconds the woman's husband walked in and caught them.

Instead of beating the guy up, he took his dick out of his pants and told the other guy that he was going to get two for the price of one and promptly stuck his cock in the guy's mouth. Then I got the message. The women were getting really turned on watching a guy suck a cock, and kept telling Bob and I how much it would turn them on to see us do it.

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Sandy said that she never dreamed that she would like eating pussy until she tasted one, and she was sure we would end up enjoying bi sex just as much as she and Linda did. When we looked back at the movie, the husband had his clothes off too, and the two guys were going 69 while the wife tried to play with both pair of balls at the same time.

Linda picked up the deck of cards and said "Low card sucks." and had each of us draw. I flipped mine over, a seven, and I was sure I'd be on my knees first, but Bob turned over a five. I had wanted to try sucking a cock for a long time but had never worked up enough nerve to say it, so this was perfect for me. Somebody else was making me do it. Just thinking about it was making my cock throb and drip precum. Bob took a little coaxing, and I had to promise to do it too after he took his turn, but eventually Linda got him on his knees this sugar told us that our cock had nowhere to go front of me while she knelt beside him.

She played with my dick a little, and then put his hand on it and had him stroke it, and she held his hand around the shaft as she sucked the head for a few seconds.

Before he had a chance to change his mind, she took it out of her mouth and put it in his and started coaching him on how to suck it properly. He really wasn't doing that good of a job, but after a little bit he seemed to be getting into it, and his cock stayed hard the whole time which seemed like a pretty good indicator he was enjoying it.

I couldn't wait for my turn. Bob finally pulled away and said that his jaws were getting tired, and besides it was my turn, wasn't it? Linda kept telling him how much it turned her on seeing him with a cock in his mouth as she had him stand in front of me. I had already gotten on my knees, and Sandy was right there beside me. She took my hand to Bob's cock like Linda had done with Bob, and for the first time in my life I felt how neat it was to have somebody else's hard cock in my hand.

I felt all over it lightly, and I even played with his balls. I'm sure his cock felt the same to the woman as mine did, but it felt completely different to me.

It was a fantastic turn on. I didn't wait for Sandy to tell me. I opened my mouth and guided the head of his cock past my lips, and I licked the drop of precum off the tip as it went in, then I closed my mouth around the shaft right behind the head and just felt and tasted.

I ran my tongue around the flared rim of the head and across the slit at the tip, and I just couldn't believe how soft and silky it was while being so hard and stiff just under the skin.

I pushed it as far into my mouth as I could without making myself gag, and then I closed my lips tightly around the shaft and tried to fuck it with my mouth. I had only gotten in about five or six strokes when I realized that Bob hadn't cum yet as he tried to pull away saying "I'm gonna cum." I almost let him pull out, but then I grabbed the back of his legs and sucked sexy les riding strapon pornstars and fingering harder.

As much as I had liked the taste of cum when I got some from Sandy I sure wasn't about to let this opportunity pass. When Sandy realized that I was going to let him cum in my mouth she told me not to swallow all of it, to save some for her. I knew she was refering to the way she fantastic blonde gets nailed in a gangbang given me tastes of Bob's cum when nobody else knew. Linda kept telling him to fill my mouth with cum, and she was getting really turned on.

I felt his cock swell up even more, then twitch a couple of times, and then he started to cum. I tasted it a little bit as I held my tongue lightly on the slit, then I felt three or four spurts before I had to swallow to keep it from leaking out of my mouth, which would have been a waste. Being a guy I knew how sensitive the head of your cock gets as you finish shooting a load, so I just held the head in my mouth and stroked the shaft with my hand until his contractions slowed and stopped.

Then I milked the rest of his cum into my mouth and turned to kiss Sandy. I still had a fair amount of cum in my mouth, and the two of us stirred it with our tongues for a while before she sucked it into her mouth and swallowed it.

I really liked having a cock in my mouth while it came, and the taste and thick texture were incredibly sensual. I knew I'd want to do it again. Linda and Sandy were both so turned on by what they saw that our session went on for several more hours before they finally ran out of gas. Bob and I ran out before them, which isn't surprising, so the two of them went 69 until they were both exhausted.

It turned out that japan hidden cam toilet xxx had found another variation which would become a regular part of our meetings, and we were eagerly looking for more.