Sex xxiv story 2019 commonwealth

Sex xxiv story 2019 commonwealth
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As she drove, she kept commanding Mike to suck.

She had her hand on the back of his head, pushing it down each time he rose up. "That's it. That's a good slut. Suck it good." This didn't last long though as they were not far from his apartment.

When she stopped and pulled into the parking spot he stopped, but she grabbed his head and pushed it back down. "You will learn to do only what I tell you to do and I didn't tell you to stop." Mike was worried about being seen, but he obeyed and put his lips back to Jamie's strapon and sucked some more.

Jamie was hoping to be seen but no one came along so she said stop and then said let's go. She got out of the car and didn't wait for him and walked right to the building. Mike followed after he had instinctively gathered up the new things they just bought. As they were waiting for the elevator, Mike thought how sexy she looked in her skirt and with a just a little indication of that strapon dildo underneath it. He was turned on. Then another couple came up and he was quickly embarrassed when he realized that he still had that collar around his neck.

Jamie noticed his embarrassment too and seized upon it. "You did bring the bag from the adult bookstore, didn't you my slave?" she said in a sweet playful voice. Mike's cheeks grew red and he even scowled at her but he stuttered a "yes." He noticed that she was gripping her skirt and lifting it a bit, sneaking out the tip of the dildo just a little. She didn't want to be too obnoxious in front of these strangers, but just then Mike saw that the female saw the strapon dildo and grinned wide as she looked back at him.

He recognized them from around the building and he really did not want this to be happening right now, but he had no control over it. As they all got on the elevator, he looked down, trying not to make any eye contact. He was hoping for silence for the short ride which he got. Right up until they were about to get off on his floor when Jamie said, not very loudly, but certainly loud enough for the couple to hear, "You're going to get this, my slave, hard!" and as she did she openly grabbed the strapon cock under her skirt and exposed it as they walked off.

Mike was thoroughly and completely humiliated as he heard cop fucks chubby gal in red dress couple laugh and the door close.

"Why did you do that????" he pleadingly asked of Jamie. "Oh don't whine, you little bitchboy.

I, you will soon learn, am now your Mistress. I do what I want!" She was still sweet and smiling as she said this, not harsh and mean like he had seen some Dommes in videos act. The sweetness was throwing him off slightly as he was half expecting (and half wanting) her to be more stern with him. But it was also making this easier for him. As they got inside, Jamie quickly became more stern. "Get undressed now, slave!" Michael sensed the change and he very quickly obeyed and started undressing.

Just then she slapped his face. "What was that for??" "You will respond to my command with 'Yes Mistress' or 'Yes Ma'am!'" "Y-y-yes Mistress," he answered and kept taking his clothes off until he was completely naked.

"Go stand in the middle of the den," Jamie said as she slipped off her shirt and skirt. "Yes Ma'am," Michael quickly answered and did as she said. He stood there, feeling very awkward and embarrassed as she looked at him and walked around him.

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His cock was perking up some, but she ignored it. She dumped the contents of the bag on the table. She handed him the four cuffs. "Here put these on your wrists and ankles." "Yes Mistress," he said as he obeyed. "I'm going to have sooo much fun breaking your virgin ass in. You sucked my cock eagerly in the car. I know you're going to present that ass to me to be fucked just as eagerly.

Won't you, BITCH?" She slapped his face again hard. Mike was startled at the harshness of this and answered quickly but nervously, "Y-yes Mistress Jamie!" "First," she said as she picked up the paddle, "let's introduce you to the life of a slave. Get on your hands and knees on this coffee table, you pathetic loser." Mike answered properly and obeyed quickly.

Jamie attached the straps from his cuffs to the legs of the table. He cowered a bit worrying about her holding that paddle. Before he was even settled in, SMACK, she slapped his ass with the paddle.

"OHHHH OWWWW" Mike screamed. She hit him twice more, hard, in rapid succession. Then she picked up the smaller buttplug and stuffed it into his mouth. "Wet this real good because it's going in.

This will help prepare you." He started slurping on the plug in his mouth quickly trying to get lots of spit onto it, when she cracked his ass hard again. "I didn't hear you." "Yes Mistress!" Mike muttered with the plug in his mouth.

She took it out of his mouth and he felt the tip of it pressing at the rim of his asshole. There was no hesitation. She pushed it straight on in. Mike gasped as the wide part popped in and then it seemed to lock itself into his ass. "This will start to stretch you. Then you'll be able to handle this!" Jamie slapped Mike's face with her strapon cock. She told him to open up for it again and he obeyed, but she just keep hitting his cheeks with the fake dick.

"Mikey the cocksucker." "Open up your whore mouth, Mikey the cocksucker." "Suck my cock, Mikey the cocksucker!" Jamie demanded but she kept just hitting his cheeks with it.

His mouth was open and he was chasing it desperately, trying to be obedient for her. He sensed an image of himself on his hands and knees, ass plugged, trying to catch a dildo in his mouth and suck it for his old sex partner. He thought this image was pathetic and he was humiliated, but the more he felt bad, the more Jamie taunted him. "SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Then she stuffed it into his mouth. He locked his lips on it and tried to suck as she pushed it in forcefully. "I didn't get to watch before, in the car.

I want to see this! My old buddy Mike. Lips locked on my big strapon cock! Never thought I'd see you sucking cock, Mikey!" Mike just sucked.

She was humiliating him more and more and now he wanted all this to end, amateur attractive gal receives joy of cock hardcore blowjob he just couldn't stop.

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He sucked even harder as she berated him more and more. She pulled the cock out of his mouth, and smacked his ass with the paddle again. Then she picked up her cellphone. "We've got to have pictures of this don't we, Mikey? You pathetic whore." "No, wait." Mike started to protest. SMACK SMACK College girl with boy sex story. Jamie rained down smacks with the paddle on his ass.

"Did you say 'No' to me????" She demanded. She smacked his ass a couple more times and then stuffed the strapon cock back into his mouth. He was starting to suck again, when she held the phone up and started recording a video. He tried to protest but she held his hair with her other hand and began fucking his mouth. He tried to move but the cuffs were fastened tight.

Then she started talking on to the video. "Look what I discovered. Mikey Marsh wanted to be a slut. So I obliged him!" Mike was feeling incredibly humiliated and scared about what she was doing with the video. This feeling made him do something he didn't expect.

He sucked harder on his Mistress' cock. Jamie laughed very loud. "Mikey, Mikey Mikey. You're a fucking natural cocksucking whore!" Jamie just laughed as she grabbed his hair again and fucked his face harder. (cont'd)