Dude looks at his lovely gf sex

Dude looks at his lovely gf sex
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Brenda, Simon and Francine. Brenda Sanchez came from a big family but was childless after four years of marriage to two hotties take care of a rod husband Simon had millions of live sperm in his semen but in spite of their best effort of carefully checking for ovulation It had not worked.

Brenda lost her job and Simon's income as an office manger was enough to pay the mortgage and buy the food but not to spend the money necessary undergo medical help that was not included in basic coverage. Brenda met this tall young woman Francine at the gym where she worked out who insisted she could help. She reality kings rachel raxx them thangs hardcore and brazzers she would pay rent to move in and she gave the story of Kate and Roger Anderson and said she left them with a daughter that she had and gave to them.

Francine said it was important for her to sleep in the same bed because she needed to get close to the father as well. Brenda was very attractive and tall at 5'10" and Francine was even taller at 6 feet with blond hair and bright blue eyes. Brenda was attracted to Francine but wary of her intentions. Francine insisted she would never get between Brenda and her husband that she loved but Brenda's husband was almost done with her for being unable to conceive a child. Francine handed her a card and told her to talk to her husband.

The card had Francine's picture on it and Francine was child-care consultant that instead on paying them to help have children. It was hard for Francine to get around the jealously issue but she was confident they would let her help. Brenda called her husband was work and told her of this beautiful woman she met at the Gym who said she would like to help them have a child.

She said this woman would pay 1000 every month to stay in their bed and assured her she would not become jealous. Simon was nearly fed up with his wife for not being able to conceive a child but the thought of sleeping with two women made him say it would be OK for her to move in if she had the money to pay the rent. Simon was 28 years old and 6'2" and muscular, Brenda was 5'10" and 140.

She told him of this beautiful woman who was only 25 and would help them have a child and pay them for that service. That was almost unbelievable. Brenda called the number on the card and reached Francine and invited her to come here and said her husband said he would not mind her in the bed with her. Francine got in her small car and drove to the address Brenda gave her that was not far from her.

She got out the dolly to help carry in the two boxes she brought with her. Brenda let her in and she wheeled in what she had with her. She let Francine put all of it in the second bedroom. She gave Brenda an envelope that she opened to see the check for $1,000 Brenda could not miss that Francine was dressed in a beautiful sequin covered dress that was open down her chest between her breasts with narrow shoulder straps open further down her back and came down halfway to her knees with a slit coming up both sides.

Brenda said, Francine you are a beautiful woman with such a beautiful dress. Francine said, 'Brenda do you like this dress?" Brenda said, Francine the dress is beautiful and it fits you perfectly. Francine took off the dress and she was now naked as she said, "Brenda this now is yours." She carefully folded it and handed it to Brenda. Francine said, "If it fits me it will fit you but may come down further on your legs." Brenda held the dress and looked at Francine's beautiful body with a naked pussy.

Brenda said, "I once shaved my pussy like that but it was too much hassle to do it every day." Francine said, Come with me and I will give you something closer than a shave. Brenda went with her as Francine plugged in the waxing kit.

Brenda took off her shoes and Francine helped her take off her pants and panties. Brenda reached up and took off her shirt and she was now as naked as Francine. Francine put some wax pellets in and took some scissors. She put a towel in the chair and had Francine sit down and spread her legs.

Francine used the scissors to cut the hair shorter and by this time the wax pellets had melted. Francine dipped in a small wooden stick and applied this to Brenda's pubic area on one side of her vagina she held it there for a minute and pulled it back quickly. Brenda said, "That hurt a little but it wasn't bad." Francine did the same on the other side drawing back some more hair.

Francine carefully waxed using the stick all around her ass and vaginal entrance. Francine then went to work on her pubic mound and any remaining hair was coated with wax and some porous material and after a minute she pulled that off.

Francine removed any hair from her underarms and then gave Brenda a hair cut so her light brown hair framed her face. Francine had Brenda look at herself in the mirror and said, Francine you after having sex in this position beauty girlfriend and homemade such a good job cutting my hair.

Francine used some make up to kill the shine on her face and carefully did her eyebrows and filled in her eyelashes. Francine then had her put on the dress. It fit her perfectly showing the slimness of her waist and her breasts were like Francine's and she did not need a bra.

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Brenda did not have any panties on either but she look at her dress that Francine came in and with the haircut and makeup she looked better than as she ever was before. Brenda thanked Francine for the dress that also fit her perfectly.

Brenda took it off to see her bare pussy and was please to not have any hair except on her head and Francine made that look better too. Looking at Francine naked she decided she would remain naked as well. Francine put towel on the bed put this machine on top and found a place to plug it in.

Francine then embraced Brenda in a kiss.

Francine kissed each of her nipples making Brenda ready to sit on the machine Brenda was on her knees and lower her vagina on the machine. When she was all the way down Francine held the remote and went on with the objective of having Brenda have five powerful orgasms in ten minutes.

Brenda smiled and said, "I have never felt so good before." Francine got up on the bed to help Brenda get off and when she was able to stand Brenda embraced Francine and pulled her naked body against Francine's naked body and kissed her with her open mouth.

They had their tongues in the other mouths and Brenda never kissed a woman like this but she loved what Francine had done for her. Brenda needed to use the bathroom and when she went in her kitchen to prepare dinner she found Francine standing there naked dicing carrots. She added that to he pan she would use to make her vegetables that already had some sliced onions and cut up celery She found a pressure cooker and Brenda looked at Francine peeling potatoes and walked in to take over that task.

Francine seasoned and started cooking the vegetables and took the steaks out of the refrigerator and after starting the barbeque in the back yard. When Brenda started fire over the pressure cooker she found Francine outside, still naked, broiling some steaks. Brenda walked out to her and Francine said, "How done do you and Simon want your steaks?" Brenda said, "We both like them medium rare." Francine said, "Thank you Brenda." Brenda again embraced Francine into a kiss they held for a minute before leaving her and walking back in the house.

Brenda never though she would feel love a woman, but Francine was perfect in every way and she now knew Simon would love her as much as she did. Francine brought in the steaks and put them on dinner plates. She soon would add the potatoes she mashed and put some of those on each plate along with the vegetables she made Simon got home to see his wife and other woman in the kitchen.

Brenda asked him to sit down at he table and Francine served him his dinner. Simon turned around to see this incredibly beautiful woman sitting across from him naked just like his wife. Simon ate the most delicious meal he ever had. Brenda phoenix marie masterbating then gets fucked hard, "Simon I want to introduce you to Francine." " Francine made everything on your plate but I peeled the potatoes." "I love her and I am certain you will too." She felt her husband's hard-on through his pants and she asked, "Francine would like to relieve Simon." "He is not used to coming home to two naked woman." Francine walked around to him and unbuckled his belt before she lowered his pants and pulled down his underwear.

She took his took his hard penis and put her mouth around it using her neck to pull her head back and forth until he finally ejaculated in her mouth. She swallowed his cum and pulled his underwear back on raising his pants and fastening the buckle.

Simon watched as she went back in the kitchen to rinse off each dish and glass load the dishwasher. She took the dishcloth to wipe down the table and counter and put it in the microwave. Brenda took her hand and guided her Simon and Brenda's bedroom where she would be welcome to sleep. Brenda sat her on the bed and spread babysitter and bf threesome with milf in the bedroom pornstars hardcore legs and began to use her tongue and fingers.

Brenda had never tasted the vaginal discharge of any woman but she was eager to bring Francine to an old fashion orgasm. Brenda had masturbated once or twice but she never had her face in at the vagina of another woman. She used her fingers to find the G spot and used her tongue on her clitoral hood. Francine was enjoying this immensely and after ten minutes she big titted milf and pretty teen ffm way on the couch an orgasm.

She said, "Francine I have never done this before." Francine said, "I would never had guest that." Francine then asked, "Brenda do you remember when your last period started?" Brenda thought for a minute and said, "It melanie rios gets fucked in hardcore fashion eleven days ago." " Francine used a thermometer meant to use in the ear.

She put on plastic cover a put it up to Brenda's ear. Five seconds later it beeped and Francine said, "It said you have a body temperature of 98.2 now." "In two to four days you will ovulate." Francine said, I had chaturbate lulacum part take your popcorn and relax period nine day's ago and I will need your husband's help when I ovulate a couple days later.

When I conceive I will stay here and give the baby to you and Simon. I have done this before I will do it again. The last couple I helped the woman was able to get pregnant for the first time in five years and they have two children now. Brenda said, "Did she have twins?" Francine said, "She had a boy and I had a girl but the birth certificate had them as twins because they were born on the same day." "If I am the only one to get pregnant and give birth here the birth certificate will indicate you as the mother and Simon as the father." Francine said, "I am very fertile and Brenda you will be the mother on the birth certificate.

Simon will be the real father." "I need his sperm to get me pregnant." "I have done this twice before and I will do it again once more before I find a man to love and have a family of my own" "Please consider me as your sex slave." "I will do all the cooking and cleaning for you and I will bear you a child." "I also will be willing receptacle for Simon's semen and I will do all I can to please you Brenda. Simon said, "Why do you subject your self to this for us.

Francine?" Francine said, "I am very wealthy and feel lucky to have all this money so I want to give my personal service to people that need it." "I am six feet tall and my grand parents are all still alive." "I am a good looking woman with an IQ of 145 and have some very good DNA to give out." "A man can give out his DNA with his semen".

"As a woman I have to do it one baby at a time." "I like being naked because there will be a lot less laundry to do and I shower every day like everyone." "Brenda and Simon I need to go to bed early because I need to get up very early so I can do my morning run." " Simon said, "We all do this every morning." "Francine, welcome to our bed." Simon was in the middle with a naked woman on each side.

Simon turned to his wife and they talked. Simon turned to Francine and said, "Brenda would like to me to fuck you while she watches." Francine spread her legs and Simon guided his stiff penis in to Francine and he worked her for ten minutes before coming inside her just after Francine had an orgasm.

Francine turned to her side and Simon put his arm around her. Simon woke up with Brenda the alarm on Brenda's side to find Francine in the kitchen. They sat at the table and Francine served bacon and eggs with toast. Brenda could smell it from the bedroom. She put on her running shoes and black shots and support bra to be legal.

Simon thought the breakfast was first rate. After eating, Francine cleaned up and did the dishes and was out the door in her running shoes. Brenda and Francine ran together with Simon behind them looking at the sexy long legs on Francine and Brenda. After running ten plus miles with the house in sight Francine took off and got home before anyone and waited on the front porch for somebody with a key to the house Simon came and unlocked the door so Francine could come in and Brenda had to walk the last quarter mile and was the last one in the door.

Simon was impressed with Francine out doing everyone and her cooking was perfect in every way.

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She was tall and impressive in every way. She was a truly beautiful woman. Brenda was beautiful but not to degree that Francine was.

Francine has long tapered legs that were perfect in every way. Simon married Brenda because she was beautiful Francine came into their lives and has offered her body to bare a child for them.

Francine is a truly remarkable person to come here and pay rent an do all the work she does and offer up her body for sex as well.

Simon has never heard of a woman willing to taking nearly a year out of her life for a childless couple and doing it over and over again before finally living her own life and baring her own children for her own husband. Brenda put on the sequined dress she gave Brenda that must have cost thousands of dollars. Simon was determined to respect Francine because she came here to help them conceive and provide them with a child.

Francine's efforts to make her sex slave only fought against that respect. When Simon told her how he felt a tear came from Francine's eye. Simon said, "Our marriage has been on the rocks because of Brenda's inability to conceive." "Nothing has changed for Brenda but she seems to be a new woman and my love for her is reinvigorated." "Her libido has gone south for a while and our sex life has gone way up since you got here." "My love for Brenda is back and she is more valuable for me than at any time before." Francine said, "Simon, that is the reason for me being here." Francine treated Simon to a whole body waxing.

This took her nearly and hour but when she was done Simon looked much younger and his muscular body was not hid by hair. He embraced Francine and kissed her. When Simon saw his wife Brenda smiled and said, "You look so good Simon." Brenda hugged him and opened her mouth to take in his tongue they kissed passionately for the first time in years. Simon said, "I don't know how much I loved what you did for me Francine." "I love Brenda more than ever and I love you Francine." Brenda said, "My husband looks so good Francine, I don't know how can I thank you enough." "I have never loved a woman but I love you Francine." Francine put the ear thermometer and got a reading of 99.9.

Francine said, "Brenda you are ovulating now and it would be good thing to have Simon take care of business with you today." Brenda said, "I will do this now." Brenda took her husband to the bedroom and turned on by his kimberly brinks tease amp masturbation kimdoll trailer pornstar bigass body." Simon had her spread her legs and got down and gave her some oral sex to have an orgasm and then turn is attention to fucking her.

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As he was doing this he leaned over to suck on each of her nipples. Brenda loved this and had another orgasm as she felt the warmth off Simon's ejaculating inside her. Brenda geeky teen likes to suck and fuck in bed placing a pillow under her to not leak any of Simon's sperm. Simon leaned over and kissed the woman he now loved more than ever. Simon found Francine and walked up to her and embraced Francine and kissed her passionately.

Simon was a naked as Francine and he backed away to look at this beautiful woman that had come in to their lives and rescued their marriage. "Francine there should be a thousand of you to rescue all the marriages of all the people that want children" "I feel so good for having you here to help us." "I never knew how much I love being hairless on my body." Simon prepared the lunch feeling guilty letting Francine do all this work.

He felt good having her just standing there watching him. Simon remained naked and he had a terrific muscular body. Simon felt good serving the food to his wife and Francine. Simon now felt that women that looked as good as Brenda and Francine should be allowed to go around naked in public if they wanted. He was proud to have them that way in his house. Francine had been taking her temperature and had not ovulated yet. She thought she would in couple of days and Simon looked forward to providing his seed in her when she needed it.

Simon had his own gym in an unused bedroom with several weights and a bench to use doctor checkup beautiful patient for sex he needed it. By dinnertime Brenda was in the kitchen with Francine helping, Francine had made it wonderful to be a female here and looking at her made Brenda sexually attracted to her but she did not have to show it like Simon did when he was aroused.

After dinner Brenda got down on her knees and gave him a blowjob to relieve him. She did this in the kitchen in front of Francine but felt no problem with that. Simon got to have two beautiful females in his bed tonight.

In the morning Brenda gave him a blowjob in the bed. She now eagerly swallowed his cum. Previously she did this she would never have him cum in her mouth.

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Brenda did all she could to help Francine with breakfast and was quick to clean up afterward to relieve her from that. Brenda had Francine spread her legs and she eagerly used her tongue and fingers to bring her to an orgasm. Simon looked at this and he now used his tongue and fingers to give Francine another orgasm. Both Simon and Brenda were grateful to have Francine here.

It was not enough to say it so they showed it by helping her cook and clean and Brenda gave her sexually as well. Today Francine took her temperature and it was 100.1º She later asked Brenda for the services of her husband and he eagerly provided it first using his tongue and fingers to provide an orgasm before guiding his hard cock in her vagina.

He sucked on her nipples wile fucking her and she was able to have another orgasm before she felt the warmth of his ejaculate. Simon stood and leaned over and kissed Francine tenderly after the sex. He then put his hand under her butt and lifted it to slip a pillow under her. He asked her to stay in bed while Brenda and Simon prepared dinner. Francine was confident because she always was able to get pregnant before and she felt so close to Simon for treating her so well.

While eating dinner Francine asked, "Simon would you be willing to be my personal trainer." Simon said, "I will be glad to be able do that for you Francine." Simon became and expert on how to use the Sybian machine to give the most pleasure and welcomed Francine and Brenda to use it while he held the remote control.

He was able to give the women one orgasm after another until they could barely stand afterward. He loved being able to provide the maximum amount of pleasure to the women. He was indian desi collegegirl fucking her juicy pussy in shower with dildo indiansexygfs com tube porn to fuck Francine again just to make sure his seed worked on her.

Three weeks later Francine used the pregnancy tester to confirm she was again pregnant. Brenda was unable get pregnant but that was why Francine was here.

Simon and Brenda treated Francine with all the sexual service and did as much of her work to help her as much as possible. Month after month Brenda was unable to conceive but Francine became much stronger under Simons instructions and her abdomen swelled to more than usual for the tall woman. Francine felt good under these conditions.

Francine now could see her arms and leg muscles and her chest showed more from the muscles there.

Francine could not do any running so Simon provided a rowing machine for her to use for cardio vascular fitness. After being here nine months Francine had her water break and called her doctor who came in after several hours he delivered identical twin girls. Francine learned why she had two breasts as she nursed the two girls. After three days the birth certificates for the two girls came in listing the father as Simon and the mother as Brenda After spending an entire year here Francine said a tearful goodbye to Simon and Brenda.

Francine said, "I was proud to be naughty blonde twins having fun with girlfriends of this family for last year." "I have never been treated as well as here." "I am going to retire from doing this and while I am still young." "I do wish there were more of me to do this and help more families" Simon and Brenda both were tearful when Francine left but their love for each other was renewed and they would bring up their twin girls and never forget Francine and how she helped them.

Brenda was finally able to get pregnant and gave birth to a boy.