Model big tit blonde and her boyfriend in the bathroom

Model big tit blonde and her boyfriend in the bathroom
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Sarah walked into the locker room, the boy's locker room. She was wearing tight school pants and an even tighter white Polo, her breasts were almost bursting the buttons.

Her long light brown hair reached her mid-back, hanging over her perfect tight ass. Sarah really was a beautiful girl, with pale skin, hazel eyes, a slight button nose, and a skinny but perfectly shaped body. Despite the fact that she was only thirteen and in the seventh grade, she still had a burning desperate need to get fucked. She wasn't surprised to see Marcus in the locker room, shirtless, staring slack-jawed at her with wide open eyes and his PE shorts starting to tent because of his hardening boner.

He was pretty good looking himself, with a finely muscled body expected of an athlete like him, blonde hair, sea green eyes, and slightly tanned skin. Sarah smiled at him, with a little glance down to his boner, and walked towards him.

He looked down at his boner then back up to Sarah, then quickly sat down on the bench. Sarah giggled. "No hug?" She asked him, making a puppy-dog face with her perfect soft thick lips. Since Marcus made no move, she grabbed his hands and pulled him into a tight hug. Two things almost gave Marcus a heart attack. One, he was hugging a BEAUTIFUL girl while he had no shirt on and two, his boner literally slammed inti her pelvis. "Ow!" She said playfully, reaching down and grabbing Marcus's boner.

"Holy shit Sarah!" Marcus gasped, dropping himself back onto the bench. "What's wrong? You don't like me?" Sarah asked, sitting on Marcus's lap and wrapping her legs around his waist. "Of. of course." He whispered. Holy shit, Marcus thought. This extremely hot girl, which he'd had a crush on for the last two years and was secretly the source of many late-night fantasies, was totally coming on to him. Sarah started to unbotton her shirt. "What are you doing?" Marcus asked.

Sarah moved her lips next to his ear, "Fuck me." She whispered. Marcus's boner naughty skinny girl hard fucked by tattooed against Sarah's tight ass. Without needing any more incentive, Marcus almost ripped off Sarah's shirt and undid the clasp of her bra, letting both items fall to the floor and revealing her perfect breasts.

"Jesus. they're perfect!" Marcus gasped. Sarah unwrapped her legs from around Marcus's waist and stood up, taking of her socks and shoes then shimmying out of her tight pants, leaving her in only panties. "Wanna help?" She asked. Marcus reached out and slip down her panties, uncovering a pair of soft pink lips with a small patch of brown hair just above them. "Holy shit." Marcus whispered. His boner was literally throbbing blow job young young girls this point, eager for a release.

Sarah giggled and got down on her knees. Marcus's heart pounded in anticipation of what she was about to do as Sarah slid off his shorts and boxers at the same time. His six inch cock sprung out before Sarah, making her gasp. "Its. big." She gasped. Before Marcus could say anything, Sarah planted a kiss on the head, then opened her mouth and took in three inches of it.

She twirled around the head with her tongue, sending an explosion of pleasure up Marcus's body. "Oh God." He whispered. As she started bobbing her head up and down his shaft, exploring with her tongue, Marcus thought he was is heaven.

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Her thick soft lips slides up and down his shaft as her tongue worked around his head and shaft, and she took in his entire penis, back towards the entrance of her warm throat. "Oh.

Sarah. I'm gonna cum!" Marcus groaned.

Just as he finished his warning his cock began spewing a current of cum into Sarah's mouth, and she gladly took it and swallowed, some of the white liquid leaking out the sides of her hot little mouth. When his ejaculations started to die down she slipped his semi-hard cock out of her mouth and slid it between her breasts, a few shots of cum shooting into her cleavage.

The great feeling of his cock between her breasts was enough to get him hard again, and the sight of his cum all over her cleavage turned him on in so many ways. "Fuck me." Sarah said as she got up on her feet only to squat back down on Marcus's cock, letting his member into her tight vagina. She realized her mistake when she felt a sharp pain in inside her, and she knew that Marcus had "popped her cherry".

Tears welled in her eyes and Marcus reached up to tenderly stroke her face and while away the tears. "Go." Sarah said. Marcus grabbed her this waist with his strong hands and helped her slide kink whipped ass brittney white takes it hard and down, slowly at first. Sarah was so lost in ecstacy that she barely felt the pain any more, only the extraordinary feeling of Marcus's cock sliding in and out of her and rubbing against her clit.

"Oh. Marcus!" Sarah moaned, her cum-soaked breasts bouncing up and down as Marcus picked up the pace. His cock slid in and out of her slit with so much speed and pleasure, Marcus could feel an ejaculation gathering in his shaft.

In one moment of simultaneous moans of ecstasy, Marcus and Sarah reached their climax at the same time and blended their bodily fluids in joint orgasm.

For a moment Marcus was afraid of the fact that he had came inside of Sarah, but it didn't matter when she slumped her tired body against his, pressing her breasts against his chest. "Marcus. I. I love you." She whispered between heavy breaths.

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Marcus wrapped his arms around Sarah, his semi-hard cock still inside her, and planted a long kiss on her lips. He decided that he could stay like this forever. "How about. a first date?" Marcus asked. Both teens laughed at than before continuing their kiss.