Enema squirting babe covered in milk tube porn

Enema squirting babe covered in milk tube porn
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The Day,,,&hellip. I woke up at about 9 at the morning. I just couldn't believe that that was the day. I just didn't have any fucking idea teen cam kitchen girlpals toying each other I am gonna make it the perfect day of my life, how to satisfy my angel Rani, how to use her to the max.

I knew Rani would be waiting for me in her bedroom. I saved my last night without masturbating to give her a good sex. I entered without knocking and I was surprised to see her getting ready to go somewhere.

She was facing the mirror. So I went to her and hugged her from back just like lovers. She was wearing the saree I bought her. So, I thought it was for a good start. Me: Nice touch&hellip.this saree was woven for you and you only. I started kissing her neck and bare back passionately. To my fucking surprise, Rani pushed me away and looked me angrily.

Rani: Anand, Is this the way of behaving to your teacher??? I laughed loudly. Me: Nice joke…baby… Rani: I wasn't joking and I am not your baby&hellip.Call me Rani ma'am……and go get ready&hellip.I will drop you at bus station. Me: (totally unaware of what is happening) Why??? Where are we going??We are lovers&hellip.So can't I call you baby??? Rani: Why because I am your teacher. And I laughed loud for that. She didn't mind it. Rani: "We" are not going anywhere, you are going back to your home.

And we are not lovers. Me: No…honey…you are kidding&hellip.but this isn't a joke. It's touching me; don't you tell that again. And I am not going anywhere 'cause today is our day of love. I approached her lips for the kiss. But she pushed me away.

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Rani: Anand, I am a married woman&hellip.I am not stripping and having sex with a student. Now go and get ready. Her face was furious. I was speechless. I could not do anything but do as she said.

Of course I didn't want to rape her. It doesn't work that way. Me: (helplessly);Then why are you wearing "that" saree??? Rani: 'Cause it's good and Its my money. I can wear anything that I own. Now go on; I will be waiting downstairs. Me: (almost crying) you tempted me &hellip.I am in love with you Rani and you were too&hellip.! Rani: Enough of this Anand, Get ready. I walked slowly to my room.

I got freshened and cursing my luck, got dressed. I went downstairs pretty girlie caresses love tunnel hardcore blowjob I found that she was waiting in the car.

Her face was expressionless and not guilty. I entered my bag and sat in the front seat. For the last time, out of hope, I held her shoulder. Me:(pleading) Did I do something wrong&hellip.I don't want the sex part…Just tell me you love me. She took my hand off her shoulder and started the vehicle without saying anything.

Even at this point, I couldn't help noticing her hip, navel and her studding. I am losing the sexiest girl that has ever come to my life. She started the vehicle and drove it to the road. She never looked at me. I couldn't bare my misfortune. I noticed her taking another path. Me: I thought you were taking me to the bus station. Rani: I want to show you something.

I laid back without caring. She drove up the hill. We travelled for about an hour. I dossed off with the anger and sorrow inside me. She woke me up when we reached the place.

It was a big beautiful bungalow with an area covering at lease 5 acres. It was at the top of the hill and was very cold. Rani: (smiling) This is our resort. My favourite place. God&hellip.How much I love it!!!

Beautiful; ain't it?? Me: (in agreement) It is heaven&hellip.wow.! She went out to talk to the watchman and came back. I also noticed her giving some 5000Rs money to him.

He opened the gate and we entered. We drove about half a mile to reach the palace. Rani: (excited) Come out…Let me show you around. I jumped out and followed her in. It was built just like a palace. The interiors were extravagant and royal.

Me: Superb!!!! How many workers do you have here?? Rani: 25 or something including the watchman. Me: Where are they?? Rani: I gave them all 2 days and a night off. Me: Oh…Why is that (actually not listening)?? Rani: This is it. Me: (looking at her) what?? This is what?? Rani: This is our day of love.

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I want blowjob loving teen titfucks and sucks dick both of us in this beautiful palace. I am yours; take me. I was astounded for sure and terribly excited. But I concealed my expressions of awe. I stayed serious. Me: Then why was all those drama?? Rani: (kiddishly) Just fucking with you… Me: Do you have any slightest idea how much you hurt me??

There is no love day&hellip.This is it and I want to go home. Rani: (tears in her eyes).But Anand…I was not serious… Me: Well…It was serious enough for me…Now please take me back ma'am… She came close to me and held my cheeks with her hands.

Rani: Don't call me that …Call me your baby&hellip.your Sweety. Me:(coldly) That was then…&hellip.Its all over. She was very much shocked and ran away from me a few metres and started crying with her back turned to me.

I regretted a little for letting her cry…But I got to handle this dramatically. Then I thought…No need for any fucking drama&hellip.Its time and we got to begin. I went towards her, held her hips, and went for her studded navel.

I started kissing and licking her milky back which was full naked with just the thread ties between. I played with her chain stud. I started licking her shoulders and neck. I closed my mouth a second to enjoy the smell of her body&hellip.She smelled like sandal… She was weeping and smiling. I bit and licked her ear.

She enjoyed it without a word&hellip.I was doing great. She looked at me in false complain. Rani: Why did you say it?? Me: Just fucking with you.

And I started my kiss. We kissed each other passionately for few minutes in the same pose. Then she turned towards me still with her lips glued to mine. She tasted like chocolate. Our tongues were playing. Neither of us could interrupt it. It was dane jones blowjob and outdoor sex in a summer dress and kitchen quickie lovely. I half heartedly removed my lips. But she was still moving towards it as if she never wanted it to end.

Her lips were not coloured anymore. I kissed her cheeks, neck and chin. She enjoyed it all with peace. I always liked to kiss the neck region. So I went for it. I ran my lips down the neck. Then I started licking it up and down. She was laughing softly. I then took her in my hands. Me: The bed?? Rani: No &hellip.Lets start with brother and sister home real couch&hellip.we will get there&hellip.eventually… So I laid her on the couch in the living room and kissed her caringly.

I moved my lips to her navel. I bit the stud and pulled it softly. She let out a small "ouch" for that and laughed. I licked the round navel and her whole stomach. Her saree and underskirt was just above her pussy.

Rani: You want me to strip?? Me: No&hellip.Its early for that. Rani: I thought you wanted to fuck me so badly&hellip. Me: where's the fun in that.(laughing) She too laughed. Rani: Well&hellip.I don't have to lie&hellip.I want to suck your cock so badly… Me: Ok&hellip.That's alright&hellip.Just the pants?? Rani: No…let me. And she let me sit on the couch. We kissed for another 2 minutes and unbuttoned my shirt.

She threw the shirt away and started kissing my body. She wetted my whole upper body with her sweet saliva. I was enjoying to my max.

She was enjoying it very much too. Then she held her palm on my bulged cock. She kissed it with my pants on. She slowly removed my belt and unbuttoned my pants. Carefully, she pulled off the pants and I was just in the boxers.

It was all wet with my pre-cum. Rani slowly licked the wet regions and the tip of my cock with her tongue. It was an ecstatic moment. She removed the boxers and threw it away. I was full naked. Not a single piece of cloth on me.

My 7 inch long cock stood like a rock mountain ready to be greeted by my angel's sweet mouth. Rani was excited and surprised to see my cock. Pre-cum was dripping from my cock tip. She fondly kissed it. Then she started licking it to full length. I was in 7th heaven. She caressed my balls with her hands. I noticed that her boobs was full erect and was protruding out through her blouse. Her cleavage was so big that it could be compared with the valley between mount Everest and Kilimanjaro.

She lubricated it well and started gently stroking it. With each stroke, came some pre-cum and she never missed to catch it with her tongue. She opened her mouth and engulfed my cock in it. She chewed my cock tip gently and then started her majestic blowjob.

She was enjoying my cock like a kid enjoying his lollipop. Rani: Mmm…mmmmmmm…&hellip.Its good&hellip.tasty…mmmmm&hellip.! Slowly, slowly, she increased her pace. Then, It was like rocket. She stroked it hard and wild. She started spitting and stroking. She spat a full lot and wont allow it to drop down.

She drank it all. Whatever came from my dick, she drank it all. God…She was really wild&hellip.I reached for her head and made her stroke it faster. I made my dick reach her throat. We did this for some 20 minutes. I was about to masturbate and I told her this. She encouraged me to go on and do it all over her face and mouth. And so I did. I stroked hard and masturbated on her cheeks and mouth which she swallowed instantly and wildly.

I was tired and sat on the couch exhausted. Me: Clean up…we don't have much time. Rani: Oh…We have enough time for practising all types of sex in the world.

She started to move to bathroom. Butsomething came to her mind and she stopped. Rani: Anand&hellip.You ever tasted your cum?? Me: No&hellip.that's gayish. Rani: Now…who told you that??? Its your own and from your own body&hellip.taste it&hellip.comeon…lick my face… Me: You sure??&hellip.I mean&hellip.will I vomit?? Rani: (laughing)&hellip.no …come on. I couldn't think of anything else&hellip.

My angel was insisting me. I went to her and started licking all over her face with my eyes closed. She was smiling in fun. It was tasty&hellip.salty. Then she took some pills from her handbag and handed it to me. Me: Whats this?? Rani: Sexpills&hellip.to keep up our energy…and keep on making love&hellip.(laughs) Me:(laughing) alright&hellip. We ate it but I also found Rani taking in something else. Me: Whats that?? Rani: Anti pregnency&hellip.I dont want you to wear condoms.

We laughed and exchanged another passionate kiss. The problem was it takes atleast 5 minutes to complete our kisses.

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Rani would never stop the kiss…Every time I had to take the initiative. I wore back my boxers and nothing else. Rani wanted it that way&hellip.She promised that there would be no one within a mile around us. We started walking to see the palace. We walked like married couple. I put my hand on her hip. The place was really beautiful and suiting for our encounter. There was a large pool inside the house too. We walked into the master bedroom which was as royal as you could ever imagine.

The bed was really large. Rani was still very horny that she always laid her hand on my penis and caressing it. The sex natasha vega blow a lucky old bastard was taking its action.

I was becoming horny too. I murmured to her ear. Me: Shall we begin?? Rani: Be my man. We started kissing. This time, it was ravishing. We sucked each others' tongue very hard like it was a competition between us. I mockingly spat into her mouth which she drank laughing. After completely drinking each others' saliva, I started kissing and licking her cheeks and whole face.

I also untied her blouse ties and threw it away. I pushed her to the wall and licked her neck up and down. Rani was giving out sensual sounds.

Damn&hellip. she was enjoying my actions very much. I too enjoyed her body like a pastry. She was really sweet. I started kissing her boobs over her pink bra.

She unhooked it and held my head strongly to her breasts. I chewed her nipples and kept on sucking it hoping to drink milk from it. Rani started to loosen her saree and underskirt and there you go……She was in just her panties. I went for her lips again while she jumped up and crossed her legs around me. My stoned cock was touching her pussy through our stationeries. I rode her to the bed and she thudded down like a feather with me over her.

Our lips were still glued to one another. I moved my tongue through her breasts and navel to her wet pussy. I kissed her panty and licked catalina vs lex steele tube porn thighs full. I sucked her leg fingers and started massaging her thigh region around her pussy. Slowly… I removed her panties to expose her cleanly shaved wet pussy. I lost control and hungrily started licking her clit. It was very tasty.

I started tongue fucking her for a few minutes. I spat on it and spread it with my fingers. I then rubbed my cock on it and slowly inserted it in. Yeah…That was it…I am fucking her&hellip.I couldn't think of what to believe. Because I was in heaven. I kept on fucking her…first slowly, then increasing my pace. Rani: oh my god…ff&hellip.ff.f…fuck&hellip.aaaaa&hellip.fuck me baby…&hellip.make me your bitch…&hellip.

I fucking love the way you do it&hellip.fuck&hellip.your cock feels so fucking good&hellip. mmm… mmm. yeah…aaaa…! She had the potential for an amazing and successful porn star…She would beat Sunny Leone in the field. We fucked for about 20 minutes in normal position.

Rani: Lets do some doggy style. Me: alright&hellip.wow… She stood on her knees and bend opening her ass to me. I licked it and spat on it to give lubrication. I put my cock in it and started banging her. I held her boobs with my hands and massaged it. I meanwhile, licked all her back. Me: Now…let's do jumping style&hellip.

Rani: ooohh………fuck fuck……let's do it&hellip. We changed positions. We kissed and I laid on the bed. She crossed her legs and took my cock with her hand. She then beat my cock on her pussy few times and slowly inserted it in. She moaned with excitement and started jumping like spring.

she rubbed her pussy with one hand made the other her support. We did it for about 15 minutes and I was about to cum. Me: Hey…&hellip.I will cum any moment now…! Rani: you are early……anyway…&hellip.go on……do it in me……fill me&hellip. She laid and I Stroke my cock with my hand and let it in her clit.

Then I filled her in. I was relived to max. Rani: mmmmm&hellip.I can feel the river in me……It feels great&hellip.! And we kissed as in gratitude to each other for having a great sex. I wasn't a virgin anymore. That's one fucking good thing. And I had my first sex with the most beautiful and desirable woman I have met.

Damn&hellip.I was a lucky son of a bitch. Me: Now what?? Rani: We will think about it… I wore just my trousers and she put on a big shirt which she took from my bag. She didn't wear her bra as well as her panty. Rani: mmmm&hellip.come lets eat&hellip.U must be starving. Me: yeah…I was&hellip.But all quenched now&hellip.

I started kissing her necks form her back. Rani: (laughing) This would be something you love……come on… And she pulled me by my hand. She made me sit on the dining table and went in to the kitchen. She came back fast with a plate with some strawberries and a banana and a glass of milk in her other hand. I was staring at her dancing boobs as she came running.

Rani saw it and mocked me. She put down the plate and glass. Rani: Seriously??? Teen babe and old guy have to hurry up handjob young all those fucks??? Me: You are one visual treat&hellip.sweety… Rani: oh yeah??……Hows this?? And by that she unbuttoned her shirt to expose me her full breasts. Me: Good…But You look sexy with that shirt… I need to take a break……whoa.!.

She laughed and buttoned back. Rani: Let's have our lunch. Me: But…don't you think that's too light?? Rani: You will see…(smiling naughtily).

She sat on the dining table crossed her legs over my seat and exposing me her full pink pussy. Rani: Kiss her. I smiled and kissed her pussy and licked her milky white thighs. She kept the milk on her left side and the plate on her right.

Rani: Ready?? Doesn't quite understanding her action, I said: yeah.! She bit her lips sensually and took a strawberry in her hand. Then, she let it into her soft pussy. Rani gestured me to get it. I happily moved my head to her clit and licked it (searching it).

I found it and sucked it into my mouth. She leaned forward with her mouth. Rani: Let's share it. I bit the berry in my teeth and went forward to share it with her.

She sucked my lips and bit half of the berry. Rani: How's it?? Me: The tastiest strawberry I have ever eaten. Glad its chocolate flavoured.(mentioning her lips). Each time we ate, our kiss became stronger and took more time. And we finished our strawberries. Then she took the banana. She peeled it. Then, she spat on it and sucked it just like sucking a cock.

I enjoyed her actions. After sucking a few times, she rubbed her pussy and let the banana into it. Rani: Come on…Help me out here… Me: Alright. And she laid down leaving the banana to me. I let it in and out slowly. She moaned with ecstasy.

I removed the banana and did the same with the other side. After doing it for a few minutes, I removed the banana and broke it into two. I gave half to her and she ate it swiftly and hungrily.

I handed my half to her. Me: Chew this for me. Rani smiled and bit the banana from my hand and started chewing it. I opened my mouth upwards and she spit it to my mouth slowly without wasting it. I enjoyed the taste and slowly gulped it down. Me: mmm&hellip.yummy. Rani: Now lets quench our thirsts&hellip.first me.

Me: Ok&hellip.what now?? She pulled down my boxers and took my erect cock on her hand. She held it down and dipped it in the glass to the milk. My cock was all extraordinary defiance amazing teen pussy hiddencam and hardcore with milk and she sucked it thirstily. I was in heaven with the feeling it gave me. She did it about five times and about half the glass was empty. I couldn't believe how wild this lady was.

I kept on thanking my luck. Believe me or not, even as I write it, I long to fuck her again and is on a hard-on. Me: My turn.! I made her lie down and held her back body high to keep her pussy facing upwards. I opened her pussy hole and poured some milk into it until it spilled. I then sucked all the milk from her pussy.

She was incredibly enjoying this and was moaning in excitement. I did this few times and there was still some milk left. I held her straight and made her take it in her mouth.

Me: spill it. She spilled some and kept some in her mouth to let me take it from her. I sucked it from her mouth and licked her tongue. I licked the spilled milk from her chin and neck and her upper breasts.

We exchanged our kiss and went in together to wash the plate and glass.