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Xxx sexcy vides for sunny leone
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For the past five years I had been very good. Home every evening, hadn't made my secretary a permanent fixture by screwing her to the desk, hadn't gone out bar hopping or cruising now had a new job and lots of travel away from home. My good behavior lasted one night, the second night I was picked up by a student near the college where my business took me, and we were in the front seat of his car blowing one another. He must have been really horny since he came very quickly as I ate him.

Of course feeling him spasm in my mouth made me cum also. Then he did something I have only seen hookers do in the past. He opened the car door and spat.

Why to this day couldn't tell you but that made me mad. Quickly zipped up and hotfooted back to where my car was parked. This incident put me off and I stayed in my motel room and read for the next couple of weeks on the road. Then the old urge hit when I was back in the same town again. Decided to cruise the bars near the college and see what I could see.

Found a likely looking place a block down from the campus and grabbed a seat at the bar. It was still early only 8:30 so the place was practically deserted.

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Ordered a local beer and sat back to watch the TV. Long about 9 a few regulars started drifting in. From the looks they were faculty as opposed to students. Nothing much happened, the jukebox kicked in then about 9:30 a young black man walked in and looked the crowd over. I looked amateur granny plays whore for a day, he walked over to the stool to the right of me and asked: "Is this seat taken?" "Nope," I replied, "help yourself." He ordered a beer, same local stuff as I was drinking, and then introduced himself.

Responding we exchanged first names. He went on to explain he was a grad student at the university and had taught a class that evening. While not as old as I he did seem a bit long in the tooth even for a grad student.

Then he went on to explain that he had gone in the military fresh out of high school, preferring to volunteer rather than be drafted. This gave him a choice of training, he choose tanks, since there were very few tank units in the war.

He got to spend his four years in Kentucky and Germany. Getting out he had the GI bill, which got him his undergraduate, now he was working on his PhD.

This impressed me and I told him so. Then gave him a little history on myself, nothing to specific. Was familiar with the city from my youth and when in town hung out by the college myself.

"You know," he said, "this place is kind of expensive and I have a refrigerator much colder than the bar cooler. Would you like to stop by my place for a brew before you head back to the motel?" This was accompanied by his hand sliding up my thigh and giving my leg a squeeze.

"Yes, that sounds like a fine idea, the juke box is giving me a headache." So off we went, he was parked in the lot and I followed him in my car. Don't want to be without wheels in a strange town. It really was close by; only about three blocks so wouldn't get lost on the way back. His apartment was located in and old frame Victorian house, which had been someone's mansion in the past.

Now it was three apartments for students, first and last months rent in advance. Overall the building was well maintained, in keeping with its status. His apartment was on the first floor, so there was no sneaking up and old staircase. Opening the nun mom sleeping fuck son and ushering me in to what was the living room.

The light he turned on was little more than a night-light.

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The place was clean, but every available surface was covered with papers or books, couch, easy chair, coffee table were all stacked high. Pointing to the papers he said: "Mid terms, let me get that beer now." Off he went to the small kitchen, it lit up as he opened the refrigerator.

On the way back he turned on the radio, tuned to an FM station that was playing music to get it on by. It would be a lie to say I wasn't curious at this point, never having been with a black man before, this added a note of excitement. Having returned with the beers he offered me a seat on the rug with the coffee table as a backrest and sat down next to me.

Within a couple of minutes we were kissing and feeling each other up. This led to removing clothes, leaving my socks on. There, even in the semi darkness there was a big contrast between my dead fish white skin, and his brown skin. I had my hand on his cock, and he had mine as we started into kissing again. He was impressive, not big enough to write poems about, but a lot large than I am. Nice to be inside an apartment for these encounters, no worries about a knock on the car window interrupting your fucking.

We broke the kiss I went down on him and began to eat him. "Oh my your good." He whispered as he pushed me over and began to suck me. Time passed as we sucked each other, I had no expectations beyond a little 69 and then back to the motel. "Roll over, I want to fuck you." He whispered to me.

It had been a long time since I had let anyone fuck me, but what the heck. So I rolled over. He moved between my legs and pushed and prodded me until I was on my knees with my head resting on my hands. Then he ate me out. This was the first time anyone had performed annilingus on me latina daisy marie sucks cock and gets fucked he was good.

Soon I was relaxed and horny. When he felt I was ready he got on his knees and pressed his cock against me. It was a bit of a tussle, but he finally got the head in, and I was willing myself to relax.

He was about half way in when I asked him to stop for a minute and let me catch my breath. Getting up off my hands and kneeling, he was about half way in and half way out. I reached behind me and felt a good four inches of hard cock still hanging out there needing a place to go. Reaching behind I grabbed his hips, pushed back and sat down on him, and the finally four inches were in me and took my breath away.

Not moving until I got use to him, I must have let out a little moan. He embraced me with his left arm around my chest, and with his right hand got a good grip on my hard cock, up really close to my body. Then he began to fuck me, moving his hand in time with his cock. That was the largest object that had ever been in me, and it seemed I could feel it around my naval.

It slid in and out, and always the hand kept time, soon I began to twitch and me ass pushed back as he pushed forward, we were fucking in time to the FM station. It ended all too soon, the cock slowly fucking me, the hand on me helping me along I let loose. In retrospect I am sure he had to clean cum off the ceiling I came so hard and in such a volume. After my cock went limp, I kneeled on all fours and he got up high on me and finished off with several long hard stokes.

I know it is not possible but would swear I felt him cum. We both collapsed on the floor and I remember listening to the soft music in the background. After a couple minutes he withdrew and asked if I wanted another beer. "Sure, but need to use the bathroom." He pointed me in the right direction and I headed that way, leaking cum as I did. After relieving myself of the beer from earlier I washed fore and aft.

Then I spotted a towel and washcloth and had an idea. Walking back into the living groom he was already sitting down with two fresh beers, and offered me on as I sat down next to him.

"What's all that?" He asked pointing to the towel and washcloth. "Just give me a minute and you'll see." I said in reply. Then proceeded to wash his cock and balls carefully removing any traces of me from them.

Once that was accomplished I dried him thoroughly. "Ready?" I asked. "Guess so." He replied. Getting down on the floor I took began to kiss and lick his balls and cock. When he started to respond I took him in my mouth kharlie stone pussy fuck upside down by big bad wolfie made love to him.

Having just cum, it took some time to pull his trigger again. When I felt him began to spasm I took him as deeply in my mouth as possible and at the same time milked his balls with my hand.

He thrashed a bit and bucked into my mouth, I swallowed quickly as he shot almost directly down my throat. "Wow." He said. "I don't know what's wrong with me tonight, but I can't go get it soft." "No problem, I have just the spot for it." Getting up I squatted on his cock and he drove up into me for the second time that evening. He held my hips steady as he drove into me time after time. I could sense it was about to end so I lay down on his chest and we locked lips, as he banged out his orgasm on me.

My cock was trapped and when I felt his last few spasms I tossed my second load of the evening in between us. All good things must come to an end. Now the odor of sex, sweaty bodies and stale beer began to his us both. Finishing off the beer I got dressed saying I needed to get some rest, for by now it was 2AM. He concurred and said he had an early class. He walked over to the table and got his elegant schoolgirl is teased and pounded by her elderly tutor and gave it too me, asking that I call him next time I was in town.

With that I waddled out to the car.

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On the way to the motel I tore the card into little pieces and threw it out the window. It had been so intense I almost broke my own rule of now repeats, but it wasn't worth the possibility of being found out.

Keep in mind that this was before the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the idea of protection was just never considered.