Tiny babe arian joy gets her pussy pumped hard

Tiny babe arian joy gets her pussy pumped hard
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Chapter 1 - A Devil's Game. My pants hit the floor as I stood looking down at the bound and gagged senior cheerleader named Melody, the last of my prisoners left upstairs as the bitch Sasha that had maced Jake was hauled down to the basement. She was pretty enough, though Katey was way cuter.

Still I'd never fucked someone in anger before so my brain wasn't really working rationally at ravishing boy friends throbbing needs hardcore and blowjob moment. I was mad at Sasha for hurting my best friend, but rather than pegas productions lexye moore se tape une grosse queue them up I decided I was just going to start by take it out on this cunt and save up for something really special for Sasha.

The fact that I'd be forcing myself on an unturned girl for the first time made my blood pump faster with perverted excitement. I grinned looking down into her tearful eyes as she still struggled at the duct tape bonds that wound around her wrists and ankles.

She had been roughed up a little and surely had some bruises forming under her clothes, but there was only one garment I needed removed now.

While I decided what to do with her I could feel her terror as she sat on the floor surrounded by her friends from high sunny leone xxx fucking vidio, all eagerly watching as I mentally prepared to violate her.

And why shouldn't they? They were my brood, my harem of minions, loyal to a fault all because of some amazing genetic miracle that was in my sperm. Or something like that. That's really the whole point of tonight, to finally nail down exactly how people that ingest my spooge fall in love with me. I really never expected this when I accidentally made my older half-sister Jen go from a total bitch to wanton lover, but a dozen girls later, as well as quite a few guys, I was beginning to realize the true power of my gift.

I could have whomever, whatever I wanted! The scope of my power empowered my libido even more so I was rock hard as I took a handful of the crying girl's hair and smeared my sticky precum ooze across her cheek. "Shhh. you'll soon be begging for me to fuck you, but I want to keep you pure like this for a little longer." Then I turned to my sister who stood nearby and held out my hand.

"Condom." She had already opened it, though instead of handing it to me she placed it right at my tip and pushed it down my shaft, quasi-fucking me with it in her grasp.

That was hot, but she was a smart girl with lots of tricks. Even after doing half a dozen girls she and Mom showed me constantly that there was still loads left to learn about sex. Confident I was rigid and well wrapped she stood and kissed me on the cheek before whispering, "You really should dose her first," "Soon enough," I smiled at her and gave her tight ass a playful spank to move her off so I could get back to my first test subject.

It was going to be a busy night of experimentation and as much as I love fucking raw I needed to collect every drop of vital spunk I had. I knew it didn't take much to turn someone, but finding out exactly how much was important, as well as how it could be administered.

Heck, if I knew anyone who could do the research I'd love have them check out a sample; maybe do some kind of chemical or DNA analysis, but the fear of becoming a lab rat for the rest of my life kept me from even considering something like that for now. "Now let's get your cunt stuffed," I growled and flung the young girl by her head face first into the big plush couch.

She had a lot more fight before she was beaten up, gagged, and bound, yet now facing the actual reality of her getting raped she tried to struggle once more. "Where do you think you're going?" I laughed as pulled her long brown hair hard, using it like a leash. As I'd never actually worn on a condom before it felt weird to be doing it with one on now, surrounded by women that I'd all fucked raw, most many times by now, but I had been the one to determine it was a necessity.

Not for my protection or even for hers, but to collect every drop of my precious load. It only took a small amount to work it's magic, charming the mind out of anyone, male or female who ingested it orally and probably vaginally, so wasting a full orgasm on just one person was a waste when I had a full dungeon of a dozen people to convert before the end of the night. Of course this would also be my first time having sex with someone who wasn't already under my power, not to mention one that actively hated me.

I'd explained away all the sex I'd had up until now as not really rape, but more as my milk had just unlocked their natural desire for me.

And as much as I rationally found the idea of rape as abhorrent, I had to test every aspect of this to be stepmom rachel starr likes fuck teen cock in pool, for science.

Also I think I wanted to hurt someone for what happened to Jake, though she had nothing to do with that she was readily available. Sasha would get worse later. I pulled her skirt up and and looked at her nice tight panties making a sexy camel toe underneath.

"Mrrrmh!" the bound teen mumbled into her gag in terror as I stroked my plastic wrapped cock along her crease to keep it hard for the fucking I was about to give her. "Shut up cunt," Lisa scolded her amazing schoolgirl teaches her lusty classmate a lesson tube porn have her face a slap that wasn't very gentle.

"Don't you know how lucky you are about to get?" "It's okay Lis," I said explaining, "I'm tempted to remove the gag just to hear her cry as I take her." "The neighbors might be a ways off, but they still might hear something like that from up here," my teacher turned MILF sex friend Misses Shehe cautioned. "Yea," I agreed regretfully and pulled her panties aside to finally see her fuzzy fat lips.

As I spread them open with my plastic wrapped cockhead I could tell she was no virgin, though she sure was trembling like one. "Need any lube?" Katie asked, spreading open her own legs, clearly offering to lube me up personally by fucking her a little first. As tempting at that was I to take her as she was. "Later baby," I grinned and without any further ado I pushed inside her vagina. Entry a little rough on my first plunge, but she was so loose that it was pretty easy to work my way in with just the basic lube coating the condom already.

In fact as I after a few thrusts she started getting wet, probably against her wishes. She was enjoying this even if she didn't want to, but she was really the only one. For my part I felt like I was fucking a grocery bag instead of a sexy young woman. Also the tightness of the elastic ring was quite distracting, strangling my blood flow at the base of my dick. I started getting pissed that horny blonde teen kiara gets fucked by stepsis bf punishment was becoming more annoying for me than it was for her, and slamming her harder in an effort to feel better was only making it worse as the condom was starting to chafe me.

Pulling out I said, "This isn't going to work. I can see why everyone hates condoms, I can barely feel a damn thing." With disgust I pulled the sticky rubber off though held onto it, pressing it to her hip has I grabbed back on to thrust in bareback this time. "Ahhh!" I moaned. It was like night and day, the soft warm embrace of her quim was delightful, even though I'd ostensibly already been in there. I fucked her long and slow at first, simply enjoying the feel of a new conquest.

But as the girls around me also got into the mood and started doing all sorts of sexy things I started pounding her hard and fast as my pleasure increased. Jen and Lisa were nearby on the couch kissing and fingering each others pussies while Katie was getting eaten out by Misses Shehe.

Cute little Jackie simply found a banana from the kitchen and had been ramming it into her young snatch, while Shanique had similarly pulled out a bright pink vibrator from somewhere to diddle herself with.

And as erotic as that all was it still took me quite a while to get off. I was noticing it was getting harder for me to get off lately, probably just because I was having so much sex so I was getting desensitized by it. I laughed at the thought of a kid like me developing E.D. and figured I better talk to Mom about it later just in case.

I closed my eyes and let the involuntary squeezing of my victim's vagina do the rest and shuddered as I came sending one heavy shot of cum as deep into her womb as I could. I had planned on pulling out, but that first spurt escaped before I could react. Drawing upon all my willpower I jerked back and quickly poked my cockhead back into the end of the sticky condom I still held.

I sputtered the rest of my load into the wrinkled latex wrapper, gripping my shaft with a enjoyable squeeze as I jerked the rest out.

All the girls were similarly disappointed I wasn't spurting off on or in them, but they knew the reason for my actions. Still most were rubbing and fingering themselves, though several cheered me on as I finished in the rubber. After finishing I held it up and watched my cream oozed down the clear plastic wrapper to collect at the nipple like tip. Looking at the small amount I felt somewhat embarrassed by how little of it there actually was. It always felt like it was much more than the half inch of goo that I was looking at now.

Heck, even before I had sex when I'd just been masturbating into tissues it always seemed like much more of a mess, but having it concentrated, contained, and held before me it looked like a almost nothing. I had missed the first shot, which was always the biggest, but I dismissed obsessing about volume and tried to remember my goals. Changing my focus back to I the bound girl I'd finished raping I smacked the rubber against her face.

"Bet you wish you could drink this now, don't you?" She nodded, no longer struggling and now at least I confirmed that a vaginal dose was just as effective as an oral dose. I removed her gag and was happily pleased by her words. "Yes, may I?

Please!" she begged as I directed Lisa to cut her free of her duct tape bonds with a knife she'd had ready. I grinned at how she'd gone from rape victim to wanton slut in the space of fifteen minutes with only a single shot of sperm in her quim. Once she was free and standing again I decided to give her a reward for her change in loyalty. "Get on the floor here and suck my dick," I ordered taking her place on the couch. I spread my legs open and she eagerly went to work, though I knew she wouldn't get me hard again for a while.

"Can someone give me a status report of what is going on downstairs?" I asked. Mom chimed in, "Everyone else is secure and awaiting phase two." I hadn't seen her and Jake return, but I was glad he was alright.

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His eyes were red, and swollen, but he was standing and ready for whatever I needed. Mom reach out, carefully taking the valuable condom from me before asking, "Do you want me to begin without you?" Cuming always tired me out, and this time even more then usual. Maybe I was coming down with a cold or something? "Yea, I'll be down in a few." Mom nodded and sauntered off, taking Jake kerala hidden cam massage parlor forced porn most of the other girls with her as assistants, leaving me alone with just Katey and my newest cum slut.

That was funny. I'd already forgotten her name even as she devotedly worked my limp penis and balls over with her mouth. "Do you really have to do all this?" Katey asked curiously as she snuggled up next to me, lovingly pushing back the hair on my cocksucker to keep it out of her face as she worked.

"Of course. I need to know the results of these tests," I said trying to clear my head of its post-coital fog. "I already know anyone can be affected by even small doses orally," I trapped her lips and she kissed my finger. "And obviously vaginally," I grinned sliding that finger down her body, over her great rack yet continuing down her belly. She eagerly spread her legs open for me to gently glide over her moist just licked snatch. "So anal would probably also work, though I don't find that anywhere near as pleasant to test personally." Katey giggled and pushed my exploring finger inside her wet vagina with a satisfying squish.

"I don't really want to try that again either." "You didn't like it?" I chuckled and pressed another finger against her tightly puckered rosebud. "Well a little," she confessed as she bit her lip, clearly enjoying me teasing it. "But it was a little painful as well." Then she took my hand and pushed a full three fingers inside her pussy, "Our bodies were meant to fuck and make babies." She emphasized her point with a tight squeeze on my fingers as she happily fucked my hand.

"And I want to have a hundred babies with you." My dick twitched in the other girl's mouth more from Katey's comment than the decent suck job I was getting.

Eventually this would get me hard again, but I was also tired even though I had slept earlier in the day in preparation for a long night. But as the hour grew past midnight already my body wanted to sleep again, so I knew I better get the tests done first. Before dawn everyone had to get home safely or there would be questions. 'And actually sooner would be better than later,' I grumbled to myself.

"Later," I answered disappointedly refusing her again. "But for now I better help Mom with the tests," I announced extracting my wet fingers from Katey's wet pussy and pushing the other girl's head off my still soft dick. "You two just hang out up here," I said as they got up to follow me. "It'll be too crowded down there for everyone." They nodded and sat down to talk as I walked out. In my new bedroom I grabbed a robe to wear and a towel to dry off my hand and crotch before heading down into the secret sex dungeon where a dozen naked teens were now securely strapped to crosses, benches, chairs, and after those ran out the tallest four guys were handcuffed to a large overhead pipe on one side of the room.

And two of them were standing on small wooden boxes just so they wouldn't dangle. While their hands were less restricted, able to slide along the pipe they could still kick however, so their feet had been cuffed as well, but they were clearly the most able to act and had been chosen to be tested on first so they could be released quicker. Mom stood nearby with a clipboard while she had her assistants were performing the tests we'd planned out on them and several others around the room.

"I don't think skin contact alone will be enough," she surmised to me looking at the two guys nude dangling before us with in more ways than one. Each had a small patch of shininess on their upper thigh which had to be a small quantity of my cum. Even gagged I could tell each of them was unturned, starting at me with combination of fear, anger, and murder on their minds.

Meanwhile Misses Shehe was training Jackie on how to give a blowjob beautiful teen brunette girl uses her vibrator masturbate homemade her husband and Lisa ate out a cheerleader's cooch.

"Yep," I said disappointed. That would have made things so much easier. "Switch to anal," I said blonde caresses herself flirtsexlovecom watch part here.

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There were a lot of things to get out of the way, but these tall strong guys needed to be dealt with quickly and would be an asset should anything more physical happen. Both of them clenched at my words, but that didn't stop the two quasi-gay football players under my control from sliding their latex gloved finger over the patch of my sperm they had already applied and then poking that finger right up each of their bums.

They only struggled for a few seconds after being violated before visibly calming down. "All right, ungag them," I ordered. Neither began shouting for help or anything, instead simply waiting for me. "You now serve me and will obey my every word." "Yes sir," one said quickly followed by the other.

"All right," I shrugged. "Unlock 'em." It was about as I expected. Somehow as soon as my semen got inside them it was absorbed or internalized, quickly making people subservient to me.

The next test was going to be the far more interesting one. Once they were down unbound on the concrete floor I said, "Jake," and my friend stepped over. Of the men he'd been under my power for the longest. "Anyone here you wanna fuck?" He immediately eyed my step-sister.

"No," I laughed and waved at the bevy of restrained vixens, "Anyone of these girls?" His nearly unshakable grin wavered so I decided to delegate. "Jen, help him pick out a cute one and make sure he fills her up." "Okay!" my sister giggled and grabbed Jake by the arm.

"I think Sasha here deserves to get fucked up for hurting my boyfriend," she said excitedly as she brought him up to the bitch that maced him. I had wanted to hurt her for that, so partly hoped his sperm wouldn't also spread my power, thought it would make things much easier if it did.

I shrugged and let it go to move on. I looked to the two other new converts and said, "You two, take that one," I pointed at a frumpy girl I didn't find as attractive, bent over a stool she was tied to and wearing a ring gag so she couldn't bite down on any dick in her mouth.

"Fuck her up and don't stop until you fill her every hole with sperm. With a grin they started jerking their dicks as they flanked her and that was when I heard Shanique laugh. She'd been in the corner out of sight, but from the look of it she'd been fucking the young kid who was a friend and neighbor of Jackie's, but he was clearly still a incredible latin teen whore from snapforsex flashes tits and ass schooler.

Since he was so young I was sure he hadn't gotten anywhere close to a woman before, as was more proved by the stream of white that dripped out of her snatch as she stood up from his lap.

"He didn't go more than a minute," she laughed as she took the towel I handed her and cleaned her crotch off of his cum. I nodded and saw she had been assigned one of the tests to see if a female minion of mine having sex with a guy could turn them, and the kid was grinning into his gag at just busting his nut in the sexy black girl. I took out the simple cloth gag he had and he immediately started excitedly talking.

"Why didn't you say we were having a sex party? I would have paid to come down here!" he almost shouted excitedly. "Good, then you won't mind sucking my dick," I said casually pulling open my robe to show my limp member. "What? I'm not fucking gay!" the kid shouted with outrage. Since skin contract hadn't created the effect Gorgeous cutie has her tight snatch drilled cumshots brunette hadn't been hopeful of this test anyway, but still the little twerp could have been at least a little grateful for having gotten laid at such a young age.

I pulled his gag back on to his muffled complaints and told Shanique to shower and douche. I expected a fair amount of other guys spooge in and around my girls tonight, but no sense in letting it linger any longer than absolutely necessary. Lisa similarly sat up, her face a mess with girl juices. "I don't think this is working either, and I've made sure to spit as much in her as I could," she explained referring to the cheerleader she'd been going down on. "Suzy came twice already, but I can tell she still isn't one of us." "That's alright," I assured her.

"Move along." She nodded and told my mother her results and I was tempted to bang the girl's wet pussy, just looking at me with her forced open thighs, but I had other tests to try first. I looked over and I saw Jake pounding away at that tart who'd tried to blind him while my sister practically used the bound and gagged girl's nose as a vibrator. They looked like gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock were having fun sharing her as were the other two guys as they similarly sandwiched that other girl like a pig on a spit.

Meanwhile Misses Shehe had coaxed little Jackie into allowing her restrained husband's cock up her ass, probably her first time with anal while she ate out the teen's pussy, again probably a big cock inserts gorgeous virgin wet crack for her.

Everyone else had gone to other spit tests, depositing their phlegm into the mouths of a few test subjects. So far I didn't see any evidence that my minions could spread my power second-hand, but there were still a few options left. Time to take a break, I decided as I had a seat and just watched the scene for a few minutes. But soon my eyes grew heavy and they closed, just for a moment. ***************************** Get the rest here! : https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/557611 ****************************** Author's notes: I'm a lone amateur author with no editors or reviewers, so I apologize for any typos you may find (which I'm sure you will.) But I try to review them several times, and I think overall they come out fairly well.

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