Small boy old woman full sex stories brazzer story

Small boy old woman full sex stories brazzer story
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Pregaming then the Afterparty Ch. 1: The Pregame "C'mon baby, it'll be a lot of fun," I begged my girlfriend. "I'll be with you the whole time and I promise that I won't drink at all." "Alright, I'll go, hey I gotta go, see ya tomorrow.

Love you babe." "Alright baby doll, I'll see you tomorrow." I was talking about the end of summer blow-out that my friend was throwing.

It was gonna be the biggest party of the year. It was gonna be out on the lake so the chance of it getting busted was minimal. There was gonna be a keg, a big bonfire and togas, it was gonna be awesome!

His parents owned a cabin out on the lake and had their own dock for their boat. The plan was for his closest buddies and their girlfriends to come out for some tubing and a going away BBQ that afternoon and then have most of the senior class come out that night for the party. So the next day with some extra clothes for the day after, my Toga sheet, and a bottle of Beam for me and my best buds to split I loaded up in my Wrangler that my parents bought with my college savings since I got a full ride and went to pick up my girl.

She's probably the smartest person I know and sexy as all get out, with perfect DD's and the cutest little ass that has the perfect amateur granny plays whore for a day of bounce when she walks, and the most captivating blue eyes you've ever seen.

I pulled up to her house about 11:30 and she was waiting in some Daisy Duke's and a new bikini top that I'd never seen before…it was skimpy and purple and barely contained her luscious breasts. I stared slack-jawed as she walked over and tried to climb into my Jeep. I just recently had a 6 inch lift and 40" tires put in on it, which made it rather difficult for her to get in. I snapped back into reality and grabbed her hand and hauled her into the passenger seat.

"Why'd you hafta lift this damn thing up so high, I can barely get in," she nagged. I stuck my tongue out at her and said, "well when I look at you from way up here I can usually stare down your shirt," I smirked and pulled away as she aurora snow gets rammed in a gangbang getting her seat belt on.

It was about a 40 minute car ride out to the lake and once we got onto the highway I couldn't help but start to get distracted by what she was wearing.I'd never seen her wear a string bikini before and I could tell it was the thong type bottom because I could see the strings riding up her hips. I wasn't wearing a shirt because I was damned proud of my body and although it wasn't chiseled, it was nicely toned.

I'd been doing a lot of running lately which helped me to tan all over really nicely. I was wearing some camouflage cargo style swimming trunks that hung down a little past my knees. As I was driving my mind kept wandering to what was beneath that top and bottom…and it started to show. I wasn't wearing a shirt so I didn't have any way to hide it. So I just let it go, a few minutes later she leaned over and asked in just barely a whisper, "is that for me," and nipped the bottom of my earlobe before pulling back.

I groaned deep down in my chest and said, "if you want it you gotta get it because I'm driving baby." She reached over and started tracing small circles all around my now throbbing cock without ever touching it. We were about 20 minutes away and I begged, "please baby, you can't leave me like this, I don't want to walk around in front of everyone with a raging hardon." She just grinned; it was the most sinfully evil grin, and she yanked my shorts down, exposing my throbbing 7 in.

cock to the afternoon sun. She loosened up her seatbelt and leaned over and just exhaled over the tip making me shiver with anticipation. Then she swallowed me down to the base, I could almost feel the tip tickling her tonsils.

She did this three times coating my cock with saliva. Then she raised up catching her breath and bent back over to take the first few inches in her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it while jacking me off with her left hand and tickling my sperm laden balls with her right. It felt so good that I was having difficulty focusing on the road but I was managing.

We hadn't done any fooling around in the past couple days so I had a big batch of baby cream saved up for her and I was more than willing to shoot it down her throat. It couldn't have been more than a few minutes before I started to feel that familiar tingling in my balls so I gasped, "baby, I'm gonna shoot!," so she quickened her pace and started bobbing farther and farther down all the while groaning in her throat, knowing that I could feel the vibrations.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I exploded down her throat…there were 8 big spurts I shot down her throat into her belly. She finished swallowing and slurped up all the juices off my now deflating dick and said, "that was yummy, but you owe me later…" That afternoon went by in a blur of sunshine and lake water.

We were out on the lake for 4 and a half hours before we called it a day so we could go in and rest up for the party that night. The house had 4 bedrooms and a big open area with a small kitchen in the corner and a big open area that served as a living room. My girlfriend and I chose one of the guest bedrooms to blonde babe turns her rage circuit on as our siesta room and locked the door behind us.

We stripped naked in front of each other while staring intently into each other's eyes. We climbed into bed, cuddling for just a little bit before drifting off to sleep. When I woke up I had another raging hardon, I looked over at the clock and saw that it read 7:37, only a couple more hours 'til the party started but plenty of time for a little fun I thought to myself.

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So I slowly pulled my arm out from under my girl and worked my way down to her sex. It was smooth as a baby's bottom, meaning she must have shaved it that morning just for me, and was glistening with her love nectar.

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I decided that I had to have a taste so I started down at the very bottom and very slowly licked in between the lips and up to her swollen little clit. Truth be told I loved to eat my girlfriend out, something about having that kind of power to drive winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob over the edge just drove me crazy.

I probably ate her out in that slow way for almost 30 minutes and at least one orgasm before she woke up and smiled at me. "Just returning the favor," I said, grinning back up at her; and went back to work except this time more vigorously now that she was awake. She had two more good orgasms before she said, "I've had enough of the appetizer I want the main course, Stud." So, it was my duty as a gentleman to oblige.

I lined up my cock which was by this time hard as Oak and rammed him home, her eyes rolled back as I started pounding her with long drawn out strokes until I felt myself getting close, so I rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me and never losing contact.

Now she started riding me rising up so that just tip of my cock was in her and then slamming back down to the hilt. After about 15 minutes and a couple more of her orgasms I started to feel that feeling down in my balls again so I shouted that I was going to cum. Her response was to start riding me harder sizi sev in ebony stepsister on skin flute the whole bed was squeaking under protest. I didn't usually go bareback, and I never came inside her but this time I was just too far gone; and secretly I had always wanted to spray my load deep in her love canal, so I grabbed onto her hips and trusted back up into her three more times before I felt the walls of her pussy clamp onto my cock triggering my release; I saw stars I came so hard.

There was so much cum being pumped up into her guts that it started pouring back out onto me. We were both completely spent, she collapsed back down on top of me and we both drifted back off to sleep… Chapter 2:The Party I woke up to someone pounding on the bedroom door and yelling, "Hey sleepy heads, wake up the party's starting." I rolled over to look at my phone to see what time it was, 9:48.

I rolled back over and shook my little angel awake. "Hey baby doll, wake up the party's starting soon." She moaned and said, "Too tired, I wanna stay in bed." I laughed and said, "If you come out with me I'll make it worth your while," with just a hint of innuendo in my voice. She stuck her tongue out at me and begrudgingly got out of bed.

I was already putting on the sheet that I use as my toga, and cinching up a piece of gold rope I bought to use as a fancy belt. She was struggling with getting the knot done on her sheet when I turned around so I went over to help her. I got behind her and finished tying the knot and then took her in my arms. I nuzzled her neck and whispered into her ear, "Do you know how sexy you look in that?" I went on, "every guy here tonight would love to be with you, it makes me feel so special that you decided to come here with me," and punctuated that last part by kissing her neck and squeezing her tight.

She turned in my arms and set those sapphire like blue eyes on me and said, "I wouldn't be here with anyone else Love, you're my favorite and I love you with all my heart." I gently tilted her head up and kissed her lips with every ounce of passion I could muster.

We held on for just a moment longer, then went out and joined the party. Someone had cleared out all the furniture and turned the big living room space into a gigantic dance floor. There was music blaring and all the normal light bulbs had been replaced by black light bulbs.

We went into the kitchen and got a couple beers and joined some friends in one corner by the playlist maker and put down a request. There was some hardcore bump and grind music playing so we got down to it. We were winding and grinding and after a few songs were completely drenched in sweat but neither one of us had an inclination of stopping.

After a few more dances we stopped and went to get a couple more beers. We went and winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob down on the sofa that they had pushed up against the wall and people watched for a little while. But while we were sitting there she plopped down on my lap and kept wiggling her hips in beat with the music keeping me just slightly more than semi-hard.

I neglected to put my underwear back on after our afternoon tryst so I was at the mercy of the looseness of my toga to hide my dilemma; however, my little minx had other plans on her mind. She kept grinding on my lap, and expelled any thought of me going soft by leaning back and saying, "I'm not wearing any panties." I went straight to full mast that instant and she knew carmen rought teen fetish fuck presented by tamed teens perfectgonzo and tamedteens she moaned ever so quietly when she felt it pressing in between her luscious butt cheeks.

She took my hand and led me outside. I did my best to make my predicament as hidden as possible on the way out, but I got a couple sideways glances and winks from a few of my classmates, and a few more from the ones of the fairer sex as well. Once we got outside she led me past all the cars and a few other couples making out in various shadows around the house to the little boat house on the deck.

We got there and she locked the door behind us and undid the knot holding her sheet up. It pooled around her ankles leaving her in nothing but her birthday suit and belly button ring that I bought her. She said, "this is what's going to happen, you are going to take off your sheet and pound me until I pass out from pleasure or exhaustion whichever comes first." I was a bit taken back by this because she's not usually so forceful when it comes to these things. It's not like I always have to initiate the sex we have but she always goes about it differently and I found it to be quite exhilarating.

So I undid my rope belt and cunt of a black gorgeous babe receives rammed and let the sheet fall around my feet leaving me standing with my manhood pointing straight out like a bar of iron. I walked over to her and swept her off her feet and into my arms. I knew that there was a small bed in the back corner of the boat house so I headed that direction. I rather unceremoniously dropped her onto the double bed and flipped her over onto her stomach, bent her over the mattress and gave her right butt cheek a hearty smack leaving a big red hand print on it.

She squealed in delight and grinded her butt back into me.

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I asked, "is that what you wanted Missy, did you want it rough?" as I smacked her other cheek. "C'mon you pussy is that all you got?" she retorted.

So I decided to make it a point of pride to show this little minx what exactly it is I was made of. I smeared the precum that had been forming on the tip of my cock up and down the length of it and lined him up with the entrance of her pussy. I slowly teased the tip in an inch and then pulled it back out. I did this 7 more times until I was completely buried in her, she was moaning nonstop by now and I wasn't even close to done.

I had cum twice already that day so I was set to go for almost a solid hour now. So I set to pounding, I wound up her hair in my hand and used it as a makeshift set of reins. I pulled her head back and groped her breasts as I pounded her.

After about 20 minutes I still wasn't close even though she had cum close to four or five times. I pulled out of her with a small sucking noise and flipped her over on her back on the bed and pulled each one of her legs up and onto my shoulders opening her up even more for the deep penetration that I wanted. I repeated the process I did to her in doggy style, slowly working my cock back into her fractionally before pulling it out and then working it back in. I finally got xxx story sex stories 2019 first time buried all the way in her, she had three more orgasms in the process and was getting close to being spent so I decided to go for broke, I wanted her to feel me for a week.

She was moaning nonstop by now so I started thrusting with wild abandon starting to seek my own pleasure at this point, after about 30 minutes I started to feel that familiar sensation in my balls welling up. I shouted, "I hope you're ready baby because I'm gonna paint your insides white again!" She must have heard me because she clamped down hard one last time with her pussy and I shot my second load of the day deep in her love canal.

Lewd japanese needs a knob hardcore blowjob was just hoping that that pill she was on works. She screamed one last time and her eyes rolled back in her head and passed out, I was just a few seconds in time behind her, I pushed her farther back up on the mattress and fell asleep on top of her still buried in her.

The last thing I remembered was feeling my cum seeping out of her pussy and running down my balls… Chapter 3: The Afterparty We slept in until the next afternoon because we were so exhausted from the night before.

I remember waking up feeling something warm and wet pulsing around my cock, I looked down and saw that my girl and I were spooned together so I assumed that sometime that night my member had rehardened and stayed snug and warm in that most intimate recess.

I started flexing my abs making my dick twitch inside her pussy, she must have felt it and started waking up. She looked up at me over her shoulder and smiled the most contented smile that all but melted me. I leaned down and planted a warm, tender kiss on her lips. "Good morning beautiful," I said.

"How was your night?" She responded by contracting the muscles in her love canal, squeezing me tight. "Really college babe giving head in the bathroom I asked. "You aren't sore at all from last night?" "I am a little bit but I think I have one more go round in me before I'm done," she teased. My lust for fucking had been satiated last night. I wanted to make love with this angel lying next to me.

So I pulled myself out with a small plop and a dissatisfied sigh from my girl. I wanted to kiss her hurts away so I gently spread her legs and started planting small kisses all around her pussy.

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I kissed my way up both her thighs to her knees and back down and teasing my lips ever closely to her waiting opening but I resisted. When she started her little whimpering noises that mean she's close I flattened my tongue and licked up and down her waiting recess, completely uncaring about the sperm drizzling out, only wanting to bring her pleasure.

When she clamped her thighs around my head signaling her release only then did I bring my throbbing cock to her.

I didn't tease this time, simply slowly pushing in all the way to the hilt a fraction at a time. Once all the way in she gave a contented sigh and pulled me to her for a long wet kiss. There was so much passion in one act that I was almost left breathless. I pulled away from the kiss and began slowly pumping in and out. She moaned in pleasure when I combined nibbling on her collarbone with my ministrations below. I kept up this combo occasionally switching collarbones for probably twenty minutes.

It was odd because usually she has at least one good cum by this time so I plunged back in and held and asked, "What's the deal baby doll? Usually you've had a couple orgasms by now?" She said, "I'm taking advantage of this slow pace to try to control myself and save it all up for one big one." I merely nodded in agreement, noticing for the first time that all this time I had neglected her breasts.

Chuckling lightly to myself I bent down to her left breast and began to lap at her erect nipple, while simultaneously lightly kneading her right like a lump of dough. She always had highly sensitive breasts so I wanted to use this to my advantage to bring her to new heights of carnal pleasure. I kept up my attack on her breasts and increased my tempo down below slightly for another 15 or so minutes, alternating every so often before she started trembling.

She was literally shaking like a leaf in high wind. I knew that this was my cue to increase my tempo a little bit more, when all at once I felt flooded with wetness. Now every now and then I could get her to gush a little bit, but this felt like a sixy hot girl and boy badroom bursting. My cock and thighs were now coated and girl cum, when that realization processed my little head went crazy, I plunged as deep as I possibly could and unloaded with possibly the most intense orgasm of my life.

It felt like I had a fire hose as a cock because I didn't cum in spurts. It felt like one long blast that had to have filled her up to the eyeballs because I passed out from ecstasy. When I came to I was still buried in her with my cum seeping out around my deflated member. There was a pool of our combined juices beneath her, and I looked up she was looking down at me with a passion I'd never seen before and it only felt right to lean up and plant a kiss on those soft lips of hers.

It was almost evening, I could tell by how little light was seeping in from the window on the door. I said, "Wow, what a night." She smiled back at me and said, "no matter how long I live, I'll never forget that night, I love you so much." "I love you too baby doll, more than you know." I sealed it with a kiss, then got up and we pulled on our sheets covering up the necessities before we made our way back into the main house.

There were only a few people left and they were helping my buddy do some cleanup. So my girlfriend and I grabbed our overnight bags we stashed in the closet and headed to the master bathroom. It had a big shower with plenty of room blonde teen babe bella rose gets screwed two.

So we took our times lathering each up each other's bodies making sure to cover every square inch. After a refreshing 20 minute shower we got out and dried each other off.

We put on our spare clothes and went and thanked my friend for throwing this bash. We loaded up in my Jeep, put the top down and headed back to town with her head resting on my shoulder and legs curled up beneath her on the seat. She was asleep as soon as we hit the highway so I coasted down to 55 on that lonely interstate and rolled down the windows and just enjoyed the ride. Once we got back to town, I carried her up the stairs of her porch and bath fucking with wery hot blonde girl her bedroom and laid her down.

I brought in her bag and said goodbye to her mother and headed home. I staggered up the stairs to my room and passed out with a contented smile on my face.