Cocksucking ebony tittyfucked in pov big tits

Cocksucking ebony tittyfucked in pov big tits
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I was driving down the street at 5th and Main when my eyes fell upon what can only be described as the second most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The first being my wife. This beauty had shoulder length blond hair, had to be 5'5" tall, and if I were to guess 36B breasts. It appeared her car had broken down. As this night would prove, her misfortune was about to be my fortune.

As I pulled up and exited the Jeep I called out and asked if she needed help. She spun around so fast. Her little mini skirt was barely covering her.

She replied that she thought she needed a jump start. I told her I had jumper cables in the back. I went to the back of my Jeep.

I grabbed both the jumper cables, and the prepared syringe that was in the back. As I walked back up, I handed her the jumper cables and asked her to connect her end to her vehicle. As she bent over I could see her very little pink panties. As she got the cables connected, I stuck the syringe into her neck and pressed the plunger down.

My wife climbed from the passenger seat of the Jeep. She hopped into the car of the little blond and started it. She then followed me to our house.

She helped get the woman inside. While I was fastening the restraints, my wife drove the car to the vacant lot that we had settled on. I hopped into the Jeep to follow. We chose this lot, because its secluded and no cameras. While they might find the car at some point, it wont point to the girl.

We wiped the car clean and headed home. It was play time. Back at the house we found our sexy rachel enjoys pleasuring her hirsute cunt awake, and struggling against the restraint. With a swift movement I smacked her across the face and commanded her to be still.

Crying she begged to be let go. I got down to her ear and whispered "Bitch by the time we are done with you, your going to be begging for us to kill you. Oh and we will." I let loose another smack. My wife looked on. I could tell by the look on her face that she just about had an orgasm in her panties. I took the scissors off the table and started cutting at her clothes.

I asked her for her name. She replied through her sobs that her name was Sara. Such a fitting name for such a cute little bitch I thought to my self. As I finished cutting her shirt, Sara started to fight against the restraints.

I slapped her again. This time I grabbed her throat.

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"Be still" I said. The harder she fought the harder I squeezed. I squeezed until she lost conciousness, then resumed cutting her clothing off. As I stare at her now naked body, tied to the dining room table, I could not resist my primal instincts.

I stripped, and mounted Sara for what was going to be the first of many sex sessions. I didnt last long as my wife watched. I unloaded my cum deep into Sara's, clearly not virgin, unconcious, lifeless body. I decided now was the time I should give her the depo shot that was ready for her. See as she was about to be my sex toy for the near future. I absolutely do not want to be fathering a child with my kidnapped sex slave.

She probably wont be around long enough to give birth if she were to get pregnant. After administering the shot, Sara began to stir.

She started to fight the restraints. I asked her if she wanted to be chocked out again.

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She replied with no. I told her that if she struggles, I will make her unconscious again. I did not want her unconscious. Who am I kidding she could be awake or asleep, I was going to have my fun. As I went upstairs to join my wife, I find her naked laying in bed, mome and son first time with herself. I asked her what she was fantasizing about.

She began to replay every detail of tonight from her perspective. The more she talked about it, the hotter she got. She got off in the bed leaving a massive pool of her lady juice on the bed. She begged for me to be inside her.

As I am starting to put my cock in her, she stops and says no treat me like the whore downstairs. So I gave her a smack. This smack was not near what Sara had gotten earlier. She begged for more. Harder. I gave her a nice hard smack on the face.

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She begged for me to choke her. I placed my had around her throat. Appearently I was not squeezing hard enough, because she grabbed my hand and forced me to choke her harder. As I thrusted she made me squeeze harder. She began to shake under me, and let out the biggest orgasm that I had ever seen her have. She jerked and convulsed under me. I flipped her over and stuck my cock in her ass. She was still quivering from the last orgasm. I gave a few mighty thrusts into her ass, and unloaded my balls into her bowels., I didn't want to be quite as rough with my wife.

I love my wife. She is allowing me to fulfill my deepest darkest fantasy. She encouraged me to find our victim. Now while this is my fantasy, she too has her plans for our beautiful victim. She is going to have her fun too. In the end, when we are ready, we will put an end to our games and who knows maybe find a new victim. Exhausted, excited, and walking on cloud 9, it was time for bed. I could not sanilyn xxx storys sex stories foll believe my darkest fantasy was about to be a reality.