Sunny leone taking shower without clothes in bath

Sunny leone taking shower without clothes in bath
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It was just an average Wednesday. I was heading home from the library. I had found a few good books. Michael Jackson was blasting on my iPod. I was in my favorite Marilyn Monroe shirt, black cargo pants, black high tops, and my favorite black fedora and blue john Lennon style glasses. I had not a care in the world. I was in a happy relationship, I had some new books, and.Well it was just an awesome day. Suddenly my phone was ringing.

It was my boyfriend. I answered the phone "Good Afternoon, Master." Yes he was my boyfriend and he was also my master. "Good Afternoon. And how is my little slut today? "Your slut is in a fabulous mood. I just went to the library and got some new books and now I'm heading home. And how is my master?" "Your master is also in a good mood. I was just about milf and old couple teen threesome bruce a messy old boy enjoys to sma head out to dinner and I wanted to check on you." yes my master/boyfriend lived in Britain.

"Well it's only noon here. I'm going to have a nice salad for lunch." "You know, I think I'm going to let you splurge a little today. Have whatever you want." "But master, my weight." "From the picture you sent me this morning, your weight is looking a lot healthier." "Thank you master." "Your welcome, slave. I'll talk to you later." He big tits cam girl masturbates with dildo up. And the day was so much better. The wind suddenly picked up and blew my hat off.

I turned around and then.I saw the van. I started to panic but not too much. I needed to think. I kept walking then decided to take a different route home. I turned a corner but the van was still following me.

I started to run and I heard the van pick up speed. Soon it passed me and stopped in front of me. Two guys jumped out and grabbed me. One tied my hands behind my back and the other duct taped my mouth. The one who tied my hands opened the back doors to the van and shoved me in. I was so terrified I couldn't scream even if I wasn't duct taped. One man got in the driver's seat and the other sat in the back watching me.

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I started squirming my legs trying to kick this guy romance and seduction makes beautiful czech cum the face. I managed to get one good kick in. He clutched his face and I could see that he was bleeding. I smiled behind my tape. He reached for a bottle. Oh crap. Chloroform. "Lights out." and he clamped the rag over my nose. And I lost consciousness. I awoke a few hours later. I had no idea where I was or what was going.

But I could hear voices "Oh crap. She's waking up. Get the rag." the rag of chloroform was clamped over me again, and I was gone. I still to this day don't know how long I was asleep. But when I awoke I was in the back seat of some car.

I once again expected the rag but it didn't come. "Don't worry, bitch. As long as you behave, you can stay awake. Why don't you enjoy the scenery." I was still groggy but when I looked out the window, I was wide awake.

We were driving past Big Ben. Holy shit. We were in London. "Interesting, isn't it. Now if you promise to behave, we'll remove the tape. Understand?" I nodded. I was too confused and weak to fight. The duct tape was ripped off my face. I cried out in pain "Ow! Motherfucker." the man who had removed my tape laughed.

I asked him something I'd been thinking about.

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"Where are my hat and glasses and phone?" "Here's your hat" he said dropping it on my head "and your glasses." he threw them to me and they landed in my lap. "I'm keeping your phone. If you'd like I can play your music.

I nodded then asked him the second question I was thinking. "Where are you taking me?" "You'll find out soon enough." outside I remained calm because I didn't want to be knocked out again. But inside, I was panicking. I was in another country, in another CONTINENT, without any kind of ID and my mom had no idea where I was.

I was only 16. I was terrified. For right now I just had to sit back and relax. I would live longer. After about an hour I was exhausted and starving. I checked the time. It was around 7 PM. We pulled into the driveway of a larger house. It was smaller than a mansion but larger than an average sized house. The car stopped and the driver grabbed amateur babe stuffed with a driver at the backseat of a cab phone.

He opened the back seat and grabbed my glasses then dragged me out of the car. "Let's go" I started walking towards the manor, silently crying to myself. Wondering what sick bastard had had me kidnapped. I was terrified. One of the men grabbed my shoulder and said to me "Hold still." I suddenly felt the rope off my hands and I could move my arms. I let out a small sigh of relief. At least now I could defend myself. I was half shoved through the large double doors.

I marveled at the house. It was large and extravagant. "Up the stairs and to the right." I was frozen to the spot with fear. "All right. You wanna do this the hard way." I was scooped up and thrown over his shoulder "Put me down you bastard!" "Shut it!" I fell silent, scared of what would happen if I didn't.

We headed up the stairs, down the hall, and to the right. After going through one more set of doors I was dumped on my ass. I looked around. I was in some kind of study. Right in front of me stood the man who had ordered my capture. Just staring out the window "Who are you?" I demanded. "What?" the voice was so familiar "You don't recognize the man you love?" He turned to face me, it was my boyfriend, Ross. "Ross?" I started to stand up but was forced back down.

"No it's ok, let her stand." I stood up and ran to hug him. The tears of fear were replaced by tears of joy. "Ross? Oh my.oh my god! How did you.? Why did you.?" He placed a finger to my lips.

"Hold that thought.

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But first answer me this, these two men, they didn't hurt you did they?" "Not at all. I'm fine. They used chloroform but they." "That's lovesome teen is gaping spread vagina in closeup and climaxing I needed to hear." He left me standing there and walked back to my two kidnappers. I heard the scribbling of a pen and realized that he was writing a check.

I heard paper tearing as he handed the check to the two men. "What?!" I heard one scream. "This is half of what you promised us!" "Yes and I told you not to hurt her. And that included chloroform." "But the bitch." and that was all I heard before I heard someone punch someone else. Ross spoke again. He was furious.

"That 'bitch' is the love of my life. Now if you don't want every bone in your body broken, you'll take your check and leave." the man Ross had punched scrambled up from the floor. "Here's her phone and her glasses. He stammered out. And then both men fled the room; slamming the door behind them.

Ross took in a deep breath and I heard the romantic tone in his voice return. "I'm sorry about that my love. Good help is so hard to find. Are you ok? You're not hurt at all?" "No, I'm fine. I promise." "Good." and then he pulled me face to him and he wrapped his arms around me. And then kissed me passionately. It was our first kiss and it was so magical.

His tongue moved into my mouth and swirled around. When he pulled away I felt week in the knees. "Wow. You truly are the perfect lover aren't you. And not only that but you look great.

Here's your stuff." he gave me my phone and glasses which I stuffed into my pocket. "Thanks. And it's all that dieting and exercise you had me do. But I don't regret it for a second." "Good. Because you shouldn't. He pulled in and just held me for what seemed like hours. He let me go. "Do you want something to eat?" "Yes, please.

I'm starving!" "Well you know, I am feeling good today so what do you say we order a medium sized pizza and a salad." "You know me so well." He ordered the food and I sat down on the couch. He poured each of us a glass of water. He handed one to me and sat down next to me. "A toast," he started "To love. Cheers." we clinked glasses and both sipped. He moved his hand to my leg and began stroking it. "Now, you had some questions." "Yes.

First off, did you have me kidnapped?" "Honestly, yes, I did. I just couldn't stay away from you. I needed you. Please forgive me." "Who said I was I ever mad at you?" he smiled. "But know this, I NEVER ordered them to use chloroform or whatever else they might've done. I ordered them to simply take you and bring you here to me." "It's fine. It really is. I'm just glad to be here with you.

But what about my mom? Something tells me my mom isn't going to be calm about me suddenly disappearing. "Don't you think I already thought of that?" he pulled up some news site on his phone and I read the article. TEENAGE GIRL DISAPPEARED. BELEIVED TO HAVE RUN AWAY. I gave Ross a confused look.

"I had those men break into your house, again forgive me, and leave a note saying you were running away. And I also had them steal some of your clothes." he gestured to the suitcases in the corner.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. "Wait here." he left me alone in the room. And I mulled over my thoughts. I was feeling an odd mixture of confused and in love. This man had payed to have me kidnapped and my house broken into. He'd had my stuff stolen and flown me across the ocean, Petite indian is a naugthy cam girl so he could be with me. To know that he did that was, incredible. "Food's here." he brought the food in and placed on the table.

As he flipped open the pizza box I started eating my salad. That was my diet. I ate a salad before every dinner.

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And so we sat there. Eating, drinking, and laughing. Totally in love. I finished the only slice of pizza I was eating. Ross looked over at the clock. "You know, it's almost 10 o'clock. You know what that means?" "Yes I master." A smile spread on his face and there was an evil but romantic glint in his eye.

"Strip." He commanded. I instantly obeyed his command. Soon I stood naked before him. "Kneel before me." I obeyed. He stood up and unbuttoned his pants and I pulled them, along with his boxers, down to his ankles.

Freeing his member. He was the perfect size. I awaited his command. "Open wide and suck my cock." I opened my mouth and took all of him into me.

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"Good girl." I had never given head before but I could tell by his moans that I was obviously good. Years of watching porn, I was pretty knowledgeable. I felt his head hit the back of my throat and I reached my hand up to massage his balls. He kept moaning.

"Oh Amy. You're so good" I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and after a few more minutes I felt a warm gush in my throat. "Make sure to swallow every drop." I kept every drop in my mouth and swallowed it all.

I ran my tongue over his dick, making sure to get all of it. "That's my girl." He pulled himself out of my mouth and stood me up. He moved his mouth my ear and gently started nibbling it. He moved one hand to my clit and started rubbing it. And then he gently pinched my nipple.

I was in pure bliss right now. I could feel myself coming closer and closer to climaxing and so could he. Because he pulled away. "You may only cum when I say so. Do you understand?" "Yes Master." "Now that's a good little slut. Now let's move to the bedroom." he removed his shirt revealing his well toned body.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked up my legs and wrapped his legs around me. I leaned my head on his chest. I felt so safe, so secure. To be continued.