Hot orall service from skinny japanese hardcore and blowjob

Hot orall service from skinny japanese hardcore and blowjob
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Dear Forum, I am writing to tell about something that happened recently with my Wife's friend Amber who has been staying with us. It was early Tuesday morning and I was crashed out. We had all hung out the night before and had some drinks, talked and figured out the cost for the room and meals for Amber.

Being as worn out and tired as I was, I didn't wake up when my Wife left for work. Not realizing what time huge facial the greatest and best facial ever who is she tube porn was and from sleeping pretty heavy, I woke for a minute and went to the bathroom to pee.

Forgetting we had a house guest, I opened the bathroom door to find someone in the shower. Amber said "I'm in here" and I replied that I was sorry.

Amber giggled and as I closed the door, I thought I heard her say something else. As I asked her what she had said, she said "nothing" and went back to taking her shower.

I could see her in the mirror, through the shower curtain and she was hot. Stunned at what I was looking at, I realized I was staring and before I could say something, Amber said, "please close the door, it's breezy". Surprised, I realized she didn't care that I was in there and at first I wasn't sure if she knew I could see her through the curtain.

After closing the door, Amber asked me if we had a sponge for washing with. Not sure, I fumbled through the cabinet and after a minute of looking, I found one. I told her I was going to hand it over the top for her and before I could finish talking, Amber opened the curtain and reached out for it.

Standing in front of me was this tall, trim gorgeous brunette, with nice firm tits and as I scanned lower, a shaved pink pussy. Amber giggled and asked if I liked what I saw.

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Nodding yes in approval and getting a yes out somewhere in there, she giggled and closed the curtain. I felt my cock getting hard and told her I needed to pee, so I was going to go to the other bathroom.

Without any other words said, I walked out and went to the other bathroom. I couldn't believe what had just happened and I was so turned on by her gorgeous slim tight body. Being that it was chilly in the rest of the house, I went and got back in bed after going pee. Sleeping in the nude is normal for me, so I took my robe off and tucked back into the warm blankets.

As I began to fall back asleep, with that gorgeous bodied woman on my mind, I heard the shower turn off. Trying to stay awake, but dozing in and trinity clair tongue fucks sarah jessies tight, I heard footsteps go by.

As I peaked out of the blankets, I could see Amber run by the doorway with nothing on, but a towel, which covered only her hair and shoulders. What a site and as I laid there, I remember thinking " damn, she is living here now, sweet =)". As I fell asleep, I remember dreaming that Amber invited me into the shower and that I knelt down in front of her and slowly worked my tongue over her body, down to her soft wet pussy.

As I licked her clit and worked the tip of my finger into her tight hole, she moaned and rolled her fingers over my bald head. She tasted so good as I sucked her clit into my mouth, fingering her deeper and deeper, until I was finger fucking her hard and deep, sucking her clit hard, lapping it with my tongue.

Amber was moaning and telling me how good it felt and as she began to shake in orgasm. I woke from my dream as the front door closed. I got out of bed and went to see, to find Amber had went to work.

As I stood there with a huge hard on from my dream and the hot shot Amber had given me this morning, I went to her room and sat on the bed.

I thought about looking for her diary, tracer and fuck big dick new cartoon better yet, see what panties she wears. As I looked in her drawer, I found some g-strings and some thongs, then some lingerie. Some of it was pvc, plus she had handcuffs. I thought what a dirty girl. As I went through her panties, I found some pics of her, taken with a polaroid camera.

They were pics of her all internal leas ass goes double anal and gapes to the max with her pussy with a fat black dildo. As I looked at the pics, I realized she had taken them herself. I was so hard by this point, I took my cock out and began to stroke it.

I took a pair of her soft panties and wrapped my cock with them and stroked harder, using the material like a soft pussy sliding over my cock. I looked at the pics of Amber working her pussy over with that huge dildo. She was so wet in the pics, you could see her pussy juice on her asshole and on the dildo. I was pumping my cock so hard by now, I didn't hear the front door. I worked my way through the pics, to find one of Amber sliding the dildo in her ass and her hand in her pussy.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I wanted to fuck her so bad and as I worked my cock hard, I suddenly heard a voice say, "what the fuck are you doing!".

I tried to sexy les riding strapon pornstars and fingering but I started to cum. I looked over and as I came hard all over the panties wrapped around my cock, I could see Amber standing there with her hands on her hips. I came so hard, but then realized I had been busted. Amber walked up to me and took the pics.

She said that she couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. I told her I was sorry and please don't tell my Wife. Amber looked down and said, "are those my panties on your cock"? Nodding yes, I went to take them off and as I did this, she walked over and grabbed my cock. Amber asked what I thought of the pics.

As I began to tell her that they were hot, she squeezed my cock hard, working her hand up and down my shaft. She peeled the cum soaked panties from my cock and asked if it felt good having the panties that cover her hot pussy, on my cock. I told her yes, it felt wonderful, but I would love to feel what her pussy felt like on my cock.

Amber looked up at me, stroking my cock in her hand, then she knelt I front of me, telling me what dirty boy I have been, then taking my cock into her mouth. Amber sucked deep, looking up at me the whole time. Her mouth felt so good and she worked her hand on my balls. I was loving it and before I could say anything, Amber took my cock from her mouth, said yummy and "maybe more later, I have to go to work". Amber tossed the pics back at me, stood up and walked out.

I was still rock hard and now I wanted to ravage her so fucking bad. I looked at the pics again and stroked my cock so hard. One of the pics was her doggie style, with her dildo in her pussy. Her toy was about eight inches it looked like and thick and in this pic, she had all of it in her pussy. The look on her face with her hole packed made me lose it and I came hard. I put the pics back, cleaned up and got ready for my Wife to come home. As the day progressed, my Wife and I worked around the house, smoked a joint and talked about our day.

I wanted to tell her what had happened, but I wasn't sure how she would react. We had hooked up with another couple before and had talked about a threesome, but this had happened without her. So I figured I would hold off and bring it up a couple days later after figuring out the best way to bring it up. When Friday rolled around, my Wife, Amber and I were chilling at the house, watching movies. Amber said she had a movie we should watch and asked if we wanted any wine.

After deciding on a wine, we sat down to the movie Amber brought. I'm not sure of the title now, but it was somewhat erotic, but about vampires. Between the movie not being one my Wife would normally watch and the wine kicking in, she decided to call it a night and kissed me goodnight, then went to bed. This left Amber and I alone. About a half hour went by and I got up to check on my Wife and she was snoring, sleeping heavy like a baby.

I walked back into the den and found Amber under some blankets. She had covered up and said she was cold.

I sat next to her and she asked me if it was okay that she lay closer, so she could get warm. I said sure and as she pulled the blanket up to cover me with some, I could see she was naked from the waist down. Amber looked at me and said she had a treat for me. Before I could respond, she pulled her dildo out from next to the couch. She had it stashed there. I asked her if she planned this and she said yes with a giggle, and she admitted she put a little sleep medicine in my Wife's wine.

I was shocked and asked her if she would be ok. Nodding yes and leaning in, Amber kissed me, then she took my hand and placed it on her soaking wet pussy. I couldn't believe how wet she was. Amber told me that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about my cock and finding me stroking it with her panties. Amber told me she wanted to show me how she fucks herself, while she watched me stroke my cock.

Pulling the covers away, Amber turned and sat so she was legs spread, looking right at me. I stood and took my pj's off and sat so she could see my hard cock. Amber's eyes were transfixed on my cock. She was rubbing her pussy, slowly working her finger over her clit, then around her wet hole. Sliding a finger tip in here and there, deeper and deeper each time.

I was so turned on, I leaned in and kissed her. Amber pulled me close and wiggled lower so I was above her. I kissed her neck and down further, pulling her night shirt up exposing her firm tits and hard nipples. I sucked them one by one, hard like she asked. As I worked my way lower, I kissed and nibbled, driving her wild. Amber moaned as I licked her pussy, slowly at first, over her clit, around her hole, down to her asshole, then slowly I worked my tongue into her pussy.

She was so yummy. I licked and sucked and all of a sudden, she was shaking and cumming. Her cum dripped out of her pussy with every pulse of her pussy. I licked and slid a finger tip into her, driving her wild. Amber pulled on my head, making he lick and suck harder. Cumming again, Amber shook hard, trying to be quiet and telling me how fucking good I ate her pussy. I moved up and kissed her. As I esposa putinha gostosa tube porn over her, I placed my cock at her pussy.

Amber said wait and rolled out from under me. Not sure what was happening, I asked her if she was ok. She told me to sit back. Doing as I was told, Amber sat across from me and pulled her dildo out. Amber was so wet, I could see her juice cover the dildo as she worked it into her tight pussy.

She looked at me the whole time, telling me what a dirty whore she is and how she has been needing to be treated like a whore and needed to be fucked hard. Amber started cumming again, shaking and soaking her toy.

Pumping her toy in and out, harder and deeper now, I stood and placed my cock head at her mouth. Amber took it into her mouth, sucking me deep while she fucked her hole. She shook again, moaning on my dick as she came. Seeing her orgasm over and over was so hot.

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I loved seeing how wet her pussy was. Amber pulled her dildo from her pussy and my cock from her mouth and sucked the dildo clean of her cum. Amber then told me to sit on the couch and as I did this, she straddled me. Amber took my cock and slowly lowered her pussy down on it. Inch by inch I filled her cunt so deep. She was so tight and so wet, I couldn't believe how good lovely taisha takes it up the butt felt.

Amber moaned and sank lower, taking my cock balls deep. As we kissed, she moved faster and faster, moving her hips, pushing down hard to grind down on my cock.

Amber was cumming again, squirting her juice all over my cock and balls, soaking me with her juice.

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Amber said in between her fast breaths that she had never squirted before. Knowing how to make a woman squirt, I looked her in the eyes and grabbed her hips. I pulled her down onto me, so I was deeper inside her and I worked my cock against her G-spot.

Amber lost it, she was squirting so hard. Her juice was soaking the couch cushion, me, her, everything. At one point she went limp and I thought she passed out. Amber said she was in the middle of orgasm after orgasm on top of squirting.

I fucked her so deep and hard, Amber was just my fuck toy at that moment. So I reached around and slid a finger into her asshole. Moaning for me to fuck her, fuck her pussy, finger her ass, and that she was cumming made me lose it and I started to cum.

Amber told me to fill her hole with my cum and rolled her hips back and forth hard, milking my cock of every drop. Before I was done cumming, Amber kissed me deep and came on my cock again. She looked into my eyes and told me she was my fuck toy from now on, anytime, anywhere!

I was so horny, I held her close to me and slowly pumped my cock in and out of her. I stayed so hard that as I slowly moved her hips back and forth, she was constantly squirting.

We were both so wet it was un real. I kissed her again and pulled her up so my cock would come out of her pussy. Amber said "no" and struggled to get it back in, but before she could, I reached around and placed the head at her dripping wet asshole.

Amber looked at me and called me a "dirty fuck". Then she told me as I slowly filled her super tight ass with my cock, that she had never been fucked by a cock other then her dildo in her ass. Her eyes rolled back and I pulled her in close to me, slowly filling her ass deep. She was so wet from her pussy squirting, I had plenty of lube. Once I was balls deep, working my cock in and out, slowly at first, then faster, Amber started fucking me, slamming her ass down on my cock.

This had her screaming and I thought for sure we would wake up my Wife, but the sleep meds were working great and Amber was screaming out for me sporty luscious teen cant live without it unfathomable hardcore blowjob fuck her in the ass. I fucked her hard, and I mean hard. Her asshole was so stretched open and red, so fucken hot.

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I told her to lean back and as she did, I worked a hand down and slid two fingers into her pussy. Amber was soaking wet and her pussy took my fingers in deep. Deep penetration inside wet love tunnel hardcore blowjob I fucked this little hottie, I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell, and I filled Amber's ass with my cum.

She pushed down, getting my cock as deep in her ass as possible. Kissing me deep and running her fingers through mine, it felt so good. Amber and I laid together for a little while. When the movie ended we kissed and I went to bed and off she went to her room. The next morning, my Wife went to work. I got up and as I walked passed the den, I could see Amber's dildo next to the couch. Quickly picking it up, I took it to her room and told her she had left it out.

Amber giggled half asleep, and asked me if she noticed it. I told her apparently not since we didn't hear all hell break lose. Amber said, or she was to embarrassed from finding it thinking it was Amber's.

Shrugging it off and reflecting back to the night before, Amber pulled her covers back and asked if I would like to get in, "it's nice and warm she said". =) The End