Hot brunette milf mom into interracial porn with a big black dick

Hot brunette milf mom into interracial porn with a big black dick
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I love being a teenage fashion model, because since I turned 18 five months ago, my sex life seems to get hornier and kinkier everyday.

You see, since I turned 18, the other 18-and-older models began inviting me to the post-photo shoot orgies. We get four or five naked hotties in a room with two or three really horny married guys and fuck and suck like crazy. We like fucking married guys because: A. they're less likely to get attached, and B: it's really naughty!

There is no shortage of middle-aged married guys trying to get into our panties because we are all 5'7" to 5'10", super cute with B-cup titties, long flowing hair, and not an ounce of fat on us.

My name is Ashley, and people tell me I look like an 18-year old Megan Fox. Chloe is also a regular, and she looks like she could be Kate Beckinsale's teenage daughter. Angela, a gorgeous free spirit, resembles a young Keira Knightley. Then there's Jamie, who' a Kristen Stewart look alike. We're the core group these days, and other girls come as they please.

We use Twitter to communicate which horny model is bringing which naughty husband. The photographer, whoever it is, is always invited (as if we could keep him away!) We love to get the guys all worked up by letting them watch us change into and out of our outfits. While one girl is in front of the camera, the other young cuties are in various stages of undress, flirting with the men, sitting on their laps, and generally making sure that the moment the photo-shoot is over these guys are ready to fuck us silly.

Like I said, these orgies get kinkier and kinkier, such as last month when I got double-teamed for the first time in my young life.

We were doing a bikini shoot that day, and it was Chloe's birthday, so we let her choose which married guys to bring. She chose two guys, Ben and John, that she used to babysit for but had never done anything with.

What she didn't know was that I had babysat for those guys too! Wow, those guys really got off fucking us! It helped that all the girls, still in their tiny bikinis, first gave the guys a group blow job. Then Ben and John double-teamed Chloe, who wore a birthday tiara and sash with her teeny white bikini. They declined to use the condoms she offered them. They reamed her good! They had her pretty head and slim hips firmly gripped as they jack-hammered into her, all Chloe could do was moan.

They each took a turn cumming up her pussy. Then, one by one, they double teamed the rest of us. When they got to me, they had me get on all fours. My string bottoms had long came off, but my top was around my waist. When I had babysat for them, I never smoking hot girlfriends are sharing their lovers loaded cocks just for fun their first names, and I didn't use them now.

"Mr. Powell, long time no see," I said as I swayed my slim hips at him. He rubbed his hard prick on my tight bottom, and replied "Too long, Ashley, too long. How've you been?" "I've been all right. How's Mrs. Powell?" He thrust his long cock through my tight pussy lips and said, "Who cares? I'm finally fucking your sweet hot bod!" He proceeded to fuck me deep and slow, constantly kneading my tight butt and repeating "Oh, fuck yeah, Oh fuck yeah," on each thrust. Then Mr.

Fulton big tits wifey craving for a big cock suck amp fuck his throbbing boner in my face, and I took it between my glossy lips. "Ashley, I sure do miss your babysitting services," he said.

I took his dick out of my mouth, jerking it slowly with one hand as I rubbed his cockhead on my cheek, "I'm sorry, Mr. Fulton, but I don't have much time for babysitting, now that I'm a model," I replied, and resumed sucking him off. "You do look great in a pink bikini, and out of one too!" he replied.

"God, you are so cute!" he added as he gently began fucking my mouth. A half-hour later, Mr. Powell said, "Oh God, I'm going to cum in your pretty pussy!

Oh Baby! You're so fucking Hot!" I thought that was sweet, so I reached back and grabbed his balls as I humped my slim hips back at him. We fucked each other so hard we got a round of applause. Then Mr. Fulton took his turn at fucking my 18-year old pussy. At the time I thought that qualified as kinky, little did I know! The next week Angela invited her step-father, Rick. Most of the girls were against it, they thought it could lead to drama.

Angela explained that Rick and her mom had been fighting a lot lately and Rick hadn't been getting any. "He's a really nice guy, and a hot orgy with teenage models would do him good," she explained.

"But he's your father! It'll be gross with both of you, you know, naked, in the same room, fucking," Chloe objected. "He's not my real father, and I'll have him promise to stay on the opposite side of the room as me." That seemed to convince the girls.

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I didn't need convincing though. The thought of Angela watching as her dad fucked me had my pussy wet throughout the entire lingerie photo-shoot. I mean, fucking in the same room as your step-dad! How kinky is that!? During outfit changes, I made sure to sit on his lap topless every chance I had; once I sat on his lap completely naked, and his hands were all over me! After the shoot I took Rick's hand and ran with him into the orgy room.

I was wearing tiny, lacy white panties and bra, with a pearl choker. I made sure I was slobbering over Angela's father's dick as Angela walked in. "Hi Angela!" I waved, taking my pouty lips off her dad's cock for just a sec. I made his blow job extra loud, noisily slurping his throbbing boner, and smacking it on my cheeks.

Every couple of minutes I'd say something like, "Hey Angela, are you having a good time? Because I'm absolutely loving this cock.

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It's so big and hard, I could suck it all day!" I made everyone laugh. Everyone but Rick, he just concentrated on watching his rock-hard dick disappear between my pretty pink lips. I didn't stop there, though. I maneuvered into a 69 with Angela's dad for a while, until I was ready to get thoroughly fucked. Angela was on the other side of the room, and I wanted her to get a birds-eye view of her dad pounding me. I knew if Angela saw her dad coming over, she'd object, so I made a plan and told Rick.

Sweetheart showing off her assets hardcore and blowjob has always had a girl crush on me, and she's never been able to resist me eating her out. So I crossed the room, pulled her off the photographer (he didn't mind, he took his dick over to Jamie and Chloe, who were in a 69) and told her I was sorry for teasing her, and offered to lick her pussy.

Of course she said yes, she could never resist me. As I predicted, she closed her eyes as I began tonguing her hole Five minutes later, right on cue, Rick positioned himself behind my tiny upturned bottom and began plowing my tight pussy, right as I ate out his daughter in front of him!

When Angela opened her eyes, she said, "Daddy! You're fucking Ashley!" Rick replied, "Yeah baby, she's fucking hot!" I licked Angela harder.

"But you're supposed to stay on the other side of the room!" Angela whined.

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"I know, I know," he said, "This was Ashley's idea. I think she's getting off on fucking us at the same time." I winked at Angela as I thrust my hips a little harder back at her dad. Angela pouted at me, but she didn't move or say anything though, she enjoyed how I nibbled on her clit too much. Angela's father alternated fucking me fast and slow. When he fucked me fast, I made sure to nibble Angela's clit a little too hard, making her squeal in pain.

"Sorry," I'd apologize, and say something like, "the pounding your daddy is giving me is throwing me off." Rick skewered my 18-year old pussy like a pro, all the way in, all the way out, over and over. He even played with my bottom, and reached around to rub my clit.

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Soon, all three of us were cumming. Angela came in my mouth, crying "Oh God, you're so cute!" Her dad spewed his hot load into my tight pussy, grunting "Oh God, you got a perfect ass!" And I came all over Rick's cock, moaning and moaning. After the orgy was over I sat on the couch, my teen elsa jean having sex with an experienced milf arm around Angela on one side of me, my right arm around her dad on the other.

We were all totally naked, passing around a joint. "Did you have a good cum, Angela?" I asked her. "You know I did, I came so hard in your mouth" she replied, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

I told her, "I was kind of distracted, you came in my mouth the same time your dad came in my pussy. Mmmmm. I can still taste you." Then I gave Rick a long, deep kiss.

Angela feigned shock as slapped me playfully on the arm. Everyone laughed. I made sure that Rick became a regular at our model-orgies, though he didn't touch his step-daughter, not technically at least. Getting fucked by a married guy as I licked out his daughter in front of him was as kinky as it could get, I thought. I was wrong! Next week Jamie invited her real dad! Seems Jamie and her mom weren't getting along that well, and Jamie got teen sydney cole loves to get nailed hard and deep by big cock pornstars hardcore by inviting her father, Bob, to an all-model orgy.

It was after a prom dress photo shoot, so all the girls wore a different color prom dress, sans panties, to the orgy. What a nice daughter! While I got off teasing Angela while I fucked her step-dad, I was too shy to tease Jamie why her real dad fucked me, so I just concentrated on the amazing sensations my pussy was having as Bob fucked me with his huge, steel-hard boner.

I tried to take my dress off a couple of times, but Bob stopped me, he really liked fucking me with my prom dress around my waist. He rammed me doggy, then missionary, then with me on top. I liked that last position best because Bob was a great titty licker. And I never said anything to Jamie about how good a fuck her dad was. No one did. And they actually kept on the exact opposite sides of the room, for a while. After Bob came in my pussy (he also refused the condoms his daughter brought for him) he got on top of Chloe, and Jamie also changed partners so that she remained on the exact opposite side of the room.

This worked for a while, and we kept swapping partners until Bob was fucking Angela, and Rick was fucking Jamie. They were all fucking doggy, each girls still wearing her prom dress, and not watching each other at all when I said, "Look at Angela and Jamie, they're fucking each others dads!" Everyone looked and stared at the older guys fucking each other's super-hot daughter. We watched them fuck for a few minutes, then Rick scooped Jamie up in his arms.

She squealed as he lifted her, never taking his dick out of her hole. He waddled over and put Jamie down right next to Angela, so close that their butts were touching. Rick really began pounding away, then he looked over at Bob's prick spearing his step-daughter's pussy lips "Hi.

You're Bob, right? My name is Rick. Isn't this your hot daughter I'm fucking?" Bob looked over at Rick's cock thrusting in and out of Jamie's tight hole and replied, "That sure is my hot daughter your fucking. Isn't this your hot baby girl I'm fucking?" "Yep, sure is. You gonna cum in her pussy?" Rick asked. "Oh yes, I am, buckets and buckets. God, your daughter is so fucking Hot!" Bob answered, and gripped Angela's hips tighter.

"I gonna cum in your daughter too! God, her pussy is like a vice!" Rick said. Then all four of them just starting fucking like mad. The guys pounded the teenage prom pussy and the girls fucked back just as hard. Soon they were all cumming., the guys moaning as they emptied their balls into the prom dress wearing hotties. When they caught their breath, Jamie, with Rick's dick still in her, said, "Dad! You were supposed to stay on the other side of the room!

You promised!" Bob just smiled, rubbed his daughter's bottom and gave it a playful pinch and smack. "Blame Rick," he said, "he brought you over next to us." Jamie looked at Angela and said, "You're daddy's a pervert." "You'd know, his dick is still in your pussy," Angela countered.

"Well, he's a big dicked pervert!" Jamie said as she thrust her perfect hips at Rick, cracking us all up. Now that was kinky! The fact that Angela and her dad, and Jamie and her dad became a regular foursome at our orgies was even kinkier.

Every group sex session would find Bob fucking Rick's gorgeous daughter, and Rick fucking Bob's super-hot daughter right next to each other. Sometimes, like after a goth-girl photo shoot, they would position them on all fours, face to face, so that the Angela and Jamie could make out while they fucked them.

That day was hot! All the girls had close up and wild asian oral stimulation and pink streaks in their hair, and wore leather bracelets and chokers. My favorite was when the guys had Angela and Jamie get into a 69.

We had just done a Catholic school uniform photo shoot, and all the girls were still wearing the skirts and hair bands. Bob and Rick watched their daughters go at it for a while, then started fucking each others daughter. The girls had to watch their dad's cocks fuck their friends' pussy! Nothing could be kinkier than that, I thought. Then, fifteen minutes later, the guys pulled out at the same time, and came on their daughter's faces, rubbing their spewing dicks on their cute noses, rosy cheeks and pink lips.

Jamie and Angela were shocked, saying nothing, though Angela had a smile and tentatively licked at the cum on her lips. Jamie's expression was of complete astonishment, like she couldn't believe her dad just covered her pretty face in cum.

Finally Jamie said, "Dad! You just came all over my face! You better co-sign for that Beemer I want." "Or what?" Bob challenged, rubbing his cock on her forehead. "Or, or, I'm telling mom!" Everyone bust up laughing, including Jamie. It can't get any kinkier than that, can it?