Naughty sweetheart raises her long girlfriend and homemade

Naughty sweetheart raises her long girlfriend and homemade
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Hey, my name is John and i'm 16 ever since i began puberty i started to notice things on women especially my mom. It all started when i was about 12 or 13, i would try and catch a glimpse of her leaving the shower or when she was getting undressed for bed at night I couldn't stop thinking about her she was beautiful 5"4 with long flowing brown hair she had and i'm guessing about a 30A bra size and after 2 kids they were still pretty firm she wasnt very fat but wasn't very skinny either and had the nicest ass i had ever seen, it was big but not huge.

At school everyone would call my mum a milf and make fun of her for being sexy which i didn't mind, I kind of enjoyed my mum being called sexy 'cos it was the truth and them talking about what they would do to her only give me ideas and fantasize more.

It was in the summer just after i finished high school when things began to happen. My dad and sister had gone on a trip about 300miles away with my dads friend and his daughter, so i was left here with my mom for a couple of days while they were enjoying themselves.

It was early morning when i had just awoken to hear them leave it was about 9am and i wandered downstairs still half asleep hoping that my mom had made me breakfast and a coffee I heard the door shut and my mum come back into the kitchen and made me and herself some breakfast we just sat there in silence until she spoke "How about we go upto the lake and take the old blow fleshy juicy cunt squirts squirting and japanese boat?" We hadn't been up to the lake since i was very young anyway i agreed "Yeh, Okay" "Great, i'll get the boat out and we'll set off about 1pm that okay with you".

"Let me know if you need any help" "Okay" She replied chuckling.

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I wasn't particularly looking forward to going on the lake because i knew it would be just me and her and she would just want to sunbathe most of the time. time soon passed, my mum had loaded everything to the car and i got in, I was wearing nothing more then a baggy T-shirt and some swimming shorts. She came out of the house wearing a bikini and a sarong on top of it she looked gorgeus i noticed myself getting hard so i tried to hide it.

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It didn't take us long to get to the lake there was hardly anyone here which suprised us both we blew the boat up and went off into the lake it was really hot and my mom decided to sunbathe withe her back facing up leaving me to paddle the boat about 5minutes after i hear her voice "John honey, mind if you rub some suncream on my back and neck" it took me a little while to reply "uh, yeh sure" As i was massaging her back with the suncream and began to become hard and i heard quiet "Mmmms" from my mum every now and again the i sort of blurted out "Enjoying that mom" she seemed to go a bit embarressed but answered me " Yeh, it's really nice, can you keep rubbing".

I knew i didn't have think twice about that "Sure".

She must of dozed off because i started to hear her gentle snoring so i stopped and continued to paddle by now it was about 4pm and it was really hot so i thought i'd get a drink, the drinks cooler was just under my moms leg so i thought i'd try and get it without waking her, i slowly pulled out a drink without waking her i opened it and i think she must have been fully asleep because she turned over exposing her beautiful 30A breasts to me I couldn't help it i got hard straight away and all these fantasys ran through my head at that moment she woke up a bit in a daze she didnt even notice she didnt have her bikini top on, "John honey, what time is it" I quickly responded "It's 10 past 5 and erm mom" i pointed at her breasts she became very red and simply said "oh, my bad.

oh well you've seen them before theres no harm done now" she left her bikini top off which i didn't object to of course. "How long have you been paddling the boat" "err about two hours now". "Hmm, i'll paddle now, you can sunbathe for a bit if you want" So we switched places and i laid with my shirt off on my back and drifted to sleep thinking of my mom and what i could do to her.

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I awoke to her shoving me "John I don't know where we are", i looked around and couldn't see the car anywhere but what i sould see was a white patch on my shorts. "It appears you have gotten us lost" I chuckled. It was now about 6pm and it was becoming cold but the sun was still out.

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It took us about 30mintues to find the car we got back to the car both of us now slightly sun burnt i went to take a dip in the lake to get rid of that whit patch from my wet dream earlier while my mom put the boat and things away, i dived in and almost peed myself when i saw a face in the water of course it was just my mom fooling around.

"Got ya" she laugh "Nuh uh you didnt" as i swam around her legs and tripped her up. at this point of the lake it was up to our chests. We got back into the car and drove home "That was a great day John, we should do that more often", "Yeh we should do" "We should go out tonight to a restaurant or something", I didn't really want t go out because i was tired and really couldnt be bothered so i suggested that we stay in and i cook for us she happily agreed.

We got home in no time at oiled girl takes care of a dick. I cooked lasagne and when we finished i washed up and we settle down on the tattooed dollie darko insane pussy fuck with lexingtons cock next to each other to watch a film on TV, it happened to be a horror and i know that my mom gets scared at the smallest things, she was wearing some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, she mustn't have been wearing a bra because i could see her nipples through her t-shirt which gave an erection we was watching the film and as something bad was about to happen she sort of jumped onto me, she must have felt my erection "mom" "Sorry i just got scared, and what're you so happy about" I turned bright red and shyly just said "nothing" she looked down and saw her nipples "Well i can't be helping can i?" I couldnt believe what i was hearing."no not really".

What happened next really shocked me, she slid over right next to me and stroked my cock through my pants it felt so good "Mmm, mom what're you doing?" "I've seen you trying to get a glimpse of me undressing at night" I was speachless "I don't mind John, it turns me on, do you know how many times me and your father have sex now a days?" she seemed to me asking a rhtorical question so i sat in silence still amazed "None!

and i have needs you know!" I could tell from her talking that she was a bit tipsy. She stood up and dropped her jogging bottoms down revealing her black laced french knickers and she pulled her shirt over her head. I was still amazed and didnt react i just stared "Well if i get naked you have to aswel" I nodded and stood up, took my shirt and jeans off it was now just me stood in me boxers with my obvious erection and my mum stood there, she dropped her panties and pulled down my boxers and pushed me down onto the sofa and she squatted over and and slowly pushed hot babe fucking and get s cumshoot tip of my cock into her wet pussy i was in exstacy she started moving up and down faster and faster so i joined in by thrusting, she lifted herself off of me and moved onto her hands and knees, of course i knew what to do i stuck my cock into her hot wet pussy without being asked i heared a groan coming from my mom as i thrusted "You like that mom" "Oh god John fuck me, fuck me harder Uhhhhh" I could tell be her tone of voice that she had orgasmed "Mom i'm cumminmg, i'm cumming", "Thats it baby fill your moms pussy with your load" With them words it put me over the edge and i exploded into orgasm, it felt great we collapased with me on top of her kissing each other.

"Were did you leanrn to fuck like that?" "remember when you sent me to summer camp?" i said jokingly we laughed together and just hugged. I Knew this was the begining of great things to come.

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