Sexy teen bangs with her fathers best friend and gets facial

Sexy teen bangs with her fathers best friend and gets facial
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I walked down the hallway of the school to the side doors and stepped in to the cold winter air. It was the end of the day for high school students, and I was headed to the spot where my client said she they would be. My job, which I had been doing all internal long ass fuck ends in anal creampie quite some time now, was helping shy guys or girls play out fantasies that they thought would help them strengthen their relationship (Stupid right).

I started a while back when a friend of mine asked for a favor. He wanted to look like a good guy by helping a person in danger, I would have said no but how can I say that when money is involved. The word must have spread because I was starting to get really busy. Anyway the client today wanted me to "bully" hisgirlfriend, and he would come in to save the day. As I rounded the corner of the school I could see them standing there talking.

I sent him the text telling him to leave for the couple of the seconds, as he did I started to walk toward her. I should probably tell you about myself now, my name is Brian I am 6'3", around 180 with dark blond hair and, my most captivating feature, green eyes. I am mostly muscular (it helps for intimidation) but I am actually what some people call a nerd. I play no sports or activities that need team work to be done; I get A's in all of my classes and most of my free time is spent on the computer.

I've never even had a girlfriend before. I came up behind her and grabbed her shoulder roughly. She spun around quickly to look up into eyes.

She tried to run but I grabbed her and picked her off the ground, I started to walk away with her over my shoulder screaming and hitting my back. That's when he ran up and telling me to put her down. When I did, she ran behind him wrapping her arms around him tightly, sobbing into his shirt. He shrugged her off him and ran at me; he started to throw soft punches into my stomach. Faking pain I fell to the ground, I then "recovered" and ran away. When I got to the side of the school I stopped and peeked around the corner, she was covering him with kisses thanking him over and over again.

"If only that was me" I thought sadly. He met me later in the bathroom where he paid and thanked me. As I walked home I thought of how pathetic I was, I could help others but I can't help myself. I had never had a girlfriend let alone sex. I was so deep in thought that I didn't realize that someone was in front of me.

Walking full speed I ran into Raven, despite the name she was the peppiest and sexist girl in the world. She had been the objective of my fancies ever since we met in 5th grade. She is 5'9" with deep blue eyes, blond hair that is normally died purple and I'm guessing a C cup.

"HEY" she said as she fell to the ground dropping the books she was carrying. "Oh I'm sorry" I said as I stated to pick up her books. "Hey watch &hellip." Then amateur teens try lesbian and fat latin xxx i love going to the temple and the thing i realized it was me. She suddenly smiled and looked 10 times happier "Hi Brian, its ok".

After helping her up, she bent over to grab a book that landed behind her and I couldn't help but look up her skirt. She was wearing a dark purple thong that matched her hair and pulled nicely up in to her ass.

As I starred I didn't see that she was looking at me through her legs. She grinned and pulled her skirt up higher and started to wiggle her ass showing more of her perfectly tanned legs. "What are you doing" I stuttered trying (and failing) to hide the tent in my pants. I handed her the books and she set them aside as she wrapped her arms around me. I could feel her breasts pushing into my chest. I was lucky I hadn't creamed pants by then. "Is it true that you help people with their fantasies?" she said with her blue eyes boring into mine.

"Y-Ya why" I couldn't believe where this was going. "Well I was wondering if you could help me with mine" she purred.

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She put the books in her backpack and dragged me by my hand to her house. She yanked the door open and through me inside where I landed on the floor at her feet. Before I knew what she was doing she was startling my hips, grinding on my hidden cock. "I want you to be in my fantasy" she purred, still moving her hips. I was still stunned by all this all I could do is grown.

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She let me get up and told me to sit on the couch. She sat next to me and started to kiss me very forcefully. Being the first time I have ever kissed a girl I just did what she did.

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"What is your fantasy" I asked between kisses. "I want you be beat me and abuse me and make me your bitch" blonde hottie cherry kiss does with fiance wasn't as shocked as I was. "I want you to make me your fuck slave, I want you to take your cock and choke me with it. Make me your dirty little whore. Fuck me up the ass then make me suck you off. I WANT YOU." I had never met a girl like this before…… but what guy is going to say no.

letting lust take over my actions I picked her up off me and through her to the ground. "Get undressed NOW." I yelled at her. Instead of fear I saw lust in her eyes. "Yes master" She replied in a small voice. I striped as she did showing my 7" dick to her wanting eyes. "Come here" I told her.

She crawled on her hands and knees to me. "Yes master" she said in the small voice again. "Open your mouth" when she did I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her onto my dick. As I fucked her face I could feel her gag every time she went down. Her mouth was so wet, I could feel her tong licking the underside of my shaft and humming as she gagged.

After several minutes I was close to cumming. I ripped my dick out of her mouth, risking a case of blue balls, with an audible popping sound and earning a disappointing moan from her. When I looked down she was fingering herself as fast as she could. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them away from her pussy. "Please master I'm so close, just let me finish!" she screamed.

I slapped her hands "someone has been very naughty. Did I tell you, you could fuck yourself?" she was so desperate she was trying to hump the floor to help her get off. She looked up at me with the biggest eyes I have ever seen "Please master" she whimpered. "Someone needs to be taught a lesson" I said putting her hands above her head and placing the tip of my cock at her entrance.

She moaned very loudly when I slid the tip around. I could feel the heat coming off her pussy like it was an oven. When I started to move my shaft slowly across her slippery pussy she tried to impale herself on me.

"NO" I stated force fully pulling away. She screamed "PLEASE FINISH ME." I started to rub my shaft on her again, keeping her close but not bringing her over the edge. Suddenly she jerked forward as my dick was coming up and she impaled herself on my meat. It felt like be surrounded in a wet vice lined with velvet.

We sexy masseuse has lesbian sex with client in pleasure and my grip on her hands slipped. She flipped us over with her on top and started to bounce quickly on my dick. "Fuck Brian you fill me up! Oh fuck yes, fuck yes, FUCK I'M CUMMING!" it felt as if her pussy was trying to eat my dick. she screamed as she had her orgasm going up and down faster than before.

I couldn't hold back anymore "I'm going to cum" I yelled. "Cum in me, let me feel your hot spunk in me!" that sent me over the edge. I came hard shooting 4 or 5 hot long ropes of cum into her. She jerked as each shot entered her, moaning the whole time. When I stopped she fell to my side, both of us panting.

"Are you mad at me master?" she asked in the little girl voice again as she snuggled up to me with her head on my chest and one leg draped over mine. "Not entirely" I replied "I'll punish you later." I told her before pulling her into a long kiss.