Tall gorgeous hottie disrobes in a cute way

Tall gorgeous hottie disrobes in a cute way
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The horrifying and unmistakeable sound of the wooden door being ripped violently from its hinges. Daniel pulled his knees in as close to his chest as he could and huddled himself tightly into a compact corner of his room.

He braced himself for what he knew was about to happen to him. Smack!

Darkness. .Silence. .Stillness in time. *** Morning. Daniel woke up suddenly to the sound of shouting downstairs. His eyes shot open like a greyhound out of the start gate at the beginning of an intense race. He found himself on the floor of his room. His back was against the hard, cold wall and his legs were folded around the 90 degree angle of the corner of the room.

His right arm ached where he had been led on it. He tried to move his numb, tingling right arm out from underneath his stomach but it wouldn't move. No matter how hard he struggled to pull his arm out from underneath him, it wouldn't budge.

Slowly the numbness started to die and it was replaced with unbearable and intense pain. That's when Daniel realised, he was lying in a shallow pool of his own blood, and his heart started racing as he realised all of a sudden, the indescribable agony he was in. He remembered what had happened the night before. *** Daniel horny jewels and her tutor alexa have steamy lesbian sex stood casually at the bar with his very best friend in the world Jake.

Jake was tall, dark haired and very good-looking with his well toned muscular body, glowing white teeth, clean-shaven face and perfectly formed rounded ass. Not to mention the massive bulge in his trousers. He was always a hit with the ladies wherever he went. Daniel was at least as much a hit with the ladies, if not more so than Jake. Daniel was a little bit shorter than Jake, his body was not toned as much as Jakes but was still gorgeous.

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He also had stunning white teeth the same as his friend. Daniel had a short, stubbly beard which highlighted his facial features and an ass which was to die for.

The problem was, where Jake relished in the limelight which he received from girls, Daniel was completely uninterested. Daniel was gay. Daniel had known that he was gay for a while now and he had finally admitted to himself that he liked guys rather than girls.

He had denied it for years but eventually came to find that it was eating him up inside, and that he could no longer deny it to himself. He was used to the thought by now anyway and was beginning to become more comfortable with his sexuality.

Being gay was no longer a big deal for Daniel but he still had one big problem. Nobody else knew about it, not even his closest friends and family. He wanted to tell people but every time he got close to telling someone, he chickened out at the last moment and had to come up with some ridiculous way of finishing his sentence. The pressure was slowly killing him and he was beginning to feel like if he didn't tell someone soon, he would explode!

Sat at the bar, Daniel was deep in thought. So many thoughts were whirling around in his brain uncontrollably. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" he screamed as he flew out of the club with tears gushing down his face. Jake looked around in shock as he wondered what all the commotion was about. "Sorry Stacey" Jake exclaimed to the random girl he was chatting up at the bar, "I'm gonna have to go and see what's up with my friend, I'll call you"!

Jake downed his beer and sprinted out of the club as fast as he could after his best friend. When he got outside he quickly glanced around to see if he could see where Daniel had gone but he couldn't see him.

He was worried and a little confused about the situation he had suddenly found himself in. "Danny!" he yelled as he frantically searched the busy street, "Where are you buddy"?

Various people stared at him as they wondered what was going on but Jake was too busy to notice them as he continued horny kitten fingers pussy and gets licked and nailed in pov look around, waiting for a response.

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There was none. He had to think hard but the alcohol was making it difficult for him to think.

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"Now think" he thought to himself "if I know Danny, I should know where he would run to". Then it struck him! "The old wishing well!" he remembered as he thought about the last time Daniel had ran off in nasty czech cutie gapes her narrow twat to the peculiar panic.

He started charging his way through the crowded street outside the club in the direction of the well. He ran as fast as his feet would carry him so that he would stand the best possible chance of finding his best friend and doing whatever he could to help him out. They had always been close and had come through a lot of shit together so Jake was sure that whatever the problem was, he could help him find a way through it.

He reached the well. It was dark, quiet and very eerie. He stopped running and tried to catch his breath for a few seconds. "Danny, are you there mate?" he panted as he searched the area. There was no response and Jake started to think that maybe he wasn't there at all, but then he heard the sound of sniffling and sobbing and he knew instantly that it was Daniel. He followed the sound and found him sulking with his head in his hands in an alleyway near the wishing well.

"Danny." he said softly and caringly, ".what's going on"? "Just leave me alone!" Daniel snapped as Jake placed his hand on his friends shoulder. He pulled away and turned his back on Jake. Jake felt hurt by this and knew that whatever the problem was, it must be really bad. "Come on don't be like that with me, I just want to help.

You know you can talk to me, I'm your best friend!" Jake explained. "You wouldn't understand so just leave it ok!" Daniel wept in response. "No I won't leave it!" Jake responded firmly, "you're my best friend and i care about you". "Huh, yeah alright then Jake, why don't you tell someone who gives a shit"?

"Hey, don't be like that with me Daniel!" Jake roared, "I just ran all the way here after you! You should fuckin' give a shit!" "Yeah well if you really cared about me that much then you would have fucking realised by now that I.I." Daniel stumbled. "You what Danny, come on you can tell me" "I'M IN FUCKING LOVE WITH YOU!!!" Silence. Jake was shocked. His eyes flickered between the eyes of the man in front of him. Tears were streaming down Danny's face as he shivered in the cold night breeze, staring back at Jake.

Jake felt the tears starting to well up in his own eyes as his mind strained and struggled to process the information which it had just received.

He looked down at the floor in confusion. The atmosphere was electric, it could have been cut with a knife. He simply didn't know how to react.

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TO BE CONTINUED. *** Thank you for reading part 1, I hope you enjoyed it! Part 2 should be coming along soon! Comments and ratings are welcomed :).