Thick knob drills deep in pussy hardcore blowjob

Thick knob drills deep in pussy hardcore blowjob
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I looked at the time, 9:05am. Shit, I quickly jumped out of bed and had a quick shower before slipping into a nice long summer dress and flats. I checked myself out in the mirror, running my fingers through my hair a few times before grabbing my things and heading out to the station. He loved when I dressed like this, dress with no underwear.

Easy access I guess. It always felt weird for me to walk around braless and unsupported. I sent him a quick message saying that I had slept in and will be in his suburb within the hour. ******* "Where are you?" I asked. "I just left the house; I'm coming to get you from the station." "Ok, hurry.

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I'm getting looks." "Why? What are you wearing?" "That's a surprise. Now hurry up!" I love surprising him just as much as he loves getting surprised. The look he gave me when he saw me walking towards his car was enough for my little fountain to start dripping.

Getting into his car, I gave him a peck and asked, "You like?" "Mmm, I love" he replied, kissing me back. "No bra aye?" I lifted up my dress enough to show arabic goddess and maid sex desperate arab woman fucks for money I wasn't wearing any panties either.

Yet again, his expression set me off and my little fountain started to pour. By the time he pulled up in his drive way, my wetness was starting to get the best of me. In a swift move he leant over and pushed my seat back and lifted up my dress. Slipping two fingers into me he said, " Already wet aye? I love that." I tilted my head back and moaned as his fingers slid in and out of me and rubbed my clit. I felt his hard cock pressing up against my thigh and just thinking about it being in me made me cringe with excitement and orgasm.

"That's my little bitch." We got out of the car and went into the house. Without wasting wwe raw nickey bella beeg second, I pushed him up against the door and kissed him hard on the lips. He tangled his hand in my hair while the other was on my arse, grabbing it and pulling me closer.

His kisses were so hungry and rough, they always left me dazed and feeling intoxicated. I pushed off him, instantly tasting my own blood in my mouth, and dropped down on my knees. I pulled off his trackies and boxers and grabbed his throbbing boner. His size always caught me off guard, no matter how many times I've seen it. I took it in my mouth, sucking it softly and occasionally taking it out to lick up and down its shaft and bite and nibble at it.

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I put it back in my mouth and started sucking again, this time harder and faster. As his moans increased I increased my pace, yanking it as I was sucking away. I felt him go rigid for a second before I felt his hot cum oozing down my throat. I yanked at it a few more time, making sure it all came out and licked it all up, not missing a single drop. "You're getting better and better at that everyday." Standing up, I slipped out of my dress and stood naked for him to admire.

Then he held me up and took me to the room where he threw me on the bed and got on his knees in front of me. He pulled my legs apart and, parting my lips with his fingers, dug his face between my thighs and started sucking and nibbling away.

I pushed his head deeper into me and held my legs open wider for him, moaning with every bite and lick. As he started quickening his pace, he slide a finger into me, making my moans crescendo.

He didn't stop fingering me and sucking me till I orgasmed in his mouth and he sucked up all my juices. By now, his cock had woken up and was fully alert once more.

I yanked it a few times then took it in my mouth, crawling on top of him and lowering myself on him so he could suck me again.

I sucked hard and fast, my moans muffled and my pussy dripping wet and getting eaten out. He started to throb more and more in my mouth, both of us having to pause to moan every so often. He bit my clit anal penetration for a sexy whore hardcore blowjob sucking it, letting out a tiny scream from my mouth.

I grabbed his cock and bit down hard on his shaft making him moan and slap me hard on my arse. We continued sucking, fast and hard until both of us orgasmed simultaneously. I turned around and sat on him, my still wet lips slowly and gently rubbing his cock.

I kissed him softly as he teased my nipples between his fingers. His hands began roughly grabbing me and teasing my nipples, making the kiss deepen. I pulled away from the kiss and pushed my breast up to his mouth. He grabbed them in his hands and, squishing them together, began biting and sucking them. He teased my nipples slowly with his tongue then dug his teeth deep into my flesh, sucking at it while he dug his teeth in. I let out a scream of both pain and pleasure and had to slap him away to let go.

"Come in me, please," I breathed. I lifted myself up and grabbed his boner, rubbing it between my thighs and wetting it before pushing it into me. I held my breath as I sunk him deeper into me and released my self when he was completely in me. I started rocking back and forth, his hands on my hips and breast.

After a bit of rocking, I leaned over him and began bouncing and riding him. Both his hands were at my arse, bouncing me up and down. His hips synced in with me and thrusted in and out with me. I felt myself about to come and pushed him out. "Get behind me" I commanded Without a word, he stood up and went to the end of the bed, I crawled back, my arse up and ready. He grabbed me and slid his cock in smoothly and started pumping.

I pushed myself back and forth, holding onto the side of the bed for support. My moans became louder and I let out a few screams whenever he slapped my cheeks.

I felt the blood rushing towards my ass checks but held on tighter to the bed and matched his pace as he started pumping harder and faster.

As he clapped against me, I could hear the wetness between my thighs. "I'm gonna cum in you, ok baby?" I let out big tits milf gets wet on webcam moan, not being able to reply. His pace increased, slamming me harder and harder. Then he leaned over me and both of us reached an orgasm again. I felt his cum dripping out of me as he pulled out. He collapsed next to me while I stayed laying flat on my tummy.

"It's almost 3" he exclaimed.

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I giggled before falling into a deep sleep.