Male slave in pierced chastity

Male slave in pierced chastity
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This account starts in the second half of 1993. I was a sergeant in the R.A.F. and was based at R.A.F. Henlow in Bedfordshire. I was in my final year before discharge and, as was customary, was taking my turn to run the Sgts Mess bar.

Janice, my Fiancee, had come to keep me company and had stayed for several hours on both the Friday and Saturday night. She'd also sat down with other men a few times as she'd worked at the camp for 17 years so was quite well known there. As a 38 year old woman she still had a lovely slim body and small but pert breasts.

It was on the Sunday night that a slightly overweight Chief Technician, who's name was Dave, came and sat next to her at the bar. We'd met, briefly, when he'd been posted in to where I worked from Belize just before I started my bar duty.

He, like me, had only a short time left in the R.A.F. and we were of similar ages so we had some things in common. He'd also met Janice as we all worked in the same area. He was drinking quite a lot and a number of times, whilst I was away serving drinks, I saw him put his arm around my Fiancee and try and kiss her. Whilst he was at the toilet Janice complained to me about this.

I told her he was leaving the R.A.F. even sooner than I was and was probably worried about the future so was drinking too much. I told her to take kianna dior son steep mom on him and not begrudge him a couple of kisses. Janice went onto drinking spirits and when he came back she allowed him to kiss her. He still thought I wasn't aware of what was happening and kept waiting until I was busy.

I was secretly giving my Fiancee double shots and some time later I heard her giggling. When I looked over I saw she was keeping her legs closed as he tried to push his hand up her skirt.

She was waggling her finger at him. I started to get a hard on that was luckily hidden by the bar as I thought how i'd like him to have sex with her. I knew he was selling some things prior to leaving and pretended to Janice that I was interested. I pointed out I couldn't leave the bar and asked her to go back to his room with him to have a look. She was reluctant to go but luckily the drink had clouded her judgement and eventually she agreed. I caught Dave's eye and although he'd had a lot to drink I think he understood what I was doing as he lead blonde with glasses anal fucked watch part on ulacamcom fiancee upstairs to his room.

She was gone for over half an hour and all sorts of thoughts were going through my mind. When she returned she came up to the bar and told me she was going home. Dave didn't reappear. She told me later, back at her place, what had happened. They'd only been in his room a short time and he was showing her what he was selling.

Suddenly, he'd picked her up and plonked her face down on his bed. Whilst she was still stunned, he'd quickly lifted her skirt over her back and pulled her panties down. He'd removed them along with her shoes. Then he'd opened her legs and was kneeling between them. Janice was telling him to stop but she could hear people in the corridor and didn't want to be found in this embarrassing situation so couldn't say it too loud. He was holding her down with one hand whilst rubbing her vagina with the other and whether by accident or design kept brushing her clitoris.

She couldn't help herself as she started getting aroused. He noticed it as his fingers slid into her now wet fanny. She just lay there as he carried on fingering her and if he hadn't been aware of her state of arousal before he would have been by the noises she was making.

Then she thought about the people who were still talking outside. She asked him to lock the door and he got up and did so before quickly climbing on her again. He was telling her how much he loved how hairy her fanny was as she felt a prodding at her crotch before his prick slid in. She has a very tight vagina and he commented on that too as he was pushing his prick in. As he fucked her she asked him not to tell anyone but he didn't reply and just kept banging away at her hole.

It wasn't long before she felt him ejaculate and she felt the spurts of his semen as he collapsed on her back.

He was trying to feel around her front but she was being squashed and when she got this through to him he took his weight off. She tried to get off the bed but he kept her there and told her to take her top off. She did so along with her bra and he played with her breasts for a while before taking his hands off and feeling between her legs. She felt him sliding in again and realised he'd gotten another hard on.

My Fiancee's cunt was probably the first he'd had in a long time so he was really randy. He was taking it a lot more steady this time, fucking her with slow strokes and she couldn't believe how much she was enjoying it. She was thinking he'd basically sexually assaulted her but technically it wasn't rape because by the time he'd entered her she was up for it.

By the time he'd entered her again she'd been well up for it. He seemed to be trying to make it last and she thinks he was trying angelika wild calze scarpe e culi aperti savour the feeling of having his cock inside her.

Eventually he shot his load again and she once more felt the rhythmic pumping of his sperm flooding her vagina. He kept her there for a while longer while he played with her breasts but even with her sucking his cock he was unable to get another hard on.

They lay together for a while, hugging and kissing and then she left. When she left his room she was aware she smelt of his sweat and also of sex hence she'd come to the bar briefly just to tell me she was going home.

As she told me this I had been getting a hard on. She knew very well of my desire to watch her having sex with another man or men but although willing to talk about it as a fantasy had been reluctant to actually do it. She pointed out give me pink belgian beauty cums three times masturbation and solo girl it probably wouldn't have gone as far as it had if she hadn't had so much to drink. I had 11 days left on the bar so when Janice met him again at work I wasn't there.

She was embarrassed but says he didn't seem so but was very apologetic. He knew I wouldn't be at work again until I'd finished my stint and he keep asking Janice to let him take her out for a meal by way of an apology. She'd told him he had nothing to apologise for as she hadn't exactly run out of his room screaming.

She told me this and I said she should do it. She giggled and said, "I know what you're up to but it'll only be a few drinks and a meal and nothing else". On the Tuesday when he asked her again she accepted. He was actually taking her into Hitchin for a meal. He'd asked her what type of food she preferred and she'd told him Italian. When Friday came he was dressed really smartly, with clothes that went some way towards hiding his weight. He'd taken my Fiancee to the local pub "The Bird in Hand", for a few drinks whilst they waited for a taxi he'd ordered.

When they got down town he took her into the Italian restaurant he'd booked a table at. He asked her what cocktail she wanted and she asked to look at what they had.

She picked one from the list, she'd never heard of it but the ingredients sounded nice. The cocktail went down really easily and he asked her which cocktail she wanted next and she said the same again.

As they ate their meal she noticed the seranaders were spending more time around their table than anyone else's. She asked him about that and he admitted he'd paid for it.

Halfway through the meal someone came up to the table and presented Janice with a dozen red roses. She loves roses and was seriously impressed with how much effort he'd put into it all. She'd been a bit nervous about what to wear as she didn't want to give him the impression it was a date.

She'd put on a trouser suit so she wasn't showing any flesh but was now beginning to wish she'd been a bit more relaxed. They shared a bottle of wine as they talked and she found herself enjoying his conversation as he had lots of stories from his 22 years in the R.A.F.

They shared another bottle of wine and before she knew it 2 hours had gone by and the restaurant had another booking for the table so they had to leave. She realized when she got outside that she was getting a little drunk but thought what the hell I'd told her to enjoy herself. He asked her if she wanted to go to a disco but she said she just wanted to sit down somewhere and didn't really fancy dancing after that meal. So he took her to the nearest pub. They'd found they shared a passion for cider when he'd asked her what she wanted to drink before they'd got the taxi into town.

So he bought her a half of cider and had a pint himself. He'd been carrying the roses for her and had told her he felt like a flower salesman. He'd asked her if she wanted him to sell them as individual roses to the couples in the pub but she'd replied, "don't you dare" They had a few more drinks and then Janice said they should get back because she was feeling rather drunk. As they walked away from the pub she stumbled and he caught her. He suggested they sit down on some benches he knew of nearby.

They were down an arcade and he steered her down there. As they sat there he put his arm around her and started kissing her, at first she responded and kissed him back but then thought she pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 26 be doing that and pushed him away. He put his arm around her again and bobbi starr is into hardcore bdsm pleasures her how much he'd enjoyed making love to her in his bed.

She told him she'd enjoyed it too but she was engaged to be married. He started kissing her again and feeling her breasts through her top. She pushed him away again but even as she did so she was thinking about their time in bed together. As he again grabbed her and planted his mouth over hers she felt hot brunette milf mom into interracial porn with a big black dick resistance melting away.

She thought, 'what the hell, I wanted her to do it anyway'. He met no resistance as he pushed his hand down her pants, inside her knickers. She just lay back against the bench as he rubbed her clitoris and she couldn't help herself as she opened her legs.

He quickly realized she was getting wet and pushed a finger up her vagina. He pulled away from her and started pulling her pants down. But although it was a secluded spot and in the dark it was also a short cut and she was scared of someone coming.

There was a park area not far away and he pulled her towards it. Finding a large clump of bushes he took Janice behind them and laid her on the grass. He roughly pulled her pants and knickers down and threw them to one side. Slipping his hand between her legs he started fingering her again and as she opened her legs he dropped his pants and got on top of her.

She was so wet by now his prick slid in easily as he thrust violently in and out. They were both panting as they copulated together.

Then suddenly she felt him explode inside her. He had been taking his weight on his hands but after he'd ejaculated he'd collapsed on top of her.

Almost straight away he realized and rolled off her. It was a warm August night and Janice didn't resist when he removed her top and bra. He had one arm around her, hugging her as he licked and sucked her breasts. His other hand was between her legs gently playing with her clitoris. She hadn't reached an orgasm whilst they were copulating but she felt one building up now. Suddenly it hit her and as her right leg started to spasm he thought something was wrong but she told him it was just the opposite.

Afterwards, as they lay together hugging each other she pondered how she'd come to be having sex with him again. She hadn't fancied him in the Sgts mess but he'd gotten into her knickers. She didn't fancy him now, he wasn't good looking and he was overweight but he'd gotten into her knickers again. Then he got up, pulled her legs apart, and started getting on top of her again. She realized he'd gotten another hard on just like he had in the Sgts mess.

She lay back as he entered her again and fucked her but much more slowly now the urgency had worn off. They were kissing as they remained locked together for several minutes.

But then his thrusting became faster and faster until she felt her cunt being flooded with spunk again. They lay there for another several minutes before she said they'd better get home.

When they got to the taxi rank he asked where she wanted dropping off because of course he didn't know where she lived. She told him it was only a few hundred yards from the camp gates. As they sat in the taxi she suddenly remembered they'd left the roses by the bench when their minds had been on "other things". The taxi was getting close to where she lived and she pointed out to Dave it was only a few hundred yards to go on the left. He said to the driver, "drop us off at the guardroom" and before Janice could say anything he planted his mouth over hers and kissed her.

He didn't stop until they were there and after paying the driver he got out and held the door open for her. She was really nervous about going back to his room. But she was also excited as she DEFINITELY wanted him between her legs again. The nervousness didn't come from a fear of bumping into me because she was doing what I'd wanted her to do. It was the other people on camp that knew her and knew she was my Fiancee that she was scared of bumping into.

They also had to get through the Sgts mess corridors and upstairs to his room. Luckily it was quite late and there were very few people about. After showing their respective I.D.

cards to the guards and walking towards the Sgts mess she was thinking it would have been better if she'd invited him to come home with her. She asked him to take her in the back way as there was not only less chance of bumping into people in the main foyer but it was also closer to the stairs.

They only saw one other person and she didn't recognise them. Once inside his room he put his arms around her and kissed her before starting to get undressed. She watched him and thought, "well that's what you're here for girl", as she started taking her own clothes off.

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As they climbed into bed together she realized she didn't feel drunk anymore. She also realized he had another hard on when he rolled her over onto her back and pushing her legs apart with his climbed on top of her. She was still lubricated with his sperm so he slid straight in. He furiously thrust in and out but didn't last long this time before filling her hole with yet more of his sperm.

As they lay together talking he said he'd starting getting another hard on when they were in the taxi and that's why he'd gone all out to get her back to his room. She giggled, called him a randy bastard and then told him how I knew they'd had sex together when I'd sent her up to his room to look at what he was selling. She said I'd seen him groping her at the bar when he thought I wasn't looking and it had really turned me on.

She told him I'd used the pretext of being interested in what he was selling to get her into his room. Dave was looking at her with a huge grin on his face. When she told him I'd encouraged her to go out with him the grin got even bigger.

"Well we'd better give him some proof ", Dave said as he started to suck her neck. She pushed him off and said, "no not there, do some where only he's going to see them like on my tits or thighs".

So he gave her a love bite on one of her breasts right next to her nipple, then another one on the other side and several more over various parts of them. Then he moved his head between her thighs and planted several love bites on both sides right next to her cunt hole. She jumped when he started licking her clitoris as she hadn't been expecting it. But it felt so good she grabbed his head and held him there.

He'd come three times and she'd had one orgasm but as he licked she felt another one coming. She felt her leg start to spasm as it ripped through her but he carried on licking and the spasms got more pronounced. She was finding it hard to catch her breath and she thought she couldn't take any more as she tried to push his head away. But he wrapped his arms around both her thighs as he carried on licking and deliberately blowing on her cunt lips.

She starting screaming, "OH MY GOD" as a massive orgasm engulfed her entire body. He stopped what he was doing and, pushing himself up on his arms, looked down at her and grinned. Just then there was a knock on the door and someone shouted, "is everything all right". Dave couldn't remember if he'd locked the door, they'd been in such a hurry.

He quickly got up and went to the door. It was locked but he opened it a crack and told the guy on the other side he'd been watching T.V. but had sat on the volume control on the remote. He apologised for waking him up but the guy said he'd been passing when he'd heard a scream. When he got back to bed she told him she'd had a very naughty idea. She asked him if he had a permanent marker and he said he had.

She said she wanted him to write something really dirty on her. A message from him to me she said. Something like a thank you but put really crudely. They talked about what it should be and then she opened her legs as he got between them to start writing. This is what he wrote in quite small writing, to fit it in, just above her pubic hair, "THANK'S FOR THE LOAN OF YOUR FIANCEE'S CUNT". Eventually they both went to sleep and it was about 10 o'clock when she awoke.

He was already awake and she told him she had to go. But then she noticed he had a hard on and she quickly clamped her lips over it and started sucking him off. He came very quickly and pulled his cock out as she swallowed his spunk. "Didn't want you smudging the artwork on me", she grinned at him. She got dressed and after giving him a really long hug she left. She came round to my room and she'd just caught me in time as I was about to be opening the bar shortly.

She came inside and I asked her how it had gone and she said she'd show me. She took her top and bra off and as I looked at her breasts I started getting an erection as I saw the love bites on them. "you've not seen anything yet", she said as she pulled her pants and knickers down and stepped out of them.

She lay down on the bed and opened her legs. I couldn't believe my eyes at what was there. I looked at the unmistakeable love bites right next to her cunt and then read the small print just above it. "You told him", I said and she nodded her head.

I pulled my pants down and she kept her legs open as I climbed on her. She was very easy to enter and she told me she was still full of his spunk.

That really sent me over the edge as I'd never entered her whilst she'd been full of another mans sperm and I came almost immediately. She got off the bed and said she needed a change of clothes but she'd see me in the bar tonight because she was meeting Dave there.

She kissed me and exchanged tongues which is something she doesn't normally do. When I commented on the salty taste she said she'd sucked him off just prior to coming to see me. I said, "yuch", and went over to the sink to wash my mouth out under the tap. She laughed and said, "now you know what it feels like when you come in my mouth". I hadn't even known that spunk tasted salty. I was both looking forward to seeing Dave and also nervous. He didn't appear at the bar at lunchtime but Janice came in about 8 o'clock in hot sex japanese daughter abuse stepfather story evening.

She sat on a bar stool and we chatted between me serving customers. She was wearing a skirt that came to just below her knee which is a bit short for her as she normally prefers longer. It's not that she's not proud of her legs, she knows she has great legs as most of her previous boyfriends have told her.

She just doesn't normally like being flashy. Dave came in about 9 o'clock and as I served him he gave me a big grin. It actually put me at my ease as I grinned back at him. Although I'd wanted her to have sex with another man, now that it had happened it was no longer a fantasy and I wasn't sure how the reality would play out. He sat next to Janice at the bar and as the evening wore on I didn't know what to expect. But there was no hanky panky in public. It was pretty obvious how well they were both getting on though.

But I think to reassure me she kept leaning over the bar to give me a kiss. It got to about 2 o'clock in the morning and there were six people still there. Two on bar stools at one end of the bar, two sitting at a table at the same end of the bar and Janice and Dave on bar stools in the middle of the bar.

They'd both been drinking quite slowly as I'd said I wouldn't close the bar while either of them was still there so there was no rush. But they'd still been drinking for a lot of hours so they weren't exactly sober either. Janice went to the toilet and when she returned she came up to the bar and stood there facing me and Dave but with her back to the other four. She reached into her handbag and showed us her panties, she'd taken them off in the toilets !!. Dave put his arm around her waist and moved her to the end of the bar furthest from the other drinkers.

He pulled two barstools over and when Janice sat on one he sat on the other putting himself between Janice and the other men.

Not that they were interested anyway, two of them were so far gone I don't think they'd noticed an earthquake. The other two were having an argument about something, not an aggressive one just a disagreement. I'd been serving the two arguers and moved back up the bar to join Janice and Dave. As I got there I saw a glazed expression on Janice's face and then I saw where Dave had his hand.

It was right up my Fiancee's skirt and it was pretty obvious by the way he was moving it that he was fingering her.

He glanced at me and said, "this is what you wanted wasn't it". I'd gotten a hard on watching and I just nodded my head. What none of us had noticed was a guy walking into the bar.

Dave was concentrating on his fingering and I was concentrating on watching him. I don't know how long he'd been watching as he walked up to Janice and said, "can I have a go". I was the only one who jumped because I was the most sober there, but I was relieved to see it wasn't anyone I recognised. Dave just looked at me and said, "well". I was in serious danger of coming in my pants as I said, "o/k". Janice still had a glazed expression but her face had gone a little paler when the man had appeared.

Dave pulled his hand out as the guy started feeling between her legs. She'd closed her eyes and was breathing heavier as the guy said, "she hasn't got any knickers on.". I was absolutely transfixed by what was going on but I nervously looked up the other end of the bar and was relieved to see the two men who'd been having an argument had downed their shots and left Whilst I'd been looking away the guy had pulled Janice's skirt up and I watched as he pushed his finger up her hairy hole.

Dave was rubbing her clitoris and Janice was gripping his hand whilst giving out little high pitched moans. Dave looked at me and said, "I want to take her back to my room with this other guy are you o/k with that". The guys eyes were nearly popping out of his head, he'd only come in for a drink. I nodded my head and said, "yes". As he pulled my Fiancee toward the door, the guy was still standing there as he looked back and said, "well, are you coming or not".

The guy almost ran. They'd all forgotten about their drinks as they disappeared through the door. I was desperate to see what was going to happen and I told the two drunks I was closing the bar. I said I'd give them one last drink. I quickly closed up and headed upstairs.

I didn't actually know where Dave lived just that it was somewhere upstairs. I listened at one door after another until I found one with what sounded like rhythmic oh's coming from it. I knocked on the door and Dave unlocked it and opened it a crack.

"I thought it'd be you", he said as he opened the door to let me in. I saw Janice laying on his bed completely naked with the guy we'd only just met a few minutes ago, also naked, on top of her with his bum going in and out between her thighs.The rhythmic oh's were coming from her college girl with boy sex story tune with his thrusting. I couldn't believe she was having full sex with a man she didn't even know.

Dave walked up to the bed and as he pushed his cock at her mouth she opened it and started sucking him. It didn't take long for the guy between her legs to come and as he climbed off her I saw his cock and it was massive.

It was no wonder she'd been making those noises. Dave had taken his cock out of her mouth and was mounting her. I watched as he quickly entered her and as he fucked her he said, "Janice said you wanted her gangbanged, I know it's only three of us but it's a start isn't it". Dave was thrusting in and out really hard and her sounds were also getting louder. Then I saw the familiar sign of her right leg going into spasm as she reached her orgasm.

But he was still going in and out and I could see her orgasmic state was increasing in intensity. Then he let out a long sigh as he ejaculated in her. After he pulled out I went to get on top of her, I was SO turned on by what I'd been watching but I came shortly after entering her and pulled back out. Dave had noticed the other guy (who none of us knew the name of) had quickly gotten another hard on and he told him he'd better stick it in her again.

As he entered her again Dave was gently rubbing her clitoris. The interruption meant her orgasm had subsided but as the guy pushed his massive cock in and out of her and her clitoris was played with it built up again. The guy fucking her was lasting longer this time and Dave could obviously play with her clitoris forever. The familiar signs of her leg spasming appeared again as did her moans and then sexy nicole alone whole day masturbating webcam masturbation beautiful she let out an almighty cry as Dave clamped his hand over her mouth.

She waved his hand away and as he took it off she was going, "oh my god, oh my god" over and over again. Then the guy between her legs stopped moving and I knew he was coming in her. As he got off and Dave stopped rubbing her clitoris I looked at her laying there covered in sweat and panting. She was smiling from ear to ear as she said. "Les, if I'd known it was going to be this good I'd have let you have me gangbanged a long time ago. But I really need to go to sleep now" Dave said, "she's really tired it's probably best if she just stays here" and I nodded my head.

The other guy said, "Is it o/k for me to come back later on". Dave replied, "No, but give me your room number and I'll come and get you if she's up for it again". The guy told him which room he was in and started getting dressed. As he turned towards the door, Dave said, "there's something I'd like you to do first".

He went and got his permanent marker and as he walked towards the bed he told Janice to open her legs. Then, getting on his knees, he signed his name on her right thigh right next to her cunt and did the same on the other side. He told the guy to do the same and as he did the man commented on how much spunk was leaking out of punishment daughter xxx sex storys. When he'd finished he pushed a finger in and Dave said he'd better stop as she wanted to get some sleep.

But Janice replied, "no, let him, he just signed his name next to my fanny so I think that makes me as much his now as I am yours" The guy had gotten another hard on and pushing his pants down he got on top of her as quickly as he could.

Pushing his prick in as he violently thrust in and out. He came quite quickly this time and lay on her as he kissed her face and neck (I think he'd remembered Dave coming in her mouth). Then he got off and pulled his pants back up. The guy said, "I'm Gary, by the way, and I'm VERY pleased to meet you". He held his hand out to her and she shook it as we all burst out laughing. She replied, "my name's Janice and I'm very pleased to meet you too especially that big cock of your's, I'm really looking forward to meeting that again" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, Janice very rarely talked crudely and even then it was only when she was still in the throes of passion.

We were talking about when we were going to meet up again and it was agreed we'd all meet up in the bar quite early as it was Monday tomorrow. It would give Janice the chance to spend some time with me as I was tied to the bar.

We'd play it by ear as far as the evening went. Janice came in at around 7:30 p.m. She'd gone home, changed and was wearing a skirt slightly shorter then the previous one. She came up to the bar, leaned towards me and whispered, "I've washed my mouth out" and giggled.

We kissed and she got on a barstool but I couldn't help but notice how careful she was to keep her legs pointing towards the bar as she climbed on it. We chatted for a bit and as I went to serve someone Gary came in. He came up to Janice and said, "hi ". She said, "hi" back and he got on a barstool next to her. Dave came in at about 8 p.m. and came and sat on a barstool on the other side of her. Over the next few hours we chatted in between me serving customers.

As the evening wore on the clientele thinned out until about midnight there was only three other people there and they were chatting up the other end of the bar. Janice whispered, "I'm not wearing any knickers" as she grabbed Gary's hand and pushed it up her skirt. Gary was just starting to take a drink and he spluttered as the guys at the other end of the bar looked over.

He hadn't taken his hand away but was feeling blindly as he didn't want the other people in the bar noticing. Janice was pulling her skirt up and as she opened her legs we could see how wet she was. I pointed out there were still other people in the bar but she said, "I don't care, I need a fuck now" in a loud slurred voice.

I hadn't realized how drunk she was getting. The idea briefly crossed my mind that with the state of sexual heat she was in right now she'd probably go for a gangbang with all the men in the bar. But then I remembered who they were. There was a warrant officer who I think apart from drinking a lot was very religious. There was also a straitlaced Flight Sergeant and a civilian who I didn't recognise. So the idea didn't last for very long.

Dave said, "we'd better take her upstairs, you can join us when you close the bar Les". I watched as they took a giggling Janice towards the door. I heard her say, "now you're not going to take advantage of me are you, you naughty boys". I couldn't help but smile but then I heard one of the men say, "what a slut". I looked over to them. I had to be careful what I said as they seriously outranked me and could get Janice, as a civilian, barred from the Sgts mess.

So I just said, "you do want another drink don't you". Even though I was only a Sergeant I was currently in charge of this bar. In theory the bar had set hours but in practice the person running it could, within reason, keep it open as long as they wanted. Once they were outside those hours they could also close at no notice and no one had the authority to prevent that. They knew that.

They stayed for another drink and then left as I quickly as possible closed the bar. I'd been collecting the glasses as the bar had been emptying anyway so there were only seven glasses left including mine. They could wait, I had to get upstairs. As I got to Dave's room and knocked on the door, he opened it and let me in. As I walked in I saw Janice laying there naked and with a very satisfied look on her face.

She was covered in sweat and her hair was matted. She said, "well didn't you miss all the fun" as she opened her legs and said, "have a look". I saw the spunk leaking out of her. She said, "well don't just stand there I've worn these two out and I need some more cock, now".

She giggled. I had my clothes off in a flash and as I climbed on her I remembered my dismal performance from the night before. I was taking it easy as I slowly moved in and out of her and after a few minutes I asked for one of the others to play with her clitoris.

She'd had orgasms with both of these men and I wanted to re-establish in her mind that I could still give her an orgasm. Yes I fully recognise it as a silly male pride, 'my dicks bigger than yours' thing. Especially when you consider I'd been fully in agreement with them having sex with her in the first place. I continued my slow thrusting for a few more minutes and then she said, "fuck me harder, please fuck me harder". I speeded up and she said, "harder, harder".

I was really banging into her now as Gary rubbed her clitoris and Dave played with her breasts. Her leg was vibrating and she was gritting her teeth as she tried not to scream out. But she couldn't help herself as she started panting and going, "ahhh, ahhh", over and over again. Then all of a sudden I ejaculated and collapsed on top of her. I was about to kiss her when I saw the spunk around her mouth and kissed her neck instead. As I got off her she was laying there looking completely satisfied and with if anything a bigger smile than the night before.

She said, "God that was good, when can we do it again", and giggled. Dave asked her if she was up for doing it with more men. She looked at me and said, "what do you think, Les, you wanted me to go with a lot of guys". I said I was o/k with that but we had to be careful. She was well known there and it could get embarrassing if we inadvertently included someone who later turned out to have a big mouth.

I pointed out it was only a couple of days ago that she'd been embarrassed to even be seen going back to Dave's room. Janice pointed out we were getting married in 8 months and shortly after that I was leaving the R.A.F.

and we'd both be leaving then anyway. She also said she hadn't realized how good the sex was going to be so stuff her reputation and giggled again. But she agreed we should perhaps be careful but more with regard to the cleanliness of the men more than anything else.

I couldn't believe the change that had come over her in the last few days. Things had kind of reversed. I'd been trying to get her to do it with other men and she'd been reluctant. Now she was all up for it but I felt things were moving too fast, I felt like a right hypocrite. Gary had left lo rico que se agasaja solita la puta after Janice had gotten dressed and given Dave a long hug I walked her home.

Once there I was pleased when she also gave me an even longer hug before disappearing inside. We'd all agreed that we wouldn't do anything else until the weekend as we all had work to go to. Janice had called us all spoilsports but gone along with not coming to the Sgts mess until then as it was too sex is what lesbos are nice at for her when she'd had a few drinks.

On the Wednesday when I went round to see Janice she told me she was sorry but she hadn't been able to wait. She said over the last three days she'd noticed Dave looking at her with an ever increasing level of lust in his eyes. They'd exchanged looks and today he'd pulled her to one side and told her as he had less than two months left he wanted to get as much of her as he could.

He said he couldn't wait until the weekend. He had to have her now !!. He said there was a storeroom with mattresses in it and he had access to it. But, he said that to get access he'd had to let the guy with the key know what was happening. He hadn't told him who she was because he hadn't asked her yet.

He told her she'd have to do it with that guy as well. Janice, although really randy, pointed out she'd promised me she'd wait until the weekend and it felt like she was betraying me. He pointed out that they'd only agreed to not do it in the Sgts mess. That was good enough for her, she'd been on the verge of agreeing anyway.

She wankz latin teen slut with braces fucked hard, "when" and he replied, "I'll phone the guy now".

He went away and used the phone, returning a couple of minutes later. "He's in the middle of something, but he'll meet us there in half an hour", he said. The next twenty five minutes really dragged as they kept looking at each other and the clock.

Then it came time and they both left. Leaving the large building they both worked in, Dave steered her up the road and around the corner up to a much smaller brick building with no windows. As they'd been walking Janice hadn't been able to resist looking at his crotch and she giggled as she saw his erection making a tent in his trousers.

He asked what she was giggling at and she pointed to it. She said, "is that a gun in your pocket". As he put his hand down his trousers to rearranged things so it wasn't sticking out any more he replied, "yeah, I just hope it doesn't go off too soon". She started giggling again, they were both full of nervous sexual tension but she was showing it the most. They only had to wait a couple of minutes and when the guy appeared she thought she knew why he'd said half an hour.

He was a really old civilian and it had probably taken him half an hour to walk there. He was looking at Janice, or more precisely staring at her breasts as he opened the door with a shaking hand. Once inside he put the light on and locked the door. He told them he'd put a mattress cover on one of the mattresses already as it was the store for the old stained mattresses from the barrack blocks.

The store with the new mattresses in was in another store and there were too many people around. The old guy pulled the mattress down and laid it on the floor.

He was deceptively strong and she supposed he'd gotten used to carrying them about. She was already taking her clothes off as the old guy looked at her with his eyes almost poking out of their sockets. Dave said to him, "aren't you going to take your clothes off". He replied, "I only need to get my dick out". Janice had finished taking off her clothes and was laying on her back on the mattress with her legs apart.

The old guy was staring at her cunt which was already wet and open. Dave got on top of her and slid his prick straight in as he furiously thrust in and out between her thighs. He didn't last long which she'd rather expected given how much anticipation had been building legal age teenager lovely girl enjoys rear fuck hardcore and blowjob. The old civilian had gotten down on his knees and had been feeling her breasts whilst the brief copulation had been going on.

As Dave pulled out the old guy climbed between her legs and slid his prick in. He began thrusting and making odd noises and Dave asked him if he was all right. He said with a shaky voice, between thrusts, that as he was laying between the thighs of a young beautiful naked woman he was more than alright.

Janice says she was quite pleased with that and thanked him for the compliment. He was lasting quite a long time and Dave had wanted to rub her clitoris but the guy was laying on her with his full weight (which wasn't that much) and he didn't want to interrupt things.

The old guy was fucking her with slow strokes and she wanted to ask him to speed up but was afraid he wouldn't be able to take it. Then she was surprised when she started to feel her orgasm building up, she supposed that she too had been full of anticipation.

It was happening more slowly as the old guys thrusting was so gentle and she though it actually felt better that way as she was actually able to savour it. She looked up at the old guy and saw a nasty huge tit white granny patty plenty nailed by black guy of such pleasure on his face.

As he looked back at her she was thinking what gentle eyes he had. The familiar sign of her leg spasming began but more subsided than before. The old man asked her if she was o/k and she nodded her head and said, "yes I'm o/k you're just making me come, that's all".

He smiled as he continued his gentle thrusting then he built up speed a little before letting out a low moan and emptying his spunk into my Fiancee's cunt. She'd wrapped her arms and legs around him when she'd felt him coming and began kissing him. He looked down at her and thanked her. As she unwrapped her arms and legs she said, "I should be thanking you - stud". He looked really happy as he stood up but Dave had gotten another hard on and had been waiting with barely concealed impatience.

As the old guy moved out of the way, he got between her legs again and after shoving his prick in he asked the old guy to come and kneel down next to her. As Dave always kept his quite considerable weight off her with his arms there was plenty of room as he asked him to rub her clitoris. Unfortunately he didn't actually know what a clitoris was. So Janice took his hand and started to pull it down towards her fanny but the old guy pulled it away and said he didn't want to feel his cock.

Janice smiled and explained it was something just above her fanny that would really give her a lot of pleasure if he rubbed it. She took his hand again and he allowed her to move it to the right place and with a little bit of practice he hit the spot.

Dave had been looking at them both with a 'when you're quite finished' expression on his face and she said, "what.". He just shook his head and began thrusting. The first fuck hadn't really satisfied him as it had ended so soon so he was still really randy and began really banging into her. She'd come down from her gentle orgasmic state but his violent thrusting combined with the rubbing of her clitoris was causing it to build up again but more rapidly this time. Her leg began spasming again but more pronounced than earlier.

As the old guy continued gently rubbing the spot he began licking her breasts. She was making low moaning sounds which turned into panting. Then a series of "ohs" which in turn became a scream as she shouted, "OH MY GOD" as her orgasm ripped through her. The old guy had been startled and moved away from her but she said, "It's o/k I'm all right".

Dave's thrusting continued but her state had subsided to a low moaning again. A couple of minutes later Dave was making his own noises as he offloaded his bollocks into her hole. As there were no chairs, both the old guy and Dave had gotten some of the mattresses down for them to sit on.

They were severely stained and there wasn't another mattress cover as they were stored with the clean mattresses. The old guy had brought one over when he'd prepared the mattress they'd just fucked on. That mattress was placed on top and they sat tiny tits blonde teen elizabeth jolie railed by fat cock it, being careful to avoid a couple of wet spots.

Both Janice and Dave were still naked as it was quite hot inside the building and they were both very sweaty so didn't want to put their clothes back on just yet. It wasn't hot because of the blistering august weather outside. It would actually have been quite cold inside the brick building but as it contained mattresses, albeit stained ones, it had to be kept warm so the radiators were kept on. As they talked it came out the old guy, who's name was Rupert, had lost his wife about 15 years ago.

Janice was really surprised when he told them he was in his early seventies. She said that she didn't want to be impolite but how was his heart. He said he'd had a recent check up and his heart was fine. He also said that thanks to her he now knew, after years of being redundant, his cock was still working too. She laughed at that. When she asked why he hadn't retired yet he said the work kept him going and he enjoyed the company. He joked that, since he'd been there since the 1960's, he wasn't on a computer system and that's why nobody had retired him.

He said whenever anybody asked him when he was going to retire he'd just say that he wasn't there yet. The service people never stayed for longer than 3 years so didn't notice and the other civilians would hide him whenever there was an official visit. He apologised for not knowing what a clitoris was but explained that his wife had never really enjoyed sex and had only been willing to do it in the dark. As he said that Janice had a thought and with a wicked grin on her face asked him if she'd ever given him a blow job.

He knew what one of them was but admitted she hadn't. Janice knelt down in front of him and began undoing his pants, as she got his cock out it was already starting to stiffen as she took it into her mouth and began licking.

He was laying back on the mattress making noises of pleasure as she moved her tongue around his bell end then moved her lips up and down the shaft.

He came a lot more quickly this time, probably because it was such a new and exciting experience for him. After he'd emptied himself into her mouth, she moved away and looking into his eyes made exaggerated swallowing motions.

"Did you enjoy your first blowjob", she said and he nodded. The sweat had dried by now so they both got dressed and Rupert let them out. Before they parted Janice promised to let him do it again sometime but she couldn't say when that would be.

As they walked back to their work she said to Dave, "that was a good choice". He had to admit it was sheer fluke, he'd been to the same camp before so knew about the mattress store. But he hadn't known until he'd asked who had the key to it who he'd be 'negotiating' with. As she'd been telling me all this I'd interrupted her to say he couldn't have been a Rupert because he wasn't bare and she just gave me a wry look before continuing.

I'd been understandably getting a hard on which she proceeded to take out of my pants and take into her mouth. As Rupert had done I lay back as she continued her ministrations. After she'd sucked my balls dry she asked me if she was forgiven and I replied, "oh yes". We'd already discussed where we were all going to meet on the Friday. The Sgts mess was risky as strictly speaking we weren't supposed to allow the opposite sex into our rooms especially at busty cougar milf rimming and pussylicking stepmom lesbian. That it had all started there was pure circumstance and meeting Gary was also happenchance.

But Janice's place whilst blessed with a double bed was also risky as the site owner wasn't keen on service people coming onto his park. He tolerated his residents bringing their boyfriends or girlfriends but didn't like groups.

We decided to go down town, have a few drinks in various places and then decide where we were going to go when it was time to come home. That we were all going to be having sex with Janice was a given and didn't require discussing. Friday came and we met up in the "Bird in Hand" pub for a drink before catching the bus to get into Hitchin. We drank in various establishments and as the evening wore on our level of intoxication rose.

In the latest place Dave had succeeded in persuading Janice to take off her underwear. She'd disappeared into the toilets, coming out twirling her knickers on one finger and with a wicked expression on her face.

Some of the customers were staring at her and others were nudging people they were next to and pointing to her. We'd almost finished our drinks anyway and it felt like the entire pub, (but I'm sure that was my imagination as most of the people hadn't even been looking in her direction), were watching us leave. Janice couldn't stop giggling. In the next place we'd stood in a corner as all the tables were taken.

Janice stood next to the wall and as we shielded her from prying eyes we took turns pushing our hands up her relatively short skirt to finger her. She started breathing heavy, pushing the hand away and saying we'd better stop.

When we left Dave said he wanted to show us where he'd fucked Janice when he'd taken her out for a meal. He took us down the arcade and Janice said, "there's our bench Dave" as she giggled.

Dave sat on one of the benches and patted the seat to indicate she should join him. I sat on the other side of her as Dave told us how he'd seduced her there.

Janice replied, " I think you'd already seduced me before we even got here you smoothy". Janice reached her hands out to either side of her and began rubbing mine and Dave's cocks through our pants. Dave said to her, "you were worried about someone coming last time". She replied, "yes, but I hadn't been turned into a slut by you perverts then" and started laughing.

Dave put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards him as he began kissing her. I was feeling her breasts through her top and Gary had bent down to push his hand up her skirt. She was wearing a loose fitting top so it was easy for me to lift it up and unclip her bra. I placed it on the bench and lifting her top again but at the front this time I began licking and sucking her bare breasts. Gary had stopped fingering her and was pulling her legs towards him a little bit so she was sitting on the edge of the bench.

He'd pulled his pants down and lifting her legs up he entered her. He had his arms wrapped around her legs, keeping them in the air as he thrust in and out. It wasn't long before he let out a long satisfied sigh and shortly after pulled out of her. I stopped paying attention to her chest and took Gary's place, also holding her legs in the air as I furiously fucked her. She'd pushed Dave away as she started panting and he took over what I'd been doing.

As he was running his mouth and tongue over her tits he was also rubbing her clitoris. Just then someone said, "can we have a go". We looked up to see two young lads, either in their late teens or early twenties, standing there. They'd obviously been taking the shortcut and had been standing there watching for god knows how long. The feeling that had washed over me in the Sgts mess when Gary had asked if he could have a go was hitting me now.

A sensation of both fear and excitement but tending far more towards excitement as I was approaching orgasm. I shouted over to them, "yes you can". Janice was going, "oh my god, oh my god" as she watched them approaching. I felt my orgasm hit me as I exploded inside her. As I pulled out of her I saw one of the guys, the one who'd spoken, undoing his pants and walking towards her taking his cock out as he moved. The other guy was staying back and looked rather unsure of what to do.

As the guy got closer Dave said, "I'm having her first" as he climbed between her busty teen in the pool big tits. As he'd been waiting the longest he was the most excited.

It wasn't long before he stopped thrusting and stood with his crotch pushed right up to her crotch as his spunk pumped into her. The man had reached her and, pulling her top up, was feeling her bare breasts. As Dave moved away from her the man quickly lifted her legs and as Janice stared at his cock he entered her. "This is fucking great" he was saying as he pounded in and out of her.

The other guy, seeing that it was o/k, had approached and I got up and told him to sit next to her. As he sat there he still seemed unsure of what to do as his friend said, "get her tits out". He asked Janice if that was o/k and she replied, in between her gasping, "fucking yes".

His friend who was also gasping but sex desi nxxx c storys a look of pure pleasure on his face explained that his mate was a bit shy.

Now he knew it was o/k the guy was running his hands over her breasts feeling and squeezing them. Janice's panting had become more pronounced as the guy between her legs continued to thrust in and out. I don't know if it was the drink or not but the guy seemed to last forever. I can only guess that he had a partner so had had sex quite recently. Janice's leg had began the old familiar twitching but the guy didn't even notice as he was so engrossed in enjoying her cunt.

The lad feeling her tits had noticed and asked her if she was all right. She nodded her head as her gasping got louder and then she let out a cry which startled the shy lad but didn't seem to affect the lad between her legs. His thrusting continuud as Janice let out little moans of pleasure. Then he stopped still and pulled her forwards towards his crotch as he held himself there. He stayed in that position until he was sure all his spunk was inside her before dropping her legs.

"Thanks for that" he said really arrogantly as he pulled out and wiped his cock on her leg before putting it away. He looked at his friend and said, "well what are you waiting for, you'll never get a better chance than this". The shy lad looked at Janice and said, "can I". Janice smiled at him and said, "help yourself".

He was trying to undo his pants but she could see that his hands were shaking. The other lad laughed and said, "he's still a fucking virgin" Janice understood now, it had been a long time since she'd lost her virginity. In the intervening years she'd had no experience of being with someone who was losing theirs so it had passed into her distant memory.

It all came back to her as she remembered how nervous she'd been and how what should have been a pleasurable turning point in her life had been spoilt. The lad she'd been with had just wanted a shag basically and really rushed things. He hadn't wanted to talk to her afterwards and had left after telling her he had to meet his mates. She decided then and there that she was going to make this nice young lad's first time as pleasurable as she could. She put her hand on his and said, "there's no rush, do you want to come back to my place".

The lad looked so excited as he nodded his head. The other lad said, "what about me can I come too". Janice looked at him and said, "no, you've already done that, your friend needs some privacy". She'd really taken a dislike to him and wished now she hadn't let him have sex with her. He looked really disappointed but nodded his head as he said, "yeah all right". He called over to his friend, "enjoy yourself Ken".

Janice had gotten some tissues from her handbag and was wiping her fanny with them. Then she rearranged her clothes and put her bra and knickers back on. The more arrogant of the lads had been watching her until she'd finished getting dressed.

Then, looking at us he said, "take care of him won't you". She revised her opinion of him, he really cared for his friend and had simply been displaying the arrogance of youth.

As he walked away, She explained what she intended to do and asked us to be understanding. She said the lad needed leading slowly and it would be best if she was alone with him.

We understood, even though it meant this evening's and the entire weekends sexual adventure was over, at least for us. We realized there were too many of us for one taxi so it was agreed that Janice and Ken would have a taxi to themselves. When they got to her place Janice asked him if he wanted something to drink but he replied, quite wisely for such a young lad, that he'd had enough.

But he said he could murder a cup of tea. As it brewed she asked him if he still lived at home and he told her he did. She asked for the phone number and he gave it to her.

She gave him his tea and took the phone into the bedroom. She was wracking her brains for what she was going to say and was getting as nervous as he'd been. Then she picked up the phone, dialled the number and a man answered. She didn't really want to talk to a man about it so she asked if she could speak to his wife.

A woman came on the line and she asked if she was Ken's mom and she said she was. Janice introduced herself and said teens pound guys butt hole with massive strapons and squirt juice just met Ken that evening and he was back at her place.

Janice was still thinking about how she was going to put it. She might be embarrassing Ken but still felt it was the right thing to do. Also, although it might sound cruel, her embarrassing him with his parents might be quite useful. As his first sexual experience he would quite likely think that he loved her. By doing this it might make him angry at her. Brother fok tsister sleep porn she just came out with it.

"I know Ken's a virgin and my first experience, years ago was so bad that I want to make sure your son's is as memorable as I can". The silence indicated the lady's shock and she waited for the inevitable explosion and maybe the anger of 'get your claws off my boy'. But there was none of that. The lady on the other end of the line started crying and Janice could hear her husband in the background asking what was wrong and had something happened to Ken.

She heard Ken's mother say to him that he was fine and then she came back on the phone. "Thank you, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for him". Janice explained she was calling because she was going to let Ken spend the weekend with her and hadn't wanted them worrying about where he was. "You sound like a really nice person and I'm just so glad he's going to have his first time with someone who cares about him" she said. They said their, 'it's been nice talking to you etc' and then Janice put the phone down and went back to ken.

He'd finished his tea and was looking anxious when she came out of the bedroom. He wanted to know what his parents had said.

She told him she'd just let them know not to worry about him, that he'd gone somewhere and that he'd be back on Sunday. Janice took the cup off him washed it under the tap and put it aside. She took Ken by the hand and led him into the bedroom. He was looking really nervous but was also smiling. She told him to get undressed and get into bed whilst she freshened up. She had a quick shower, but paid special attention to her vagina.

She'd been filled with sperm during the gangbang by the benches and was making sure she washed it out. After putting some fresh perfume on she returned beautiful indian and foreign girl lesbian sex the bedroom naked. Ken's eyes were nearly popping out of his head as she walked in. She got on the bed next to him and began kissing him. He eagerly responded and started feeling her breasts as well.

After kissing him for a few minutes she disengaged from him and moving down the bed took his erect cock in her mouth. She was impressed at the size of it, it was definitely above average. She started licking the end and was just running her lips down the shaft, taking more of it into her mouth when he came.

There was a surprising amount of it and some of it leaked onto her chin. She swallowed his spunk and wiped her chin as she told him it was o/k. He said he was sorry and started crying, thinking it was all over probably. But she took his head in her hands and looking deep into his eyes said, "Of course you came too soon, everybody does their bbw wife raped and creampied by black thugs time, I was expecting big boos big tits full sex stories to".

She began explaining to him about a woman's body, She showed him her clitoris and told him how playing with it was really pleasurable for a woman. She showed him what to do and he soon got the hang of it. He wasn't too rough and gently massaged it as she surprised herself by how much she was enjoying it. She hadn't realized how much the situation had been turning her on as well.

She lay back as he knelt over her and as he continued the gentle massaging she started to emit a low moan.

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He asked if she was all right and she said yes and told him he was doing it just right and to carry on. She felt her leg starting to spasm and was thinking it doesn't normally happen this quickly. Janice remembered she was supposed to be making it pleasurable for him and told him to stop. He asked her if he'd done something wrong but she told him he'd got it just right and that made him smile. She'd noticed he was getting another erection and moved down the bed to take it into her mouth again.

It was his turn for the low moaning as she again licked around the end of his cock and ran her lips up and down the shaft.

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He lasted longer this time but it was still just a couple of minutes before she felt his seed pumping into her mouth. Again, there was lots of it and she swallowed it as quickly as she could. He asked her when they were going to 'do it' and she explained to him that she'd made him come twice so when he was inside her he could last a lot longer. His face started beaming again. She showed him the best way to play with her breasts and taught him to lick the nipples as that was a really sensitive area on a woman.

She got him to get down between her legs and as he looked at the close up of her vagina he asked about the names on her thighs and the words just above her fanny. She told him that she had three boyfriends and they liked playing jokes on each other (she thought that was the simplest way to explain it). She told him fat ghetto bitch takes two big cocks start halfway between her knees and her fanny and to run his tongue up and down her thighs.

Then after a couple of minutes of that she told him to start licking her fanny. She wasn't sure how he was going to react to that as a lot of men are very squeamish about it. But the fact that he was trying his best to please her was helping. She felt his tongue gingerly touching the lips of her cunt and deliberately exaggerated how good it cheating with thief while talks with husband in the kitchen and in the room just to encourage him.

He started licking more deliberately and as he did so she no longer had to exaggerate. She was being deliberately crude as she told him he could make it even better for her if he pushed his tongue into her hole and almost straight away he pushed it in. As she instructed him he moved his tongue around inside her and she couldn't help herself as she laid back gasping. God, she was thinking, the boy's a natural.

She was completely helpless as she put her hand on the back of his head to hold him there. She realized that he'd found her 'G' spot and as she lay there panting more and more her orgasm ripped completely through her but without the precursor of her leg vibrating. Again he looked up concerned but she told him she was fine.

She got off the bed to wash her mouth out in the bathroom before returning to the bedroom. She lay down next to him and told him that nobody in her entire life (and she had absolutely no intention of telling him how long that had been) had ever brought her to orgasm as quickly as he had. He was looking down but also looking at her out of the corner of his eye as he said she was just saying that to be nice.

She put her hand on his face, and turning him towards her, looked into his eyes as she told him she meant every word. She kissed him for a minute or so then lay back, opened her legs and said, "you can do whatever you want to me". He didn't move so she said, "do you want to fuck me".

He nodded his head. She said, "well get on top of me". As he moved over her she told him to lay with his legs in between hers and to put his cock at the entrance of the hole he'd just been licking. When she felt his prick was in the right place she told him to push it in. It took a little bit of pushing because his above average size wasn't in length, it was the normal six inches or so, but in its girth.

Again, despite the obvious lust in his eyes as he looked down at his prick pushing apart the lips of her cunt he was still being remarkably gentle. She felt him sliding in until his crotch met hers and she realized he was completely inside her. As he listened to her guidance he moved back and forth and soon got the hang of it as he said, "god this is fantastic". As he continued sliding in and out she said, "now do you understand why I made you come a couple of times, if I hadn't done that you'd have come straight away".

He nodded his head, he couldn't speak he was enjoying it so much. Everything was new to him. The wetness inside, the warm feeling and the sensation of the walls of her vagina rubbing against the shaft of his cock. He wanted it to go on forever, and of course she'd fully understood that he'd feel that way which is why she'd brought him home with her for the weekend.

She didn't want to just take his virginity and then leave him wanting more. She also didn't want him feelingas she had, just used and then discarded. She took his head in her hands and began kissing him as he carried on gently moving in and out of her.

Then she felt something wet on her cheeks and as she pulled her face away she saw he was crying. "Thank you, thank you" he said as he sobbed. She wasn't worried about the crying as she realized they were tears of happiness. "I should be thanking you, you've learnt really quickly and you've already made me come". Despite the lads natural instinct to be gentle he started to speed up his thrusting as he approached his orgasm and it wasn't long after that she felt her cunt being filled with his semen.

He lay on top of her panting and then kissing her lips, her face and her neck. "That was fantastic" he said. She said, "you're not a virgin any more, you've fucked your first woman".

He looked a bit sad as he said, "that's it now isn't it, do you want me to go". She smiled at him as she told him that she was engaged to be married but had a very understanding Fiance who didn't mind her having a few boyfriends. She told him that was the three men she'd been having sex with when he and his friend had found them. As she got to the part where she told him her Fiance and other two boyfriends had agreed to stay away so he, Ken, could enjoy her as much as he wanted over the whole weekend, he broke out into the biggest smile she'd ever seen on another human being.

It's 1 o'clock Friday morning now and I am 100 % completely yours until, let's say 9 o'clock Sunday night. "I'm guessing you've got a job to go to havn't you", she said. He replied, "No but I've got college". "Well, same thing", she said, "you need to be home in time for bed". So for virtually two days you can stick your dick back in me whenever you want, if you tell kc williams randy west in classic porn video featuring hot blonde chick theclassicporn and vintage to suck your cock I'll do it.

"Even if you tell me to lick your arse I'll do it", and she laughed as he went "yuk". "I can't believe this is happening", he said, "I'm going to wake up in horny babes have fun with delicious dicks minute". Janice asked him if he was thirsty and he asked for a cup of tea.

She'd said she wouldn't be long as she went into the kitchen. She was washing out a cup for herself and getting his from the drainer as she heard him come up behind her.

"You said I could have you whenever I wanted", and she replied, "yes". He told her to bend over the sink and open her legs. As she did so he slipped between her thighs and pushed his prick back into her. He was thrusting into her more violently than before but still relatively gently compared to most men. He'd remembered her lessons as he reached under her and felt for her clitoris.

He soon found it and as he gently massaged her she felt herself losing control again. She was pushing back to meet his thrusts and then she felt him pushing a finger up her anus. She was so surprised she went, "ooooooh". He said, "sorry, I read about that in a magazine". She said, "I told you that you could do whatever you wanted to me and I meant it".

He told her that he had wet his finger first. Then she had a wicked idea. She told him that she'd never allowed a man to have anal sex with her so she was an anal virgin.

She told him he could take her anal virginity if he wanted. He said he was quite happy to keep his cock where it was and she laughed as she pointed out he was going to be having sex with her for the entire weekend so there was plenty of time. She could already see the change in him. He was, even this soon, acting with more confidence. She felt proud to be witnessing a boy blossom into a man and especially knowing that she was being instrumental in it.

He soon came in her again and after he'd pulled out of her she started to get up but he pushed her back down, not roughly but firmly. She felt her cunt lips being gently pulled apart as he looked up inside her vagina.

"That's my spunk in there", he said, as she replied, "yes and I'd like to wipe myself before I get it on the carpet". He apologised and moved away from her. She suggested he wash his hands in the sink as he'd had his finger up her bum.

As he washed his hands, she went into the bathroom and he followed her in shortly afterwards and said he wanted to help. Getting some toilet paper off the roll, he gently wiped her fanny, realizing the toilet roll would leave bits inside her he asked if there were any tissues and she pointed some out to him.

He pushed the tissue in and held it there before pulling it out and inspecting it before throwing it in the pedal bin. Taking another he repeated the process until the tissue came out dry. Then he said, "all done" and moved away. She asked him what he was studying in college and it confirmed her hunch when he said he hardcore amateur homemade big booty fucking cheating wife sat the examinations yet but wanted to become a male nurse.

She told him he'd made the perfect choice and kissed him again. They went back into the bedroom and climbed back into bed. She asked him if there ebony fat hairy pussy close up anything else he wanted to do and he laughed this time as he said, "I'll think of something slave". She poked him in the ribs as she replied, "ooh you slave masters are all the same, you only want one thing" and giggled.

They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed as he told her I must be mad. That if she were his he wouldn't want anyone else laying their hands on her. She explained to him that everybody's different. Most men would agree with him, some have fantasies about their partners doing it but wouldn't want to do it in reality and a small minority want to do it for real.

It didn't mean he didn't love her. Anyway, she told him, now she'd tried brutalclips tory lane goes wild on cocks she found she enjoyed it. But he was incredulous when she told him that up until two weeks ago she'd only ever been with one guy at a time. "Boy how things change", she said as she smiled at him.

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"Anyway, if he wasn't like that you wouldn't be here now having your wicked way with me. They lay in each others arms for a while not talking and then she laid her head on his chest.

As she listened to his slow heartbeat she pondered how just a few hours ago that same heart had been threatening to burst out of his chest. She didn't know when she fell asleep but she awoke several hours later.

She was on her back and he was over her licking her breasts. He said, "I'm sorry but I got another one" as he pointed to his cock. She looked down to see that he did indeed have a raging hard on.

She felt between her legs to confirm what she felt and realized she had a chance to teach him something else. She asked him if he wanted the hottest college lesbian couple i ever saw shag and he looked at her as if to say what do you think. She told him her fanny needed to be lubricated and pulled his hand between her legs. She told him to try and push a finger in and when he could barely get the tip in she told him he had a choice.

He could either rub her clitoris which would make her wet or he could get down between her legs again and lick her hole, which would make her wet a lot quicker.

He was down between her legs licking her fanny almost before the words had finished leaving her mouth. She opened up for him and he started pushing his tongue in. She was telling him that there were times when a woman needed time to be warmed up, caressed and loved, But there were also times when she recognised her man just needed a fuck, " so just climb on me", she said. He moved up the bed as he gripped his cock with one hand and, knowing precisely where to put it now, pushed it into her.

As he fucked her she told him to kiss her neck which he did with the same gentleness he seemed to apply to everything. She told him some women liked having what he was doing, some liked their ear lobes nibbled.

She asked him if he knew where the nape of her neck was and he said he did. She pointed out that some women liked to be caressed gently there as he reached behind her to do just that. As it happened she was one of those women and as he gently moved in and out of her cunt and caressed her nape she started making very pleasurable noises. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and said, "don't stop, don't stop".

His thrusting picked up as he carried on kissing her neck and caressing her nape. Her breathing was getting heavier as was his. She was pushing her hips up to meet his thrusts, trying to get more of him inside her. His thrusting became more and more urgent as did her hip movements and then she heard him cry out and collapse on her as his semen literally exploded inside her.

At the very same instant her orgasm ripped thru her and she too cried out. She started crying and he looked worried, thinking her scream combined with the crying meant he'd hurt her. He said he was sorry, but she shook her head and told him she'd only ever had one simultaneous orgasm in her life.

She looked up at him and said, "you've just given me my second". He'd pulled out of her when he'd thought she was in pain but now lay beside her as he stroked her hair. He had such a look of pride on his face she almost burst into tears again. She told him if he got a hard on whilst she was still asleep he didn't have to wait for her to wake up.

She informed him that normally she didn't like her partners doing that but "my bodies yours, just go ahead and use me, it doesn't matter whether you wake me up or not", she said. They fell asleep but she again woke after a few hours. She was on her side and he was moving his cock in and out of her vagina from behind. He realized she was waking up and said he was sorry but hadn't been able to wait. The excitement of the situation was too much for him to remain asleep for long.

Later that morning she said it would be best if they stayed naked. He'd be going back in the same clothes he'd arrived in and, "we're going to be getting very sweaty", she giggled. She put a robe on and went around the mobile home closing all the remaining curtains. The ones in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom were already closed. Returning to the bedroom, she removed the robe and climbed back into bed with Ken.

He was gently running his hands all over her as his eyes took in the sight of this beautiful naked woman laying beside him. He guessed she was almost as old as his mother but he didn't care. He asked busty blonde on webcam stuffed dildo in her anal hole to open her legs as he got down the bed to look at her fanny again. He said, "please don't take offence but I've heard jokes about older women with gaping fanny's, you're really beautiful but a lot older than me so how come your vagina is still so tight".

She told him she hadn't had children so it hadn't been stretched. "You said I could do whatever I wanted", Ken said. "Yes", she replied. "I want to sign my name next to theirs", he went on. Janice got up and went into the living room, returning shortly after with a permanent marker.

She handed it to him, laid down on her back again and opened her legs as he got back between them. She felt him writing on both her upper thighs before handing the marker back to her. She put it in the bedside cabiner.

She told him she was going to teach him a dancing technique but it required them getting dressed briefly. He looked at her quizzickly but followed her lead as she put her panties and a skirt on. She told him to just put his pants and underpants on.

She told him to put his arms around her as if he was slow dancing and he said he'd never slow danced with a woman before. She showed him where to put his hands and how to move.

"Now for that technique", she said with a wicked smile. She told him to keep his body pushed into hers but to lower himself just enough for his cock to be rubbing against her clitoris as he moved his body up and down. After a bit of practice he was getting it right as her noises of pleasure indicated to him. His pleasure was self evident as she felt his growing erection rubbing against her. She told him, if his dance partner pulled away he should put his hands on her bum and pull her towards him.

She got him to practise that and again he soon picked it up. Then, suddenly he turned her towards the bed and pushed her onto it as he quickly pulled down her panties. She watched his erection bobbing about as he got undressed and then she spread her legs, giggling like a little girl, as he mounted her. The rubbing of her clitoris combined with the realization of his growing erection meant she was wet and ready for him as his cock slid straight in. He fucked her really hard for a couple of minutes before calming down and moving in and out of her more slowly.

"Sorry", he said, "I couldn't help myself". She giggled again, "master shouldn't be apologising to his sex slave". They both stopped talking as their levels of passion rose. His thrusting increased in intensity as well as speed and she was pushing her hips up to meet them.

Then he let step daddy seduction and russian cronys daughter swalloween fun a cry and collapsed on top of her as his prick exploded inside. She lay back panting as she felt his sperm pumping into her. They lay in each others arms for a while until she got up and removed her skirt, retrieving her panties from the floor at the same time. The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of pure lust as they fucked in every room of the mobile home.

She showed him how to give her a sensual massage and taught him that some women liked having their feet licked and sucked. It got to Sunday afternoon and she was beginning to wish she hadn't told his mother. Far from wanting to put him off seeing her again after he left she found herself dreading the time he had to leave. She knew I wouldn't mind and nor would Dave or Gary. He'd probably forgotten as he'd been so engrossed in all the sex but she reminded him she'd offered him her anal virginity.

He enquired why a woman would want that, wasn't that what her vagina was for. She explained there were pleasure centres there that were stimulated by it. She told him that a lot of men enjoyed doing it and a lot of women, though not all. She told him that she'd never really fancied it but that as he'd lost his virginity inside her she wanted him to take her virginity and let her find out what it was like. "Please", she said, "I really want you to".

She lay on her stomach on the bed with her legs apart. He was wearing the rubber kitchen glove she'd given him as he started rubbing the margarine she'd handed him into her anus. He'd already rubbed some on his cock. After dropping the glove into a little bag she'd placed by the bed he got on top of her.

She was feeling much as he had when he'd lost his virginity. The reason she hadn't allowed it before was she was scared it would hurt or injure her in some way. She was also remembering the thickness of his cock. As he pushed it in there was a little bit of pain but the margarine helped immensely. As he slid further and further in she felt sensations she'd never felt before from that region of her body.

It felt good, not as good as vaginal sex but good all the same. As he'd been entering her he kept asking her if she fantastic bombshell flaunts big bum and gets anal pounded o/k and she'd kept telling him she was.

Then he was all the way in and started moving in and out. His gentle thrusting was giving her a pleasurable sensation. As it continued it really turned her on to say to him that no one, not even her fiance had done this to her. She said, "I won't let anyone else, even my husband after were married, do it to me. For all time you'll always be my first and only one".

Hearing this was REALLY turning him on as he started thrusting faster and faster. Then she felt, what was by now the familiar feeling, of him coming inside her but in an unfamiliar place. Afterwards he pulled out and she rolled over onto her back as he climbed off. She picked up the bag with the kitchem glove in it and took it into the kitchen, leaving it on the floor by the sink.

She suggested they get cleaned up and he followed her into the bathroom. They both got in the bath and getting under the shower she washed celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games anus and then his cock. She was amazed at his stamina as he started getting another erection. His cock was clean enough now for her to take it into her mouth, after pushing him onto his back in the bath, and suck it.

He might have the stamina but he'd lost a lot of spunk. She didn't know whether or not he masturbated but suspected he didn't judging by the number of times he'd come. As she licked around the head and run her lips up and down the shaft as she knew men liked, he was making noises of pleasure. But it became obvious after ten minutes that he wasn't going to come. After they got dried and left the bathroom she said to him, "what does master want to do to his sex slave next" and he showed her by pushing her into the bedroom !!.

She'd cleaned her anus but only the outside of her vagina as she wanted him to be able to enter her easily whenever he wanted. So when he pushed her onto her back on the bed again she spread her legs as he quickly pushed in the erection that hadn't ejaculated but also hadn't gone down. He was gripping her hips as he stood between her legs at the side of the bed moving slowly in and out.

Then they both agreed that as it might take some time for him to come perhaps they should both lay on the bed. He pulled out and joined her on the bed as she mover further onto it.

She got him to lie on his back as she lay on top of him this time and holding his cock put it into her cunt hole. As she kissed his face and neck she was moving her body up and down rubbing it against his but also moving her cunt up and down his prick. This new position seemed to really excite him and after a few minutes of it he gripped her bum as he began thrusting furiously in and out.

The copulation went on for another ten minutes or so before she felt him come. There wasn't a lot of it and she realized she'd sucked him dry. He asked her what she was giggling at but she couldn't stop giggling long enough to tell him. It came almost time for him to leave and she realized she didn't want him to go, but he had to.

He obviously also didn't want to go but was also, even as a young lad, worn out. He asked her if it was all right for him to tell his friends he'd lost his virginity and she told him of course it was. He said that they wouldn't believe him anyway. He told her that he thought even his dad suspected he was gay by the hints he'd dropped from time to time.

She told him people would notice the difference in teen blonde serving fat pecker for breakfast ex girlfriend girlfriend and he said he didn't know what she meant.

Then she had an idea. There was a Polaroid camera in the bedroom that we both used from time to time. She told him what her idea was and he nodded his head eagerly. Janice got on the bed and he took some Polaroid pictures of her naked. Then, so his mates couldn't say that he'd found cute young brunette gets on knees and swallows big boner stripping and hardcore photos.

She set up the timer paradise films skinny cheesie has amazing huge tits shots were taken of them laying in each others arms also naked. She'd have let him have photos of himself inside her but he couldn't get another hard on. So instead they set up a shot with her on her back with her legs open and him laying down between them but with his face facing the camera so anyone could see it was him. Then the next picture was her in the same position but his head was down buried between her thighs.

The last photo was of them laying in each others arms. You could see they were naked but the pictures were posed in such a way that their crotches and her breasts were hidden. She was holding a large sheet of paper upon whish she'd written, in large letters, the words 'KEN'S NOT GAY'.

"That's for your dad", she giggled wickedly. Then the time came. She phoned for a taxi to take him home and as they waited for it they hugged and kissed. She surprised herself when she started crying which set him off and they were both stood there wiping their eyes. Then they heard the taxi outside, but just as he was about to open the door she told him to wait.

She quickly scribbled her phone number and address down and gave it to him. She said she wanted him to get a girlfriend pretty blonde bbw nikki wilder gets fucked hard hardcore and plumper she'd be moving away in a few months when she got married. She told him she didn't want him just turning up but also said, "until you get yourself a girlfriend, as long as you phone beforehand you can come around and use me for sex from time to time".

He was getting his sobs under control as he grabbed her, hugged her and kissed her. She made sure he had the bag with the envelope containing his 'dirty pictures' in, and told him not to leave it in the taxi.

He assured her he wouldn't and then they heard the taxi tooting again. She came out with him and as the taxi pulled away she waved to him as he looked back and waved to her. She was crying again as she got back into her home. The next day at work Dave told her he'd arranged for them to have access to the mattress store again. All three of them had been really randy, after their anticipated weekend of sex had been cut short.

They'd been really looking forward to seeing her on Monday. It was set up for lunchtime and as Dave, myself and Janice left work we walked towards the small brick building.

As we rounded the corner we saw Gary and Rupert waiting for us. Ruperts hands were shaking again as he opened the door. Once again the mattress with a fresh cover on it was layed on the floor. We all got undressed except Rupert again. As Janice got on her back Rupert was again staring at her fanny as she opened her legs. We all wanted to be first but Dave was the quickest and as he was getting on top of her he commented on how Janice had another name on her thighs.

She told them as how she now had an old stud, as she looked at Rupert who smiled, it was only fair that she have a young one as well. Dave wasn't really listening to her reply, he just wanted to get his dick inside her.

He thrust briefly before letting out a sigh and climbing off. Gary lasted longer but it was still only a couple of minutes before he came. I also came quite quickly. The one who lasted the longest was Rupert who'd asked her to get on her hands and knees as he knelt behind her and got his cock out. As he slid in he gripped her hips and slowly moved in and out. The sex hadn't really done much for her. Her heart was only half in it as she found herself guiltily wishing it was Ken inside her.

Then Ruperts slow fucking reached her as he remembered what she'd shown him and began rubbing her clitoris as he felt her breasts with the other hand. The sensations started building up inside her as his gentle thrusting and caressing continued. Her breathing was getting heavier and then she felt him come. As he pulled out she said, "somebody get their cock in me, now". Dave was there like a flash, he'd been stroking his cock waiting for another go anyway.

He got behind her and as he banged in and out he rubbed her clitoris just as Rupert had done. She was really getting into it now and her leg started to twitch as her breathing again got heavier.

But also again, it didn't take long for Dave to come and I quickly took his place. Her sounds of pleasure were picking up in volume but became muted when Rupert asked her if he could have another blowjob and she took his cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked but had to push his prick away as her orgasm ripped through her. I came slightly after she did and she was thinking how close she'd just come to another simultaneous orgasm but wasn't sure if it counted during a gangbang.

Gary had waited patiently for another go but was soon inside her again as she took Ruperts cock back into her mouth. She recommenced licking and sucking it as Gary again took his pleasure inside her. He lasted several minutes this time and as he pulled out she carried on running her lips up and down the old mans prick. She licked the bell end, blew on it, licked his balls and everything else she could think of.

Eventually she felt him explode in her mouth and when he pulled his cock out she smiled wickedly at him as she swallowed it.

We'd all been getting dressed whilst this was happening as we only had our lunch time. As Janice started to put her clothes back on Dave told her to wait. He'd brought the permanent marker and he got Janice to lay back down and spread her legs again as he got Rupert to sign his name next to the other ones. Before they left the building she'd promised the old man that this was going to be a regular occurance.

He'd be having sex with her at least once or twice a week. That evening at home she got a phone call. It was Kens mother. She said she hadn't realized how old Janice was until she'd seen the photo with the sign in it. Apparently Ken had triumphantly showed it to his father who'd looked at it in shock before bursting into laughter and showing it to his mother.

Kens mother said she was glad Janice had advised him to try and get a girlfriend. She said it was quite easy for an older woman to keep hold of an infatuated young lad.

Janice explained she esposa putinha gostosa tube porn engaged to be married but had a very understanding fiance who'd given her his permission for her to take Kens virginity (she didn't mention that until he got a girlfriend Ken would be 'visiting' her occasionally).

His mother said I must be very understanding but hearing that did help put her mind at ease. She again thanked Janice for her kindness and they said their goodbyes and put their respective phones down. Over the next few weeks we met up at the mattress store a few times and had some very hot sex sessions in the Sgts mess.

We went down town several times and shared her with a few other men. It was just over a week after their time together that Ken had phoned her. Her heart started fluttering when she heard his voice. Every time her phone had gone off she'd rushed to answer it, hoping it would be him.

From worrying about him becoming infatuated with her she'd become infatuated with him. They talked for a bit and then she asked him where he was and he said he was in Hitchin town centre.

She asked him if he'd gotten a girlfriend yet and he laughed, saying give me a chance it's only been a week. Then she asked him if he wanted to come and see her. She could hear the emotion in his voice as he said, "yes". He said he'd get the bus but she didn't want to wait and told him to get a taxi and she'd pay for it. After she put the phone down she waited on tenderhooks as the time slowly went by. Then she heard a vehicle pull up outside.

Opening the door and going outshe approached the taxi as the driver wound down the window. She paid the fare as Ken got out. She was dying to fling her arms around him but kept herself under control as they walked up to the door and went in. The second the door was closed she locked it and they flung themselves into each others arms.

They were hugging and kissing but she remembered one of the main reasons he was here as his erection pocked into her through his pants. She squeezed it and said, "we'd better take care of that hadn't we" as she undid his pants right there and then in the hallway. She got down on her knees as she took his engorged cock into her mouth. He was standing there with his head back giving out noises of pleasure as she ministrated to his need. He'd had time to recuperate and his sperm count was back up as he relatively quickly came in her mouth.

As she swallowed it he tried to push her into the bedroom but she stopped him. Telling him to go in and get undressed she said she was going to freshen up and wash her mouth out or he was going to be tasting his own spunk. He went "yeuk" and walked into the bedroom. She washed out her mouth old man cuts young girl had a shower, paying special attention to her vagina as we'd had sex with her in the mattress store earlier on that day.

When she joined him a few minutes later he was laying on the bed naked She'd put some fresh perfume on and he commented on it, telling her he liked it. As he watched her getting undressed he also said he liked how she had her hair. She'd been to the hairdressers but none of the other guys had noticed, their attention was more firmly rooted on what she had between her legs.

She was thinking it was just as well she was marrying me. With how caring, attentive and gentle Ken was she realised she could easily fall in love with him. The fact that he'd quickly turned into an excellent lover was the clincher. No, she told herself, he needs a young girl his own age. She reflected sadly on how her now being basically a slut also made her unsuitable for him. As she joined him on the bed he began running his hands over her breasts then started licking and sucking them. She lay back as he moved his face towards hers and as he kissed her his hand moved down her body and she opened her legs as he slid it between them.

He was gently massaging her clitoris but she stopped him and pushing his hand further down said, "I'm already wet". As he pushed a finger in he was already getting on top of her and she opened her legs even wider as he slid inside her. He was fucking her with long slow strokes, but she said, "take me harder, use me" and his thrusting became more urgent. He started pounding into her and then let out a long satisfied sigh as his semen pumped into her.

When he collapsed on her and started kissing her face and neck she said, "there's plenty of time for slow fucking when you get another hard on". They rutted like rabbits for the rest of the evening and then she said she'd phone him a taxi.

As before they hugged and kissed as they waited for the it but there were no tears this time. They both realised this couldn't go on forever but also realised it wasn't over yet and they would see each other again. More weeks went by as she continued copulating with us in the mattress store, the Sgts mess and down town.

She also saw Ken a few times and they made wild passionate love on her bed. Then it came time for Dave to go, his time in the R.A.F. was over. He said, mysteriously, that he had something planned for our last weekend together. He wouldn't tell her what it was, just saying that she'd find out. We we'd gone down town in the afternoon and after a few drinks Dave took us all to a tattoo parlour. He had an arrangement with the guy inside, he said.

He'd gotten us to retrace over our signatures on her thighs each time the ink had started to fade. But now he said we wouldn't have to do that any more. Normally tattoo parlours are reluctant to carry out such intimate and potentially embarrassing tattoo's but he'd found one willing to do it in exchange for a fuck on top of his normal fee. Janice removed her skirt, she wasn't wearing panties, before getting up onto the bench. She lay back and opened her legs as the guy started.

It really tickled and she giggled a few times as much due to her nervousness as the tickling. When the guy had finished tattooing her he undid his pants and without even asking her he pulled her towards him as he entered her. He'd already seen how wet she was when he'd been tattooing her. He didn't last long as his anticipation had obviously been building. It hadn't shown during the tattooing though as his hand hadn't been shaking or anything. When he'd finished Dave teen webcam dance hd and nun anal xxx wanting to be broken got between her legs and fucked her before paying the man.

As we toured the pubs Dave got Janice to lift her skirt in front of other men a few times, giving them a good eyeful of her hairy fanny. Only once did a couple of guys follow us out of the pub.

When they asked for another look Dave told them they could have more than that as he steered Janice down the side of the pub to a darkened area. Janices heart was pounding as Dave pushed her up against the wall, he'd more or less taken over our little group as he was quite a dominant character.

The men had followed us and looked xxx full storys sixy full yousex fairy tales as Dave lifted her skirt and said, "help yourself". One of them said, "are you serious". Dave nodded his head and said, "yes, go ahead and fuck her".

She was breathing heavily as one of the men, who'd gotten his prick out, approached her. He pushed her against the wall and getting between her thighs he slid his cock into her very wet hole. He was gripping her bum as he thrust violently in and out before holding himself inside her as he came.

He pulled out to be quickly replaced by the other guy. As he too quickly fucked her she was pondering the difference. Here she was just being used as a whore, and she had to admit, enjoying it. Then she had in contrast her beautiful lovemaking with Ken. The two men had finished and tried to persuade us to go with them but we declined. They thanked us and Janice before walking away. Dave said he was taking her to her surprise now. She said she thought she'd already had it.

He led us out of the town centre towards the park area on the way to the Railway station. Once we got there he took Janice inside the mens toilets.

She commented on how it stank of stale urine as he produced a pair of handcuffs he'd purchased from a bondage magazine. As he lifted her hands up to the bar across the doorway of one of the cubicles she was saying, "you can't be serious". As he handcuffed her there she was getting really nervous. When we removed her skirt her state of nervousness but also sexual arousal increased.

She thought she knew what Dave had planned and that was confirmed when he unfurled a cardboard sign he'd had folded in his jacket pocker. As he put the string over her head he showed her what was written on it. It said, 'HELP YOURSELF TO HER HOLE'. He told her we'd be close by and that if any of the men hurt her we'd come running. We left the toilets and watched from behind some bushes.

Her heart was pounding as she watched us leave. Several minutes later a man went into the toilets and appeared a few minutes later with a big smile on his face. Two more men went in about fifteen minutes later. They took longer but as they came out they saw a large group of lads and ran over to them.

It seemed to take some time for them to convince them that it wasn't a wind up but eventually the large group followed them to the toilets. There were about eleven of them including the first two and we watched as they went in.

Dave was going, "this is fucking great" as he watched. Whilst we waited in the bushes I got my cock out and was stroking it as Dave looked at me and whispered, "wanker". They stayed in there for over two hours, telling any men that came along to fuck off. When they left we went into the toilets and found Janice laying on the floor absolutely exhausted. Her legs were splayed apart and her thighs and pubic hair were covered in spunk. Her cunt was red and open with a massive amount of sperm oozing from it.

There was also a large puddle of sperm on the floor under her bum. There was sperm all over her face and her top. Dave repeated himself as he said, "this is fucking great" as he looked down at her. They'd broken the bar across the doorway to get her handcuffed hands free so she could be lain on her back. They'd taken turns fucking her as she stood there handcuffed to the bar but some of the men had wanted blowjobs which was impossible with her in that position.

That was when they'd broken the relatively flimsy bar. She said most of the men had had her two or three times.

As the floor was covered in stale urine she'd become covered in it too and so stank. Dave took her handcuffs off, we removed her stunning idol is showing off her gaped juicy cunt in close up stretching fingering and cleaned her up somewhat using the sink.

I gave Janice my shirt to put on and she threw her top in the bin. We gave her back her skirt as she told us how the men had wanted to take her with them but she'd said we were close by and would be coming for her. It was three o'clock in the morning and when we got back to camp Janice said she was tired and just wanted to go to sleep.

Dave was disappointed as being his last weekend he wanted to see as much of Janice, or rather certain parts of her, as he could. I came in with her and we went to bed together. As we'd gotten out of the taxi I'd seen a wet patch where she'd been sitting and had felt rather guilty as the taxi had driven away with Dave and Gary in. I was also feeling very guilty at what we'd just done to her.

It had gone too far. I was glad Dave was going as god knows what he'd have had planned next for her. I cuddled up to her and putting my arms around her kissed her as she quickly fell asleep. We met Dave and Gary in the Sgts mess later that evening and inevitably ended up in Daves room having sex with Janice.

Dave persuaded me to leave her in his room when we'd all finished as it was the last time he'd ever see her. Myself and Gary had agreed he could have her all to himself for the whole of Sunday. I saw Janice again on the Monday morning and she confirmed what I'd thought that Dave had just fucked her over and over again until his spunk was totally drained.

She told me he'd persuaded her to give him the address of where we were moving to and I just groaned. I could picture him just taking Janice over again as he was so dominant.

After he'd left R.A.F.Henlow. Myself, Gary, Rupert and Janice were in the mattress store. We'd all been fucking Janice and were sat down talking as our sweat dried.

It was quite cold outside now but the constant radiators kept the room very warm. I said that I thought we should calm things down now that Dave had gone.

Rupert looked really disappointed as I said that but I went on. "No I mean we should more or less just keep it to the four of us". I also said as I looked at Janice that I thought we should leave it up to her to decide when and if she wanted more men. Janice told us she'd been thinking the same thing, she'd been really enjoying having sex with different men but the escapade in the park had been too much. She'd genuinely been scared when so many men had come in and had thought the sex would never end.

Even when she'd told them her fanny was getting sore they'd just carried on using her. Over the next three months we met up in the mattress store with Gary and Rupert on a regular basis. We even began bringing Rupert into lesbians tribbing at bus stop in public Sgts mess and a couple of times Janice went back to his place nearby and spent the night with him.

Janice also saw Ken quite a few times and he was delighted when she showed him that his name would forever be tattood next to her cunt.

They would engage in their gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, lovemaking. Then they'd reluctantly part. I had an idea and asked if I could meet Ken. Janice asked why and when I told her she was delighted. She persuaded Ken to meet with me and as we sat in her mobile home I layed out my plan. Ken had been really nervous about meeting with me even though Janice had told him many times I was o/k with what was happening. I proposed that when we got married in Scotland in February that we take Ken with us.

Janice had already told me that Ken wasn't interested in group sex so I'd abandoned my original idea of taking Gary and Rupert as well. I hadn't mentioned it to them yet anyway. I told Ken that he'd be the best man and after myself and Janice had gotten married he'd be the first man to make love to her, even before me.

For evermore he would always be the first man between her legs as a married woman. His face had broken into an enormous smile as I went on, "and you can also have the entire first night alone with her and I won't even make love to her until after that first night".

Janice got up, came over to me and grabbing hold of me began hugging and kissing me. "See", she laughed, "you can be sensitive sometimes you old romantic".

I told them I was leaving them together now and for them to enjoy themselves. As I left the mobile home Ken came after me and shook my hand.

As we'd been talking I'd been looking at his eyes. Janice had told me how much she liked them and I could see why. There was such gentleness and kindness in them.

I pondered how crazy this situation was as I thanked this young lad for making my future wife so happy. I told him that Janice knowing I was o/k with it had been telling me how good a lover he was and he coloured up as I laughed. I said to him that she hadn't given me any details.

As I walked away I looked back and said, "keep up the good work". The situation continued through Christmas, new year, my fathers death in January and then our wedding in February. Ken had decided it was best if he said he was going to visit friends in Scotland. Losing his virginity to my future wife had been enough of a situation for his mother to get her head around. His dad only knew from the photo that he'd slept with an older woman and had been chuffed with his son. We were getting married without our relatives or friends being there.

You see if we were married before I left the R.A.F. then Janice would qualify for a decent monthly pension, payable immediately if I died. I had been terrible with money and had no savings so we'd agreed to get married at Gretna green.

Gretna green had changed. You could no longer just run away, turn up and get married. You had to book first but the romantic connotation was still there. Janice and myself arrived in Carlisle on Friday afternoon. We'd booked a double room for ourselves (sort of) and a room nearby for Ken (sort of) in the large Hotel near the Railway Station. It was called the Carlton then but it's since changed its name. Ken had college on the Friday so was travelling up to meet us later.

We'd booked in, been shown to our room and at the prearranged time went to the station to meet Ken. We took him to the hotel and he too booked in. I left him alone with Janice whilst I waited in his room. About fifteen minutes later he came knocking at the door, he had a huge smile on his face.

We'd already decided not to do the stag night / hen night thing and just go to bed early. The next day we all got in the limousine I'd booked and went to Gretna for the ceremony. Afterwards we came back to the Hotel in the same limousine. Going to the bar we had a few drinks but I could see Janice and Ken keep looking at each other.

The sexual tension was too much and when I said quietly, "lets go upstairs", they got up straight away and headed for the lift. Once we were at our room I said to Ken, "we're not officially married until I've consummated it with her.

So for tonight Janice is your wife o/k. I took off my wedding ring and told him to put it on. Janice was giggling (again) as she said, "ooh two husbands aren't I a lucky girl". As they both disappeared into the double room I put a 'do not disturb' sign on the door. Walking to Kens room I opened the door and went in. I couldn't get to sleep as I was too excited but knew I couldn't disturb them. I even had to have a wank as I thought of them having sex just a few doors away.

The next morning I went around and knocked on the door. Janice answered it and I could see how aroused she was as she giggled, "we havn't finished yet, come back in a few hours". I went away and left them alone, coming back several hours later.

They were both dressed when they answered the door and hugged before Ken left. I turned to Janice and told her she'd better get her kit back off because there was a very horny man not a million miles away who had needs he required satisfying. She was giggling like mad as she took her clothes off and laying on her back opened her legs and said, "come and get it".

I could see Kens sperm leaking out of her cunt as I dropped my pants and got on top of her. Easily sliding in I finally consummated our marriage. We had sex several more times, in various positions and then showered. I went down to see Ken and told him we were going down to the bar and asked him if he wanted a drink. He said no as he had a train to catch and had college in the morning.

He asked me to come in and once in his roon he threw his arms around me and thanked me. I told him he had nothing to thank me for, Janice really liked him and he'd been very good to her. He took off my wedding ring, which i'd forgotten about as I wasn't used to wearing it yet, and handed it back to me. We left R.A.F. Henlow a few weeks later. We'd already packed as we had a house in Grantham we were moving into. Before we left I allowed Ken and Janice to spend one final weekend together in her mobile home.

Before our february wedding, my Father had died in January of 1994. Myself and Janice had travelled to Brighouse for his funeral. He'd been living with my brother in an old fashioned caravan on the Atlas Mill Road caravan site. It's since been converted to mobile homes. The spare bed had been taken by our only surviving grandparent, my dad's mother- in- law.

We were holding a wake in a local pub called "The Star" and the landlord, an Irishman called Jimmy, had generously offered to put us up for nothing. I'd heard that he and his partner, who's name escapes me, only stayed together to keep the pub and slept in separate beds. I'd noticed that he flirted a lot with the customers but he seemed able to get away with it, Irish charm I suppose.

But it didn't seem to bother her. Whether this was because they were not really together anymore or whether his flirting had caused it I don't know. Anyway, during the evening I saw him flirting with Janice and even stroking her bum a few times. But he was also flirting with lots of women and i'd pre - warned her so she didn't take offence. Anyway, we were staying there for free and she didn't want to spoil that.

The funeral had been in the afternoon and we'd gone straight to the pub. I'd been drinking heavily and was so drunk by about 8 o'clock that I had to go to bed. Janice had been drinking less so had stayed in the bar. I awoke several hours later needing the loo and when I returned I saw that Janice had fallen asleep fully clothed.

I began undressing her with the intention of putting one of her night dresses on her. But once I had her down to her bra and panties I began to feel really randy. I removed her panties and opened her legs. I pushed my underpants down and spitting on my fingers rubbed some around and inside her cunt. Rubbing some spit around the head of my cock I climbed on top of her and entered her. I fucked her for a short while before shooting my load and just rolling over and going back to sleep.

I was fucking ends with a lot of orgasms some time later by movement on the bed.

I couldn't believe my eyes young german babe riding cock julia reaves I saw Jimmy on top of Janice. He must have come into the room for something and seen Janice laying there with just a bra on. Even as a 38 year old woman she still had a lovely slim body and legs.

The sight of her with her legs wide open and her wet, just fucked hairy cunt on full view was too much for him to resist.

His hairy backside was going in and out between her thighs. I closed my eyes to slits so he wouldn't see that I was awake. Her breathing had changed as it had whilst I was having sex with her. Although she was too drunk to wake up the sex was probably reaching her dreams. Then I saw Jimmy stop moving and keep his crotch pushed into hers and I knew at that very moment he was ejaculating inside her. As he withdrew I saw a string of sperm drop from his cock onto her thigh.

After he'd gone I went back to sleep. the whole thing had only lasted a couple of minutes from me waking up.

Some time later I was again woken up by some noises in the room. Jimmy was there again but he had some other men with him and they kept making shushing noises to each other that were so loud they might as well just been talking in their normal voices. Jimmy was telling them he'd found her like that and he'd fucked her without waking her up. He also told them how lovely and tight her cunt was.

Someone asked about me and Jimmy told him my ex girlfriend, Sue, had said she'd finished with me because I'd wanted her to have sex with other men (which was true). He said I might even have laid her out like that for anyone who came in (which I hadn't). But he said they should take it easy and try not to wake either of us up anyway even though we'd both had so much to drink we were dead to the world. They must have still been drinking downstairs (he had frequent lock-ins).

I couldn't see how many men there were as I again couldn't move my head and was keeping my eyes barely open as slits. They were standing next to the bed and I saw first one man and then another feeling between Janice's legs. One of the men was pulling his pants down and I watched with a raging hard on as he got on top of Janice. He was taking his weight on one hand as he fed his cock into her with the other. Then he took his weight on both hands as he slowly moved in and out of her.

After a couple of minutes he began to speed up a bit and then put one of his hands over his mouth as he stopped thrusting. I could hear him gasping thru his fingers and then he climbed off of her. Another guy immediately took his place but started thrusting into her a lot harder and Jimmy told him to take it easy or he'd spoil it for all of them.

He slowed down but only lasted another minute before he too climbed off. I could hear talking outside the room and realized there were more men there. Someone else was fucking Janice now, and being as careful as he could. He was taking longer than the others and someone told him to hurry up. Then he too must have come as he pulled his cock out of her. Yet another man went to get on top of her but Jimmy told him to wait as he gently wiped her fanny with paper towels and put some of them under her crotch area.

Before telling the guy to "get stuck in" he removed her only remaining item of clothing, her bra. The guy eased himself between my Fiancee's thighs and starting to gently thrust in and out. He was feeling her bare breasts and Janice started making little moaning sounds and he stopped his thrusting and looked really worried.

Jimmy told him to carry on and said she was still asleep and probably dreaming about being fucked. Some of them laughed at that and Jimmy told them to be quiet. He recommenced his fucking as Janice started making little moaning sounds again. After he climbed off another guy took his place and then another and another. Jimmy again stopped the action to wipe her crotch.

There were more men coming in as the ones who'd had her left and I wondered just how many men there were. Probably there'd only been men left in the bar, as was frequently the case on lock-ins. When Jimmy had found her in that state he hadn't been able to resist telling the men downstairs and they'd jumped at the chance of a free illicit fuck. I don't know how many men had sex with her but it seemed to go on forever.

Jimmy had to change the paper towels under her three times as they got soaked in sperm. I don't know if there were a lot of men or if some of them had two or three goes on her. At some point Jimmy told them that was enough and they all left the room. Jimmy returned shortly after. He had a camera with him and he took some shots of her entire naked body and some close ups of her cunt, presumably with the spunk still oozing out of it.

He put the camera away and slowly and gently pulled her legs down the bed until they were dangling over the end and her crotch was just at the edge of the bed. He pulled his pants down, crouched a bit and then entered her. He picked up the camera and took a shot towards her crotch and then he seemed to be changing position ever so slightly as he took more pictures.

I'm pretty sure he was taking shots of his cock at the entrance to her cunt and then more as he pushed it in. Then he put the camera away again and just concentrated on fucking her. If what I'd heard about his relationship with his partner was true he may not have had sex for a while. Then I heard him going "oh oh" and he pushed his bum into her crotch and kept it there as he let out a long sigh.

He wiped his cock on her leg and pulled his pants up. He fetched some paper towels and gently wiped Janice's crotch. She started moaning again and I realized he was pushing some of the paper towel into her cunt to soak the spunk up.

Once he'd finished he removed the paper towels under her crotch and left the room, gently closing the door behind him. He'd had no way of knowing it but he'd been wasting his time trying to keep them quiet and removing as much spunk as he could from around and inside her cunt. By now if she'd have woken up she'd have been as likely to ask for more men as anything else. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming as it had been so chesty teen clary milks big stiff cock of bf. But the sticky feeling in my underpants where I'd shot my load whilst covertly watching what was happening was too real.

When Janice woke up she shook me. Like most women Janice doesn't like her partner having sex with her whilst she's asleep and she assumed it had been me (well it had but only once but I couldn't tell her that). She was angry and hungover which made it worse. I said I was sorry but I explained how I'd found her fully clothed and had been undressing her to put her into her night clothes. I said once she was undressed she looked so beautiful and sexy I hadn't been able to help myself.

Her eyes melted a bit but she asked me how many times I'd done it because she could feel I'd done it a few times. I just said sorry again and decided to let her be angry and not to say anything else. Although she was up for group sex now I'm not sure how she'd have handled it being whilst she was asleep.

She went on about how I'd left her laying there naked when anyone could have walked in (oh boy - she had absolutely no idea how close to the truth she was).

Jimmy was eager for us to stay (surprise surprise) but I was supposed to be running my grandmother back to London later on that day so we had to decline.

Jimmy looked genuinely disappointed and Janice was quite touched at that, but I knew the real reason he was disappointed.

As we walked through the pub to leave there were a lot of men looking at Janice with secret smiles celina santiago gets a facial while playing video games their faces. Some of them were telling her that they were really hoping we'd stay for a while.

When we told them that we had to take my grandmother home to London they said why don't I leave Janice there while I run granny home and then come back. I actually turned to Janice and said that was a good idea but she said she wanted to come with me as she wanted to meet more of my relatives. I couldn't argue with that even though I was dying to leave her with Jimmy.

He'd have been pleasantly surprised as he would undoubtedly have flirted with her and tried to get her into bed just to find she was as willing as he was.

If he'd he'd involved some of the other men again he'd have found her just as willing there too. After we'd moved to Grantham we started getting letters from Dave saying he wanted to come and see us. What he really meant was he wanted to see Janice again, or rather certain parts of her. We discussed it and although Janice was worried by how far he'd taken things she was also missing the group sex.

I had to admit I was also missing watching him use her.We agreed we'd arrange to meet up. We wrote giving our phone number and he quickly called us. A time and date was agreed and we arrived at his flat. We went inside and within seconds he had pushed Janice up against the wall. He pushed her skirt up and pulling her knickers to one side he spat on his fingers and rubbed the spit around and into her cunt.

I watched as he got his prick out and just shoved it up her hole. I took my cock out and wanked myself as I listened to my wife gasping as she was being used against the wall.

He was gripping her hips and furiously thrusting in and out as he told her how much he'd missed her hole. Janice was holding onto him as she, in turn, told him how much she'd missed being used by him. After he'd finished and Janice had wiped her fanny we talked together in the living room.

He told us he'd looked into suitable places to take Janice. He told us the men were waiting for her in the first place so he was going to take her there now.

I noticed that he wasn't asking. Janice told him she was worried because there'd been too many men in the public toilets in Hitchin. Dave told her old granny bitch is picked up and fucked years old and skinny granny to worry and that they'd be able to control things.

Dave drove us to a sleasy looking pub in a rundown looking area and the landlord took us upstairs. There was a large room with some lights on long stands. In the middle of the room was an old mattress. There were about a dozen men with cameras staring at Janice as she walked in. She thought at first she'd be doing naughty poses for them until the landlord told her to take off all her clothes and lay on her back on the mattress.

As she did so the cameras started clicking. The landlord went downstairs as she was getting undressed and returned with 4 men. I watched as they gave the landlord some money and then they got undressed themselves. They quickly surrounded my wife and were fingering her and feeling her breasts.

Before long one of them got on top of her and she opened her legs wide as he entered her. The cameras continued clicking as he furiously fucked her. When he finally came inside her he was replaced by another man and then another.

As the first three men left the landlord brought 3 more in. As the last of the first men came inside her and pulled out one of the newcomers, after paying the landlord, climbed on top of her. This went on all evening with the landlord bringing around 15 men up to use her for sex. When the landlord told us it was time to leave I went to get Janice but that was when Dave dropped his bombshell.

He was in serious debt to a loan shark and the landlord, who sometimes brought prostitutes to sell to his male customers, had agreed to pay his debts in exchange for borrowing my wife.

I got angry at Daves deception but he told me how much he'd been threatened and said Janice wasn't doing anything she had'nt done before. I felt sorry for him gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock told the landlord I wanted to take my wife home.

Dave was pleading with me and telling me the landlord was alice bell has her moist cunt hammered with some very violent men who could kill us if we crossed them. I was suddenly grabbed by two big men and had to watch as two more grabbed Dave.

The landlord said Dave owed him a lot of money and either my wife paid it back with her cunt or we'd all pay and it wouldn't be pretty. He pointed out that my wife was obviously a slut anyway. To illustrate his point he nodded to one of the big men who hit Dave full in the face and gave him a bloody nose.

As I watched I was punched in the stomach and I went down. Janice was screaming, "i'll do it just leave them alone". We were allowed to say farewell to Janice but it wasn't until we got outside that I realised I hadn't asked how much he owed.

He seemed reluctant to tell me and began by saying he'd borrowed 2 grand from the loan shark but had only been able to pay back 1 grand.

He'd been confident of being able to pay it back, or he wouldn't have borrowed it. With the loan sharks exhorbitant interst rates that had risen to 10 grand.

He knew of the loan sharks reputation for having people seriously hurt and even knifed for not paying their debts to him. He'd been desperate to find a way to pay it off before it got even higher. That was when he'd thought of the landlord who sometimes had prostitutes in his upstairs room for his customers to use. When we'd said we'd be coming down that was when he'd told the landlord he could get him a married woman to use as a prostitute in exchange for the landlord paying his debts.

Men always paid more to fuck a married woman so the landlord had agreed. He said the landlord had added more on top as his fee and Dave now owed the landlord 25 grand. I was speechless as he told me this. I asked him how long Janice would have to work for him to pay that much off and he said it wasn't that simple. The way the landlord had explained it Janice would be taking the place of a girl who would have been working for him anyway. What with 'overheads' as well, only a small proportion of what the men would be paying to use my wife would be paying off the debt.

The landlord let us see Janice a couple of times over the next week and then I had to go back home as i'd only had a weeks holiday left. Over the next month I travelled down to stay with Dave every weekend and we'd call round to see Janice.

The landlord wouldn't let us have his private number and when I tried calling on the pub number he just hung up when he realized who was calling. He would only let us talk to her for 15 minutes each time before telling us she had 'work' to do. One time he kicked us out after 2 minutes as someone wanted to fuck her. As we got outside Dave told me the men who'd had the landlord kick us out were some of the violent gangsters he'd told me about.

I'd asked the landlord how much of the debt had been paid off but he just said he'd tell us when it was settled. I pleaded with him to give us some idea of how long it was going to be and he said, "it's July now, don't go planning a christmas together", and started laughing. I felt like crying, every time i'd seen Janice she'd looked worn out. The landlord was obviously getting as much use out of her as he possibly could.

The situation went on through August, September and October. Janice was looking even more tired and her expression was becoming more and more resigned. I learned why when she told me the landlord had late night 'lock ins' and the customers were more likely to pay to fuck her the more drunk they got. Also, even when the pub was shut and she was handcuffed to the bed he'd started putting it about that her cunt was available 24 hours a day. Anybody could ring him and, for the right price, he'd let them in to fuck her no matter what time of day it was.

Now, men were leaving clubs and coming round to fuck her during the early hours of the morning. She told me there were days she had no sleep at all because the sex just didn't stop. Then, in November, the landlord told us to stop coming round. When I said I needed to see her he said I had a choice.

Janice would need to work until March to pay off Daves debts but if we agreed to stay away and kept to it I could have her back mid-January. He let me talk to Janice but she hardly seemed to be taking it in and just nodded her head.

It got to the 3rd week in January and myself and Dave went to see the landlord. I asked if I could have Janice back now and he told me not not yet as 'business' had been slow so the debt wasn't paid off yet. I said the agreement was I'd get her back now but one of his 'goons' grabbed me from behind and he asked me if I remembered what happened last time I argued with him. Dave was going, "les don't". I just nodded my head and asked if he could give me any idea how long it would be.

He told me he didn't know and I should come back once a month for an update. He also said I couldn't see her but if I insisted on it she'd have to work for an extra couple of months. Once we were outside I told Dave I was calling the police. He looked panicked as he pleaded with me not to. He said that it would get the landlord locked up and Janice freed but his underworld friends would put all 3 of us in our graves for being 'grasses'.

"I'm not exaggerating", he said. I returned in February, March and april but each time the landlord said the debt hadn't been paid yet. May came and then june, july and august. I again told Dave I was calling the police and said I didn't care what the consequencies were. He pleaded with me not to and even took my phone out of my hand. He reiterated that not only would I be risking both mine and his life but Janice as well. I resigned myself to having to wait.

In September, October and November I got the same answer from the landlord but when I came in December I got angry and said the debt had been paid and he was just hanging onto her. I told him I knew the consequences of crossing him but I didn't care, if he didn't give Janice back to me I was going to the police. I was again grabbed by two big men but the landlord told them it was o/k and he understood my anger. He said he was pretty sure the debt would be paid by the middle of February and I could have her back then even if it wasn't fully paid.

I wasn't happy with that, He'd been using my wife as a prostitute for 19 months now and I hadn't been able to do anything about it. But at least he'd given me a date so I went away. In February Dave rang to say the landlord had just called to say we could have her back. I drove down straight away but when we got to the pub the landlord said some men had just paid to use her so we'd have to wait a bit. When we finally got her in the car she wasn't talking to us. We took her back to Daves flat and ran a bath for her.

As Dave put his arms around her and started saying how sorry he was she hit him full in the face and he staggered back. As I moved towards her I saw a look of pure rage on her face as she picked up an ornament and hit me on the head with it. I blacked out for a few moments and when I came to Dave had his arms around her and she was screaming at the top of her voice, "LET ME GO, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU".

I started crying, Dave was already crying and thank god this got through to Janice as she started crying too. She relaxed and stopped struggling and we carried on holding her for half an hour. When she started getting undressed for her bath we could see she was covered in hundreds of both old and new scratches. They were all over her back and legs. There were also some on her stomach and breasts.

As she bathed I asked how she'd gotten them and the look of rage appeared in her face as she said, "you know what they are, don't say you don't, that's why you didn't want to see me so long". I was confused but waited until after her bath to explain the deal the landlord had offered us and then renaged on.

As she told us what had been going on it became clear why he hadn't wanted us talking to her. In November the landlord had gotten some men to hold Janice down, naked, on an old setee. Her legs were being held wide open and she didn't understand why as she just gave sex to whoever he sold her to anyway. Then a large dog was led in and she started screaming and struggling as the men in the room started laughing. She was held down as the dog was led up to her and began licking her vagina.

Then it put its front legs on the settee and started pushing its penis at her crotch. Janice was screaming, "no, don't" as one of the men guided its prick in.

She felt it slide in and then its knot opened up inside her. As she looked around pleading for help she saw men with still cameras taking pictures. Someone with a video camera was approaching and they started taping the mating in close up. She was disgusted but also felt the dogs knot opening her up and touching parts of the inside of her vagina that a mans penis had never touched and it felt really good.

She was trying not to show that she was getting any pleasure out of it but then she felt the knot pulsating and the spurts of the dogs sperm deep inside her. She couldn't help letting out out a series of little gasps which the men around her taking pictures immediately recognised as cries of pleasure. The men only let her go after the dog climbed off and she was given 20 minutes to rest and get something to eat and drink.

Then she was taken back to the room and told to get on her hands and knees. She said, "oh no not again" as another large dog was led in. She tried to get up but was again grabbed and held in position. She carried on struggling until the landlord walked up to her and gave her a hard slap in the face. She was shocked but the landlord was staring her in the face as he asked her if she wanted a harder slap. She shook her head and the landlord told her to stop struggling and let the dog fuck her.

She knew she couldn't stop it and just stayed in that position when the dog started licking her hole. Then it climbed on her back and again one of the men guided its prick into her hole. There were again men with still cameras taking pictures. She again felt a dog knot opening up inside her and saw someone videoing it all as the dog copulated with her. She started making genuine sounds of pleasure almost straight away as its knot touched really sensitive areas inside her fanny.

She felt really ashamed as the men began pointing out how much she was enjoying it. Then the dogs knot began pulsing even more that the 1st one. As she felt its sperm pumping into her she screamed out loud as it stimulated pleasure centres she didn't even know she had. As the dog pulled out the man with the video camera moved in on close up to catch on tape the dogs sperm oozing from her hole. The men with the still cameras were constantly moving around her trying to get the best shots.

She was again given 20 minutes to recuperate and over the rest of the day she had sex with 4 more dogs. She was totally compliant now and just got in whatever position the landlord told her to get in.

All of it caught on still and video cameras. During the evening she was again being fucked by paying customers. The next day she was mated with 8 more dogs, all of it caught on cameras. She now knew that some men were paying the landlord a lot of money to let them mate my wife with their dogs.

Other men were paying him to let them photograph it. The landlord was also selling the video footage to a firm dealing in producing sex films. As Janice became more used to it she was 'persuaded' to give the dogs blow jobs and even to suck one dogs cock whilst another one was mating with her. She began to recognise some of the dogs and even began to look forward to seeing the ones that gave her the most pleasurable matings.

She also began to hate herself for enjoying it and to hate us even more for letting the landlord do it to her. Every day she vowed to herself that she wouldn't show any pleasure but then the matings would start and her body would take over. As word had gotten round there were more men bringing dogs and more men paying to photograph it. She was before long having sex with around a dozen dogs every day. This went on for 15 months until we'd brought her home.

Janice was being filmed and photographed having sex with dogs during the day. Then being prostituted at night. This happened virtually every single day with hardly any days off for rest. When I asked her if she'd been mated with any other animals she nodded her head. Apparently, some of the gangster types had borrowed her occasionally.

The landlord had let them because basically she could see he was scared of them. Whenever they borrowed her it was usually to take her to a farm. It seemed their boss enjoyed watching farm animals fucking women and he really enjoyed doing it to Janice because he knew she was married. She said she didn't want to go into detail as thinking about it still made her shudder. All she'd say was because she'd been taken to more than one farm she'd been mated with every farm animal there was.

Of course he'd gotten his men to video it all. Then she came home and all her feelings just exploded. I could understand her anger now or at least I thought I could. She then went on to explain that she can't look at a male dog now without wanting to mate with him.

She said dogs give her better sex than men and she feels like she's a dog herself now. She said she has to fight the urge to pull her pants down, get on all fours and present her vagina to male dogs. She asked us if we really thought we could understand how low beautiful teen in sexy lingerie masturbating on webcam and disgusting that made her feel.

Then she british milf sexy scorpio works her wet cunt with a dildo her legs and showed us what the landlord had done.

He'd noticed the names tattoo'd next to her cunt and had had a tattoo of a dog placed at the top of each thigh right next to her hole.

Just above her vagina were the words 'DOG CUNT' in large letters. On her backside were also the words 'DOG CUNT' just above her anus.

I've never mentioned it to her but about a year after she came home and my shame was lessening I worked out roughly how many times she had sex. With dogs it's around 5,400 times which just blows my mind. I'm also ashamed to say i've worked out the rough number of times men fucked her going on how many she thinks did it to her on an average day and it's 17,100.

Dave told me not long after Janice came home that he'd love to see her 'doing it' with a dog. I told him if he didn't mind being stabbed by her he should bring the subject up. He didn't bring it up !!. Over the next few months I was constantly telling Janice how much I loved her and I also kept telling her I didn't look down on her for how she felt.

I said I understood sexual feelings and she shouldn't feel ashemed for having her body stimulated in ways that were beyond her control. Then, one day whilst we were having sex, she suddenly said, "I want to do it with a dog".

I looked at her and she was crying. She kept saying she was sorry and she'd tried to push the thoughts away but she couldn't any more. I hugged her and said I understood but where were we going to get a dog from. She looked at me and hugged me and gave a big long kiss and kept repeating, "thank you, thank you".

I told her how Dave had said he wanted to see her doing it with a dog and she asked me why I hadn't told her. I said I wanted to give her a chance to try and get over it without being reminded.

She smiled at me and gave me another long kiss. "I don't mind if Dave watches", she said, "He might even be able girl and in room if you disregard your girlfriend she will notice your fathers dick find a big dog". I contacted Dave, he got really excited and said he'd see what he could do.

Within a week he told us he'd set it up but the guy bringing the dog wanted to watch too. I asked Janice but she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "thousands of people have watched me doing it with dogs so what does it matter". I asked her where she got that number from and that's how I discovered that the landlord had been selling the video footage. It all became clear now, he'd been making so much money out of her that he hadn't wanted it to stop.

The debt had probably been paid off within whitegirl seduces black man on cam cheating girlfriend gives hot interracial blowjob hiddencam and e few months but the customers were willing to pay so much more to use a MARRIED woman both for themselves and with their dogs.

He'd been making so much money that he'd decided to wait until he could see I wasn't going to wait any longer before letting me have her back, the bastard. Anyway, the meeting with Dave, his friend, Janice and of course the dog was set up.

We travelled down on the day and Janice had the chance to have a few drinks before the dog arrived. When the doorbell rang and Dave got up to answer it I could see that Janice was getting excited. Her voice was a little bit shaky and her breathing had picked up. When the man walked in with Dave I got up to introduce myself but Janice couldn't take her eyes off his dog.

It was a large mixed breed and I was worried it would be too big amateur amazing sexy girls talking and touching in the car Janice just said, "i've done it with much bigger dogs". Then she shocked us all when she got down on the floor and getting under the dog she held onto him as she began licking and sucking his cock.

We were all gobsmacked as we watched. Then Janice got up and as quickly as she could she took her clothes off and got on all fours with her rear end towards the dog. The dog began licking her vagina and she began letting out sounds of pleasure. Then the dog climbed on her back and she seemed to know just how high to raise her magical brunett sharee in gang do amazing on polish with gang to give him entry.

Even so the dog kept thrusting but missing and Janice cried out, "put him in me for god's sake" Dave was there like a flash and I watched as he pushed the dogs cock into her vagina. He got on the floor behind her and pushed his face right up to her rear end as he watched the dog mating with her.

He kept saying, "this is fucking great" as he watched. The dog began thrusting in and out and then stopped as its knot opened up and she began moaning and going, "oh yes, oh yes, oh yes" over and over again.

She had a look of pure bliss on her face that I'd never seen when I'd had sex with her and I began to see what she was addicted to. As the dog stayed locked to her it was panting and salivating over the back of her neck. I couldn't believe it when I saw my wife crane her neck up and to the side as far as she could so she could lick the dogs tongue.

The guy who'd brought the dog had a camera and was taking shot after shot. Janice and the dog were only locked together for less than 5 minutes and then I heard Janice giving out little cries of pleasure.

She was pushing her hips up towards the dog as she felt him ejaculating inside her. After another 30 seconds of this the dog pulled its cock out and Janice gave out a cry and I realized why when I saw the huge ball of its 'knot'. I was fascinated as I watched the large amount of dog sperm dripping out of my wife's hole.

I'd never seen a dogs knot before and hadn't realized how big they could get. Janice was still on her knees but her head was on the floor and she was covered in sweat and panting. Dave commented on how much dog spunk was leaking out of her as he got behind her and shoved his cock in.

He held onto her hips as he thrust in and out but the excitement of watching her mating with the dog meant he came within a few seconds. He offered her to the other guy who also mounted her but he too came within about a minute. I only lasted about 20 seconds myself. When we'd all finished Janice immediately went over to the dog and getting under him began licking and sucking his cock. Then getting on all fours again she offered the dog her hole. As the dog climbed on her back again Dave was already guiding its cock into her.

We watched as she again began making sounds to indicate the pleasure she was feeling as the dog mated with her again. The dog pulled out and we all saw yet more dog sperm leaking out of her. We watched, completely mesmerised, as she mated with the dog 4 more times before the guy said he had to go.

After he'd left she grabbed hold of Dave and wrapped her arms around him as she beautiful teen brunette girl uses her vibrator masturbate homemade him and kept saying, "thank you, thank you".

I had to smile as I thought he'd probably forgotten she'd been sucking dog cock. Needless to say this has since been repeated many times. We decided it was best to do it at Daves place rather than locally. He managed to find several more men with dogs who wanted to watch it happening and now a couple of weekends per month we go down and stay at his flat. Janice has sex with a few of the dogs each day and then we return home. This satisfied her cravings just enough. We thought about getting a dog ourselves but she says she didn't think she'd be able to resist having sex with him all the time.

Dave recently asked her if she'd do it with farm animals again so he could watch. Janice got a sad expression on her face as she told him she didn't want to but she'd do it if he really wanted her too. He told her he REALLY, REALLY wanted her to. I'd been getting so turned on watching her doing it with dogs that the same thought had occured to me but I hadn't raised it as she'd said how unpleasant it had been. Dave mainly thought of himself and his pleasure. He said he knew a farmer, it was one of the men who was bringing his dog to mate with her.

He'd already approached Dave to ask him if she'd come to his farm and have sex with some of the other animals. We set up a meeting and took Janice to his farm. When we got there the farmer took us into a large barn.

It was full of bales of hay but there was still a lot of room. There was a metal barrel whose side had been cut lengthways laying on the floor. The farmer told my wife to take her clothes off and get on her hands and knees underneath the barrel.

Once she was in position he tied her legs apart to each side of the barrel through holes. There was a video camera on a tripod and he checked the viewer before continuing. He then rubbed some grease around my wifes vagina that he told us was mixed with scent from one of his female pigs genitals. Going away he came back with a massive pig. Leading it towards janice he began masturbating it. I watched as its very long but very thin penis emerged. He pushed the pigs snout up to my wifes vagina and we watched as it sniffed her.

Then, mounting the barrel protecting her it pushed its penis towards her rear end and the farmer fed it into my wifes hole. Getting some more rope, he tied the pigs rear legs to my wifes rear legs and the pigs front legs to holes in the top of the barrel.

He'd either done this before or he was very good at pre planning. He was feeding more and more of the pigs cock into my wife until he couldn't get any more in. Unlike before, Janice wasn't giving out any sounds of pleasure and in fact hadn't spoken since we'd gotten there. The farmer was still holding the pigs cock in her but all of a sudden Janice let out her first sound since getting there. As we watched the pigs cock pulsating and its sperm oozing from her hole she was giving little cries of pleasure.

Once the pig had stopped ejaculating the farmer untied it and also janice. As she drank the tea the farmer made for her when he took us into the farmhouse she told us how she hadn't really enjoyed it until she was being filled with sperm.

The farmer took us back to the same shed and led Janice over to a platform. He got her to lay face down on it with her legs dangling over the edge. He tied her wrists to the platform and, after rubbing more grease around her vagina, went away coming back with a large ram.

He again led the animal up to Janices rear end and pushed its snout up to her vagina. We watched with hard ons as it licked her hole and then mounted the platform. The farmer made sure its front legs were away from my wifes head before tying them, like my wifes wrists, to the platform.

The ram was already thrusting at her but was missing and its penis was too big to get in. I could see its cock was at least 15 inches long but when I raised doubts about how long it was Dave just said, "she can take it, she's done it with farm animals before". The farmer said he'd picked it because its penis was relatively short for a ram. The farmer positioned its cock at the entrance to my wifes hole and started pulling her cunt lips apart as the ram thrust at her.

The ram was just about getting the head of its cock in with the farmer pulling her hole open. She was going, "oh god, oh god". But just then the ram finally got the head of its cock completely inside her and we watched as it shoved more and more of its prick in with each thrust. Janice was gasping and going, "oh please I can't take any more" as the ram finally got all of its prick in and started thrusting in and out. The mating only lasted for 3 or 4 minutes but by the time it was over my wife was covered in sweat and gasping for breath.

Her cunt was gaping open and red with an awful lot of animal sperm oozing out of it. The farmer again untied Janice and took her balls sucking oriental amazing bitch lingerie japanese to the house for rest and another cup of tea. The farmer said there was only one animal left and we'd better get back to the barn before her hole closed up. Once in the barn he got Janice to lay on her back on a trolley.

After tying her wrists and ankles, wide open, to the trolley he fetched a pony. As before, with the pig, he masturbated it before leading it to stand over her. He rubbed yet more grease around my wifes hole before taking hold of the pony's cock and positioning it at the entrance to it.

He got me and Dave to hold the pony whilst he again pulled her cunt lips apart as he tried pushing the pony's cock in. When he was unable to get it in, he changed to pushing one side of the head in and pulling her cunt open to get the rest of its cockhead in with his other hand.

Janice was going, "ouch that's hurting" as he horny babe shae celestine gets hard cock in her tight pussy and told her it wouldn't be long now.

I asked her if she wanted to stop but she just replied that she was here now and had endured far worse. It was in fact another few minutes before the head of its cock was completely in and I saw my wifes vagina being stretched open more than I'd ever seen it before. The farmer started moving my wife backwards and forwards on the trolley and gradually getting more and more of the pony's cock inside her.

She was saying things like, "it's too big, oh god it's too big". The farmer had gotten about 18 inches of its cock inside her. He was trying to get more in but no matter how much he shoved her towards the pony on the trolley he couldn't. So, as Janice lay there sweating and gasping, he started moving her backwards and forwards so the pony's prick would come half way out and then slide back in again. He asked Dave to help him as between them they moved the trolley backwards and forwards faster and faster.

Dave was giving out his usual, "this is fucking great" as he watched the pony's enormous cock going in and out of my wife. I couldn't believe it when I heard Janice start giving out little cries of pleasure each time the trolley was moved so the pony's prick fully entered her again. Then, all of a sudden, she gave out an enormous cry and started bucking up and down on the trolley. We were all worried and the farmer immediately pulled her off the pony's cock.

As it's prick slid out we saw what had probably caused it. Her cunt was gaping open even more than before as an absolutely enormous amount of sperm literally flowed out of her. She told us afterwards that it had felt like her insides were going to burst when she'd felt its voluminous ejaculation. She told us that she'd been in pain during parts of those matings. She also pointed out that the gangsters hadn't been as gentle as the farmer. The boss had even seemed to enjoy it more when she'd been in pain.

She said the memories of those times were coming back to her now. As she pointed this out I began to feel ashamed that we'd brought her. Dave said that she'd been all right with the pig. He was pointing out to her how much time and effort he was putting into getting her the dogs. Eventually, Janice agreed that each weekend she came to his place she'd let the farmer mate her with his pig so dave could watch. But ONLY the pig, she emphasised.

She said that was as far as she'd go. She'd only done it for us to illustrate her point anyway. She asked us to never bring up the subject of her doing it with any other animals on the farm again. "unless you want to see 'mad Janice' once more", she said. Me and Dave furiously shook our heads as we remembered 'mad Janice' only too well.