Naughty america com mother and son sleep sex

Naughty america com mother and son sleep sex
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Over the past few years I began to notice my mom in a more sexual way. My parents' divorced when I was just 7, so it has just been mom and I living in a small townhouse since. The first time I felt any sexual attraction towards my mom was 2 years ago when I was age 15. She had been in the mom catch son fuck his sister 1 to2minite story and was drying off when I walked into the bathroom. I was shocked to see my mother standing there in front of me butt naked.

I just stood there, frozen, staring at my mom's beautiful body. My heart raced as I took in the sight of her rounded breasts, her neatly trimmed bush and I began to go red. As I felt my cock grow inside my pants I told my mom I was sorry and swiftly returned to my bedroom. That was the first time I had ever seen a naked woman and even though it was my mom I felt so turned on.

That picture didn't leave my mind for the rest of the week and I jacked off more times than I can remember, dreaming of my 39 year old mother. From that day she became the centre of all my sexual fantasies and I would continually try to get glimpses of her naked beauty.

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I did occasionally succeed in catching a peek of her whilst changing but never again saw her in the same way as on that day. My mother and I had a very close relationship since my parents' divorce, but only in a normal mother-son way, despite my desire to make it into much more than that. Mom had not had any other partners since the divorce and as far as I knew had not had sex since then either. This seemed to make her closer to me as we spent a lot of time together, cuddled up watching the TV.

However, we were to get a lot closer when my bedroom was being redecorated 2 months ago. The room was being totally stripped out and as we only live in a two bedroom house I had to sleep in sexx boy tboy and hand mom's bed.

I was delighted by this news and knew I had to make the most of the opportunity. The first night passed without any events as mom didn't come to bed until I was asleep.

This was not the case on the second night though. Mom headed off to bed early, saying she was very tired. I stayed downstairs for a while watching a film and dreaming of what could possibly happen between mom and I later on. I joined mom in bed after the film had finished and lay awake beside her for what seemed like hours, building up the courage to finally carry out my ultimate fantasy.

She lay there in her PJ's breathing deeply and slowly. I inched closer to her until my raging hard cock pressed against her soft ass. I slowly removed the cover and put my arm around my mom, holding her close to me.

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My hand caressed her body and then I cupped her breast, running my fingers over her nipples through the thin material of her top. My thoughts were filled with lust and desire for my mom as I moved my hand down to the hem of her top.

Nervously my hand was shaking slightly as I slid my hand underneath her PJ top. I gradually moved my hand up until I reached my mom's breast. I let my hand rest on her smooth, warm breast. I gently circled her nipples, becoming braver by the second with my actions. I glided my hand along my mother's flat stomach, bringing it from under her top. Then I removed my boxers to leave me naked, pressed against my mom with my cock aching to explode.

I couldn't hold on for much longer, so I tried to pull her bottoms down. As I struggled my mom shifted slightly. I was scared stiff. Did she know what I was doing? I lay still with my eyes closed, pretending to be asleep and after a few minutes decided it was enough for the night. Still scared of waking my mom I rolled over and fell asleep without putting my boxers back on.

I woke early the next morning, still naked, with a morning wood. As I reached to get my boxers from the floor my mom woke and began to get out of bed. I was stranded with no covers, no boxers and a rock hard cock. My mom gasped as she got up and I couldn't hide my embarrassment. To tell the truth it was a combination of embarrassment and excitement. At first I thought she was going to go mad but she didn't.

Mom sat down next to me and told me it was normal to have those feelings. She went on to say gorgeous peach is presenting her gaped spread slit in close range knew what I was doing during the night and that she enjoyed it.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I said "really?" to which she replied "I wanted you to carry on, I wanted you to go all the way." I just lay there amazed, still rock hard, as my mother took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it. She was so loving as she stroked up and down, caressing my cock.

I was in heaven as she took off her top and then her pants, leaving us both naked, steaming with passion. Without hesitation I squeezed her tits, and then my hands moved down through jim bf xxx big booms dark pubic hair to reach her fiery hot pussy.

My fingers played with her pussy lips before I slipped two inside her wet bliss. I slid them in and out whilst she continued to stroke my cock. I could not wait any longer, my fantasies becoming reality; I positioned my cock between the lips of her pussy and slowly drove deep inside.

Filled with ecstasy as I lost my virginity to my mother, I started pounding harder and faster into in dripping pussy.

After just a few minutes of passionate sex I was ready to explode, so I drove my cock balls deep into my mom's pussy and shot stream after stream of cum into her. My cock was still hard as I kissed my mom.

Not being able to resist I entered my mom's cum-soaked pussy for a second time. She began to clench and scream as a quivering orgasm took hold, tightly clamping onto my cock, drawing me to a second climax. As two lots of sperm and pussy juice leaked from my mom's pussy we went downstairs for breakfast before making love again. To be continued.