Brazzwrs llaying ge and hard fuck

Brazzwrs llaying ge and hard fuck
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I'm excited about my trip I really need a break and a new wardrobe for the summer. After my massage I will have the boutique send up a dress for the evening. I'll catch an early show and dinner then head out for a little fun. I hope I run into Jamal again at the club tonight he is amazing in bed, and the pain is intense. I can still feel him in my stretch out well abused pussy several days after he has fuck me. His gigantic 10 inch cock has made me run to the headboard for an escape on several occasions.

I know he enjoys making me run from the power drive that he is giving me, I can see it in his eyes when he sees that pain in my face. The pain is so intense that I feel like I'm going to black out and I beg him to please stop, I can't take it! He pulls my legs closer to his body so I can't move, I scream out in pain and he slaps me and tells me you know you like it so take it you fucking whore! He rams me harder and harder and I feel that sensation in my pussy and I know that I will come in a matter of seconds.

He states before he leaves the next time I see you I'm going to take that tight little ass. I was afraid and excited at the same time but the thought of him ripping pass my tight spinster has me deathly afraid because I know I won't be able to handle it. As I walk into the club the music is blaring and the lights make me dizzy. My eyes adjust to the light and I look around to see if there are any familiar faces.

I see Scott at the bar with a very sexy thin blonde hanging on his arm. I walk up and say hey stranger, he turns and smiles and says hey beautiful, how long are you going to be in town? The blonde looks at me and smiles with this curious look on her face wondering who I am but afraid to make a sound. Scott, ask me what can I get for you this evening to make your stay more inviting? You know what I like and make sure you give me beautiful blonde haley takes a hard cock for the weekend I plan on making it an adventurous one.

No, problem beautiful you know I will do anything for you, have a great time on the ride sexy. Scott passes me a metallic container filled with X and poppers I smile at him and kiss him on the cheeks and say I'm sure I'm going to have a blast! The blonde looks at me and leans in and kisses me on the lips and slides her tongue in my mouth.

I open up and let her tongue search my mouth and I move closer and tender japanese chicks enjoy being screwed long and hard on her leg. I pull back after a few minutes and say thanks and walk away. As I enjoy the buzz I wish that I could run into Jamal but no luck.

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Then I notice this guy with long thick dreads flowing down his back. He was dancing with a female on the floor and it looks like he is going to fuck her right there so I walk over and watch. I can't believe how sexy he is, then I think that he looks like one of the guys on my husband video. Damn, I wish could see him naked then I would be sure.

The X is really working on me and my pussy is scorching hot and I need to be touched. I walk up behind him and start dancing or should I say grind on him. He turns around smiles then reaches out and grabs me by the hair pulling me into him for a rough kiss.

My lips are burning and I am now sloppy wet, I want him to fuck me right there on the dance floor. He grabs my hand and we head out of the club I tell him my limo is in the back.

He doesn't seem to hear me and drags me to the side of the building. He forces me down on my knees I hit busty girlfriend shows her friends how to fuck pavement hard my knees are searing from the pain. I don't have the option to look at them before grabs my hair and pulls my head back and yells suck my dick you greedy white slut. I don't even blink and immediately go to work on his 3 ½ inch wide cock that I can barely fit in my mouth.

I try to suck him off without scraping my teeth on his enormous cock. I feel like the sides of my mouth are tearing trying to take all of him in.

Both of his hands are pushing the back of my head forcing all of his cock in my mouth. My exposed nipples are being suck on by the female that he was dancing with.

I turn my body a little to give her full access to my breast and she instantly begins sucking extremely hard. The pain is exciting and causes me to suck harder and faster on this oversized cock. He is really excited now and pushes my head harder and I can hardly breathe. I try to pull away and he jams my head further onto his cock I am beginning to panic because I can't breathe. Then I fill his cuck pulsating in my throat as amateur teen big tits anal arts and sex crafts hot semen hits that back of my mouth.

I gag and try to pull away so I can swallow he slaps me hard across the face, I stumble back I feel my nipple being ripped. I yell out in pain and he hits me hard in the head and says shut up bitch you know you like it. Get up the fuck up and call your limo its' time to ride. Hey driver lets head to the Bronx you know the spot. I smile and open a bottle of champagne and pop a few more X, before you know it I'm flying again need to be fucked.

I look at the girl in the limo with us she looks very young barely 16 years old. She has a very sexy body and the most beautiful almond shape eyes that I have ever seen.

I reach over and kiss her and caress her breast I feel her nipples get hard and come to attention. Her breast are small and are barely a mouth full, but her nipples are the longest I have ever seen. I begin sucking on her nipples when I feel this hand on my ass and look back, he smiles and says you are a real freak we are going to have a blast fucking the shit out of you.

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He takes his hand and shoves it in my pussy, his fingers are as wide as his cock it only takes a matter of seconds and I am sent over the edge with a trembling orgasm. We pull up at this run down warehouse and I am completely gone and all I want to do is fuck.

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My head is really spinning as we walk-in and I see several enormous men staring at me. I'm a little afraid and turn to walk out when I am slapped to the ground. I feel a trickle of blood on my lip, I try to get up to get out of there but my head is spinning from the slap and the drugs.

The girl says just go with it baby you'll have a great time your husband paid us well. I looked with a stunned look on my face, when someone grabs my legs and I fall back and hit my head hard on the concrete. My head is ringing out of control and my legs are being forced open. I see Jamal and panic I know that he is going to rip kerala malayali collage girl sex vedidownloard apart.

My head is pounding and I feel every beat in my aching head. I try to squirm away when my mouth is forced open and a cock is stuffed in. Jamal rips right into me and I try to yell out but bubble assed hottie eloa lombard gets a deep anal fuck pornstar hardcore screams are muffled.

I see two other guys come over and start to suck on my nipples with their cocks hanging out. Jamal say this bitch is enjoying it she is sloppy wet, and about to cum.

He pulls out and prevents me from the pleasure that I desperately need. The guy in my mouth is pumping my face faster and faster and I can tell that he is about to cum when I feel this unbelievable pain stabbing me in my ass, the guy pulls out of my mouth and shoots all over my face as I yell out in agonizing pain.

Jamal, is laughing saying take that shit bitch, I'm yelling please stop your ripping me open. He is pounding me harder and harder when I see blackness as I begin to pass out. The crowd is cheering when I come to and I realize that I am tied up on all fours in some type of harness. I feel a cock being forced into my ass and someone else with a rough hand is opening my swollen clit.

I have cocks in my ass, pussy, and mouth ramming me so hard that I know I will pass out again soon if I don't get a break. My nipples are completely engorged and whoever is sucking on them continue to torture me causing even more pain to race through my body.

I'm crying and moaning which seems to excite the group abusing me and feel them push penetrate me further. The cock in my mouth was about shot another load down my throat when I hear him yell bitch don't you let one drop fall. I swallowed as hard as I could and tried to gobble it all down when some slipped out and then slap. I told you not to let any drip out you whore. I heard someone say put two cocks in her ass and rip it open.

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I tensed up and beg them please don't hurt me anymore. The guy in my ass started to ram me hard and fast and then shot his load causing a chain reaction for the guy in my pussy. Both of them Cumming at the same time was an amazing sensation and I began moaning and climaxed for the second time that evening.

Someone is gobbling up my juices and I'm moaning again and when a cock is stuck in my ass. With them eating my pussy and ramming my ass I begin pushing back to take in more. I can feel my juices flowing, when I chennai aunty sex story story a second cock try to push in next to the cock already in my ass.

There is pain but it is a good pain. I'm moaning loudly and beg him to push it in all the way. I'm stretch to the hilt and can't help but cum, I start squirting and can't stop! When I come down I hear laughter and someone yell that bitch is a real slut, I'm sure her husband will love the video.

The video has arrived and I can't wait to see what they have done to my wife. Maybe I should have gone to watch it in person. I'm happy that I decided to have the maid stay late. She is a young hot tight little Hispanic female that needs to be kept in her place. To be continued.