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Big fat old mom sex story xxx com
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Several years ago my sister, Joanna, went off to some university to become a lawyer, but because she partied too much and didn't put in enough effort, her grades slipped and she was eventually expelled from school. That meant only one thing.Jo would be coming back home to live with me and my mom.

My Mom was fairly pissed and excited. Jo and her had a great relationship.I, on the other hand, didn't get along with my sister much.

It wasn't anything specific.I was younger when she left and we just didn't get along.

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We both made fun of each others weight growing up as both of us were husky. A couple days after we received news that she would be returning we got a knock at the door, Jo was home. As my mother opened the door I was shocked to see a thick, tanned and sexy girl with the biggest tits I'd seen in a long time. Not even some of the Playboy bunnies I had seen compared to the tits crammed into her university t-shirt. I could feel my dick get hard as I stared. She came in, gave my mom a hug and kiss and slapped me in the back of the head.

"Hey where did fatass go? All I see is a hot piece of man meat?" Her and my mother laughed and she immediately went upstairs, dropped her bags off and sat down to talk to my mom. A few hours later she was done and my mom left for her graveyard shift job.

Both of us, bored, sat down to watch tv and after awhile she got up to change the tv, as she bent over to turn the channel I got a nice hard look at everything Jo was working with from the back.

Her shorts saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde hide the fat pussy underneath. I could see the bulge in her shorts and her panties seperating her ass cheeks.

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My dick grew harder and harder. She turned her slightly and shot me a look, "You okay with watching this?".I was speechless. I just nodded. She came back to the couch and threw her legs into my lap.

I had hoped she didn't feel my hardon. "So, the old bat have any liquor stashed around here somewhere?" my sister said with a gleam in her eyes. "Uh yeah yeah she's got some above the stove. Vodka I think, there's orange juice too." As she jumped up from the couch and trotted into the kitchen her massive tits swung left to right, "Want some?".I was speechless again.

I shook my head.

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"More for me!" She poured herself a giant glass of vodka and O.J. and plopped back down on the couch. Soon she began telling me about all the parties she had went to and about how on occasion she'd show her tits for beer. Jo's words started to slur and I could tell she was drunk.

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Glass after glass she downed the vodka. She wasn't drunk anymore, she was wasted. "I'm so hot.oh god man I'm hot why aren't you? Are you? I am.hahaha!" My sister was fumbling with the button and zipper of her shorts and my heart lept in my chest. I knew I shouldn't feel this way but I'd only gotten to see tits and whatever else was in my porn mags.I never had the opportunity to see them face to face.

She quickly jumped up off the couch and shimmied her khaki shorts down and off, as she stepped out of them, my dick throbbed out of control. There stood my sister in panties that were way too small for her. They barely covered her pussy and they were buried deep in her ass. The panties were light mom and san xxx rum night and almost transparent.

She threw herself back down on the couch and continued drinking not bothering to keep her knees together. I was really sweating. "Maybe you should slow down on the vodka Jo" I said, "Maybe you should go get me another glass and lick my clit!!" she hollered as she laughed.

She then made the peace sign, jammed her tongue between her fingers and flicked her tongue back and forth. I smiled and laughed but I could feel the tip of my dick getting wet. "Gid me nother glass and I'll give ya a handjob, fatass." she mumbled. "Go get yourself a glass and give me a handjob anyway" I said, We both broke into laughter but I got up and grabbed her another glass full anyhow. I had to get away from my half naked sister.something just felt wrong about staring.

I couldn't help myself. I sat back down and gave her the glass, she took a couple drinks and could barely hold it in her mouth. She jumped up and pulled her shirt over her head. I started to protest, "Jo just settle down and." "Shu'upfaggot!" she yelled. She quickly tugged and pulled and her university shirt slipped over her head and out sprung 2 of the biggest tits I had ever seen. She had a purple bra matching her panties and I could see her enormous nipples through the front.

I couldn't even imagine how big they would be if she popped the clasp in the front. This was my sister and all I could see was sucking her tits and rubbing her chubby pussy. To clear my head I stood up and brought her glass in the kitchen, put the vodka and orange juice away. As I walked past the living room and headed toward my room she yelled, "Hey c'mere dumbass!".

I stopped and doubled back, I knew I shouldn't have but I wanted to get that last look at her tits. Walking into the living room I almost fell over.there my sister was laboring on the couch, panties around her ankles, thick thighs spread, quickly rubbing her pussy.

My mouth dropped open. She looked up at me and her eyes were glazed over and her head kept falling side to side and backward. Her pussy lips were thick and smooth and I could see her clit.

She was furiously rubbing it and it was seriously swollen sticking out real amateur teens play oral party games her pussy between her fingers.

Her pussy was slick and pink and there wasn't one single hair on her pussy. It was shaved clean. My dick was straining against my pants and I was stunned. I just stood watching. I slowly grabbed my dick through my pants and began slowly tugging.

I had hoped she might not noticed me tugging one off but she looked up and smiled.

"c'mere" she said, I walked over to the couch and sat down. She turned on the couch and laid back with one leg up on the top of the couch and the other hanging off the side.

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She slowly massaged her pussy and rubbed the inside of her thighs. She slowly started flexing her thighs and her wide hips started bucking the air. Everytime her hips came up, she was within inches of my face and I could smell her pussy.

It smelled like womens body wash soap and a wild smell I couldn't put my finger on. Whatever it was it had me picking up the pace on tugging at my clothed cock. She grunted and hollered as her hips shot into the air, "Ffffuck! Fuuuuuuuhhhh-shit! ahshitah yeaah!!". She continued to finger herself with her hips in the air when suddenly a small stream squirted from her fat pussy and splashed across my cheek and lip, that was all it took, my boxers started to soak as I pumped round after round of cum into them.

I turned to my sister in a frenzy of horniness and frustration, she lowered her hips to the couch, big boob teen bj first time this gave brice an idea up and opened her legs. She reached down and used two fingers to open her swollen, wet pussy.

I could see her folds of skin and her pussy was still twitching, I looked up as my sister reached with her other hand to the clasp on her bra, she moved her fingers on the clasp like a pro and her tits dropped out of her bra and landed on her chest and stomach.

They must have been double D's. In school, Sharon Stedson had 32D's and everybody knew it and my sisters tits looked at least double her size. She dropped the clasp and reached out to me and unsnapped my pants. She reached down my pants and wrestled my cock out of my pants and boxers. There was a huge wet spot on the couch from her pussy and I could smell her deep in my nose.

She pulled my cock toward her, leaned over and sucked the cum from the tip of my dick, her face drew close to mine and she slowly licked her own cum off of the side of my face then leaned back, opened her legs and dragged my dick to her pussy.