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These tight ass hugger jeans are all for you joi
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Chapter 1: A New Family Hermione Granger was at home during the summer holidays in between her second year and third year at was in her room when she was called by her mother.

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"Hermione, we have something to tell you," said her mother, Jean Granger. "What is it mum?" replied Hermione, suddenly nervous. "You were adopted sometime after you were born and we were given a note when you were adopted to tell you this when you are nearing your thirteenth birthday," started Jean, "You have a twin brother and you're telepathic powers are developing, to find them just try using it." "Do they have a note for me as well?" asked Hermione surprised.

"Yes, do you want to see both notes?"Jean asked. Hermione could only nod as Jean passed her both notes. The note to her adoptive parents said: Dearwhoeveryouare, PleaseunderstandthatIleftthisgirl, whoIwant youtoname, Hermione,becausetheseare darktimesforbabygirls.

Averybadpersonis outthere and we are needed to protect. They are basically wizards and we need non-magical people to protect her and raise her as people like you but as soon as she reaches eleven she will receive a letter to go to Hogwarts School of Witchchraft and Wizardry.

When she is nearing her thirteenth birthday please tell her all of this; she has a twin, can contact him through telepathic powers, will collect her the day before her thirteenth birthday if she wants. From Her mother The second letter was more or less the same but more about her powers on contacting her brother.

That night,when she was lying down in bed, Hermione decided to give her powers a go. *Hello?* *Hi* *What's your name, twin brother?* *Hermione? Is that you? You're Granger!* *Yes,now answer my question* *I am Theodore Nott, but they called me Theo* *Nott is a pureblood family isn't it?* *Yup, but even though our family are Death Eaters, we are in the light side to spy for Dumbledore.* *That's a relief* *Do you want us to pick you up on the day before our birthday?* *OK, but when is it?

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*August 1st* *All right, so you will pick me up on July 31st* *Pretty much* They continued to talk until they wanted to sleep. "Mum, my biological family is going to pick me up on July 31st," said Hermione.

"All right" Hermione went up to her room to read a book when suddenly thoughts and emotions that weren't hers came into her mind. *THEODORE ANDERSON NOTT JR! WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP! *OK, OK, OK, sheesh* *Thank you* *By the way, how are you sis?* *I'm fine,bro* *What are you doing?* *Reading, you?* *Blimey, don't you ever stop reading?* *Yes, what are you doing?* *Getting your room ready while lisa berlin bull fucks slave charles with a nasty strapon to you* *You shouldn't have* *We do this every year when our birthday is nearing, it became sort of a tradition* *Oh, so why are we going there the day before our birthday?

*Because a glamour was cast on you to protect you and it will wear off when someone in the family takes it off or when you reach your thirteenth birthday* *That explains a lot and if you excuse me I'd like to take a nap* *All right then, bye* *Bye* It was the day before the Notts were going to pick her up to see Theo; they are going to pick her up at nine o'clock in the morning. It was anxiously awaiting in her living room with her adoptive parents, which killed her, figuratively.

She explained that she wanted to get to know her biological parents and twin; conversations with Theo, she felt comfortable calling them 'mum' and 'dad'.

Suddenly, they heard a pop and were already greeted each other while Hermione and her biological family hugged and Theo's hug was the most emotional as they cried. "Are ready 'Mione?"Theo asked.

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Hermione said goodbye to her adoptive parents and stepped into the fire place alongside Theo while carrying her things. "Nott Manor!"said Hermione and Theo while throwing Floo powder.

When they reached Nott Manor, Hermione felt something very heavy on her back. "THEO!" shouted Hermione, "GET OF MY BACK!" "OK, OK, OK!" said Theo as he scrambled of her. They heard laughter and saw their parents behind them. Their parents were laughing at them while Theo and Hermione tried to convince them that it wasn't funny, they managed to stop laughing. Their dad told Theo to show Hermione around. Theo showed Hermione around, it was clear that he was excited as he ended the tour on the second floor.

Hermione pretty gal acquires goo on her face hardcore blowjob curious to know why he ended there instead of the highest floor which was the fifth.

"Because our rooms are here," Theo answered. "That explains a lot," Hermione said. When they reached Hermione's room, Hermione let out a shriek; -The room was ocean blue with other colors splattered across the walls. -A four poster bed, not unlike the ones at Hogwarts, was facing the window, which also has curtains if she doesn't want to wake up with bright sunlight shining on her.

-There were bookshelves and a desk by the door; simply put it, it was beautiful. "It's amazing!" she exclaimed. "It truly is," Theo agreed. "How do you know I like this type of pattern?" she asked. "The walls were enchanted to look like how you want it to look like," he explained.

Hermione nodded in appreciation, they heard their mother call them to go down for lunch. They all caught up with Hermione during lunch and they exchanged their experiences with each other, but decided to keep Hermione a secret as nobody can know until Voldemort is defeated and tell her adoptive parents to send and pick Hermione up at Platform 9 and Hermione also have to act as if they are not related but can meet up whenever they're sure nobody's watching. That night Theo and Hermione stayed up late to tell about what the other done.

Afterward, Hermione went to bed.