Incredible latin teen whore from snapforsex flashes tits and ass

Incredible latin teen whore from snapforsex flashes tits and ass
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I had been divorced for charming bombshell is flashing her gaped tight twat in close up stretching and teenies some time, almost 10 years, I'd caught my ex cheating with her personal trainer and it all ended pretty badly. Through it all I'd even managed to alienate my daughter, she didn't understand at the time why I was angry and calling her Mommy a fucking nasty slut and since I felt ashamed that I'd upset her I didn't try hard enough and let the relationship fall to the wayside.

I lost my trust in women after that, had mostly one night stands but I was fine with that and mostly concentrated on my work. My job had taken me to a new city for a few weeks, I had just finished off a huge contract and felt the need for a good fuck. I was tired though, was staying in a hotel and didn't want to drink so I pulled up the local ad pages, filtered through the scam sites and found a listing for a local girl advertising for paid sex.

The ad said 'Cute blonde, slim, 36DD and up for anything.' I was a little wary that it didn't include pics but I thought 'fuck it' and figured if she wasn't good looking I'd just get what I needed from drilling enchanting honeys twat pornstar and hardcore. I called the number and arranged for her to come to my room. I showered and just dressed in my robe, put the money on the dresser as I'd been told and waited for the girl to arrive.

When she did I looked through the door right as she turned her head, paid more attention to her cleavage and opened the door to let her in. She called someone, her pimp I assumed and went straight to the dresser, told the person on the phone it was good then hung up. "You can lose the robe sweetie." She said as she dropped her dress to the floor. It took us both a second to register, both of us completely naked, it had been about 9 years since I'd seen her but she still had the same pretty face she had when she was 12.


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Heather?" I said, to my daughter. "Oh fuck. Daddy?" Replied Heather. She didn't cover up but embraced me in a tight hug. With her breasts pressed against me, a sweet smell of jasmine and clean skin I couldn't help but start to get hard. "Do you want to take care of business then we can talk?" She said.

"Wh.what? You're my daughter Heather, we can't do this!" "Right now I'm the girl you paid for sex. If I go back to Devin without getting x english panu sex stories full sex stories he'll just send me on another date.

I only do one a night." "Heather, you're my little girl, I can't." "Your cock says otherwise, just enjoy me." Before I could come up with more objections, Heather got to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me. She had me hard in no time then pulled me by the hand to the bed and got onto her back with her legs open. "I'm super wet already, I'll even let you fuck me without a condom." She said, smiling at me.

I looked at her laying there, her breasts still pert despite being on her back, her beautiful shaved pussy glistening at me and I couldn't stop. I pushed away the thoughts that told me to walk away, I pushed away the thoughts that she was my little girl and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"Are you sure about this Heather?" I said, looking into her eyes. "Um, get on your back." She said, I did as she asked. Once I got on my back, Heather mounted me and impaled herself on my cock, taking me deep inside her with a single thrust. "Oh you feel good, you were taking too long to decide." She said then began to ride me.

Watching her breasts bounce and feeling her take me deep inside with each thrust I didn't last as long as I wanted to, I warned her I was close but she leaned forward onto my chest and kissed me then increased her pace. I pushed up into her and moaned into her mouth as I came, the taboo nature making it the hardest climax I'd had in years.

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Heather came as the first jet of cum splashed into her and her pussy tightening on my cock as I emptied my balls into her was amazing. She laid on my chest as she caught her breath then when I started to soften she rolled off me and snuggled into me. "That fantastic kagney pleasures a massive black dick fantastic." She said.

"It was, I can't believe I just came into my own daughter though." "Well if you can get hard again you can do it again from behind, you paid for a full hour." She replied with a smile. "How long have you been doing this?" "About a year, I have a pretty hardcore sex addiction and my Master decided to set up paid sessions for me. We've managed to get me down to once a day though, before I wanted it 3 or 4 times a day, toys wouldn't take the edge off either.

This way I'm making good money doing something I was craving anyway." "Your Master?" "Yes, I went to a bdsm club to get help, they're the ones that got me down to one a day." "How much does he take of your money?" "Just 25%, I have a lot saved up though." Before I could say any more, Heather leaned over and took my cock back into her mouth and sucked me until I was hard again. She didn't say anything, got up onto all fours and just looked back at me.

I took the hint and got behind her and pushed my cock into her nice and slow, admiring her ass as I began to thrust. I built up my pace nice and slow, savoring the pussy I shouldn't have been able to enjoy, pushing away the guilt I should have felt and by the time I finally came a second time, Heather had cum 3 or 4 times and was out of breath when we collapsed together.

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"I don't think I've ever cum that hard twice in one night." I said when I finally caught my breath. "I came pretty hard myself, your cock is amazing Daddy." "So what now?" "Well I'm going to take this money down to Devin, tell him I'm going home then I'm going to wait for you to turn up at my apartment and make love to me off the clock." "Uh, okay." Heather put her clothes on then put her address in my phone, I put on a robe and walked her to the door.

She held me before she left. "I'm so happy right now, I'm looking forward to having you again." "Is good to see you again my love, I'm sorry I let things go the way I did." "I forgive you but you owe me another ten orgasms as pennant okay." She said with tattooed chick gets banged in different poses grin.

"I think I can handle that." Heather kissed me on the cheek then left. I got a text from her about 20 minutes later. 'I'm free, come and fuck your little girl, oh and check out, you're staying with me okay.' it said. I was packed and waiting for my cab in record time. The cab dropped me off at her apartment, it was in a nice part of town, I was pretty proud of her.

She opened the door to me wearing just a towel which she took off once she closed the door behind me. "I'm glad you didn't keep me waiting, just put your case here, I'll set up the spare room later." She said then kissed me. "This is a nice place Heather." "Told you I saved, it's all paid off too, previous owner sold it to me cheap if I'd take part in an orgy." "I probably don't want to know that." "You've fucked your own daughter and are going to again, no time to get all prudey on me Daddy." She said with a grin.

"Fair point." "Come, let me show you my bedroom." She led me by the hand to the master bedroom, it was well furnished and had a huge California king in it's center. She jumped up and got on her back and leaned on her elbows to watch me undress.

"Oh, top drawer on that dresser Daddy, little blue pill if you want it, I've had you cum twice already." "I might not cum very much but I won't have a problem getting it up my love." I replied. Once I undressed I got onto the bed and crawled between her legs, gave her nipples a quick suck then made my way down her body.

I licked her slowly, gradually increasing my pace before rasping her clit as she writhed and moaned below me.

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She came a couple of times before she pushed me away. "Oh my gosh. Th. that was incredible." "Glad you liked it, that usually gets me nice and hard too, ready for more?" "Yes I am. Ohh ffffuck that feels good." Replied Heather as I pushed my cock inside her.

I lasted for ages since I'd already cum twice that day, Heather was in a daze by the time we were finally finished, she lost count of how many times she'd cum. She cuddled into me as we caught our breath. "If sex with you was this good, why the hell did mom cheat on you?" "It wasn't the sex, she couldn't stand being loyal." I replied.

"I'm really glad we found each other again, I don't want to lose you." "I have to go back on Monday, why don't you come and stay with me a while.

You okay with leaving your business behind for a while?" "When I said I was free earlier, I meant for good. I told Devin I was done." "Oh, does that mean I get to fill that need for you?" "Hell yes it does, you have me sated, I used to need 3 guys to get me this satisfied but I just want you." Heather and I fell asleep together, about 3am we were woken by someone pounding on the front door.

Heather looked at her camera and her face went white. "It's Devin, he looks like he's been drinking." "I'll talk to him." I put on my t-shirt and pants and opened the door. Devin was pretty tall, quite lean and was covered in tattoos and piercings. "How can I help you?" I said. "Where is that fucking whore, if she thinks she can just quit me." He said, trying to push past me. "She doesn't belong to you anymore, I suggest you walk away while you still can." "Oh yea, the fuck are you going to do old man?" He said, squaring up to me.

I moved so quick he didn't know what hit him, open hand to the throat, quick strike to the knee, he buckled and fell to his hands and knees gasping for air. I'd hoped it showed him how serious I was but nope, he stood up tried to pull a knife and soon regretted it. He barely had it out of his pocket when I knocked it from his hand and gave him another few strikes to his body then broke his nose. I took him down again then twisted his arm up his back.

"Heather, get me my phone." I said, putting a knee into Devin's back so he couldn't move. Heather handed me my phone. "Now, you have the following choice, I own a very exclusive personal security detail, I'm one of the smallest guys on the team but my years in Special Forces and undercover has left me with very unique skills and some very horrible friends. I can call the Police, have them take you away, or, I can call one of my friends who will see to it that if you are found again, you won't be recognized.

Cops or a friend?" one spicy teenage some from my slutty girlfriend I said to him, sternly. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have came here." He said, sobbing. "Cops it is." Thirty minutes later he was sitting in a car as the Officer spoke to me. "We've been after this guy for a while, nice collar.

He has a few out of state warrants, one local for drugs. I bet he regrets tangling with you too." Said the Cop. "Well I gave him a choice, one of my team or you guys. Threatening my daughter was a pretty unwise move." I replied. "Well I'm glad you called us, I've seen how your team deals with threats.

Take it easy Mr Black." "So, I hope you weren't planning on sleeping Sir, you have me so turned on right now." "I was hoping you'd say that." Heather moved in with me the following month, to the outside world she's a doting daughter that came home to see her Dad after so much time apart, inside however, lets just say I'm thankful for my bedroom's soundproofing.