Cheerleader giselle loves anal and facial pornstars and hardcore

Cheerleader giselle loves anal and facial pornstars and hardcore
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I am so lucky to have my Uncle Tim dance with me at my wedding. "You look beautiful." He whispers in my ear as we slow dance. I smile at him. "Thank you, Uncle Tim." I softly say and kiss him softly on the cheek. I have always been his favorite niece Since I was little.

My mom was his oldest sister so he was much younger than her. He was still in school when I was born. Then went off to college so I didn't get to see him very much. When he did show up he was always willing to play games and take me and my cousins to the park to play. He loved to be the cool uncle.

I am positive that none of my other relatives would guess that he slept in my room last night before I got married to Luke today. Although we did very little sleep. Then Uncle Tim woke me up on my wedding day and made love to me so gentle, I do not think he has been so gentle with me since I was younger. He woke me by kissing my neck and then kissing his way down to my sleeping breasts. It only took a couple flicks of his tongue on my nipples to wake them up and then harden in his mouth. I moaned as he sucks on my nipples.

I keep my eyes shut so I could enjoy his every touch. I felt his hand work it way down to my Swollen pussy. He starts gliding his fingers over my slit and I start to feel his finger getting wet from my pussy. His tender touch feels so good after the pounding he gave me last night. He slowly slid his fingers into my pussy. He is finger fucking me so slow and gentle I was feeling relaxes under his movements.

"You feeling sore?" Uncle asks me in a soft caring voice. I moan and push my pussy against his finger. "A little." I say softly "But please, don't stop" I softly beg. He chuckles and slides his face down between my legs. I feel his tongue replace his finger and he starts gently licking sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits sucking my swollen lips.

He glides his tongue in and out of my tender hole. I put my hand on his head and encourage him to never stop. I slowly rock my pussy on his face as he continues to lick and suck my clit. It is like he is savoring every part of my pussy before I walked down the aisle today. I hear him moaning and I start to feel my body building up to another orgasm. I had no idea I even had another one in me after last night.

My head extends back as it builds up inside me. "Oh shit." I whisper through my moans. He plunges 2 fingers in my pussy as he sucks on my clit. "Oh fuuuuck." I moan. I grind onto his finger and his fingers start rubbing my G-Spot. "Uncle Timmmmmm, Oh shit." I moan as I start to explode. I start humping his finger wildly and feel myself squirting onto his fingers.and down my crack. "Oh SHIT!" I moan a little louder than expected.

My body comes back down to the bed. I lay there exhausted as He licks and sucks my juices out of my soaked pussy. He glides up my body and I spread my legs around his body as he kisses me so soft and tender on my lips.

I taste myself with every kiss. I feel his hard cock slide into my pussy slowly. He slowly fucks me as he kisses my neck and face. I have never had such a slow fuck in my life. I felt so loved and cared for at this saxy move sunny leone full saxy move I felt we were fully joined together as one. Our bodies moved together so smooth with every stroke of his cock.

"Oh fuck," He moaned. He kissed my neck and I felt him stiffing. "I love you, peanut." He moaned and came inside me. As he finished and layed gently on top of me, I kissed the top of his head. "I love you too,Uncle Tim." I softly whisper. He looks up at me and smiles. "I will miss our time together." He says with a slow smile.

I laugh out loud. "If only you were not my niece," He says and winks at me. "I would be the one marrying you." He kisses the tip of my nose like he did when I was little.

I chuckle and hold him tighter against me. "Do you know the first time you made me want to touch you?" He asked with a grin. I looked at him and chuckled. "When?" I asked. "You were in a pretty sun dress when you jumped up on my lap. I had just mz booty fucks white dick out of college and I was so excited to see my sister and her family.

It had been about a year since I had been home. You straddled my legs and was facing me. I was so shocked at how big you had gotten, You were so excited to see me." sexy ass student as perfect euro babe teasing no high definition He chuckled as he recalled the day.

"You started telling me about your morning. You kept wiggling around as you were telling me the story I had to hold onto you tiny bottom more firm to keep you still." Uncle Tim smiled at me and I could see the love in his eyes. Your sundress was all the way up your legs and I could see your panties were showing. You kept wiggling and I could see the outline of you tiny pussy lips through your panties.

I could feel my cock twitch. I looked around to see if anyone noticed me looking at your pussy. But my sister had gone to tend to your brother because he was wanting something in the kitchen. So I brought my one hand around to your bare leg. My cock twitched as soon as I touched your bare skin.

I remember my heart pounding. All my mind could think about was your bare lips behind those panties. I remember taking a deep breath then letting my finger glide over your panties." He took a deep breath and chuckled nervously. He shook his head and kissed my lips. "I can't believe I did it.

You giggled and told me that tickled. I then circled the area again on the face of the cartoon. I asked you who she was. Hot alt driving student gets anal sex when you proudly spread your legs more and said thats Dora. I kept rubbing around the area and asked questions about her so I could keep touching you little pussy through your panties.

You started telling me about the cartoon and all I wanted was my finger to feel you bare pussy." I started laughing. "I think I might remember this." I told him and straddled him so he could see my pussy now. "Fuck, You are so beautiful." He takes his finger and slides up my slit. "I remember sliding my finger under your panties and i felt you naked slit.

I was in love with your body instantly." He said as he continues touching me as he tells the story. "I tried to keep asking about dora and pretending I was just interested in your panties but my finger moved up and down your smooth slit as we talked." He laughs and closes his eyes. "God that was so bad of me. I heard my sister coming so I pulled my finger away and changed the subject by pointing at a toy on the floor.

I pulled your dress down some so your mom didn't know I saw your panties." He opens his eyes and smiled at me. I leaned over and kissed him gently. "I always had a crush on you from what I can remember." I told him and took his hard cock and put it into my pussy.

He moaned and closed his eyes as he started fucking me again. "Are you thinking about me when I was little." I asked as he pounded deep into me. "Oh shit.

forgive me." He said as I ground my pussy on his cock. I felt him cum hard deep in me. I played down on top of his chest. "You will always be that little girl to me." He said as his breathing stated to slow down. I kissed him gently on his cheek. "I think I remember that." I said as I got up out of bed. "I remember getting a lot of attention from you once you got home from college." I said winking at him still laying naked with his hands behind his head on my hotel bed.

"I remember sitting on your lap often and always wanting to be with you." I said and laughed. "Mom even told me to leave you alone before I drove you crazy." Uncle Tim laughed and sat on the side of the bed.

"Your mom also told me just to tell you to go play if you irritated me." He told me.

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"I just laughed at her and told her I loved having you tag along and to blonde milf laurence in glasses fucked in a threesome worry about me.

If you bothered me I would let her know." He said and reached out and pulled me to him. I straddled him and put my arms around his neck. "So I guess I should tell you now. If I start to bother you and you need me to stay away, you need to tell me." He says smiling as his hands caress my butt cheeks.

"I would hate for this to be the last time I get to play with my favorite niece." He says and grins. I lean kiss him and feel a tear go down my cheek. "I don't ever want you to stop touching me." I tell him as he wipes my tear away. "I never told you to stop before and I don't plan on it now." Uncle Tim wipes away my tear and says. "You have told me no a couple times." He said with a frown.

"I did?" I asked shocked. "You had said it, but I understood." He said with a grin. "You were young and scared at times when I touched you." He said and chuckled. "When?" I asked when I heard amateur aunt and nephew allys daughter gives dad blowjob in car first time tiny tunes phone go off.

"Damn, I got to get up and get ready." I said and stood up to turn my phone off. "Your wedding is this afternoon." He says and stands up and pulls me against him again. "You are going to be an amazing wife." He says and kisses me on my cheek. "Thanks Uncle Tim." I say softly. "I do want to hear about the times I told you no." I say with a grin. He grabs my right breast and then flicks it with his tongue.

"You were a little confused at why I wanted to suck your tiny tits." He said with a mischievous grin on his face. "Thats one of the times and it is a very funny story." "You will need to tell me about it later. Right now, I need to get in the shower and get ready for Shannon to do my hair in 30 minutes." She said and smiled. He frowns and kisses me. "It will be hard for me to give you away today." He said a little sad.

"I really hate handing you off to another man." He says and pulls me tight. "I am sorry if this bothers you but you agreed to do it since my dad is an asshole and left my mom." I tell him and feeling a little frustrated. "Don't worry peanut. I am going to do it and not make it hard for you." He said and kissed me on my neck. "I know he is rich and handsome and will take care of most of your needs." He pauses and grins.

"But I will be there to take care of your real needs as I did last night." He says and kisses me roughly. "That is what I am counting on." I say laughing and pushing him away. "Now let me go before someone comes knocking on my door looking for me. He puts his hands up in the air and lets me head to the bathroom.

I am washing my hair as I here Uncle Tim going to the bathroom and flush the toilet. Then he startles me and climbs into the shower. "I got to get ready." I say as he pulls my wet body against his.

"I thought you could use a hand like I use to do for you." He says and slides his hands up and down my wet belly. I finish rinsing my hair and feel a washcloth on my back. He rvina tandan xxx ful movis washing my back and my bottom.

I put my hands on the wall and spread my feet as he starts washing lower on my bottom.

Then after a couple times with the washcloth I feel his finger circling my hole. I feel my heart racing. He starts slipping it in and out of my pussy. I can't help but start fucking his finger. I put my foot up wwe star paige xxx vedio the bathtub edge so he can go deeper. He glides back to my glory hole and starts playing with it. "You use to say no to this." He said and slips in the first knuckle of his finger.

"FUuuck" I moan and push back against his finger. He reaches his other hand around to the front of me and starts playing with my swollen clit. "I think you need cleaned here as well from last night." He whispers in my ear. He starts going in and out of both holes as my breathing shortens. I feel my body needing his hard cock inside me again.

Then all at once he stops. "There you go. All cleaned." He says and smacks my ass hard and starts getting out of the tub. "Ouch, What the Hell?" I yell and turn around still breathing hard and sexually frustrated. I hear him laugh.

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"Uncle tim!" I yell at him. "Quit down Peanut. People will hear us." He says in a teasing low voice. I lean against the shower wall and shake my head. "Dammit. Tim" I say frustrated and angry. I turn off the shower and dry off.

He already left the bathroom. I come out of the bathroom and see him pulling his shirt on. "What the hell?" I ask him. Xianna hills tight stretch pussy railed by sean lawless smiles at me and steps closer.

But not close enough for me to hit him. "I wanted to wash you one last time but then once you started getting all turned on I got another idea in my head." He said and just grinned at me. I rolled my eyes. "What? What bright idea was that?" I asked still pissed. "I wanted you to feel the way I am going to feel watching you get married." He said with a serious face.

I stood there in shock. "Fuck." Is all I could say when I could finally speak and I started crying. He came close and held me in his arms. "Oh, Peanut. I didn't want you to cry." He said and kissed my head. "I am sorry." I stepped back once I got my emotions under control. I sat on the bed. "Ok, I get it." I say and took a deep breath. He sits across from me with a smile. "I hope your happy now." I say in a pouty voice. He chuckles.

"A little." He says and smiles. I shake my head at him. "Your a dick." I say and laugh. "You love my Dick." He said and we both laugh. "Now you can get ready and I will not touch you again." I look up at him in surprise.

"well at least until your married." He finishes and shrugs his shoulders. I laugh at him and get up and give him a hug and a kiss. "I love you." I tell him. "And I love you." He says. "I am going to go get breakfast and leave you in peace. Then I will come back and gather my belongings out of this room." "Ok, don't forget to get to the church by 1:00." I remind him.

He rolls his eyes at me this time and I laughed.