Lovable college girl was seduced and penetrated by her senior teacher amateur and babe

Lovable college girl was seduced and penetrated by her senior teacher amateur and babe
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One Dark Wintry Night By Jax_Teller I was searching for sexual entertainment one dark wintry night in Buffalo NY. It was hard finding any activity in a town covered in thirty six inches of fresh snow with wind chills of minus twenty seven. This night though I had just got off of a lake freighter from Port Huron MI. I had been working long cold hours with a crew of miscreant men who were at their best, not in jail.

I was determined to be entertained. The water front bars were mostly closed dumps that had not seen an attractive female in years. The three kinky women orgy with hunk dudes in the bedroom clubs in Buffalo were sad, as I had found out the last time I was in town.

The Canadian strip clubs were far superior, but tonight I didn't have transport and the snow was slowing down everything. The only place I could see open down river road was an Adult theater. I thought to myself, what the hell and started walking. Once I got there, I was happy to have made it to the overly warm porn shop. I stood in the foyer and shook off the snow, stomping my boots. I went in passing the sales counter with display cases full of adult toys.

Behind the counter a twenty something young man sat watching a series of security monitors. A sign caught my eye that said all booths take quarters. I pulled out a twenty from my wallet and asked the young man for quarters. He handed me two rolls of quarters not even looking at me. I walked around the video section looking at the different categories, titles. The mild to the extreme, the kinky to the passionate. I noticed the area I was in was virtually empty.

An old man in the typical perv trench coat, his hands in his pockets. An attractive young couple never letting go of each others hands. The cameras at the ends of the rows made me wonder how safe the area was.

It was business as usual on a slow winter night, so I thought I saw the sign to the booth area and another sign to the theater. I thought about it as I walked porn hubsunny leone sex story isles deciding to go to the theater. I walked in and it was a standard looking theater, a large screen with naked bodies and moaning. As my eyes adjusted I saw ten or so people seated sporadically around.

I found a seat not too close to anyone and sat down. I watched the movie through the remaining part of the scene and started noticing the others in the theater. The young couple walked in and sat down two rows ahead of me a couple seats over.

There was a guy way at the other end of my row of seats masturbating. There was a larger woman, judging by the hair, down closer to the screen. I couldn't really see much of her except her hair and shoulders. There were a few others but I couldn't see much of them.

The scene on the screen finished and a new one started. The new scene was a thirty something looking male giving directions to a teen female baby sitter. It was an old plot that didn't have anything new save the young actress, with her perky tits and hairless twat. The father character left the house and minutes later the baby sitter finds a giant fire hydrant sized dildo in the crack of the couch she was sitting on.

Of course she slips her clothes off in seconds, slides the fire hydrant sized dildo in her cunny. As these gentle loving with a cute all natural sweetheart go the father forgot something and sneaks in the door without her noticing. He of course whips out his cock, the size of baseball bat only half hard.

The teen in bliss stroking the fire hydrant in and out of her "tight" box, pulls it out and licks it. As she twists her her to suck the fire hydrant sized dildo she notices the father stroking the baseball bat, still half hard cock. With out shock or any words he walks over to the teen and waves his, still not hard, cock at her. The terrible acting, lack of plot and third world camera work, lost my attention as I notice the young couple two rows ahead of me.

I could see him easily but couldn't see her for a second and then I saw her head bobbing up and down in his lap. This show was real and way more interesting than the movie playing on the screen. The man must have felt my eyes on him because he looked at me and then motioned me to join him. I moved to the seat next to where his girl friend was kneeling. She slid over and started stroking my cock through my pants.

I took this as an invitation to pull my cock out. As soon as my cock was free of my pants her mouth was on it. It wasn't until that moment that I noticed she was wearing a skirt with leggings underneath it.

The guy had his hand under her skirt and was fingering her. I couldn't see exactly how but could tell what he was doing. An anonymous blow job was better than jerking off so I was pretty happy. The guy motioned to the door and they both straightened up. I saw a male with a flash light and work vest, walk down one side of the rows, across the front of the seats. He stopped for a second and said something to the female sitting down front.

She sat up in her seat and the guy walked to the other side of the theater and back up that side. I took it to mean that she had been doing something too obvious. The girl friend whispered to me that they were going to the private viewing booths if I'd like to join them.

I said sure not really knowing how this was going to play out. I'd never been in this place before but in the others I'd been to in the past the booths only had room for one person. Some had glory holes and some places didn't care what went on in the back areas. This place had cameras everywhere and they obviously kept a sexxxy story fun game xxx eye out.

Never the less, I followed them at a distance to the private viewing booths. I saw them enter a booth and the guy held the door open for me to enter. The booth was tight but could hold the three of us comfortably. The guy started feeding quarters into the machine and the girl started taking her clothes off. We made introductions as the movie started. Katrina asked me if I would like to take a seat so she could ride my cock. I wasted no time dropping my pants and sitting down on the bench.

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Katrina took my cock in her hand and guided me into her pussy as she sat on my lap facing me. Johnson took a position behind her jerking his cock. Katrinas' tits were augmented and actually too large for her slight build. Her nipples were pierced and she had what looked like dog bone shaped bars though her them. Katrina was sliding back and forth on my cock not taking much inside her, but it felt fantastic. I saw Sex xxx indea sex stories story slide up behind Katrina as she stopped moving.

I felt his hand guiding his cock as it bumped my cock still inside Katrina. It was then I realized he was going to stick his cock in her asshole. I felt Katrinas' pussy tighten as she pushed and Johnsons' cock slide inside her asshole. Katrina took a second to adjust, wiggling around, then began small movements.

I was getting the oddest sensation as it felt like her pussy got tighter, realizing it was Johnsons' cock. I could feel his cock through the thin membrane separating us inside of her. Katrina began to move up and down on my cock, slowly increasing the pace. I was throughly enjoying the sight of this luscious young woman riding me. The sound of the movie in the back ground and the movements in the adjoining booths were distracting.

It wasn't long before I felt Johnsons' cock throbbing inside Katrina. I knew he was coming and he pulled out and jerked the last of his load onto her butt. I could feel some of his come on my balls too, but that really didn't bother me right then.

Katrina sped up her pace, getting wetter and wetter as she rode me. I was caught up in the sights and sounds of the moment when I felt a tongue licking my balls clean of Johnsons' come. I really didn't care if a guy was licking my balls clean, as long as his woman was riding my cock at the time.

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It was a complete surprise to me when I felt his hand circle the base of my cock holding it tight as Katrina kept riding me. She obviously knew what was going on because she was sticking her tits in my face, rubbing then along side my head to keep me busy.

Johnson used a finger and went down the crack of my ass to my asshole. I really wasn't in the position to object beside the fact it was feeling good. I was all about the feeling good part but was nervous when he slid the finger in my asshole. He had let go of my cock but was still licking and sucking my balls.

I wasn't going to last long at this pace. Licking and sucking on Katrinas' nipples I pinched one and nibbled on the other at the same time. As I treated Katrinas' nipples rougher I could feel her pussy get very wet. I switched nipples and bit down lightly using my teeth on one, while pinching harder on the other.

I felt Katrina voluptuous babe is very horny hardcore blowjob and I thought I had gone too far but then she shook and I could feel her juices flood my lap.

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At the same time I could feel Johnson licking up her juices. It was very intense and Tight pussy licking with alison and brooklyn was so close to coming my self, when Johnson hit my prostrate with his finger.

It was as if a fire cracker went off in my cock, come spewing into Katrina with volcanic force. Johnson was pounding my ass with his finger as he grabbed my cock from Katrinas' pussy and slipped it into his mouth.

I finished coming in his mouth. I wasn't above getting a blow job from a guy but I had not seen this coming so to speak. I came for what seemed like an hour, almost painfully squirting load after load of boiling hot come in his mouth.

Katrina swung her leg over Johnsons' head to end up kneeling beside him. He removed his finger from my asshole letting go of my cock in his mouth. They turned to each other and shared my come in their kiss, kneeling in front of me. The movie was still playing, the loud fake moaning not nearly as exciting as the couple in front of me. When they broke their embrace they both looked to me and said thank you in unison. They got dressed, bumping into each other in the small booth.

As they stepped out of the booth into the hall, Johnson handed me a card with his number on it. He said if you would like a repeat and more, call us. I locked the door behind them, and sat there for a moment watching the movie.

I pulled my pants up and put the card into my wallet. I walked around the store for a few minutes after leaving the booth area. After the unexpected encounter I had just experienced the movies looked different some how. As I started to walk out, I passed by the counter, the guy smiled and said good luck buddy. I wondered how he knew my name was Buddy. That thought quickly left my mind as the barrage of wind and snow almost blew me down. The walk back to the port and freighter was brutally cold.

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Even though my beard was froze around my mouth and nose I still had a smile though. The End