Trashy teen seducing stepdad in bathroom pornstars

Trashy teen seducing stepdad in bathroom pornstars
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7 Jim Thompson could not understand Kathy's attitude. She had really been mad when she had caught him with the deacon's wife at his last church. She told him that if she ever caught him with another woman she would leave him for good. He had to admit that she had not been the most pleasant person to deal with the last few days.

She did have good reason to be mad though seeing him with Susan Roberts naked from the waist up was bad. He was glad she found them then, if he had been screwing Susan when Kathy came in there is no telling what would have happened. They were not getting rich at this church, but it paid better than most and had a good house for them rent free.

When he had first gotten into the church, he had been shocked at the thing's real mom son in ass told him. After many years he was no longer shocked, but he had gotten some side benefits from his knowledge. Many women seemed to think it was all right to play around with the minister.

After all who would he tell, if he told he would be put out and never work again. He had grown able to sense this type of woman and a couple of times it had really paid off. Then Kathy had caught him with Cindy Jones and he had been paying for it ever since. That was over a year ago and Kathy still would not have sex with him. It was starting to drive him crazy.

Just holding and sucking on Susan's tits the other day had made him come in his pants. He had given up feeling guilty about his indiscretions. He wished that Kathy had gone to the mall the other day like she was supposed to. There was no telling what his life was going to be like now. His only consolation was that she liked the life that they had and she would not tell anyone what had occurred. He also knew that Susan would not divorce Harold so she would never tell anyone.

Since they were the only ones that knew, his secret would be safe. Kathy had only spoken to him when there were other people around since she had caught him with Susan. She had locked the bedroom door and made him sleep on the couch for kinky sex with astonishing milf mature wife last three days.

She would go out and not tell him where she was going or when she would be back. In general she was making his life a living hell.

He knew that she was not going out on him, she was not the type she took her wedding vows as seriously as he once had. She just did not satisfy his sexual appetites. She was pretty and had a beautiful body, but she was afraid to use it and that was the greatest problem in their life.

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The day she had seen him, she had really flown off the sex lifs sex sex stories story. She told him that she was not going to let him ruin their lives. He would do as he was supposed to from now on or she would tell the deacons what had been going on herself. Kathy really had him by the balls now. Last Saturday she had seemed really agitated. She left for a while, not telling him where she was going or when she was coming back.

When she did return a few hours later she seemed troubled by something. She went in and took a shower and then sat and read the rest of the evening. Sunday after church Kathy went out again for several hours, but when she came back this time she was in a good mood.

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Once again she took a shower after returning. She then went to evening services as usual. Jim had tried to talk to Kathy after they got home from services Sunday evening, but she just ignored him. Kathy watched TV for a while and then went in and got ready for bed. She did not completely shut the bedroom door when she went in to change. She got a certain satisfaction knowing that Jim could see her standing naked in their bedroom. She even took longer than usual to find her nightgown.

She took comfort in the fact that he wanted her and could not have her until she relented. That was going to be awhile.

She did not understand his attraction to other women. He had her and she knew that she had a good body and it had been available to him when he wanted it. Of course that stopped when she discovered his first affair with Cindy Jones the deacon's wife. She could still remember her shock the day that she had walked into the classroom in the church basement and saw Cindy standing there bent over the table. She did not have any clothes on and Jim also naked was standing behind her.

Kathy was frozen in the doorway unable to move or to say anything. Neither of them even knew she was there for a while. Cindy had her hands braced on the table and every time Jim rammed his cock into her pussy Kathy could see her heavy breasts swing with the impact. Jim clutched the cheeks of her ass like he was afraid of falling off. Cindy was moaning as Jim started pumping into her faster and faster.

All of a sudden Cindy gave a muffled scream and Kathy watched as her whole body stiffened. It was the first time Kathy had ever seen people having sex, and definitely the first time she had seen another woman having an orgasm.

Kathy watched as Jim suddenly rammed his cock deep into Cindy's cunt and held himself tightly in her. Kathy knew that he was shooting his load into this woman's cunt.

Suddenly the spell that had held her motionless broke and she started crying and ran from the doorway. Startled both Cindy and Jim looked at the doorway in time to see Kathy turn and run. Jim pulled out of Cindy's hot dripping cunt and started pulling on his clothes as fast as he could.

Cindy started to cry and Jim told her to get dressed and leave. he would talk to Kathy. He found Kathy in the parsonage crying, shoving clothes into her suitcase. Jim tried to talk to her but she would not say a word to him. He apologized again and again and Kathy finally quit packing her suitcase. He told her that he did not know what had happened, that this was the first time he had ever done anything like this.

He begged her not to leave him. After a while, he agreed to stunning brunette tracey rose masturbating pussy masturbation pornstars for another church and Kathy agreed to give their marriage another try. Things had not been the same since.

The few times that Kathy had let Jim touch her, all she saw in her mind was Cindy Jones tits swaying as Jim drove his cock into her cunt.

Soon Kathy did not let Jim touch her at all. He was the only man that had ever had her until Michael. During the time before Michael she had on several occasions taken care of her needs herself. This had only served to bring on more guilt. Kathy could remember several times in the shower that the wash cloth moving over her nipples had sent sparks of desire racing through her. How both hands ended up squeezing her ample breasts causing her nipples to strain outward. In the end her hand would slide down over her firm stomach and caress her mound.

Ending with her sliding her college pretty girl rubs her bawdy cleft into her steaming lonely cunt and finger fucking herself until she would collapse against the wall of the shower. This all seemed so long ago. Then the incident with Michael's mother had happened and everything had changed.

Kathy had caught them in Jim's office, but it seemed that Michael was taking pictures in the church and had also caught them. The problem was, Michael had photographed them at the church. Including Kathy standing in the doorway watching them. She was innocent enough, but the pictures had made it seem like she was watching them.

Michael had used the pictures to blackmail her into sex. She had at first resisted, but Michael threatened to expose her and her husband. He had made a logical argument about how the pictures would appear to an outsider. they would see Michael's mother being taken advantage of by her minister and his wife standing there watching.

Michael had her meet him at an abandoned farm not far from town.

He had used her body in ways that she had only heard about. He had even made her suck his cock. Kathy had never done that before. She had always thought that only whores did that to men. She never thought that she would do that, much less let a man shoot his load in her mouth. Michael had made her do that, he had held her head when she tried to pull away as she felt him starting to cum.

He forced his cock deep into her mouth and shot his load into her throat. She had to swallow it or be choked with it. She had found that it was not bad, and she had sucked his balls dry. Michael had sucked her pussy also.

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she had never felt anything so wonderful in her life. Much to busty babe on cam watch more on flirtsexlovecom initial shame, she had responded to him and had had several tremendous orgasms.

Michael had even rammed his huge cock into her virginal asshole. She thought he was going to rip her in half. When her ass muscles had adjusted to being stretched that far, her cunt had started running with juice and she soon came like she never had before.

Michael pumped her ass and fingered her cunt at the same time driving her crazy. She almost blacked out when he pumped his load deep in her ass and then they just collapsed on the blanket. Just thinking of what had happened to her in the last few days had made Kathy's nipples start to stand up and her pussy was hot and wet. Kathy slipped her hand inside her panties and thinking of Michael and his touch, worked herself into a delicious orgasm.

Kathy wondered when Michael would call her again.