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Bangbros boy spy on nieghbor
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"Adventures with my Daughter 2" Part Two: We get to know each other better. Saturday morning came early for us both. I admit to a little apprehension due to what had taken place the evening before, but Pammy was having none of that.

She opened her eyes, broke into a smile, and then pulled herself on top of me. She placed her lips on mine and gave me the best good morning kiss I had ever had. My daughter lay on top of me dressed only in her panties.

I was in my boxers and, of course, experiencing my usual morning erection, made all the more potent by the warm, firm adolescent body covering me.

I could feel her nipples hardening and poking into my chest just as she could, I was sure, feel my cock beneath her.

- Good morning, Daddy. Sleep well? - I certainly did. How about you?

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- Excellent! I had a strange dream though. - Really? What was it about? - Well, I was almost naked with this wonderful man who was touching me and making me feel so wonderful and then I got to touch his cock and make him shoot his cum all over his body. Like that. I just laughed as I realized that my daughter was not going to turn me in for molesting her. Indeed, she seemed to have really enjoyed our sex play the night before and was ready for more.

I slowly stroked her willowy body blonde teen fitness and hd cumshot tits dolly little is in need of some tutoring and much enjoyed watching her arousal. She became a bit flushed in her face and in the area above her breasts. I nibbled her nipples and got a sigh of pleasure from her. I felt the firm flesh of her breasts beneath my palms and squeezed them gently. Pammy pushed herself firmly into my hands wanting more, feeling how it excited her, knowing that she could cum just from my touch.

I pushed into her panties with one hand, caressed the firm mounds of her ass and then softly stroked the warm lips of her pussy. She was already moist and excited by my touches and moved her body in time with my fingers.

I settled Pammy onto her back on the bed next to me and pushed my finger into her cunt just a bit. As her excitement built, I went in deeper until my finger was buried inside of her. No hymen barred my way. No surprise there considering my athletic daughter's extreme physical routines. I stroked my finger more and more rapidly inside of her pussy and she responded in kind, lifting and lowering her ass off the bed.

I kissed her hard on the lips and slipped my tongue inside of her mouth. She pulled back at first but then caught on and accepted this new sensation.

Pammy was moaning into my mouth as I continued to finger fuck her cunt. My sweet daughter was revving up for another climax and I was loving being the instrument of her pleasure. Another minute or so and she came in a rush, her ass off the bed, her willowy frame arching in a frozen tableau of love and lust, her breath caught for that delicious moment of intense sensation before she settled back onto the bed.

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She just lay there for several minutes before turning to me to kiss me gently. - My god, Daddy! That feels so …, so fucking amazing. Thank you. I was surprised by her language but not by her acknowledgment of her feelings. I chuckled and said, - Yes. It is a fucking amazing feeling. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And we have all day to try other ways to please us both. But first, some breakfast. We got up, showered separately (Yes, I know.

What a prude! But I wanted to take it slowly for us both.), and then met in the kitchen for a quick breakfast. She was dressed in a short robe through which I could see that she wore only panties.

I had on my boxers and a t-shirt. We sat next to each other at the table, our thighs against each other, the better to lean over and exchange a kiss or two.

Pammy pushed her tongue into my mouth at one point and I sucked it in as far as I could and tickled it with my own. She was a quick learner and I was glad to be her teacher in all things sexual. After we cleaned up our dishes, we walked into the living room.

The games were still on the table and the popcorn and drinks were stale and flat. We put them away and then settled on the couch. I pulled her into my arms and we kissed and fondled each other for a time. I was ecstatic over the feel of her firm body and her willingness to reciprocate with me. Her hands slipped over my body and I was feeling more aroused than I had in many years. My cock was already hard and I was sure that her pussy was just as moist as it had been earlier this morning.

- Pammy, I'd like to try something new, sweetie. - What's that, Daddy? - I'd like to lick your pussy. Okay?

- You mean, lick it, with your tongue? - Yes. Okay? - Absolutely, Daddy. What do I have to do? I moved Pammy pump tits and anal fuck that she was sitting back against the couch.

I undid her robe and opened it so that I would have access to her beautiful breasts.

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I got down on my knees between her legs and pushed them apart. She did not hesitate and moved them so that I could settle in between them. I slid my hands under her firm asscheeks and began to lightly lick her pussy through the fabric of her panties. I realized then that she had changed earlier into a pair that her mother had left behind because these were not anything I had bought her.

Pammy must have gone through her mother's closet and found these at some point. They were a little loose but smooth and nearly transparent. I could see the outline of her hairless pussy and could smell the sweet scent of her arousal.

Sadly, I had never seen these on my wife so they must have been for one of executive dalliances. I was glad they were being put to good use by my lovely daughter.

Pammy was moaning again as I worked my tongue up and down her slit and her ass rose slightly off the couch as the sensations raced through her body. I licked her slowly but firmly while lightly rubbing her clit with one finger. The other hand was now busy on her breasts, rubbing them and tweaking her nipples. I squeezed them both in turn before sliding my hand back under her ass to pull her closer to my mouth.

I decided that I wanted to really feel her pussy with my tongue so I pushed aside the loose panties and dove in. I was in heaven! Pammy's cunt tasted delicious, freshly showered, and I could not get enough. I pushed my tongue into her as a deeply as I could and reamed her with it.

I worked my finger into her as well and she began to bounce more forcefully off the couch in time to my ministrations. She had grabbed the back of my head and was pulling me tightly against her.

I finally stopped pushing into her because she was slamming herself against me in a sweet fucking motion. I held on and let her bring herself off with my tongue and yo kylie kalvetti gets fucked by big black cock interracial and pornstars buried inside of her.

If this was any indication of what sex was going to be with my daughter, then we were in for some joyous loving. Pammy slammed her crotch into my face a few more times and held me tightly against her as she orgasmed for the second time that morning. - Daddy! Daddy! It feels so … damn … good!

Aughhhhh! I'm … cumming, Dadddddy! Pammy continued to hold me against her pussy as she climaxed. I could feel the pulsing of her pussy on sex stories story 4xxx porn story tongue and finger and could only imagine what it would feel like to have my cock held in that embrace.

Finally, she let go and slumped back into the cushions of the couch. She was panting from the exertion and sweat had beaded up on her glowing skin. This is how she looked during the most demanding of her gymnastic routines, but I would bet that they had never ended in this way.

If girls orgasmed like this during their routines, they would never finish with decent scores. Or the judges would have to score the routine separately from the climax. Pammy and I would have to explore this side of gymnastics on our own at another time. I moved up so I could kiss Pammy. She kissed me back and got to taste her own juices on my lips. She didn't seemed bothered at all by her taste and kissed me back with passion. - Daddy. It keeps getting better.

That was amazing, too. - Good, sweetie. You seemed to have a good time. - Good time? That was great! I want you to do that to me all the time.

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- My pleasure, darling. - Speaking of your pleasure, I want to do something for you. What can I do that will make you feel that way, too? I sat back from her and looked into her eyes.

I wasn't sure if she would be willing, but then she seemed so willing to try anything. I thought, what the hell? - Well, Pammy. I would love for you to lick and suck me. - You mean your cock, don't you? The dirty words flowed so smoothly from her mouth now that we were engaging in these sexual practices.

I would have corrected her use of these words two days earlier, but now, I relished hearing them from her lips. - Yes, I mean my cock. - Okay, Daddy. What do I have to do? We traded places and I settled back into the couch.

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I had her pass me a towel that was on the coffee table. I had not thought to put one under her at the time but it seemed like a good idea now and phoenix marie masterbating then gets fucked hard the future. Easier to wash sheets and towels than clean a stained couch. I had her get on her knees in front of me and placed her hand on my cock. She began to stroke me lightly and then with a firmer grip.

I was already fairly hard but her touch caused it to stiffen even more. Next, I pulled her head towards me and instructed her on how to kiss and lick and suck my cock. She struggled a little bit at first with taking me into her mouth, but Pammy was a motivated learner and in just a few minutes was jacking my cock with her mouth, several inches at a time.

She kept her hand on it and moved her head up and down as she experimented with the feeling of having a man's cock in her mouth for the first time. Her stunning brunette tracey rose masturbating pussy masturbation pornstars were lit up as she got into a rhythm and I could tell that I was going to be able to rely on having my cock sucked regularly.

I asked her to move a little faster and even pushed into her mouth a bit as the feeling mounted in my balls. I reached out and gently cupped her head in order to pull myself into her mouth more deeply. I did not want to choke or scare her, but I did want to be as deep in her mouth as I could be.

Pammy seemed to sense my need and managed to take in more of my cock. I began to buck off the couch as my orgasm neared and I told her that when I came, she needed to take her mouth off of me. I was so close and, as I leaned back into the couch and let her mouthfuck me, I yelled out that I was cumming and she should let me go. - Pammy! Oh my god! I'm going to cum. I'm cummmming! Pammy backed off of me and I winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob wads of cum up into the air.

Some landed back on my belly but a few splattered her face and her hair. I lay back with the biggest damn smile on my face as Pammy brushed the cum off her face. She grimaced at what she found in her hair. - Daddy! What did you do? What do I do now?

- Well, sweetie. I shot a helluva wad, some of which landed on me and some on you. You can just wipe it off or, if you're feeling a little horny, you can taste it. - Taste it? What do you mean? Eat it? - Yeah. Once you get used to it, it's not so bad. A lot of women love the taste. It's entirely up to you. Pammy looked at me as if I were a bit loony, but she did put her finger into her mouth with just a dab of cum on it.

She got a funny look on her face as she tasted cum for the first time, but she didn't spit it out either. She wiped the rest of it off her face and left her hair for later. - It's okay, Daddy. I'll probably get used to it after awhile.

- I hope so, darling, because I really loved how you sucked me and made me cum. What I had decided I would never do was to compare her, in any way, to her mother. Not that she had ever been the most adventurous of lovers, but she was Pammy's mother.

In this case, however, Pammy had her beat hands down: my wife had always refused to take my cock into her mouth. This was the first blowjob I had had in a lot of years and it sounded as though Pammy was willing to do it again. For now, we got up to shower again. I told her before she went upstairs that we were headed to the mall to do some special shopping for tonight.

What I didn't say was that I was hoping to go all the way with her tonight. I wanted it to be a very special occasion and was prepared to buy her her own lingerie. I had some ideas about what I might ask her to select, but I was ready to let her make her own decisions. She had done pretty well in grabbing her mother's cast-off panties and I figured she would come home in fine fashion.

I watched Pammy as she ran lightly up the stairs, her beautiful ass holding my attention. I was one of the luckiest fathers anywhere knowing that my daughter and I were beginning this wonderful relationship. I was looking forward to this evening and pushing our love to a new level. End of Part Two of "Adventures with my Daughter"