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Carrie likes cock bubble butt and deepthroat
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Alaina had lived down the street from my parents house for years, we grew up together. Childhood best friends, inseperable, attached at the hip. You get the idea. We went to school black guy fork girl story xxx until year 11, and then she and her family moved to upstate New York.

I was devastated. She was my best friend, the only person I could confide in about anything and everything, including the experimenting I was doing with boys and girls.

While we tried to stay in touch, we drifted apart through the rest of high school, and by the time I was in college we hadn't spoken in over a year.

That is until one day during my junior year, I logged into my email to see that I had a message from none other than Alaina. I was ecstatic, we immediately caught up and she told me she was moving back to our hometown to finish college. I told her that she was welcome to stay with me until she got her own place, an invitation she eagerly accepted. We made arrangements and two weeks later I sat waiting in the airport, barely able to contain my excitement knowing I was minutes away from hugging my friend I hadn't seen in several years.

I stood up and smoothed my skirt down, taking a second to think what her reaction was going to be. Last we had seen each other I was an awkward high school kid with short choppy hair, just starting to fill out in all the right places.

Now I was a tall, curvy, and slightly plump 23 year old with long black hair I wore up in a quick bun most of the time. My honey colored eyes were about the only thing that had stayed the same.

"Jenni, is that you?!" I heard a familiar voice shout at me, snapping me out of my daydream with a start.

I looked up to see Alaina standing ten feet from me, her distinctive curly red hair bouncing around her shoulders as she dropped her bags. I immediately ran to her and hugged her, laughing and crying at the same time. "It is so good to see you, Alaina.

I can't believe you're actually moving back!" She laughed and hugged me back, her slender arms wrapped around my waist. "I'm glad to be back. I didn't like New York, even upstate there were too many people." I smiled and as I pulled away looked her up and down quickly. She still had her same curly red hair and porcelain skin, but she had wider hips and small but perky breasts that she did not have the last time we had seen each other.

she wore a plain white t-shirt with a deep v-neck, paired with skin tight skinny jeans and black flats. booby tattooed woman railed by pawn dude

Simple, yet very sexy. I quickly looked back up at her and smiled, just happy to have my old friend back. We walked to baggage claim and grabbed her bags before making our way back to my car, chatting and catching up a little more.

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She told me about college in New York City, and that she just didn't feel at home there. "I just feel like something was missing, in a city like that nobody should feel alone, but I was the loneliest I had ever been. I just wanted to go home." I unlocked the trunk of my car and nodded as we loaded her bags in. "Well I'm not going to lie, I'm glad you decided to come back. I missed you, even though we haven't talked in ages.

I think this is going to be really cool having you back." A few weeks later. I was surprised how quickly things became normal for us.

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Even though we had been apart for years, in a matter of days it was like we had never spent a day away from each other. We soon became best friends again, comfortable enough around each other to walk around in skimpy underwear and t-shirts.

More than once I had to tear my eyes away from Alaina's perfect body, to avoid her catching me looking at her. We might have been friends again, but I didn't want her to think I was checking her out, even though I definitely was.

One day though, my luck ran out. "Jen are you looking at my ass?" She asked as she stood in front of the mirror in busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors small thong and bra, straightening her hair.

I snapped my eyes away from her shapely ass and blushed, telling her I was just looking at her thong. She raised an eyebrow and for a moment I thought I saw a hint of amusement in her eyes, but I quickly looked away and said I'd finish getting ready in my bedroom.

Embarassed and slightly turned on by being caught, I made my way to my room and pushed the thought of her perfect ass out of my mind.

That night we went out to the bar, with every intention of drinking the place dry. We took shot after shot, flirting with a few older men who bought us drinks. They introduced themselves as Paul and Zeke, and told us they were in their forties and were in town on business, looking for a good time.

Alaina smiled mischeviously and told them if they really were up for a good time that they should come back to our place with us. It might have just been the alcohol talking, or maybe it was just my need to be fucked, but I nodded eagerly and slid my hand into Zeke's lap, leaning in close to him.

"Come home with us and show us how real men fuck." That was all it took, they accepted our offer and within the hour the four of us were stumbling into our living room, giggling like teenagers sneaking away from the school dance to have a cigarette.

I clicked the lights on and dropped down onto the couch, laying back as I motioned for Zeke to come to me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Alaina drop to her knees and heard the zipper on Paul's pants come down. Not to be outdone, Zeke approached the couch and slid onto the floor, pulling me by the hips to the edge of the couch.

I bit my lisa ann is back more big cocks and hardcore pounding johnny sins prince yahshua markus dupree isiah as he hiked my dress up around my waist and yanked my panties down to my knees. I raised my legs up into the air and he slid my tiny panties off my legs, which I then spread for him.

I looked over at Alaina and was surprised to see how vigorously she was blowing our other guest. She bobbed her head up and down quickly, and it must have felt amazing because I could hear Paul groaning as he pushed his hands through her curly hair and began fucking her mouth.

A shiver of jealously went through my body but was quickly replaced with shock as Zeke's tongue made contact with my clit. I arched my back and moaned out, spreading my legs more as he began to eat my pussy expertly.

Alternating between lapping up and down my small bald slit and suckling at my clit, Zeke quickly brought me to an earth shattering orgasm. I sat up and kissed him hungrily, tasting my pussy on his tongue. "Damn Jen, that was really hot." I heard Alaina growl from across the room. I looked over at her and smiled as I stood up, quickly taking my dress off and revealing my C-cup tits. I then watched as Paul bent her over the coffee table and started fucking her from behind.

She moaned loudly, pushing back onto the Paul's thick length. I looked up at Zeke and told him to fuck me as I unzipped his pants and shoved them down along with his boxers. He pushed me back on the couch and crawled over me, his hands under my knees as he spread my legs apart as far as possible. I bit my lip hard and guided his long yet not as thick cock into my small pussy.

Zeke groaned loudly and began pumping his long dick deeper and deeper into my soaking hole, taking my moans as encouragement he rammed his whole nine inches all the way into me and began fucking me roughly.

I gasped and arched my back off the couch, screaming as his cock slammed into me harder. My pussy gripped at this dick and he watched as it clung to his shaft when he pulled back, groaning as he quickly shoved back into me fast. I moaned loudly and dug my nails into his shoulders, begging him not to stop as I looked over at Alaina.

She was still bent over the coffee table, watching me get the fucking of a lifetime. We made eye contact and smiled, giggling a little. "Hey I bet you didn't think we'd be fucking in front of each other when you moved back, did you?" I shouted out to her. She laughed and shook her head, grinding her hips back as Paul shoved his entire cock deep into her cunt. "No that definitely wasn't something I thought would be happening." I looked back delightful curvy black teen banged hard by big black cock at Zeke and rolled my hips up firmly, his long slim dick pounding into my tight slit as he furrowed his brow.

"I'm gonna cum!" He said through clenched teeth. I pushed my hand against his chest and said, "Not in my pussy, pull out and spray your load on my face." He nodded and slid out of my fuckhole with a slight slurping sound, rubbing his dick in his hand quickly as he stood up over me.

I watched him jerk off over my face and started fingering my pussy, telling him to cum all over my face, moaning as my fingers rubbed my sensitive clit. I heard him moan and just as I looked up I was hit across the cheek with the first spurt of warm cum, then another.

As Zeke came on my face I heard Blonde with big boobs paige ashley lingerie one moan loudly and looked over as he quickly pulled out of Alaina's pussy and shot his load over her ass. Another string of cum shot across my face and I looked up at Zeke, he groaned and slapped his cock over my lips, rubbing his cum over my face before letting go of his softening member. I licked my lips and tasted his salty jizz, closing my eyes as I heard Zeke putting his clothes back on.

"You girls are fuckin' wild, seriously. We're in town on business pretty often, we should hook up again next time." I looked over at Alaina, cum sticking in her hair as she stood up. She kissed Paul and then Zeke and put our numbers in their cell phones.

"I think that would be great, don't you Jenni?" I nodded and stood up, standing next to her as the guys dressed and called for a cab.

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"I think we should make it a regular thing when you guys come to town." TO BE CONTINUED. I'm open to suggestions, leave me a comment here or a private message! Thanks!