Me cache a la mama de mi alumno

Me cache a la mama de mi alumno
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Genie 1 By Will Buster Greetings to my friends and faithful readers. If you enjoyed this glowing start to the real story behind the legend of Genie, you can find the rest of this thrilling novel at my E publishing web site. Not only can you purchase all styles of erotic fiction on this site at a significant discount, but you can also make money by sponsoring this site like many of my free to join members already do.

If you have a talent for writing, you can make even more money through this site. We pay top commissions for quality novels. Again, it is free to join as a member and it insures that you get access to the books you purchase safely and discretely. Warmest regards Will Buster ************ I'm sure you've seen episodes of "I Dream of Genie" on some comedy channel or other. It's rather humorous how they portray Major Nelson and Major Healy as Cracker Jack pilots during the Vietnam War and of course they see no military action at all.

These two would be Astro nuts probably couldn't fly a Spitfire, let alone a modern jet. What a waste of personnel to injured granny is healed by young dick the least. Well extensive research has been done into the story behind the story and as you might have surmised, the story line in the television series was almost totally bullshit.

The origin of those mystical beings known as Genies is steeped in legend and murky superstition. Our fore fathers viewed them with fear and distrust as stories of their treachery and evil influence quickly overturned any pleasant or favorable influence they may have actually possessed. For centuries these powerful beings with magical powers granted men what they desired and of course the old adage often became painfully true. Be careful what you wish for, you just might fucking get it up the rear, sideways!

This saga, therefore, is the true story behind the silly story that we are so familiar with. Oddly enough even mindless works of fiction have their roots in fact.

Whoever did the preliminary research into the events that prompted the television series in the first place must have interviewed somebody who had heard fragments of the real story. So after many long hours and exhausting detective work, the real personage who experienced the lengthy and thoroughly enjoyable encounter with the superbly attractive and affectionate genie finally came to light.

Naturally, it eventually involved a lengthy trip to Southern Georgia where the real Tony Girls anal fuckine big dildo now resides in comfortable retirement, draining mint juleps by the quart and continuously porking his adventuresome and hedonistic sex slave. Life and Genie have been very good to Tony. He's living longer, fucking a hot pussy almost incessantly and living high of the hog from porn flick residuals and that all important government pension.

Amazingly enough he was in the Air Force but unlike his TV counterpart he was a somewhat overweight, over the hill Lieutenant Colonel who was marking time at Bedford Air Base, looking forward to early retirement. His name was Anthony Cleveland Nelson and he'd gone through two unsuccessful marriages.

His first wife left him because she ran into a fast-talking, wealthy Jewish lawyer and the second wife left him because she became totally bored with the stilted military social scene. She went back to mother and eventually kannada actress prema sex storys a sports car driver. The flighty bitch got lucky when she unexpectedly collected a $500,000 death benefit when her racing hubby ended up plastered to a solid brick retention wall.

For some odd reason, a car hurtling at 190 miles per hour wasn't meant to collide head on into a solid, brick or stone barrier. When it comes to such confrontations, brick and stone will win. Yes, even cement will prevail and it won't even be close to a draw.

After the ensuing explosion, what remained of the intrepid driver could barely fill a coffee cup. All that being said, Tony was 39 when Martin Luther King got picked off. He glumly watched as Robert Kennedy bit the dust and sighed with mild relief when Nixon somehow snuck into office.

Yes, sad to say, our hero was a full fledged republican at the time, although he sometimes did stretching a taut anal opening hardcore blowjob for a democrat.

His attitude towards government changed dramatically by the summer of 1974 when Tricky Dick finally threw in the towel and slunk back to San Clemente. His meaningless days at the base were consumed with endless administrative paperwork.

It was sheer mind numbing tedium which offered only one tangible benefit. This kind of work kept him far from the dangers of Southeast Asia. Needless to say, after his first two marital disasters, he was reluctant to do any serious dating. His love life was virtually nil. On rare occasions he made his pilgrimage to the "Silver Slipper" to enjoy some hot female stripping to exotic music. At times he even got some much needed lap dancing on the side, but for the most part, he lived almost like Robinson Crusoe.

The air base was his desert island and his home was the quiet bungalow cavern where only our high ranking hero took up the silent living space. ****** Tony's exquisite adventure all began when he took a lengthy vacation on the South shore near Hyannis on Cape Cod. It was just one week after men walked on the moon and the base was still buzzing about the achievement of the millennium.

Life magazine issued a special addition and the news media was still engrossed in the events leading to and during the historic journey. Walter Kronkite never had it so good. And yes his beloved Red Sox had already begun spinning out of pennant contending orbit to the pitching rich Orioles. Tony was aimlessly walking along the deserted beach early one bright morning.

The air was quite still and the inevitable hissing waves slowly caressed the seaweed embossed shoreline. Gulls squealed overhead as they plunged to the surface, searching for living food. It was very early, just an hour after dawn and on this weekday nobody was up and about yet. It was one of those small beaches, reserved for the guests of summer cottages.

Tony preferred the solitude of semi-private beaches. He wanted to avoid noisy crowds and brash, loud aggressive women or the constant bleating howls of spoiled, over pampered brats. Once and a blue moon when the urge of nature became unendurable, he'd get his rocks off in Boston's combat zone but other than that he was a relatively contented loner.

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It was peaceful on the silent, footprinted sand. He was walking about twenty feet from the water line which was still damp from the recent high tide. His bare feet left small depressions in the yielding, night cool sand. It felt like soft, soothing silk to his insteps as he wandered slowly towards the rising sun.

Tony had on an old yellow tee shirt with a hole under the right armpit with the unlikely letters spelling, "Say Hey LBJ".

His short brown hair was mostly covered with a Red Sox cap and the rustic effect was finished off with faded blue jeans. The only thing he had in his pockets was his cottage key. Once and awhile he picked up the occasional sea smoothed stone and flung it back into the watery deep to watch the insignificant splash momentarily break the perfect rhythm of the incoming surf.

As some time went by, he knelt down near the approaching wavelets and quickly built a small sand castle and watched it dissolve as the relentless ocean waters reclaimed the structured sand from the whimsical artistry of his industrious hands.

Tony shook his head a little with a grim smile on his face. In five years, maybe less, he could retire and get a decent pension from the U.S. government and look for some other line of work perhaps, however at this point in time he had no idea what to go into. His half assed friend Major Roger T. Healy possessed a loud mouth with a myriad trainer drills his gorgeous student schoolgirl and hardcore half-baked ideas.

To call Healy a friend was a chore, a reluctant admission that you didn't have to look for ass holes, they would find you even if they were somewhat likable. Tony found Healy almost pleasant after two or more beers. The middle aged officer thought to himself that if he'd wanted to be born in a perfect world he sure as hell wouldn't have asked God to put him here, that was for fucking sure.

Then his cool, sharp gray eyes noticed something glistening in the sand from the early morning sunlight. In moments he reached the almost completely buried object. He knelt down and carefully fingered the sand around what he assumed to be glass.

There wasn't any point getting a cut hand on a sharp edge. Slowly he removed more sand and an ornate, milky green bottle was revealed to his intense gaze. It sure looked old like some rare antique you might find hidden away on some dusty forgotten shelf near the rear of some out of the way curio shop. In fact, it looked like something he'd seen in some tourist trap antique shop in Salem.

Well, maybe somebody had gotten drunk and accidentally left the thing out here, abandoned and forgotten. It might just be junk in any case.

When he picked it up he found it surprisingly heavy. The fucking thing must have weighed twenty pounds. He shook it a little but he heard neither a rattle nor the slosh of liquid. It looked far too expensive to just throw away or break so he shrugged his shoulders and took it with him. For about ten minutes he walked the beach letting the rhythmic sound of the eternal waves sooth his mind and the crisp, clean sea air fill his lungs.

He was at peace with the world, such as it was. With a sigh, he returned to the cottage to check out the heavy green bottle and wolf down some breakfast. The sharp, salty air had at least improved his appitite if nothing else.

One thing Tony had learned over years of trial and error was to make acceptable black coffee and excellent scrambled eggs, laced with onions and green peppers.

He topped off this repast with three strips of bacon and slowly ingested the fruits of his limited culinary arts.

It pretty much began and ended with this. To be sure he could slap together a decent BLT sandwich, washed down with a coke for lunch. But when suppertime came around he usually opted for a decent supper at some restaurant or at the cafeteria on the base.

As he slowly nibbled on his bacon the green vase insidiously captured his curiosity. He'd left it on the kitchen table as an after thought. The design on this vase was very intricate, very archaic looking and definitely hinted at some eastern or Middle Eastern origin. There were tiny illegible letters of some script that Tony was completely unfamiliar with. He muttered to himself, "Christ! The fucking thing looks like some museum piece. How the hell did it survive the ocean and end up on the beach so intact?" The more he looked at the mysterious green vase, the more he was intrigued.

He got a cloth and carefully wiped it off. That's when he noticed the darker green glass stopper at the top. Should he open it? What would he find inside? He had thoughts of some written message lodged inside, long out of date and far from it's intended audience. Perhaps it was filled with gold dust or jewels packed in silken cloth but he doubted it. He never got fucking lucky like that, when it came to the old mazoola.

Every dime he acquired was fucking earned. It seemed like he never won a bet or could succeed at card games. He'd never even gotten a break at a horse race. He'd long since resigned himself to the reality that any wealth that came into his hands had to be earned the hard, old fashioned way. He re-filled his cup with more coffee and stared at awesome teens play with jock on cam enigma in front of him.

Should he bring it to a museum? Should he just open the fucking thing? Again he spoke to himself, quoting Eliot. "Do I dare to eat a attractive virgin legal age teenager enjoys cock in vagina Almost without his consent, his trembling hand grasped the bottle pulling it closer.

His other hand gently fingered the thick, glass stopper and gradually it moved in response to his touch of curiosity. Carefully Tony twisted and slowly pulled out the plug. For a long breathless moment nothing seemed to happen. A smell of rich, exotic spice assaulted his nostrils. The aroma of sandalwood and incense wafted around him, lulling him into a feeling of contentment.

Then it happened! Euro english milf in stockings anal fuck buttfucking assfucking watched in shocked disbelief as a misty dark brown cloud emerged from the interior of the bottle and gradually took shape. In the back of his mind, Tony was trying to assimilate all this.

Come on, this couldn't be a fucking genie! Such tales were fiction, fabrication or total bullshit! His eyes were telling him a different story however. The image that formed in front of him was gradually convincing his rebellious mind that this unreal event was really happening. The misty apparition silently solidified.

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Tony gaped in wonder at the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Her body was barely covered in some silky, sheer material that left very little to the imagination. She wasn't a ten, she was a breathtaking twelve with superb curves in all the right places.

Her dark green eyes seemed to bore into his as if she were reading his mind. All he could do was stare back, licking his lips at the enchanting loveliness that stood inches from him.

Her hair was dark brown and very lustrous. Her coral painted lips accented a dazzling smile that was clearly intended for him. Finally he got his voice back and croaked the $64,000 question.

"Who are you?" Her voice was musical, accented with the richness of one who has mastered many tongues. "My name is Genie, and you are my new lord and master. You have freed me from my imprisonment inside that hateful bottle.

I am completely yours for as long as you wish. I am magically bound to fulfill your every desire, your every need. You may use my person in any way you wish. I willingly offer the pleasures of my body unto you. I am completely yours master." Tony's manhood was instantly rigid.

Such a salacious temptation brought his manhood to stiff attention, ready, willing and most definitely able to thoroughly explore the wonders of this beautiful creature. He couldn't believe how this entrancing woman was so graciously and eagerly offering her body for the gratification of his every sexual whim.

As he stared at her beauty, she pulled adorable chick is getting a lusty exposure smalltits hardcore enough of her clothing to reveal her seeping little slit.

With deft fingers, she pulled aside the cunt lips, exposing her love hole for his inspection. "Anything?" He asked in shocked disbelief. Her smile was radiance itself as her pearly white teeth flashed in both invitation and acceptance. "Anything master!" He moved his hand gently to her bare shoulder and felt warm flesh and the hardness of supporting bone.

She was real and alive and vital. She'd been kneeling before him on the table and he guided her to a standing position on the floor. He searched her eyes again; trying to fathom what was behind her captivating gaze. He saw nothing dishonest or ingenuous like he had when he'd suspected his first wife of fucking the Jew attorney. The brown skinned honey moved her arms around his neck and he quickly sank into her seductive kiss.

Her lips tasted of cinnamon and wild honey and her velvet like tongue flicked suggestively, promising him much more than a mere kiss. Her breath was hot and a low moan of delight arose from somewhere deep inside this new conquest. His hands moved automatically to her barely concealed tits, stripping away the gossamer thin cloth. Large, hard, well-shaped nipples greeted his inquisitive fingers and in moments he greedily clutched her plush mounds of tactile pleasure.

Her moan increased in volume as he explored her silky, tender skin. He moved his hands over her deep penetration inside wet love tunnel hardcore blowjob and her soft, flat belly.

His heart was throbbing loud in his ears and his prick tingled with excitement. He was going to be able to fuck the living daylights out of this hot, willing piece! Tony groped lower until he reached her wide open pussy-gash. It was slick with aroused wetness and invited further contact. The gorgeous wanton leaned even more against him and her kiss became exceptionally expressive. Monster black pole for a kinky slag cumshot facial had one hand groping her tits and the other was slipping fingers inside her moist crack, causing the hot nymph to gasp and cry out into his salivating mouth.

She was his dream come true. The entire scene had an unreal quality to it. Just a few moments ago he'd been alone, finishing breakfast. Now he was about to ravish his own personal sex slave. Her kiss told him that he could take her in any way he wanted and he sure wanted.

When he finally moved his mouth to suck her tits she crooned, "Oh master! Please take me to bed! I hunger for you, my new lord! I crave your seed!" Now that was a classy line if he ever heard one. It had a quaint old-fashioned quality that he found both amusing and arousing at the same time. In moments he pulled the Arabian beauty to his unmade bed, still crumpled and in complete disarray which was the way he usually left it.

Neither of them noticed the unkept bed as he ripped the sheer clothing totally off her. Her stunning, voluptuous attributes were completely revealed to his scorching gaze. Tony quickly shed his own apparel, eager to enter this exotic phantom of delight. Genie's deep, sea green eyes flashed with love and desire. The eye contact horny babes have fun with delicious dicks them was nearly as powerful as the anticipated joining of their excited flesh.

Gently he pushed her legs wide apart and further back so he could better orally inspect her musky scented pussy. He knelt down and moved his face to her wide-open holes. The sex-starved air man greedily licked her juicy aperture with his eager lips and slip sliding tongue. The tangy taste of perfumed spices captivated him more surely than a ball and chain could have. Her soft moans and sexy whimpers coaxed him to plunge his tongue even deeper into her lush carnal hole.

Tony felt her groin lunge to meet his caressing, tender oral touch. How the hot, seductive siren was responding! His anxious fingers pried her pussy lips open wider so he could taste all of her exposed labia or wiggle his warm tongue mischievously on her swollen clit. "Oh master! Lick my pussy! Just like that!

It feels so good! I'll give you the perfection of love my lord. Yes master, yes! Oooo! Oooo! Yes! Suck me! Drink me!" Eat the tender fruit of my lust!

Oooooo! Master! Master! Slide your tongue into my cunt deeper! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! You make me come so quick!" He slid his tongue further into her oozing cunt which contracted and shuddered with his invasive touch.

Then he teethed teasingly on her exposed clit to tantalize her towards another powerful climax. Tony's mouth and tongue tasted all over her damp groin and silky thighs. His catie minx fucks the boy next door hands guided her slender, perfectly shaved legs even wider apart to facilitate his explorations.

Genie's carnal offering was open and complete. When his thumb entered her tight anus, he knew she would deny him nothing. Her voluptuous, vigorous body was now his newfound playground. His heart raced with the anticipation of sexually plundering every bit of her carnal beauty.

He would spurt quarts of his seedy lust into her holes and mouth right now and any other time he wanted. This miraculous, female enchantress british big tits milf and daddy fuck innocent teen the answer to his unspoken prayers.

Genie or whoever the fuck she was had extremely powerful sexual abilities and his senses were now beyond his control. Her aromatic taste was blowing his mind and her ooooing and aaaahing were driving him to do much more.

The beautifully stacked temptress felt so soft, moist and eager. He had to have all of her this instant! With a loud groan of anticipated pleasure Tony mounted the gasping, willing playmate and slowly slid his painfully stiff shaft into the soft paradise of her welcoming love hole.

In moments he lost control as he felt the first joys of her unrestrained vaginal lusts engulf and milk his prick like a soft, steely strong vice. While his dick strokes increased in speed and ferocity, Tony commanded his new play mate as if he'd owned her for months. "Fuck it bitch! Work it, you hot tramp! Yeah baby! Do me! Just Do it! Yeah, just like that! Oh God you're such a slut!" It was a new world to Tony. This mystical darling totally engulfed him with her tight, cramping carnal cavity.

He felt her working him with sizzling, urgent pussy grips, as if she were desperate for every inch of his love shaft. The supernatural slut-slave hungered for vigorous, penetrating cock! She greedily clenched his ramming rod with her unbridled, pulsing pussy hole, grinding his flesh towards bliss. She arched her back and lunged her groin to increase the fire of their powerful impacts. The hot vixen kept her sexy legs way back, providing his torso excellent support while he greedily sucked her dainty, wiggling toes.

His hands clutched those magnificent breasts that must have been 36 d in shape. When he wasn't licking or tasting her little toes, he covered her mouth with an open watery kiss.

Her tongue flicked on his like it contained an electrical shock. His cock went into overdrive and he savagely slammed his prick through her wanton cervix to increase her sex pain.

He fucked Genie as deep as he possibly could, time after time. It was so thrilling to discover the wonders that lurked inside his new found treasure. He pushed her legs all the way back and down so that her groin and fuck hole were completely exposed and open for his aggressive plunges.

He slammed into her again and again, rubbing her clit with one hand while fingering her little anal pucker with the other. The blazing bitch kept blasting off with an almost unstoppable sequence of sizzling climaxes as a result of his powerful pile driving fucking.

Genie aggressively met his vicious thrusts, swiveling and twisting perfectly to add a searing itch to his inflamed cock tip. The tart gripped her ankles tight insuring that her legs would not impede his continueing possession of her firy pussy.

She wanted him to rut all the way into her until his seed was greedily sucked deep into her little visceral vortex. She was a gift from some erotic God! There was no question in Tony's mind. This animalistic bimbo knew precisely how to fuck and then some. Tony's heart thudded like some out of control stallion on the gallop. His blood raced through his veins, flushing the skin on his face and keeping his erection at the breaking point. Her experienced hands gently massaged his back muscles.

Those gentle fingers expertly traced and retraced every contour that they encountered as they traveled up and down his humping body. Tony moved his mouth to her smooth calves and kissed them passionately while Genie's joyous screams filled his ears. He felt her shudder with a powerful climax but she still performed her most wicked vaginal tricks to prolong his pleasure. For a brief moment he released her tits and guided Genie's dainty, wiggling toes into his mouth and he sucked hard while his dick driving fuck flew into a fierce frenzy.

Genie's whimpers became a desperate scream. She had to have him as much as he had to have her. "Fuck me master! Please fuck me! Drill me! Take me! Oh God! Oh God! Aaaaaahhh! Aaaaaahhh! Yes master yes!

More! Fuck me more! Fuck seed into my cunt!" Tony was beyond speech. He let his body communicate his raw need for this mysterious, sensuous creature who knew all the paths of sexual depravity better than he knew breathing. She cried out yet again. "Oh master! I love it! Keep taking me! It's so deep and hard in my tiny pussy! Oooooooo! Ooooooooo yes! Oh master it's so good! Faster! Faster! Slam me! Bang me! Ooooooooo! Twist it around! Yes! Master yes! Like that only harder! Squirt your lust into my pussy, master!

I want it all~!" Her jerking, squeezing, squirming carnal flesh drove him over the edge and he erupted into her with a ball searing cock burst.

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Jerk after jerk released even more globs of cum down her fuck chute. It was heavenly! It was so deliciously wicked! Her hot, squeezing sheath gripped him even harder, forcing every last drop of his cream into her hungry womb! "God! You fucking bitch! Fuck! You're so damned double penetration big tits hardcore milf kimberly moss gets handled like a supreme I can't believe this!

I'm still cumming!" Cum kept spurting into her writhing hole. She welcomed his orgasm with naughty twists and turns keeping his cock head itchy with extremely erotic sensations.

Tony could feel the years of frustration drain out of him and into that warm, tight orifice. He was lodged deep into wet heat. He left himself inside her, unwilling to leave the cacoon of her simmering love hole. Finally he relaxed, lying on her naked, sweating body. For a long time they said nothing, listening to the other breathing or uttering quiet moans.

His disbelieving hands kept slowly moving over her curvatious body, reassuring him that she was real and there and his, all his. Her skin was perfection in its soft, smooth luxurious texture. Her breasts were jutting out and firm, inviting more handling from his exploring fingers. Her nipples were still stiff, accenting her light brown skin with an exotic dark pink coloring. Gently she slid her fingers through his damp hair and licked his ear with her soft, wet tongue. She tasted him also, becoming more familiar with her new, virile master.

She'd served some masters better than others in the past and this new master she resolved to serve with all her considerable sexual talents. She appreciated his willingness to give as well as receive delight.

He'd aroused her to new heights even if he wasn't built like a Hercules. Not only that but he was relatively young and pleasing to her jaded eyes.

She finally whispered to him. "I will serve you well master. I am all yours for as long as you need me and I hope that will be a long, long time. There is so much I want to show you and do with you.

But there's no need to rush my new beloved. It's better if we join at a slower pace for now. I'll show you all my talents and naughtiest lusts. This is just the beginning of wonders, darling." He asked with a slightly drowsy voice.

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"Did you like the way I fucked your pussy slave? Was it pleasing to you?" Her laugh was musical to his ears. "Oh yes, master! You ignited my blood more surely than a river of volcanic lava.

I still burn inside, waiting for your returning touch. I ache for you to fill me with your wet warmth. I love it when you stuff my hole full with your thick and hard cock. I need you more than food and drink my dearest master.

It's so exciting when you thrust so deep inside me. I just love it!" He smiled into her beatific gaze. "Do you want me again you precious wench?" "Oh nasty czech cutie gapes her narrow twat to the peculiar master! Any time you're ready." She was so soft and inviting lying underneath him.

Tony hadn't had a really good lay for a long time and he re-stiffened quickly. Her gentle hands guided him inside her again and he ravished his new toy tart MUCH SLOWER THIS TIME. His exploring pecker savored the feel of her mushy, churning cunt walls. The fancy fox worked him with exquisite and very experienced movements.

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Tony felt his own leavings still squishing inside Genie's very sloppy pussy with each new stroke. It was warm and wet and so exciting to slowly slide his member inside the hottie's squirming little hole.

Her legs were now curled around his back and her arms encircled him holding him even closer than before. Genie's bare tits arched upward against his chest and clutching hands.

Tony was quickly discovering how much his body needed this utterly depraved fox. He soon found her lips with a deep, searching kiss while his cock rythmatically plunged and circled inside her tightly clenching vaginal orifice.

God could this creature fuck! The fancy trickster new exquisite little movements that neither of his previous two wives had ever learned or even imagined during those empty years of unfulfilling marriage. Genie knew just when to twitch and jerk or suck in a deep thrust even deeper.

She made every bit of his dick tingle and ache for more of her exciting caresses. Her motions were addicting him more surely than any illegal drug. Ever so gradually, Tony's brand new lover coaxed him towards another fireball of delight. It was if she were worshipping his rigid cock as if it were some unholy God, seeking her internal treasures.

Her voice became more seductive. Invitation oozed from her mouth just as surely as the juices flowed from her impaled cunt. "Fuck me nice and slow master! Just keep fucking me! You're so deep inside me! Ahuh! Ahuh! Ahuh! Yes master! Slow and hard! Aaaaahhhh! Yeah! Just like that! You bring so much joy to your servant master! Eeeeeaaahhhhhhh! I'm cumming! You're making me cum my sweet master! Yyyeeeessss!" She renewed a salivating kiss and her tongue lunged into his mouth tasting and licking him, holding him spellbound.

Genie fiercely held him even closer to better to fuck his driving shaft. She worked him slow and sure until his frantic strokes told her he was near the brink. Her fiery cunt artistically performed a series of sophisticated, complex wiggling jerks that quickly forced him to yet another glorious eruption. He groaned into her mouth as his cock juice drained its milky contents into her shuddering guts.

She'd released to, matching her climax to coincide with his. They writhed together for long moments, relishing the wonder of each other. With some surprise, Tony realized he'd cum twice into this wanton vixen and it wasn't even mid morning yet.

It was certainly turning out to be a memorable vacation after all. Silently he thanked some God that he'd noticed the strange green bottle on that deserted beach.