Big ass mom victoria banxxxx

Big ass mom victoria banxxxx
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~Author's note~ Okay, first sex story ever! And these names used are made up :) besides this isn't a true story of my fantasies.

I watched my teacher look at the computer screen, my vagina getting wet. My friend next to me kept showing me stories of people having sex. True stories and fictional. One even about a girl fucking her dog. Which I did want to do soon. I smiled to myself, imagining fucking my german Shepard. I know it's wrong in a way.but doesn't mean I can't try it. Right? When the bell rung I sprinted out of the room, grabbing my stuff and going sex xnx english story com my bus.

I could feel my juices from my pussy soaking my panties. "How can I get this wet?" I mumbled to myself. "What?" my friend asked as mom and son sex sister walked up beside me. I looked at her in shock, "" I stumbled for words. She chuckled, a look of lust filling her blue eyes. "Don't worry, it's fine by me." she whispered, her hand lightly brushing my left butt cheek. Chills ran up my spine as a weird feeling filled me.

"Um.Brittany what are you doing?" I asked. "Nothing." she hummed as we got onto the bus. On the ride home Brittany had rubbed my thigh four times, each sending a weird feeling to my pussy. My pussy ached for me or someone else to touch it, the wetness growing.

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Brittany looked at me, pretty girlie caresses love tunnel hardcore blowjob look stressed." she whispered.

I swallowed, "You've never done this before.why are you doing it now?" I asked. She frowned but then smiled, "I went through your diary.on your the way.not the best place to put a diary." she started.

I glared at her before she waved my glare off and continued. "And you had talked about how much you wanted to make out with a suck her fuck her. I you hints.I'm a lesbian." I smiled, " could of told me that before." "Thought you wouldn't want to be my friend." she replied "Why?

Just because you're a lesbian? Pfft.I would still be your friend." "Good I said you were wet and I love teasing people.

Boys and girls.alike." I nodded, my mind swirling with thoughts.

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My pussy ached so bad and I was so tempted to ask her to fuck me now but knew better. I turned to her, "Okay.since you teased me and read my private diary.I need to punish you." I said, grinning. She looked at me with curiosity. "Oh and what's that?" she whispered seductively.

"Since I am an only child and my parents won't be home until ten tonight.and it is a Friday after all.thought you could come to my house and we a little something. Of course.I still need to punish you during it but my pussy is really wet and aching." I said She smiled, "Okay." ~20 minutes later~ When we got to my house I quickly locked the front door and slammed Brittany onto the couch.

I mounted her and smiled, "I'll save the punishment for later." I said as I kissed her full on the lips. She kissed me back as our tongues went into each other's mouths.

We made out for about five minutes before getting to the fun stuff. And boy was it amazing! I've only made out with a boy before and it was never this good! Guess a girl knows what a girl wants. I quickly started to kissed her neck and then her chest. She unbuttoned her shirt and undid her bra as I started to suck on her left nipple. She groaned as she dug her nails into my still clothes back. I growled back. I lightly bit her nipple, making her moan again. She started to unbutton my shirt.

I sucked on her right nipple as she undid my shirt and my blonde teen bailey brookes hammered roughly by dads friend smalltits pornstars. She started to play with my B cup boobs, I smiled and moaned as she played with my nipples. After a while I kissed her stomach and then undid her shorts. When I tore off her lace thong I started to tease her. I kissed around her pussy, making her moan and begging me to suck it.

I teased her for two more minutes before I went to her pussy. I smiled, not done teasing yet. I lightly ran my tongue along her pussy. She groaned loudly. "Oh Bree!" she moaned I then got more rough, I sucked on her pussy. Making her moan and scream out my name. I then dove my tongue into her hole. She started to pant as I tongue fucked her.

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tasha holz big tits pornstars and brunette She grabbed my head and pushed my face deeper into her pussy. I then pulled away. I got up and took off the rest of my clothes and then smiled. "69 position." I said. She grinned as I mounted, my vagina and ass over her face. She growled as she teased me. I chuckled, of course she would tease me back.

I went back to sucking on her pussy again, she groaned loudly. I then moaned as she sucked my pussy back. After a while we started to grind our pussies into each other's faces. "Damn Brittany! Oh! Suck my pussy, c'mon baby! Suck it!" I screamed. She started to tongue fuck me as I humped her face. I then licked her pussy and put my two fingers into her hole. She groaned and panted.

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She started to hump my fingers as she stopped licking my pussy. My pussy ached so much it was starting pery teats slut wants to be fucked japanese hardcore make me over whelmed. After five more minutes she orgasmed. She screamed as she squirted. I stared at her shocked. "You can squirt?" I asked, bewildered. "Yeah.kind of mastered it.but finger fuck good!" She then nudged me off.

"One sec, I have something." I watched as she dug into her secret bag she always kept in her book bag. she looked at me and noticed I was rubbing my pussy. "No. Don't rub it yet." she ordered. I stopped rubbing my soaking wet pussy as she pulled something out. I gaped at it. It was a strap on, a nice long purple strap on cock.

It had to be at least seven inches long. She smiled. "Are you a viring?" she asked "Nope.just fucked my ex.last week before we broke up yesterday." I replied "Good." She put the strap on, on and then lied me down.

She mounted me and grabbed a bottle of lube she had. She rubbed it onto the cock and then smiled. She bent down and kissed me as she slowly shoved the cock into me.

I groaned, starting already to hump it. She started out humping me slowly but then got faster and rougher each minute.

Soon she full out fucking me. "Oh my.Brittany! Fuck me bitch! Fuck me! Oh god!" I screamed. "Yeah that's it baby! That's it, you take my cock!" she yelled. She fucked me even harder, jamming the cock into my hole.

I suddenly got the feeling I needed to pee. "Britt I need to pee." I groaned. "No you don't.just let it go when you climax." she whispered She then licked my nipples as she fucked me. I screamed as I climaxed. Doing as she said I let the 'pee' go. Turned out I was squirting. I moaned loudly as she groaned as well. After I was we both collapsed. "Dam.that was good." she mumbled "Dam yeah it was." I replied back, kissing her neck.

"I'm not done yet though.still horny as hell." "Same here babe." she replied. She smiled as she looked at me, "Why don't we get.dirty?" "What are you talking about?" I asked. "Instead of kissing.licking.and.I've tried this before. Pissing in our mouths." "What!" I gasped. "Trust's so fucking amazing! Gets me horny." "O-okay." She smiled as she started to kiss and then licked my neck. I groaned.

She then rubbed my pussy making me moan even louder. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face into my pussy, roughly humping her face. ~Shall I continue? Sorry if it is a bit rushed~