Harmony reigns snow white and the bbc natural big tits pinknipples

Harmony reigns snow white and the bbc natural big tits pinknipples
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SHAVING MY FLATMATES LEGS AND PUSSY It's purely fictional but based on an incident that actually happened but the character is actual and a former girlfriend in Thailand.

I hope you enjoy the story. . Coming home one day I found my flatmate Tan going through my bathroom cabinet. This is the story that followed. Tan is 34 and I was four years older and that is why we got on so well we looked after each other, she would often parade around in her undies, except for when her boyfriend came around that is. "Shit Barry you scared the daylights out of me! Sorry, I'm out of razors and I need to shave my legs to go out tonight with my boyfriend.

Do you have a spare one I could have, please?" "There's a new packet under the sink." I told her. "Thanks. I hate doing this it's the backs of my legs I always have trouble with." "Well you know I'm a nurse.

I see women's bodies all day; if you ever need a hand just tell me. I can do it quicker than you and probably better." I said smirking. "Yea right." she said walking off into her room to get undressed. "I'll need the bathroom in 5," she called.

"You have a quick shower and then I'll go in." "Ok no problem." Either my shower took longer than five minutes, or she was MUCH quicker as I was still in the shower when she just walked in.

"Sorry got to pee!" she just plonked herself on the toilet and started peeing, she'd only done this twice before and that was when she was drunk. I could see her clearly through the glass door of the shower and had to turn my brooke lynn receives cum blasted on face after a hard sex in case I started getting hard which was the case.

"Errrr Tan? I need my towel can you pass it to me? It's on the back of the door." "Sorry can't. Still peeing, you'll have to get it yourself." she told me. Shit my cock was starting to grow and I needed my towel.

So opening the door I stepped out and she was standing there wiping her pussy with paper, "Oops sorry, Tan." "What are you worried about? I bet you see women peeing all day, bet you've even bed bathed some.

Haven't you?" she said jokingly. "Well as a matter of fact, I've sponged many women that are too sick to care in the least." "Mmmm…so does that mean you wash EVERYWHERE?" "Yes Tan, everywhere. I can't leave parts of them smelling, can I?" Letting her towel fall back down covering herself she looked at me trying to cover my growing erection, "Having trouble are we?" "NO.

Just the hot water sometimes has that effect on me." "Pity, I thought it may be me having that effect." I felt myself go beetroot red in the face, "It WAS me, wasn't it? Did it turn you on seeing me pee or the fact that I'm half naked?" "Tan, drop it, will you?

It's not fair. I never tease you, so leave me alone please." "Owwww&hellip.touchy are we?" she tried to pull my towel away. "Look just get those legs shaved so you can go out on you're date." "Can't because he has to work late, so I'll just take my time unless you want to help me?" she asked. "Yea right, as if you'd ask me to help you." "Mmmm…does that mean you WON'T help me?" she asked coyly.

"Shy are we?" "No don't be silly. I'm not shy. I just don't think you want me to." She sat on the toilet and handed me the razor and foam, "Go for it, nurse." Suggesting she stand first so I could shave the backs then she could sit down for the rest she stood and leaned over the sink, "Hang on, let me fix my towel first. Otherwise it may fall on top of you." she laughed. Undoing it to adjust the height, she lifted it away from her body pulling the towel up and retied the knot. The problem was that she was standing in front of the mirror and I saw her entire naked body.

She just looked me straight in the eyes and didn't blink an eye. "OK let's get them wet first." I wet a face cloth and began soaking her lower legs, rubbing them slowly and sensually, then I applied the foam rubbing it around the lower part of one leg first again slowly and gently.

After I finished both lower legs at the back, I suggested she sit down and I'd start the front of her lower legs. Tan was sitting on the toilet with her hand between her legs, holding the towel in place; stopping me looking up between her thighs. Running the razor over her stubble she commented, "It feels so different when someone else does it." "How so? How can it be different? It's still a razor and you're leg's being shaved." "Yes, but you go more softly than I do." "Is that a bad thing?" I asked.

"Well, err no, just the opposite in fact." "I don't understand." I said, questioning her further. "Well it's you know…" "NO. What do you mean, Tan?" "Well, it's quite erotic seeing you down there shaving me and being so gentle." she replied. "Oh, err well, it's not intentional. Do you want me to be harder and put more pressure on?" "NO. That's fine as it is thanks." She replied and I continued until I'd cleaned her lower leg.

"How's that?" I asked. Standing, raising her towel to have a look, she raised it a bit far revealing her ass cheeks to me making me blush again, but this time she didn't say anything to me. "Now the other leg please, my personnel leg shaver." she said joking. "It's not only legs I shave at work, you know. People have to be shaved everywhere for certain operations." "Do you shave the women as well, Barry?" "Of course silly, there's not always a female nurse around and these women just want their operation and get better.

So letting me see them naked is a minor thing to them." Settling down to the other leg I shaved the outsides first, then wiped the foam off and next I soaked the inside rubbing the face cloth up and down her inner calf. Unlike the first leg which she kept rigid and made me bend to shave her, this time her leg opened outwards very slightly parting them ever so slightly, allowing me to get between them easier.

Still with her hands still between her thighs but her head back against the wall now, I kept looking up hoping slutty nova gets both her holes slammed a flash but that wasn't about to happen with those hands in her lap. Getting to the tops of her lower legs and drying her off I announced, "There, all done." I stood about to wash the razor. "Err well, I normally do my thighs as well all the way up, but that's ok I'll do that if you're too embarrassed." "Don't be silly.

I can do that and it'll be quicker than if I do it. Then you can go watch a movie or something." Sitting there I wondered how this was going to happen and then she said, "Start at the knees and go up slowly. " "Ok no worries." Without asking, I pushed her towel half way up her thighs, bunching it on her legs and starting on the outside again. I told her that I'd shave the back after I'd done the inside.

Shaving the outside, I cleaned and dried it then shaved the other teen masturbation orgasm hidden camera when playmates brother rey blackmailed me and my as well.

Now for the insides, her legs were tightly shut and grabbing the wet cloth I squeezed it between her knees; they were that tight. Forcing my hands between her thighs, she looked at me and her face was red but I had to get this done and it was the only way.

Applying the foam to my hands I again forced my hands between her thighs, rubbing it up and down the insides of her thighs slowly into her skin, getting ready for the razor.

Razor in my hand, I looked at her and she was almost pale now. Without saying anything, I grabbed her knee with my other hand still looking at her and pulled them open slowly and gently until they were about 4 inches apart. Taking the razor, I started shaving but I was having trouble as I was rubbing against her other thigh with my knuckles but persisted. Suddenly I felt her legs open slightly more as her head was now leaning back against the wall, I continued shaving half way up her inner thigh then dried that leg.

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Moistening the other leg which was now open about 6 inches, I started shaving again and rubbing the excess foam off as I went; as I was shaving I kept rubbing my hands over both inner thighs making sure I'd got all the hairs.

Time for more foam and still her legs were only about 6 inches apart.

I knew this was going to be both difficult and dangerous, as I was going higher with the real possibility of me cutting her with the razor in such a small area to work with. Hand foamed up, I ran my hands up the inside of her thighs more than half way up, probably more than I needed to at this stage but I was getting horny and my towel wasn't behaving itself.

Taking the razor in my hand I heard a small whimper form her lips. As I approached her thigh, she slowly opened allowing me to slide my hand with the razor inside. As I started shaving fairly low down still near the knee, I advanced higher and this time her legs opened as I went up. What happened next surprised me as her towel started parting slowly exposing more of her thigh to me, I kept going higher. I didn't need to as I hadn't finished were I was yet, but I just did. More foam on my hands and kneeling up, looking her directly in the face I slid my hand all the way up.

Stopping just short of her pussy and rubbing the foam into her flesh slowly, gently and erotically. Staring me in the face she spread her legs parting her towel sideways, exposing her hairy pussy in front of me.

Kneeling back down, I ran the razor up and down her thigh shaving it as I went. Next the other inner thigh and as I rubbed it in near the top, her legs opened even wider, her head right back against the wall, hands on her hips and small noises coming from her lips. "Shit it's hot in here." she commented, but I didn't respond. I just kept rubbing up and down her thighs "I'll wipe them dry and check to make sure I've got all the hairs." I told her.

Taking a hand towel I ran my hands up the inside of the first thigh rubbing slowly, watching her as I proceeded high. Her breathing had increased, her face was flushed and she was holding the toilet seat with both hands. Moving to the other side, I administered the same treatment to her legs. "Ok all done.

I just need to make sure I've got all the hairs, otherwise it'll be pretty uncomfortable if I've left some stubble in there." She didn't say a thing and just lay back, head against the wall with her legs spread wide open, her pussy less that two feet kimber lee blows her bro for the new year in front of my face. Running my hand up the insides of her thighs, I gently rubbed checking for stubble, nearer the top on one of her thighs I grabbed some skin and kneaded the flesh in my hands.

"Mmmm, FUCK, it's getting hotter." She said and fanned her face with her hand. My cock was fully erect and was now pointing out the front of my towel as my hands continued there kneading and massaging. "After I've shaved I always put some moisturiser on as the skin dries out fast. It's under the sink." Tan told me. Now this was going to be interesting with my cock standing out as it was. I just stood in front of her, my cock poking out from under the towel no more than two feet away from angelika wild calze scarpe e culi aperti face, and she just stared at it making no comments, just a flicker of her tongue over her lips.

Grabbing the moisturizer, I applied it to both hands and staring directly at her we locked onto each others eyes. Placing my hands on both sides of a thigh, I started my slow movements rubbing the cream around in circles. Low at first just above the knee, and then quickly I shot both hands up almost to the top of her legs which caused her to emit soft sounds from her mouth again.

Moving to the other thigh, again hands on both sides, I rubbed them slowly in the same manner as before; my breathing deep and heavy, as I wanted to continue the game. Kneeling up and placing my hard cock against wife caught cheating with this neighbor french knee, I took hold of the same knee and pulling it gently open even further I ran my other hand along the inside of the thigh, this time kneading the flesh spooking his sexy stepsisters young old pornstars. Moving all the way to the top, running my hands around in circles, I was merely an inch from her cunt now.

Moving her hands from the toilet seat she had now grasped her breasts which were hidden under the towel that was tied around them. "FUCK I'M HOT, SHIT ITS HOT." she kept saying. Go for It, I thought, she can only slap me. Leaving my hand on the inside of her thigh, kneading it, I reached up with the other and pulled the knot of the towel apart but still leaving it place.

Changing hands I started on the other thigh. Her hands moving to her breasts, they were moving in bigger circles and the towel was slowly coming apart exposing her flesh gradually. Increasing the pressure of my hard cock against her knee, she was rubbing it against me. Moving her leg from side to side, my towel parted as she continued the movement against me.

Grabbing her tits hard and squeezing, the towel had fallen lower and I was looking at the cleavage of her ample breasts. She was a 38C; I know this for a fact, as I'd looked at her bra size one day when it was in the laundry. Perspiration on her face and running down her chin; dripping onto her chest. She was panting harder, eyes closed, hips moving slightly on the toilet seat against the manipulation of her thigh with my hand; knee now going up and down against my cock.

The towel gave way falling to the floor leaving me naked kneeling in front of her. Eyes now open and looking at my hard 8 inch cock against rachel adjani in french tourist fucked in public stairwell hardcore big tits knee, she muttered, "FUCK." Then taking hold of her towel, I pulled it open and let it fall apart.

She was sitting naked on the toilet seat slumped forward, thighs spread wide open, panting and staring at my rock hard member. "Put some moisturiser on my breasts please, nurse." she requested. Moving between her thighs, cock pointing directly at her, I took a handful of both breasts and started fondling them in my moistened hands. Squeezing and caressing them as I'd one with her thighs.

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Her hands were slowly moving down her chest to her stomach and I thought she was going to play with her pussy, instead she kept going further down her body until she came to her thighs and started running her hands around and up and down them.

"Mmmm…very good job, nurse I'll let you shave me again if you want." I didn't answer her. I just continued groping her breasts. Taking a nipple between my fingers, I twisted and pulled them but it was a bit difficult as they were so slippery.

"Yummy. Such a good job on my legs and thighs, but now the rest of my hair is out of place, what do you think?" Taking my hand and placing it flat against her pussy, she looked at me in the eyes. Softly pulling a handful of hair in my fingers she arched her back, "AGHHHH SHIT." I put the heel of my hand against her pubic mound and ground into her applying firm asian babe ayumi shinoda gives rimjob and blowjob and turning my hand slightly moving my thumb under her groin.

Looking at me and waiting to see what I would do next, I inserted it swiftly into her saturated cunt making her sit bolt upright. She grasped my hand and moaning loudly, "CUNT!!" Arms around my neck now and pulling me closer resting her head into my shoulders, I knew she was way gone and turned on big time. Shifting my hand upwards, pulling my thumb out of her pussy, she elicited her disapproval by groaning.

"NOOOO!!" Shifting only slightly, I sought her clitoris with the end of the thumb that had been inside her just a few seconds ago. Stiffening and straightening her back, her teeth bit gently into my neck moaning in sally layd fucks peter north till he comes against my skin.

Rubbing the hardening lump under my thumb, she was circling her hips against the movement and groaning hard and louder now. "OH SHIT, Barry! YESSS! Don't fucking stop! AGHHHHH CUMMMMNG!" Then I spun my hand around and pushed three fingers deep inside her; fingering her cunt fast and hard. As I slid them in her she stood straight up in front of me, moving her hips against the thrusting of my fingers inside her pussy. Bucking wildly and calling me a CUNT again.

"YESSS! That's it! FUCKKKK YESSSS!" She bent her knees and thrust against me hard and stood still coming down from her orgasm. Still with my fingers entrenched inside her womb, panting and perspiring she looked down at me and just said, "Well THAT WAS INTERESTING wasn't it? But, what are we going to do about my pubes, nurse?" Smiling as she asked the question.