Cash hungry mixed race babe in public pornstars hardcore

Cash hungry mixed race babe in public pornstars hardcore
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Introduction. The stories I write are all set in an imaginary town called Taylorsville. It's a small town in Bucks County PA, and lies next to the Delaware, in-between Route 1 and I 95. On the surface the citizens seem to be just like you and me, but if you look a bit closer then you will see that there is a lot more going on. We all have our secrets, right? Sexual secrets that we want to keep hidden, deep down inside our souls.

Everyone has those secrets, and some might call us perverted, freaks, or fetishists. But aren't we all like that? What is the difference between a man who wants to be tied up while being spanked by a girl in black leather and a man who adores blondes?

What is the difference between a woman who makes love to her husband in expensive lingerie, and a woman who desires to be abused by her master?

I think there is no difference at all. I always have been fascinated by "the perverted", among us. Why do some men like to see their wives have sex with other men?

Why are there woman who love to be totally humiliated? Why do people get off on pain? Am I a pervert? I love sex, I love to experiment and think that you need to try out as much as you can. Of course I have my limits; kids, animals and incest for instance. But those lines are thin (not when it comes to kids and animals though) and change through time. Personally I don't like big mom vs boy dirty boxing cum wrestling write about a father and his daughter.

It is something that I never would do, but what if I happen to get a step-daughter that is already twenty years old? Would I be tempted if it was the right kind of girl? I like to explore that side of me in my stories.

I try to write as realistic as possible and that's why I began to use real characters.

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All the characters you will read about are real, pov black cock fucking with aleska diamond human beings. I did change the names, but kept their looks, character, personality, and what I know about them, and filled in the blanks.

-------------------- Chris slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the bedroom door. He took his bathrobe from the door hanger and as silent as possible he opened the door and stepped outside, closing the door behind him. Outside the bedroom he put his bathrobe on while he walked down the stairs.

It's 5.30 AM and Chris is getting ready for work. The reason that he is so quit is that he doesn't want to wake his wife, Hilary. Chris walks to the kitchen, fills the coffee pot with water and pours it in the coffee maker. Then he takes a fresh coffee filter, puts it in the holder and fills it with grinded coffee.

He turns the machine on and dirty asian in ass to mouth threesome feels two hands on his hips. "Morning baby." He hears a sweet voice whispering behind him. The two hands move to the front, dive under the half made knot that keeps Chris's bathrobe together, and with one push those hands open the knot. "Morning cutie." Chris smiles and watched how those hands open his bathrobe, then the hands slide over his naked belly till they reach his pubic hair.

The hands meet each other at the base of his cock. One hand grabs his cock, while the other one cups his balls. Chris turns around and leans against the counter-top, while he watches how she sinks to her knees. "I need my morning protein." She smiles, as she quickly wet her lips before she closes them around the head of Chris's cock.

"Hmm." Chris moans and lays his hands tenderly on her head and strokes through her hair. She begins to suck him. At first slow and gentle, making sure that his cock becomes rock hard, but then she starts to move faster. "Owh baby." Chris sighs and watches how her head slams back and forth. Chris closes his eyes, the wet female lips stroking over his cock drives him wild, the sucking feeling around his glans is pushing him even further, but her face is what really kills him each time.

The innocent look, that tries to hide the passion that lies inside her. The big brown eyes that sparkle each time they are together. The little dimples that appear in her cheeks, telling him that she wants to have hot and passionate sex, and that there is nothing in the world that will stop her.

Chris has to close his eyes to prevent himself from cumming to quick. "You like it baby?" she whispers, when she takes his cock out of her mouth.

"Owh yeah." He moans and opens his eyes again. She slides his wet cock up against her face, until the head of his cock is at eye height. Then she tilts her head, and looks at him with her wide spread eyes. Chris's cock bucks, lifts himself a bit from her face and falls back on her cheek.

"Hihihi," she giggles "are you trying to tell me something?" With her hand she holds his cock to her face, wraps her little fingers around him and starts to jerk him. "Are you trying to tell me that you want to cum?" Her eyes are still looking at Chris. She slips her tongue outside and tickles his balls that are dangling in front of her mouth.

"Owh you know I do, you must know that by now." Chris grins. He looks down at this beautiful creature that is teasing him so bad. "You really want to shoot your cum down my throat?" she asks before she sucks his balls inside her mouth, tickles them with her tongue and lets them plop out of her mouth again.

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"Uh huh." Chris moans louder. "Make me cum baby, please make me cum." She smiles, looks up at Chris again and pushes her mouth over his bucking cock again. She grabs his hips with both hands and begins to slam her face back and forth. She turns and twists her head each time the hard cock slams down her throat. She sucks harder and lets his cock sink deeper and deeper, till the point that she almost begins to gag.

She moves her hands to his balls and begins to play with them. Chris moans louder and begins to thrust his hips back and forth, pushing his cock even deeper while he feels his sperm boiling up through his shaft.

She feels his cock bucking down her throat and knows he is about to explode. Quickly she pulls his cock out and opens her mouth as wide as she can. She looks up to him, and gives him her most innocent look.

She jerks as hard as she can, pumping her fist faster and faster. "Give it to me baby," she moans, aiming Chris's cock at her open mouth, "give me my breakfast." Chris holds in a scream and explodes. His sperm squirts out of his cock, and straight inside her open mouth. She keeps jerking and feels his hot cum gushing inside. She swallows it quickly and keeps jerking until Chris's balls have completely emptied themselves.

She swallows the last drops and slowly gets up again. "Thanks baby." She smiles, kisses Chris on his lips, turns around and leaves the kitchen.

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A few seconds later he hears her walking up the stairs, into the bedroom and crawling into bed. He shakes his head. "What a woman." Chris smiles and pours himself a freshly brewed cup of coffee, before he leaves the house.