Lewd japanese needs a knob hardcore blowjob

Lewd japanese needs a knob hardcore blowjob
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Ch.2-Pt-2 ==================================================================================== I felt Avery fall off of me and then I saw Karina with a huge smile on her face and Madelyn licking it clean.

I knew that they weren't done yet though because soon Ruth and Avery were giving me the same treatment. I was soon hard again and that's when I took control. I stood up and said. "I want you, Karina, to take your clothes off.

For now everyone else just have fun with each other and striptease." I watched Karina slowly take her clothes off. As soon as they were on the ground, I gave her instructions. "Get on all fours facing the rest of the girls." I ordered. She did what I asked. I looked at her deliciously tight pussy and lined my cock head up with it and slowly pushed in. I eventually ran into a barrier, without a warning I violently tore through her hymen and bottomed out in her insanely tight pussy.

She was wincing in pain and I think I saw a few tears. I started slowly fucking her, soon enough I had her moaning my name over and over. I picked up the pace and fucked her for about 10 minutes. Just as she climaxed I got an idea. "This might hurt OK?" I said to her. "Whatever you want Cameron." She replied. I pulled my dick out with a plop. I lined my dick up with her little rosebud. I pushed slowly mighty booty shake with exclusive dominican girl gently into her tight asshole.

"If you relax it won't hurt as much." I told her.

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She did what I told her and it was much easier to slip my hard dick inside her. The scene before me was a hot one. Ruth and Avery were on there backs scissoring each other and Madelyn was kneeling above them fingering herself like no tomorrow. I watched this seen while slowly fucking Karina's asshole. After a couple minutes I decided to move on. I pulled out of Karina's asshole and walked over to Avery who was now fingering herself. I bent her over the other two and stuck my iron rod in her vice-like pussy.

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I didn't run into a barrier this time, I just kept going until I was all the way in. "Fuck me hard, Cameron!" She screamed I obeyed and fucked her as hard and fast as I could. My dick seemed like a blur sawing in and out of her. Pretty soon I got tired from going so fast. I pulled out and laid on my back, but as soon as I did that Ruth came over and straddled my hips and started lowering herself down on my rod.

After a few moments of her adjusting she turned so that her ass was facing my face. She slowly started fucking me cow-girl style. Every time she crashed back down I watched her ass jiggle up and down. After a minute or two she went all the way off my dick, she moved her body forward and impaled her ass on my dick.

She screamed so loud I thought everyone would hear. But nobody did. She sat like that for a minute, I got impatient and started spanking her bare ass. Soon she was fucking me again and, man, it was the tightest sexy adorable gf cant resist seduction hardcore creampie hole yet! I was just about to blow my load when Madelyn took her place with her pussy. She was facing me this time and I reached up and grabbed her big, round, perfect tits.

They were the best thing I ever felt! She had only fucked my for about a minute when she came, and that was all I needed I pushed her off of me and stood up.

They all seemed to know what to do, as they all got on their knees with their youngest sticking out. I slowly started stoking my hard member. It gave a twitch and the tip exploded with white!

Do you remember what I said before? About my orgasm being the largest one ever? Well this one replace that. I counted 7 spurts of cum. All bigger than the next girlsdoporn teen girl riding it like crazy seemed.

When I was done I looked down and saw their beautiful faces painted white with my jizz. It was probably the hottest thing I ever saw, four girls with MY jizz all over their faces. We all got dressed and went to the locker rooms.

They didn't even bother getting dressed or cleaning their faces over I watched their asses sway as they walked away. "I wonder why they all just did that?" I thought to myself. Just then I heard a female voice. "Because you wanted them to!" The voice yelled.

I then realized, I think I have a very special talent. My Special Talent-Ch.3-Friends House I found out that day exactly what I could do.

I couldn't make people do exactly what I wanted them to do. But I could hugely influence their actions. Anyway, the next day I went and hung-out with my friend Simon.

His Mom got really mad at him for something or another, I don't really remember that much. But she made him go to the store and buy a bunch of things. He didn't want me to go with him out of anger, so I awkwardly stood in the doorway. "Sit down, Cameron, he won't be back for a while." His Mom said. Let me mom and her teen sons you about his Mom. His Mom was about 5'2 and the perfect description of a MILF.

She was in her late 30's but insanely hot. She had big D-cup tits that seemed to counter act gravity, she had a big ass that I'm pretty sure had never been touched. (Her husband was out working a lot, he was almost never home for more than 2 days.) She also had a beautiful face.

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Big full lips, and pretty green eyes. As soon as I sat down, Simon's sister, Sydney, came downstairs. His sister was 18 and pretty much the exact same as her Mother, just with slightly smaller tits and a better figure (She was a model).