Brutalclips tory lane goes wild on cocks

Brutalclips tory lane goes wild on cocks
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It was a warm summer afternoon. Tina was an 18 year old girl, brunette hair, green eyes, and a set of beautiful C cup breasts (not to mention her sweet little ass). She was spending her last summer before college at her uncle's farm, helping where she was needed.

She loved spending time with animals, and the farm was her second home. She lay on the bank of a small pond about 100 yards from her uncles house, feet resting on a rock underwater. Just as she was dozing off, she heard her uncle calling her.

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"Tina!" he said "I need to talk to you for a minute, come on inside." "Coming!" said Tina. She got up and made her way back to the house. When she walked in through the backdoor, her uncle had a cup of sweet tea waiting for her. She picked up the glass and took a nice, long sip. "Ah, Tina, I need to ask you something." "What is it?" Tina asked.

"Well, I just got off the phone with Jeff. He said his mother was just taken to the hospital and he would likely be there for at least mom son fuck at late night at moms bedroom couple days to be with her. He asked me if I could go over and take care of his livestock while he's gone. Now since it's such a long drive over to his place I'm going to have to just stay there while he's gone. My question for you is: do you think you could look after the farm alone while I'm gone?" "Wow, I'm so sorry about Jeff's mom.

Of course I can take care of the farm by myself! I think I've proven my worth." Tina said. "Alright, excellent, I just wanted to make sure you were up to it. I'm going to head on over to his house, hopefully I can make it by sundown. If you need me, you know my cell number and Jeff's home number." "Yep! Have a safe drive!" said Tina. "I'm off. Love you, Tina!" "Love you too!" And with that, her uncle got into his truck and headed down the highway.

Tina was excited to have the farm to herself. She had always dreamed of owning her own farm. Now she finally got the chance to handle one all by herself.

She headed outside and checked on all the animals. She spent some extra time with the horses. She loved horses dearly, and would go ride around the property every on her favorite of the horses, Thunder. Thunder was an exceptionally strong horse, covered in brown hair.

He was prized by Tina's uncle. After checking on all the animals, she went back inside and decided she should probably make herself dinner.

She made a plate of spaghetti. She accidentally spilled some sauce on her shirt. She got up and went to the laundry room, took her shirt off, and threw it in the hamper. "Well, I guess with nobody else around, I don't need to wear the rest of these." she thought. She stripped off the rest of her lesbian cougar makes young gf squirm in pleasure. She admired her perfectly shaped tit's for a few moment's.

They always caught the eye's of any man she passed, though nobody had ever actually seen them. She was repulsed by most of the boys at her school, and since she lived in a relatively small town, it was hard for her to meet many people outside her school. She finished staring at herself, and went to take a nap on the couch.

She awoke several hours later. She looked out the window, and saw it was dark out.

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After a couple hours of channel surfing, she decided she might as well go check on all the animals again before bed. She visited the horses last. She walked up to Thunder. Usually he was fairly mellow, but for some reason he was acting different. He seemed very anxious. Tina went over and started petting him.

Tina tried for several minutes to calm him down, but he just got more and more restless. "Maybe he's just hungry" Tina thought to herself. She went over to the corner of the stable where her uncle keeps some spare feed. She grabbed a bucket, bent over, and scooped up some feed. Suddenly Tina was knocked forward. She caught herself on a table.

She turned her head around and she saw Thunder. His massive horse cock was fully erect underneath him. Tina's eye's suddenly grew very very wide. Before she could even react, Thunder lunged forward and mounted Tina and began thrusting his cock at her pussy. Terrified, Tina tried furiously to get out from between the massive beast and the table. She screamed for help, but there wasn't any other houses within two miles.

Suddenly, Thunder's cock hit it's mark. It tore it's way into Tina's virgin pussy.

She cried out in pain. Each thrust forced Thunder's cock further and further into Tina. She cried from the pain, and continued to try to get way from her horse rapist. It was to no avail, as Thunder had her locked down. After several minutes, Tina was completely exhausted and gave up her fight.

Moment's later, she felt Thunder's cock begin to pulse. Thunder began to shoot his full load deep into Tina's abused pussy. She felt the gooey warmth fill her abdomen. Her abdomen had a slight bulge from all the hot horse cum.

Thunder pulled his deflating cock out of Tina, and cum poured from between her legs. She fell down to the floor, tears running down her face.

She looked down at her bloody and cum covered pussy. She knew there was no way she'd be able to please any normal man again. She cupped her pussy and started to get up. She turned her head saw another, smaller horse standing next to her, with amateur teen big tits anal arts and sex crafts raging hard on. Thunder fucking her silly must have gotten the young horses attention.

She froze. The horse moved toward her. She backed up until she felt found herself in a corner. There was no escaping. She stifled her tears, not wanting to spook the horse. Realizing there was no way of getting out of the stable, she crawled over to the horse.

She grabbed it's long, meaty rod and opened her mouth. The second her lips touch the head of the horses cock, the horse thrust forward. Before Tina even knew what was happening, the horse had shoved it's cock deep into her throat. She choked and tried to back away. She slammed against the stable wall, choking and gagging.

The young horse stepped forward and his first thrust hit it's mark. His cock went straight down Tina's throat. Unable to breathe, she tried pushing him away with whatever strength she had left. It was no use. Thankfully for Tina, the horse was very inexperienced and came quickly, emptying his load directly into her stomach. He pulled out and Tina gasped for air. She collapsed on the floor, sobbing.

She lay on the floor for what seemed like hours. Finally she mustered the strength to get up. She moved as quickly as her weak body could.

Once inside the house, she went, turned on the shower and sat down in the tub. As she collected her thought's, she looked down and inspected her pussy. It was throbbing in pain, but felt strangely good. She got out of the shower, dried off, and laid down in her bed. She was thinking about what had just happened, when she noticed her pussy begin to leak a little horse cum.

The combination of thinking over what had happened and seeing the horse cum began to turn her on. She reached down and started rubbing her clit. It seemed to soothe the pain beautiful girls have lesbian fun college amateur having her pussy violated and torn open.

She reached up and started playing with her nipples. She moaned in pleasure. Suddenly she felt an orgasm explode through her body. She moaned even louder. She had masturbated before, but had never straight guy gay sex drunk an orgasm like this.

She cried out in pleasure. Finally the sensation stopped. Too exhausted to even move, she laid and stared at the ceiling. So many thought's were running through her head. One thing was certain, though; this wasn't the end of her sexual horse adventures. She slowly drifted off to sleep. What lie ahead of her tomorrow?