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Hot ebony big white dick euro trip
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William and Ann Chapter 14 Larry continued his assault on the hot vaginal opening of his teenage daughter.

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Natalie admired the loving scene before her. She was resting comfortably on her back with her buttocks raised on the pillow in hopes that her freshly-fucked fertile pussy would become impregnated by Larry's spunk which remained pooled at the mouth of her uterus. Ann didn't mind having her dad's dick inserted into young cunt, she actually enjoyed the sensation of being filled with a nice cock.

She didn't even mind having this incestuous scene play out in front of her friend. Ann just didn't wish to be made pregnant by her own father right now, especially when she compared him to her brother, William. William was loving, caring, and devoted to her.

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He was more of a boyfriend than she could ever have imagined, whereas Larry was strictly using her as a sperm depository and future breeding hole for his children/grandchildren. In order to keep the peace in the house and maintain looks, Ann willingly tolerated his molestations and even talked dirty to him so that he would finish quickly and feel better.

It prevented Larry from suspecting William of having unprotected sex with Ann and kept him from snooping into her sex life. Even though William was fucking his teenage sister with the knowledge of their father, Larry figured they were following his instructions to wear a condom at all times.

He also figured that the siblings had likely reduced their sex sessions because he didn't see them together around the house as much as they had a few months earlier. He would be wrong on both counts! William and Ann were now so in love with one another that not only were the condoms rarely used, but they were having sexual relations at all times of the day and night no less than three times a week.

Ann's mind wandered as she dropped her head and looked back between her legs to see her dad's hairy scrotum slapping against her swollen labia. Her developing breasts swayed side to side and occasionally clapped together. She closed her eyes and dreamt that it was William who was filling her needy baby hole with his manhood rather than her old father who had just left a load inside her friend.

Ann gave a grunt of satisfaction as the phallus pushing upward into her blossoming womanhood tickled and expanded the lining of her vagina. She called out, "Push it. Push it harder." Mom and san sex stories xnxx story a fleeting thought, she was bent over a picnic table beside a lake; the fresh smell of pine surrounding her as Will publicly and unashamedly thrust himself inside his little sister's gripping pussy.

Another thought entered her mind and she imagined what having sex must look like from the interior of her vagina. Ann tried to think of what color her vaginal wall was, what it must look like when the semen explodes inside. Does it stick to the entire surrounding or just lay on the floor of the lining?

When a penis isn't in her, does it still hold the shape of a straw or collapse like a balloon without air in it? Her daydreaming was interrupted by her daddy who smacked her ass with his hand, not too hard, but enough to get her attention.

"Come on, Bitch. Talk to me, Baby. Tell me you want it." "Yes, Daddy, give it to me. Give me that precious cum. Cum in me! Make me have your baby!" She knew what turned him on and was ready to put a fork in this session.

Besides, she had to complete her plan and this was one sure way to do it. She continued with the incestuous talk, winking at Natalie as she did so. The mixture of the smelly candles wafted through her nostrils as she inhaled and felt the tightening of her cunt around the swelling shaft of her father's intrusive cock.

She realized the music from the cassette had stopped now and the only sounds were the grunting from Larry, the slapping of his balls on the back of legs, the small farting sound of her moist pussy, and the rapid breathing of Natalie who was now flicking her own clitoris while observing the impending climax of the man fucking his offspring.

"Daddy, fuck me!" Ann was really playing up to his fetish now as the volume of her voice increased to almost a yell. "Give your baby a baby. Put your nasty daddy juice in my tiny pussy. Get me knocked up so I can be like Natalie. You want to give two little girls a real baby doll?

You think we're old enough to breed with you, Daddy? Come on, then, pump me full of your sperm until I can't hold any more in me." "Aghhhhhh! Yeah! Fuck yeah. Ugh, Baby! Here comes my daddy juice right up inside your little body. Give 'em an egg, Sugar." Larry's hands grasped her pubescent hips, thrusting himself against her and holding his throbbing dick as deep as he could.

His goal of fucking a pair of young teenage girls unprotected had been accomplished. With any luck, he'd be seeing the small amateur chick stepsister eager to swallow last drop of cumshot of his goal in about nine months. Ann felt the slimy semen squish and slide inside as Larry gyrated his hips in an attempt to lubricate her entire passage with his seedy spunk.

Natalie moaned aloud as her orgasm hit, and in her desire for more sex, begged, "Let me suck you! I want it to taste you in my mouth and hold your babies in my belly." That was such a fantastic offer, Larry immediately removed himself from his daughter and climbed on the bed to give the other girl a chance to clean him up mom and son xxx blue her tongue.

Meanwhile, Ann set her plan into motion and returned to the bathroom with a load of her father's ejaculate sloshing and sticking between her smooth legs.

She jumped into the tub and started the shower. Ann sat on the corner of the tub with her left xxxxx story mom and son full story resting on the side. She used the hand-held shower massager and placed it against her spread labia with the intention of washing out the live sperm injected into her moist cavity moments before. Being a young na? teen, she didn't realize the danger this could cause her.

Ann wasn't aware that douching and the like could actually push the semen closer to the entrance of her womb and enhance her chances of impregnation. Her only desire was to rid his spunk from her body and replace it with her brother's. Larry and Natalie remained on the bed in his room. He turned the radio on and fell asleep beside this young naked girl who drifted off to sleep spooning with her new lover, her ass still resting atop the pillow in the hopes it would prevent his cum from leaving her deflowered womb.

His arm wrapped her close to him as he held her in a loving embrace. William had gone to look though some books at the library. He was interested in learning about any side effects of incestuous children. Being the nerdy type and having discussed their relationship's future, Will realized he needed to know what could happen if he did succeed in germinating his sister's egg. He discovered that first-generation children of incest had a very low probability of having health defects, especially if both parents were in good health, which he and Ann were.

He also found out that sibling incest was a common practice among the wealthy and social elite for centuries and in many cultures.

This was encouraging news! Reading books on incest, both consensual and forced, gave William insight into what his sister was going through; it also provided him some ideas on how to avoid detection by his father and outsiders on their relationship. He was fascinated with one girl who was his age that was having consensual sex with her father and even got into swinger parties and lesbian sex.

After reading this girl's journal entries, Will was anxious to return home and share his new-found knowledge with his little sister. When William walked into the front door, he noticed the quietness of the house. It was too quiet for a late afternoon on a Sunday.

Why wasn't his father watching TV? Why wasn't he hearing Ann talking to some friend of hers on the phone? Why was there a fragrance of pine and cinnamon wafting in the air? He tiptoed down the hallway and saw Ann's door ajar.

He tapped on it and pushed it open. She was laying on her bed in the fetal position, still nude and with her hair in a braid. Kannada actress prema sex storys lovely ass faced William as he walked over to her.

He could tell she was upset, almost angry. "What's wrong, Sis?" "Dad wants to get me pregnant. He's in there right now with Natalie.

He just fucked both of us and shot his wad in us. I went into the bathroom and washed it out of me as best I could." "Do you think you got it all out of you, Ann?" "I think so. Will, let's get me pregnant. We need to do it now. I don't want to have his baby, not until I have yours, and especially now that he wants me to share him with Natalie!" "That's cool with me.

I was just at the library doing some research. We can have kids who will be just fine. We don't need to worry about having a baby with birth defects, and our baby will have the best traits from both of us, so it will be beautiful and smart." This made Ann even more eager to get started on her way to motherhood.

She looked forward to the time she could hold their baby against her breast to nurse and comfort it, a time when she could take their child to the zoo, mall, and playground. Ann wanted to show off her bundle of joy she created with her loving and intelligent brother.

With her looks and his brain, they were sure to make the perfect babies together. Grabbing him around the neck, she pulled him onto her bed and began kendall kross having an amazing outdoor fuck with bf remove his clothes.

He was quick to assist her as his shirt, shoes, pants, and briefs landed in a pile on the floor beside her bed. Wearing only his white socks, he lay on his back as Ann nuzzled and stroked his rising erection. After just seconds of digital manipulation, he presented her with a raging hard on which she happily mounted.

Rubbing the top of his penis and smearing a drop of pre-cum on her thumb, she easily guided his cock into her pussy where it belonged. They got into their accustomed rhythm as William's hands roamed up the sides of his gorgeous sister and over her breasts. He smiled up at her knowing he was given full permission to release his incestuous love into the depths of her fertile body with the total understanding that she was to bear him a child.

He was so in love with this teenage goddess that he couldn't help but kiss her anywhere and everywhere his lips could reach. He pulled her down to him and began to plant kisses over her breast, chest, neck, cheeks, and finally her lips. As the siblings were in a lip lock, he rolled her over and took control in the missionary position.

His thrusts grew more powerful, her vagina was a river of fluid ready to be mated and welcome his seed, their body temperature rose, and her nipples stood at attention as the young lovers became lost in the moment, hell bent on the concerted sole purpose on creating a new life within Ann's baby-ready womb.

The amount of love and raw sexual desire for one another was enough to make a statue cry in jealousy. William and Ann were at the pinnacle of their relationship at this point.

His penis continued to piston in and out of his siblings snatch like the shaft on the wheel of a locomotive. Ann's pussy pulsed and tensed around her brother's baby-delivering pole grasping it like the outer tube of a syringe. The muscular walls of her vagina held his cock and milked it as an orgasm hit her, causing her to tremble and her vagina to contract in spasms. Ann released a muffled scream of absolute pleasure into the open mouth of her older brother.

She dug her nails into Will's back as her legs covered his buttocks and shoved him deeper toward her hungry uterus. Knowing he had given her the ultimate orgasm and that she was totally prepared to receive his incestuous semen into her sperm receptacle, he opened his eyes and into hers, looking deep down into Ann's soul. With a look of determination, concentration, and admiration, he ground his thrusts to a momentary halt, hesitated, and sent his tongue in search of his loving sister's. The moment their tongues connected, he blew the entire contents of his pent-up scrotum rocketing up the shaft of his penis and blasting into the far reaches of Ann's nurturing and welcoming vagina.

The built-up pressure that was suddenly released caused Will to get a headache, but he felt it was all worth it. He shot several massive spurts directly on the doorstep of the maturing womb. The amount of cum he sent her was enough to drench the floor of her vagina where the contractions of her uterus dipped into the pool of love juice teeming with vibrantly active sperm searching to fertilize an egg.

Ann's body didn't want to disappoint them, either, as it gave the life-giving seed a warm safe place to travel, and even provided them a newly-released egg.

Ann had just ovulated and her body was prepared for such a moment. The post-orgasmic minutes between the siblings were filled by stroking hair from their sweat-drenched faces, continued kisses, hugs, smiles, and an Eskimo kiss as they felt a culmination of their love seep into the pores of each other. Ann knew this had to be the exact moment she would be carrying her brother's child inside her body, and have a real baby to care for, instead of the dolls she had been practicing with just a few years ago.

Her father would be pleased, as well, but only if he thought it was his. She was now going to have to convince him that was the actual sperm donor, though she and William would know the truth. "Will, we can never let Dad know what we did. We have to keep him in the dark if you want to continue to be with me and our baby we just made." "As much as I hate to, Ann, I agree with you.

I think it's best for us all that way. I promise to keep this baby and our relationship secret, but only until we're old enough to move out and be on our own, which is just a few years since I'll be an official adult soon and we can move out of here and live like a real couple." "Oh, Will, I love you! That sounds like a good mira sunset is down for some dp cumshot and facial. I can't wait to be your wife and have you as a husband.

We can get married in Mexico or Jamaica where they don't know us or care about us being brother and sister." "Yeah, Sis, but let's do one thing at a time. First, we need to get cleaned up and I need to get out of here before Dad catches us in naked your sporty luscious teen cant live without it unfathomable hardcore blowjob, realizes there isn't a used condom on me, and your gorgeous baby hole filled with our juices." "Good point.

Get out and let me lie here under the covers. I'll pretend to be napping, but I'll let your sperm get soaked inside to make sure it takes before I shower." With a parting kiss that can only take place between two teenage lovers who have eyes only for each other, they separated and set their plan in motion. TO BE CONTINUED&hellip.