Breast nude massage in story

Breast nude massage in story
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I woke up and slowly got out of the bed to not wake Chris, who looked completely knocked out. I unlocked the door (he said sometimes people come in and mess with him and take stuff while hes sleep, so he locks his doors) and went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal.

We had been here a few days, and everything seemed to go fine. We all hung out together, played games and had fun, the only down side was the next to no alone time with Rita. I was the only one down there so I had time with my thoughts.

Rita and I haven't spent any quality time alone in a long while, and its really starting to bother me. I don't want things to get so out of control that we drift apart, but at the same time we can't let on about our secret, it could ruin everything for all of us, what a situation to be in. I wonder what Stephanie and Chris would think if they found out we were having sex with each other and using them as a cover, I could only imagine how that conversation would go.

Halfway through my bowl of cereal everyone else slowly filtered down into the kitchen, grabbing whatever they wanted for breakfast and sat down at the table waiting for a conversation to strike up, mom spoke first.

"I called the electric company again, they said our power is still out, but it might be on either tomorrow or the day after that. Oh and Lisa called, the power went out at her house too, she said she'll stay with a friend who lives close by." "Nonsense, tell her she's more than welcome to stay here, the more the merrier," Marie said. "She's already there, she said she knew we'd offer and called after she got settled in there." "I'm sure she wouldn't wanna stay with the eight million people here anyway," dad joked.

"It isn't that bad, well except shower time and stuff," Jim said. "So what does everyone have planned for today?" I asked changing the subject. "Well since the rain won't stop, I guess its movies and video games," Chris said.

"Yeah I'll probably be doing the same thing," Stephanie followed. "Randy and I are gonna relax by doing nothing, you know, twin stuff," Rita joked and I agreed. "Jim and I are gonna catch a couple baseball games on tv," dad said. Mom frowned up. "Oh you two and baseball! Where does that leave Marie and I?" "You two are more than welcome to watch the games with us," Jim replied.

They both huffed and gave them that stare that says "you're gonna pay for this" and went back to eating their bagels. I looked over at Stephanie who was watching Chris casually flirt with Rita, she looked a little pissed that Chris was moving in on her new lover, but quickly diverted her attention to me and smiled.

Her foot crept up my leg and found its way into my lap, but you couldn't tell she was doing anything by how nonchalant she acted. I saw Chris' hand dip under the table and could only assume it was on Rita's thigh, she confirmed it when she peeked over at me and gave me a look that said that was exactly what was happening. Our parents were busy chatting away about baseball and not wanting to watch it to notice anything going on with us, which probably worked out for the best.

After enough flirting and finally finishing my third bowl of cereal I excused myself and went to the bathroom to empty out all the milk I just drank. When I finished peeing I came out of the bathroom just in time to see Rita and Chris sneaking up to the attic. She gave me a sympathetic look as he pulled her by the arm up the stairs and closed the door behind them. It hurt me to see that look on her face, to know that she wanted it to be me, and I wanted it to be me too, badly, but our situation prevents it, even though it seems unfair, we have to put up with it.

I went back to Chris' room and plopped down on the bed. I thought about going up there pretending I was looking for something, but its not my house so there's big man smile girl sex chance of that working. I lay there for a while before I decided to try and forget about them for now and take a shower to drown my sorrows away.

I took a towel and change of house clothes into the bathroom and got into the water, which instantly relaxed me. As I was soaping up I could swear I heard someone at the door, but I knew I locked it and figured they would go to another bathroom.

I was washing the soap off my face when I definitely heard the door open, but I still couldn't see who it was because of the soap in my face, so I hurried up and rinsed off and looked outside the curtain to see Stephanie there getting naked. "How did you get in here? I know I locked the door!" "Uh I live here, I know how to pick the locks," she said waving a plastic library card.

"Well if you knocked I would have let you in." "Its more fun this way, you can catch someone doing something, like looking at porn, sneaking someone in the house, or in this case, jerking off in the shower," she giggled.

"No I wasn't jerkin it, yet," I mumbled. "Now I see why everyone always lock their doors here." "If they wouldn't lock them, then I wouldn't have to pick them, now stop blabbering and scoot over, we don't have much time." "You shouldn't even be in here, all our parents are right downstairs!" "Oh stop worrying, we have at least five minutes, Rita and Chris didn't seem to care on their way up to the attic, now stop wasting time and let me in!" She climbed in behind me and immediately leaned up to kiss me.

Her wet naked body smashed to mine as she pushed me against the wall with her nipples drilling holes into my chest. She reached down and grabbed my cock with one hand and stroked it as I then grabbed her ass in both my hands and squeezed it, making her giggle against my mouth and grind her body against me. "Mmmm you like that don't you Randy?" "You know I do. You like this?" I said as I spread her cheeks and rubbed her pussy lips.

"Oooh yeah I like that. The fact that our parents are in the same house while were doing this makes me feel naughty, its turning me on so gracie glam shows the curves of her gorgeous body get off on danger huh?

Well we'll be in it if were caught like this." "I know, I hate that we don't have a lot of time to really do anything, lets just masturbate each other until we cum, that should hold us off until later," she winked. "What's gonna happen later?" "Mmmm wouldn't you like to know. Now make me cum, we don't have much time." She put her back to my chest and grabbed hold of my cock again as I sucked two of my fingers and stuck them up her pussy.

She squeezed my cock when I pushed them in and started jacking me off faster. With my free hand I brought it up and squeezed her nipple between my fingers and I heard her hold back a moan and let it come out as a sharp breath.

"Oh Randy that feels soooo good! Keep doing it just like that!" "That feels good too, keep pumping it, it wont be long before I cum if you keep that up!" "Oh my g., oh yes Randy its so good! Its like you know my body so well! Ch. no one has ever gotten me this hot so fast, you're hitting all the right spots," she moaned.

I kept up everything I was stunning fuck instead of massage hardcore and handjob and kissed her neck as the water splashed down on us while we pleasured each other.

Her moans were getting more erratic as I fingered her with increased speed every time I thrust my fingers into her. She was jacking me off pretty fast and I knew I was about to cum, so I doubled my efforts with her so I could get her to cum with me or before me, but it didn't work.

"I'm gonna cum Steph! Uugh I can't hold it in anymore," I warned. "Go ahead, cum, but don't stop fingering me, I wanna cum too!" I gritted my teeth as she pumped my cock until I felt my cum rise through my cock and shoot out all over the shower curtain.

The intensity caused me to really pinch the crap out of her nipple and drive my fingers into her as fast and hard as I could while still undergoing big tit blonde loves to be cock slammed own orgasm. Without warning her moans got more frequent and she grabbed the side of my face with her free hand. "I'm cumming Randy, I'm cumming! Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm cumming!" She squeezed my cock and my face in her nimble hands as she came on my fingers.

She didn't squirt like the women in our family, but she dripped and it soaked my hand as she shook on my fingers. I held her up from falling and brought my fingers to my mouth to taste her, and she tasted every bit as good as I remember, and from what Rita told me, the sweetness of a freshly picked sweet green apple.

I sucked my fingers clean and got another taste while still remembering we could get caught at any time, but her pussy juice seemed to divert my attention at that moment. She finally let my softened cock go and turned around to put her arms around my neck and kissed me. "That was fucking amazing Randy! Oh wow I came so good!" "Yeah me too, luckily I washed up before hand or I wouldn't have the strength to do it now." "Good thing you did, now get out, we don't wanna get caught," she playfully chided.

"Oh now you don't wanna get caught! Fine, I know when I'm not wanted," I teased. As I got out she slapped my ass cheek and giggled, but I didn't have time to retaliate. Since she was still in there I figured I'd get dressed in Chris' room since they were still in the attic to my knowledge. I wrapped the towel around me and grabbed my clothes and checked to make sure the coast was clear and came out. Just as I opened the bathroom door Rita and Chris opened the door to the attic and came out.

Chris grinned at me and kept walking downstairs, but Rita didn't. She looked in the bathroom and before I closed the door she saw Stephanie's clothes on the floor with the shower still running, needless to say she put two and two together. Before we could say anything we heard someone coming up the stairs, and fearing it wasn't Chris we bolted out of the hallway.

I went in Chris' room and locked his door while I dressed. I wondered what they did in the attic, and what she thought we did in the shower, and why we can't seem to find the time to do anything with each other, we needed to break that habit.

I waited a good amount of time before I went back into the hallway, it was clear so I headed downstairs. The guys were sitting at the couch watching the baseball game and the women were sitting at the table talking.

Rita smiled at me as I came in the kitchen, but the mothers kept talking. I waved and they acknowledged me and went back to their conversation, and I headed to the basement, hoping Rita saw me and got the hint. I sat on the couch and waited, a couple minutes later I heard footsteps on the stairs and got up just as Rita came around the corner and walked straight into a kiss.

She moaned in my mouth and hopped up on me while seeking out my tongue with hers. I carried her to the pool table and sat her down on it as we felt each other up, making up for lost time with each other.

"So what happened in the shower?" Rita asked. "We masturbated each other till we came, what happened in the attic?" "The exact same thing, though Chris did try to do more, but I wouldn't let him.

I pretended I didn't wanna get caught, but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything else." "I couldn't either, I was too busy wondering what you two were in the attic doing." She kissed me again and rubbed my cock through my shorts as I squeezed her tits in my hands.

She tugged my shorts down a little and pulled my cock out of my boxers and stroked it with both hands. "I hope this is still mine," she said seductively. "You know it is, and he missed you." "Oh I definitely missed him, my pussy especially." "When everyone goes to sleep, I'll make damn sure you two get reacquainted." She continued to stroke me as I played with her pussy, relishing the little time we had together away from everyone nozomi hazuki rides a hard dick in the warehouse on the floor, but just like all the other times, just when it seemed like we would be alone for a while, someone had to come and spoil it.

We heard footsteps coming down the pump tits and anal fuck and immediately got up and fixed ourselves, and almost on instinct, we both went to grab the pool balls on the side of the pool table and made it look as if we were about to play.

We had the table half set up when Chris and Stephanie came giggling around the corner and stopped when they saw us. "What's so funny?" Rita asked. "Oh, uh your dad threw a little tantrum when their team gave up a home run," Stephanie said. "Oh uh ok. What are you guys doing down here?" I asked. "We uh came to play pool, what about you guys?" Chris asked. "So did we. I thought I'd help Randy get better, them play a few games," Rita said.

"Oh, yeah that's cool, well since were all here we might as well play together," Chris said. "Sure why not, but I break first since I suck," I said hiding my disappointment. We played a few games them versus Rita and I (they won the arab big dick and man fuck hardcore my big black threesome and as usual I sucked, but this time for different reasons other than my poor play.

My mind was too occupied on other stuff to really concentrate on the game, mostly on Rita. Usually I could put off whatever she did with Chris with the reasoning we were doing it to keep our relationship under wraps, but each time we caught each other doing something new with Stephanie and Chris, it got a little harder to cope with. "Randy, Randy! RANDY ITS YOUR TURN MAN!" Chris yelled hitting me with the stick. "Ow! Oh sorry, kinda lost in thought there for a second," I replied.

"A second? Try minutes. Now would you stop daydreaming and take your shot so you can miss already, we all know you will," Stephanie laughed. I don't know why, but I suddenly felt like I could make the shot, granted all our solids were on the opposite side of the table from the cueball, but I still thought I could make one.

"Wanna bet?" "You're gonna bet on this babe? You suck at pool! Ok, if you make any shot I'll kiss you and feel you up in front of all of our parents, how's that for a bet?" "I wouldn't do it man, that's pretty bold being all grabby in front of everyone like that," Chris said.

"Nope I have a better one, you won't kiss me in front of everyone, you'll kiss our mother!" "What? Are you crazy? I'm not kissing your mother, she's hot and all but that's weird." "Either you kiss our mother, or yours, your pick, or you can just be a little scaredy ass and not take the bet at all, in which case I still win, but you know, mentally." "She won't do it, she doesn't like kissing girls," Rita lied, trying to spur her on.

"You know what, fine, I'll kiss your mother if you make any shot. I don't know why I'm so worried anyway, you couldn't make anything if the ball was sitting right in front of the hole!" I called the blue two since it was closest to the corner pocket.

I lined up the shot and hit the ball as best and hard as I could, but completely missed the ball altogether, but then it hit off the wall, came down and hit off the wall I was standing behind, then slowly went back up and hit the blue ball, knocking it into the corner pocket, lucky ass shot.

Everyone was in shock, but I still danced and gloated. "Ha-ha! Made it! Guess who's kissing our mother today, Stephanie is!" I teased. "Get out of here, you didn't mean to do that, that was complete luck!" Stephanie shouted. "So what, it went in. A bets a bet, I can't wait to see how you pull this off," Rita laughed. We xxx sex stories new lackal baf story that last game and lost again, but I didn't care, I made the only shot that mattered, and I was gonna make damn sure I would be there if she actually kiss her or chicken out.

"You have to at least the end of the day to make good on the bet," I reminded her. "Yeah yeah end of the day got it. I'll do it, I'm a good sport, even though I rarely lose." "We'll see later on, I french redhead slut gets her ass pounded wanna play this anymore, lets do something else," Rita said.

"Lets go play Dynasty Warriors, I just got the new one," Chris said. "Ahh come on man I hate that game! Its so stupid," I complained. "You're crazy, that game is awesome! Come on Chris lets go play," Stephanie offered. "Hey is it ok if we watch a movie on the tv down here?" Rita asked.

"I think so, just ask our parents just to be sure," Chris said as they both left up the stairs. We went upstairs not long after they did to find the parents, and we found both our fathers still sitting on the couch watching baseball, but had beer and chips this time. "Hey Jim is it ok if we watch the tv in the basement?" I asked. "Sure, I guess, well go ask Marie," he said never looking away from the tv. Since they weren't in the kitchen, we figured she and our mother were probably upstairs and went up to find them, turns out they were in Marie's room holding clothes up to each other, they were probably trading clothes since both of them are pretty much the same body type.

We made ourselves known and casually walked in so they wouldn't think we were spying on them. "Marie is it ok if we watch the tv in the basement?" Rita asked this time. "Umm, you should probably ask Jim since its his tv." "We did, he said to come ask you." "Well then go ahead, now shoo, me and your mom are trying on clothes," she said smiling.

Mom grinned at us like always as we went back to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of ice to chew on (I know were not the only ones who do that) and went down to the basement and relaxed on the couch and turned on the first movie we saw, which was The Long Kiss Goodnight, with Geena Davis and Samuel Jackson (seriously, what movie is he not in?), at the part when the guy broke out of jail.

It took us a while to register the fact that everyone else had their own thing going on, with the dad's watching baseball, the mom's trying on clothes, and Stephanie and Chris playing video games, for the first time since we've been here, we actually got to spend some time together, without having to sneak around.

I got up and grabbed a blanket out of the closet and lay it over us as we cuddled up and watched the movie, by ourselves, for the first time in what felt like weeks. "I missed being close to you like this, I miss us," Rita purred. "Me too, with everything that's happened I felt like we drifted apart a little." "I know what you mean, I hate that feeling, this bf/gf thing is only causing more problems." "Yeah, but we have to do it, we can't let them find out about us, who knows what they'll do." She squeezed herself into me and hugged her body to mine.

"I love you so much Randy, I just wanna be with you, I hate this sneaking around thing!" "I love you too Rita, but if we wanna stay together, we have to do it, I promise we'll figure something out, but for now lets enjoy this time we have together." She grabbed my face and pulled me into her until my lips met hers, kissing me with the long lost passion we haven't been able to share for quite some time now. She climbed up on top of me, grinding her crotch into mine and moaning into my mouth, making my cock harder by the second.

Even though we were alone in the basement away from everyone I was listening for any footsteps on the stairs to alert us if anyone was coming. We kissed for a while as I ran my hands over her back and wrestled with her tongue that found its way into my mouth, until suddenly she broke the kiss. "I'm sorry Randy, but I can't do it anymore." I sat there confused trying to figure out what she meant. "You can't do what?" "I can't be with Chris anymore, I'm not in love with him, I'm in love with you." "I'm in love with you too, but we have to be with them, so that we can have a relationship." "What relationship?

We're dating other people! We're using them as a cover Randy, its not right, we barely even have time for each other anymore!" "I know, I feel bad about it too, I hate using them like this, but we need them, don't you see?" "You're not talking me out of this Randy, not this time! I don't wanna do it anymore!" I turned the volume up a little so we couldn't be heard and sat her down next to me on the couch.

"Rita, think about what you're saying, if we stopped dating them they could find out about us." "I don't care! I really don't care anymore! I won't do that to them anymore, they don't deserve it. If they find out about us then they find out, but I won't lead him on anymore, I wanna be with you!" "Ok, say we tell them, they don't take it like we thought they would, and this all blows jeek len xxx secy story os in our face, then what?

Once the secrets out there's no taking it back." "If they don't accept us, fine, we'll deal with whatever happens together," she pouted. "And what could happen is we'd get disowned, I'm trying to think about our future." "You're only thinking about the negative, what if it all works out? Randy they need to know." "Rita, think about what you're saying, this can cause hot bangings underneath the sheet smalltits and hardcore lot of problems we don't need." All of a sudden her face turned from concern to slight anger.

"You know what I think? I think you like having two girls obsess over you, you don't wanna break up with Stephanie because you want two girls you can fuck anytime you want don't you?" "What? No that's not even close! You're talking crazy!" "You want me for side action while you spend all your time with Stephanie don't you?" "Oh here we go! It all comes out now! Get it all out! I knew this would come up sooner or later." "Knew what would come up?

Your little plan to keep two women on your arm?" "No your jealousy, I knew it would come out and cloud your head." "If I'm jealous its for a good reason. The guy I wanna be with is using two women to get the hot suuny leone porn story of both worlds, and you don't even feel guilty about it. Its like you don't care about any of us, why else wouldn't you wanna break up with her, so you can date her and have your sister on the side?" I scooted back in shock.

To say I didn't give a damn about anything, especially her, that really upset me, but it hurt my feelings more than anything. "Is that what you think of me, that I don't care?" "Why else don't you wanna tell them?

You've been against it from the beginning." "How could you say that? You think I'm trying to be smooth and keep two women on my arm, really? The only reason I wanted us to stay with them is so no one would get suspicious of us and so we could figure out a logical way to tell everyone, if I knew for a fact everyone would be ok with this I'd tell them in a heartbeat.

And I hate the way Stephanie and Chris are being treated in all this but to say I don't care about them, about you! I'm in love with you Rita Renee Sanders, completely in love with you! I would give my life for you, I would literally die for you! After everything we've been through our entire lives for you to say that, just.i don't even know what to say, it hurts." I sat there in silence looking at the movie but not really watching it, brutalclips tory lane goes wild on cocks had jumped to the part where she was cutting her hair, which was a good thirty minutes later in the movie.

Rita was on the other end of the couch doing the same thing I was, avoiding looking at me, but holding back letting out her emotions. Neither of us wanted to talk first, so we just sat there "watching" the movie while upset.

It was like that for a while until I heard footsteps on the stairs and heard mom call out to us. "Hey Rita, Randy, you down here?" I thought about not answering, but she would just come down and then she would see something wrong, and try to talk, so I decided against it. "Yeah mom we're both here." "Were gonna order pizza since everyone's too lazy to cook, you guys want the usual?" "Yep mom, sausage and pepperoni like always." "Ok that's all I wanted, you can go back to whatever you were doing," she said and giggled.

I didn't wanna go back to what we were doing, I wanted it to go back to when we first came down here and avoid that whole conversation, but I knew it wasn't gonna happen. I hated this, we almost never fought, so when it did happen neither of us knew how to handle it, and the fact that were both a little stubborn means we could have been like that all day.

We finally get time alone and this happens, life can be messed up. I wanted to say something, but I was still upset at what she said and was prepared to watch the rest of the movie in silence, that is, until I heard Rita start to cry. I looked over at her and she looked back at me with tears in her eyes, I really hated to see her cry, this was no different.

"I'm sorry Randy, I didn't mean any of it, I'm just so tired of having to hide our relationship from everyone, and being with Chris when I wanna be with you, I just lost it," she said fully crying now.

My heart broke, I truly hated to see her cry. I loved her too much to want to see her like that, and over a fight we could have avoided made it seem even worse. I scooted over to her and put my arm around her and pulled her into me.

"Don't apologize, we both got caught up in the moment, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Even though it hurt hearing you say it, I know you didn't mean it." "I'm still sorry, I know you would i got a boobsie horny passenger that is ready for fucking think like that, I was stupid to even say it." "Don't say that.

It shows that you genuinely care about everyone, and their feelings. Look, lets not worry about this anymore, we have time together, so lets spend it being together." She lay me back on the couch so my head was on the arm rest and laid on top of me and spread the blanket over us. "I'm so sorry, I love you." "I love you too," I said back as I wiped away her tears and kissed her as she cuddled up into me. We watched the rest of the movie as if nothing ever happened, not worrying about anything, just happy kissing and feeling up each other.

She wrapped her arms around me and pushed her crotch into mine, and my hands found their way to her ass and massaged it. I thought about trying a little quickie, but realized it would be too risky with everyone awake, and just upstairs, but I wanted to do something. I sat up and leaned her back till she was flat on the couch, then dipped my hand under the blanket and played with her pussy through her shorts and licked my lips, we both knew what was coming.

I threw the blanket on the floor and hovered over her, placing my hands on either side of her and kissing along her neck. I slowly let my hands slide over her tits and gave them a firm squeeze and pinched her nipples as I listened to her soft moans while my hands trailed down her body until I got to her shorts.

I looked her in the eyes as I hooked her shorts in my fingers, she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and grinned and lifted up off the couch as I slowly slid her shorts down her legs. I grabbed her panties at the sides and pulled them off in the same manner, held them to my face and took a long sniff right in front of her (first time I ever did that). It literally was a breath of fresh air, fresh aroused, sweet smelling pussy air, and the real thing would be so much better.

I pulled her across the couch and positioned her so she was hanging over the arm rest with her pussy pointing to the sky and legs apart and put a pillow under her back, got on my knees in front of her, grabbed her thighs, and dove head first into the best pussy I've ever eaten in my entire life.

The second my tongue touched her smooth, wet lips her hands were on my head holding me in place. I licked up and down the slit spreading it with my tongue then holding it open with my lips while my tongue ran across every bit of pink inside her pussy it was able to reach. "Oh yes baby, yes!

I love the way your lips feel on my pussy, oh god yes," she moaned. I squeezed her thighs in my hands as she groaned and pushed her pussy into my face, rubbing it all over my nose, lips, and some of my cheeks. I sucked each lip into my mouth and sucked up her wetness as it dripped out of her. She opened her legs wider and at the same time exposing her asshole to me, so I stiffened my tongue and tonguefucked it. "Oh Randy, that feels so good, god you make me feel so good!" I took her words of encouragement and used them on her body, licking from ass to clit and stopping to flick her clit every third lick.

Her hands never left my head the whole time I was licking her, and the fact that someone could come down the stairs at any moment scared me, but also made it a little more exciting. I was sucking on her clit when I saw the bowl of ice we brought down and thought about how I could use it on her, and got an idea.

I slurped at her pussy and kissed it before backing off and looking at it pulsate like it was breathing, causing Rita to whimper in disappointment. "Where did you go? Get back down there, my pussy still needs you," she whined.

"I'm not going anywhere baby, I just need to get something." "Ok well hurry up, I need your lips back on my pussy right now!" I reached out and grabbed the bowl of ice and crunched a cube in half.

I put one half in my mouth so it would melt and make my mouth cold and took the other half and pushed it into her pussy. With the heat coming out of it I knew it would be melted in no time, but it should give her hot romance brzar sex story maddening sensation while it lasted.

As I suspected she jumped at the sudden change of temperature and squished my face into her pussy, unable to talk, but breathing erratic. The ice cube I put in my mouth melted, but left my mouth cold and she jumped around more when my cold tongue licked and sucked at her hot pussylips.

"Oh fuck what are you doing to me? Oooh fuck yes baby! Its so cold, but its so good!" I kept licking until my mouth wasn't cold anymore and grabbed another ice cube and broke it in half again. I pushed one filthy sluts want to fuck a lot inside her again and kept the other half at the front of my mouth so it wouldn't melt as fast. I stuck two fingers in her and fingered her with the ice cube in her and ran the cube in my mouth over her lips.

Her breathing was getting heavier and I really wanted to make her cum hard, so I sucked onto her clit with my lips and ran the ice cube directly on it. She jerked around and contorted her face trying to hold back a scream, but I kept the ice cube on her clit with my tongue and danced them both around on her clit and fingered her until she couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm gonna cum Randy, Oh fuck, I love you Randy, I love youuuuuuuuuuu!" She closed her thighs around my head and grabbed a throw pillow and screamed as loud as she could into it as her pussy pumped out a little piece of the ice cube and her cum, which I don't have to tell you I wasted no time drinking. She stopped cumming suddenly and just lay there, legs still hanging over the couch and shaking with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face, and I couldn't help but smile too.

I grabbed the blanket and her shorts and panties off the floor and picked her up and lay down with her on top of me on the couch and put the blanket back over us. I looked at the tv to see the movie had already gone off and now some infomercial was on, but I watched her recover from her orgasm instead. When she finally opened her eyes we just looked at each other, smiling and exchanging "I love you's" and kissed like the two kids in love we were.

"Wow Randy, I can't even describe how good you just made me feel, just, WOW!" "You don't have to I, could tell," I said as I kissed her again. "You know, that was the first time in a while you used my middle name," she said after a kiss. "Well I felt I needed to get my point across, and using someones middle name is always serious." She looked down, and looked back up at me again with the same look as before when the earlier "altercation" happened.

"I still feel the same way Randy, I can't use them like this anymore, they deserve better than that, and so do we. I think we should tell them about us." I thought for a minute. This could go so many different ways, most of them bad, but if she was willing to risk it for us, then so was I.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" "I'm sure. They deserve to know. Who knows, they might not even care." "Ok. If you really want to, then I want to. We'll tell them tomorrow. Is that ok?" She hugged me tight, squeezing the air out of my lungs.

"Tomorrow's perfect. Thank you for not making it seem like I forced this on you." "Don't worry about it, besides, I'd kinda like to see their reaction when they find out, but remember, we have to still act like were dating them until we tell them, ok?" I asked, and she agreed. We cute asian girl marica hase gets banged by big black cock interracial and schoolgirl there watching nothing in particular while doing nothing in particular but cuddling and kissing and listening to the storm outside until mom came to the stairs again and told us the pizza was here.

"You might wanna wash your face off, unless you wanna go upstairs smelling like my pussy." "You know I would, but your smell is too strong, everyone would definitely notice." I laughed.

I grabbed some ice cubes and ran them over my face until they melted enough for me to clean my face off, then wiped my face on the blanket.

We fixed everything back how it was and Rita put back on her hollywood sex movies full ebony dubbed on you sex fairy tales and shorts and we made our way back upstairs play fighting so it wouldn't rouse any suspicion. "Ok ok cut that out, sit down and eat before the food gets cold," dad said. "That's messed up making the pizza guy drive over here in this storm," I joked. "Well would you have made dinner?" Marie asked. "Yeah, if everyone would've been satisfied with Ramen Noodles," I laughed.

We all sat down and started eating. Everyone had different pizzas, Rita and I had our sausage and pepperoni, Chris and Stephanie had ham and pineapple, mom and dad had their usual supreme pizza, and Jim and Marie had mushrooms, pepperoni, and onions, theirs looked the nastiest out of all of ours. "How could you guys eat that? It looks hideous!" Rita complained. "Like this," Jim said, waving a slice in her face and taking a huge bite out of it.

"So Chris how far did you guys get on Dynasty Warriors?" I asked. "Not far, we couldn't get past the one level so we stopped it and did something else," Chris said. "What were you guys doing? I thought I heard something fall," Marie said. "Mrs. Sanders you think I can borrow your yellow shirt, it matches my skirt," Stephanie interrupted. "Sure if you can fit it, you should trade clothes with Rita too, I do," mom replied.

Rita smiled. "Why not, I'm sure she could squeeze into some of my stuff." "Ooh Stephanie I think she just called you fat," Chris joked. "Be quiet Chris, always trying to instigate something, you kiss-ass," Stephanie laughed. "Never try to get two women to fight Chris, it never ends well," dad said. Mom looked at dad and grinned. "You would know honey wouldn't you?" "I smell a story! Spill it!" Jim insisted. "Oh no, that one stays with us, way too crazy," dad said.

"Come on, it can't be that bad. What Anna beat up somebody?" Marie asked. "They won't tell, were their kids and they won't tell us," I laughed, Rita joining in.

We finished dinner with our own individual conversations, everyone getting a chance to converse with everyone, and when we finished eating gathered up all the trash and just put it in its own bag since everyone was being lazy. Since we ate out of the pizza boxes there were no dishes to wash and we didn't have to wipe off the table so we were out of the kitchen pretty fast, and I don't know how, but we all ended up in the living room watching the baseball game with cougar boss is going to ride this interns big and Jim.

"How can you guys watch this? It looks so boring!" Marie said. "Its not boring, you just don't appreciate good sports," Jim replied. "I kinda have to agree Jim, I'd rather watch football any day," mom said. "Yeah me too, baseball it too blah, luckily its the last inning," Rita joked. "You guys can take all that negative energy into another room, we gotta concentrate here," dad said.

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We sat in silence and watched the baseball game with them, even though it was boring. We kept poking each other and giggling trying to piss our dads off big tit blonde loves to be cock slammed they were too concentrated on the game that they didn't even notice. We couldn't kiss or touch each other because of everyone that was in the room, but we did manage to cop a couple feels. The only interesting thing that happened was some guy hit a homerun and the game went for another inning, our dads cheered and did the man hug thing, but no one thought anything of it.

The game finally ended 30 minutes and 3 innings later when the same guy who hit the earlier homerun hit another and won the game, finally it was over. "That was a great game! Man I wish we saw the whole thing!" Jim said. "Yeah, it was great, real fun, now we need something else to do," Rita said. "How about Family Feud? The Stevens' vs.

the Wilson's, everybody game?" I asked. "What's always with all the competitions? We never play for fun," Marie said. "We wouldn't know who was better then, plus its always fun to win," Stephanie added.

"So are we playing or not?" Chris asked. "Set it up, were playing, and were gonna win," mom gloated. As they set the game up I noticed the storm outside getting stronger and the rain picking up, but I didn't think too much of it since its been happening on and off the last few days. We got the game started and soon we were competing against each other guessing answers and doing the actual Family Feud things, clapping when we had an answer, dancing and jumping around when we got it right, and sulking when we got a strike.

We split the rounds between us but they had a 50 point lead and was on the last board before the fast money. The game asked to name three guys with a naturally deep voice, and they guessed right with Billy Dee Williams and Barry White, but struck out on the last one, and I knew only sunny lovin xxx story lron answer, James Earl Jones (seriously, how could you not know that?

Coming to America, Darth Vader from Star Wars, Lion King's Mufasa, ring any bells?). It came around to our turn and I told them the answer, and the Wilson's all scolded themselves for not knowing it, but we all cheered because we knew we had just won the game. Just as the screen was about to go to the board and reveal the answer there was a flash of lightning and a loud boom, and just like at our house, everything in their house shut off.

Everyone gasped as everything in the house went dark and Rita grabbed onto my arm and held on for dear life, I knew it was her because she was standing next to me when it went pitch black. "Aww man, we were just about to win too," I sulked. "Damn storm, must have knocked out another box," Jim said. "Do you have backup power, or are you stuck in the dark now like we were," dad asked. "Were stuck in the dark, we didn't get a chance to get any of that done," Jim responded.

"We need to go find the flashlights, its too dark in here I don't wanna fall over anything," Marie said. "Oh come on mom, its not that bad, I actually kinda like the dark," Chris said. "Well I don't, not when its storming like this, I'm with you mom," Stephanie said. "Yeah me too, these storms always make me uneasy," mom agreed. "Alright come on guys, we have to protect our women folk," dad joked. We started to feel real wife drugged and used way around in the dark when I felt something fly past my face, I couldn't see anything so I let it go.

I started feeling around again when I felt it again, but this time it skimmed my face, then a third time I felt a pillow hit me directly in the face. I wasn't gonna let that slide. I felt around and picked up the pillows and just threw them in front of me, when I heard everyone start to laugh I knew I got somebody. Next thing I know everyone is running around trying not to get caught and pillows are flying and people are falling on the floor.

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There's a few giggles every now and then but nothing big since no one wanted to give away their spots. A few flashes of lightning gave away everyone's spot from time to time and those were the times when the most action happened. After a quick flash I feel hands on my chest then down on my crotch and realize I'm being taken advantage of in the dark. I figured since they did it I lovesome cutie spreads spread slit and loses virginity as well too and squeezed whoever tits it was, they were too big to be Rita's so I figured them to be either mom's or Stephanie's.

When they pulled away I felt a necklace around their neck and knew it wasn't Stephanie since she didn't wear one, so I knew it was mom. A little after the first person left another came and did pretty much the same thing, and so did I.

When I tried to sneak away from whoever was feeling me up I tripped and fell on the floor, and they fell on top of me, everyone else heard it then in an instant were being bombarded with pillow after pillow for a while until finally, everyone eventually grew tired. "Ok everyone, that's enough for now, we need to find those flashlights," Jim said out loud. "I put some in the kitchen drawer by the sink, help me find them," Marie said.

I felt my way to the couch and sat down with whoever fell on top of me, who to this point was still feeling me up. She stopped when another flash of lightning lit up the room again and decided to call it quits before she got caught, and just as I thought, it was mom.

The necklace she had on didn't quite look the way I expected it to after I felt it, but I dismissed it and relaxed on the couch. The flash must have helped Jim and Marie in the kitchen because I heard them breathe a sigh of relief and open a drawer, then they flashed like four flashlights into the living room where the rest of us were. They sat them down and lit up the room as best they could and joined the rest of us on the couches.

"What's wrong with us?" Marie asked breaking the silence. "What do you mean? There's nothing wrong with us," dad replied. "We went from playing Nintendo to just plain playing in the dark!" "That's just good fun that's all, nothing wrong with that," Jim said. "Yeah that was actually pretty fun, I haven't done that in a long time," Rita said. ""Were playing it with our kids! Aren't we a little too old for stuff like that?" "Stop right there Marie, were not old, were just experienced in life that's all," mom said.

I could hear Chris laughing to himself. "Yeah whatever you guys are old." "Then I guess you're too old for an allowance huh?" Jim said. "Not me, I don't think you guys are old daddy," Stephanie said. "Now who's the kiss-ass?" Chris replied, and got everyone laughing at her. "Ok, everyone that lives here help me find some candles and light this place up," Marie said.

"We'll help too, give us some candles and we'll set them up downstairs," mom said. They went upstairs and came back down with candles and a lighter, and we all sat them up in different places downstairs.

When I had set up my candles I went to sit outside on the porch so I could watch the rain and think. It was completely dark outside, I mean nothing was on, the box had killed the power everywhere. I could hear people talking and coming outside, some complaining and some just coming to sit outside and enjoy the rain like I did.

While I sat I thought more about what would happen when we told Stephanie and Chris about us, I couldn't help but wonder how they would react. Would they break up with us? Disown us? Would they tell anyone? If they told our parents, or theirs, it would no doubt put a strain on the relationship, definitely between our dad's since they work together. I had a lot going through my mind and was happy to be alone to sort out my thoughts.

About ten minutes later just as I started to finally relax I heard the front door open, and I made out Rita walking toward me. "Here you are, I've been looking for you everywhere! What are you doing out here?" "Oh you know, just sitting, watching the rain, thinking." "Do I have to guess what about or do I already know?" "I think you already know." "Randy don't worry about it, it'll be fine," she said sitting in the chair next to me.

"What if they have a problem with it, what if they tell?" "They won't, I don't know how I know, but I know they won't." "How can you be so sure? I mean, its not like were telling them something simple, were telling them we've been sleeping together, that were in love, what were doing is illegal in their eyes." "Its not illegal, just frowned upon, if it were illegal all those people who admit to it on tv and stuff would be locked up, if Adam and Eve's kids could do it, why can't we?

As for Stephanie and Chris, I have this gut feeling everything will be fine between them, and my gut is almost never wrong." I thought about it. "Usually I'm the one to talk hot honey desires to fuck non stop you and make you feel better," I said smiling.

"Yeah, but its nice to know I can do the same for you if you need it." She held my hand and as we watched the storm slowly pass, but the rain stay. She scooted her chair near mine and grabbed my head to kiss me, but I dodged it."What are you doing? People can see us!" "No they can't, its too dark. I'll keep doing this all night if you don't kiss me," she said seductively. I leaned in and softly kissed her on the lips, which she licked beforehand, and felt all the familiar sparks fly through me that I haven't felt in a while courtesy of our bf/gf situation.

I felt her breathe on my face and knew she felt the same thing, and it tugged on my emotions. "I love you." I whispered.

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"I love you too Randy, and nothing will ever change that, nothing." We sat there holding hands until we heard the door open. We quickly let each other go as someone poked their head out the door and went back in, yelled something, then next thing we knew everyone else with the exception of mom and Stephanie were coming on the porch with chairs.

"I see why you guys are sitting out here, its so peaceful," Marie said. "Yeah, it looks like the storm is getting ready to move on too," dad followed. "Good, I don't how long I can put up with not having power," Jim said.

"Ah come on dad, the cavemen did it, why can't we?" Chris asked. "Because were not in the stone ages anymore and were paying for it." The door opened again and mom and Stephanie stepped out with a plate of sandwiches and a pitcher of juice. "Ok we made sandwiches everyone, take one and my horny schoolgirl gf simply loves my cock a cup of juice," mom said.

Nobody argued or anything, we just took a sandwich and a cup of juice and ate in silence and watched the rainfall. Even in a blackout we still managed to have a good time, not many people could say that. While we were eating these two guys around our age ran out into the rain and started screaming drunken slurs and dancing around in the puddles of rain, kinda like in Pirates of the Caribbean when Jack and Elizabeth were on the island dancing around the fire.

Other people on their porches as well as all of us were laughing at them, and that seemed to spur them on even more, the possibility of getting hit by a car or getting shocked apparently didn't bother them one bit. "Look at those fools, if any of you catch me acting like that shoot me," Jim joked. "I would pay to see you act crazy like that dad," Stephanie laughed.

"We actually did get to see dad act like that, remember at the cabin dad?" Rita asked. Marie looked at dad with suspicion. "What happened at the cabin?" "Nothing, it was no big deal, just had a little too much to drink that's all," dad defended tight pussy licking with alison and brooklyn. "Sure, if running around like Quailman from Doug is no big deal," I laughed.

Everyone started laughing, Jim especially. "Quailman? I wish I was there to see that!" "It was funny watching you run around with your underwear over your shorts honey," mom said. Dad couldn't help but laugh now. "I guess so, Randy did you tell them about the waterpark?" "Dad, you wouldn't!" I said trying to sound dramatic, but I knew he wouldn't buy sexy rachel enjoys pleasuring her hirsute cunt. "We went down the big slide at this waterpark right, and Randy decided to be a hotshot and go down backwards, but when he got to the bottom of the slide he didn't have his swim shorts on, they were still coming down the slide!

He had to wait ass naked in front of everyone till they came down!" "He looked so cute embarrassed like that trying to cover his little pecker," mom said. "Mom! That was a while ago, and its not little," I said, fully embarrassed now.

Now everyone was really laughing, especially Chris. "Oh man! I'm telling everyone we know!" "Were all sitting right here, unless you tell Ashley, and you better not tell her!" I said. Everyone was laughing so loud we had drawn attention to ourselves from the neighbors and the kids in the street. "Hey what's so funny? We wanna laugh too!" "THIS GUY OVER HERE WAS GOING DOWN A WATER SL." Chris started to yell before I punched him in the arm. "Ow! ok ok I won't tell anyone, but that won't stop me from bringing it up!" We stayed out there for a little while more, but when the storm picked back up we decided to pack it in and go to bed.

I didn't feel like sleeping in the same room with Chris tonight, not after that, he wouldn't let me go to sleep he'd be bringing it up so much, luckily Rita thought the same way I did. "Can we get some new sleeping arrangements, I hate storms like this," Rita said. "What kind of "new sleeping arrangements?" I hope you're not talking about with Chris," dad said. "Me and Rita could share, and Chris and Stephanie could share, seriously, two guys in a bed?" I said.

They thought about it and didn't see the harm in it, and mom helped saying we usually slept together during storms, and they decided why not. We took all the stuff back in the house and dad and Jim said they would put the downstairs back in order while we made enough light with the candles upstairs.

Chris went into Stephanie's room and Rita came in Chris' room with me, we were definitely happy with the new arrangements, and it looked like Chris was happy to get out of the same bed with another guy as well. We were all in the bathroom brushing our teeth when mom came in with a yellow shirt.

"Here Stephanie, this is the shirt you wanted, you can have it," mom said and tossed her the shirt. "I can have it? Really, you're just giving it to me?" "Yeah sure, I think I have another one like it." Stephanie did that girly scream and hop and ran to mom and gave her a hug, then she shocked us all by kissing her dead on the lips, not a peck either, at least three seconds, I was flabbergasted (yeah I said flabbergasted) as was everyone else.

"Thank you thank you thank you! You're the best!" Mom was initially surprised, but wrote it off and smiled. "Wow, um, not the reaction I expected, but I can't argue with that, you're welcome. I wonder what would happen if I gave you a car.

Goodnight everyone, don't stay up too late," she smiled at Stephanie and left. She came back over and brushed her teeth like nothing happened, but was smiling to herself. "What?" "What nothing! You actually did it! You do know you didn't have to kiss her on the lips right?" I asked.

"I know," she said sporting that smile again. We finished brushing our teeth and Chris went to Rita for a goodnight kiss/fondle, and Stephanie came to me.

She pushed her chest into me and mashed her lips to mine. "Goodnight Randy, don't be up too late thinking about me," she whispered, then left with Chris as Rita and I went back to Chris' room. We went to say goodnight to the parents one last time and took one of the candles to Chris' room. Since I was already wearing what I was gonna sleep in I held the candle for Rita so she could sift through her clothes for something better. When she finally found something I jumped in bed and waited for her to crawl up to me, I loved when she did that.

We lay there for a while holding each other and listening to the rain, then a quick flash and loud boom had Rita cuddling into me even more, and for once I was happy about sleeping in Chris' bed. "Its ok, I'm here, I won't let anything happen to you." "I know you won't. I missed cuddling up to you like this, its been too long." "Yeah I know, four days is a long time. Didn't you cuddle up with Stephanie though?" "We did, but it was nothing like it is with you, I always feel so safe and happy with you." "And I like making you feel that way," I said and she pulled in closer to me and sighed.

"So um, what exactly have you and Stephanie been doing the past few days?" "We ate each others pussies and kissed, and fingerfucked each other a few times, actually a lot of times, but nothing else. I didn't feel right letting her fuck me with anything." "You got farther with her than I did, I wish I could have seen some of that though," I laughed. "You'd love that wouldn't you? The only girl you need to look at is me," she giggled and kissed me. I rolled on top of her and massaged her braless hot babes giving footjob blowjob and handjob threesome and freecam in my hands and kissed her along her neck as she moaned lightly in my ear.

She thrust her pussy up into my cock and started grinding it from underneath me, humping me with our clothes on. I kissed her and pulled her spaghetti straps on her shirt off her arms and was about to suck on her nipples when another flash and loud bang spooked Rita and she gasped and pushed me off of her. "I'm sorry Randy, I didn't mean to do that, the thunder just scared me!" "Its ok, don't worry about it.

I'm not mad at you or anything, I know you didn't mean it." "I hate when its so loud, I don't know why it bothers me so much, at least you're here with me." We were about to cuddle again when I heard the doorknob turn and the door swung open, then I heard footsteps and saw the shadows of two people jump in the air, and land right on top of us, I knew it had to be Stephanie and Chris, since our parents probably wouldn't jump on us for no reason.

"What are you guys ashlee loves pleasing big white rod hardcore filipina in here? Our parents could come in here at any second!" Rita said. "We just came to get our goodnight kisses," Stephanie said and then pushed her lips to mine. She kissed me and ground her pussy into my cock like Rita did a little while earlier. I had my hands on my back and she moved them so I was cupping and squeezing her ass, and from what I could feel she was only wearing panties.

I could hear the rain hitting the window, lip smacking sounds from Rita and Chris, and Stephanie moaning into my mouth as she worked herself on my cock, I'm surprised she didn't notice I was already hard. We all heard a loud bump noise come from the hallway and knew it came from one of our parents rooms, and we called it quits before someone came out. She whimpered at having to leave horny and kissed me a few more times and whispered goodnight, as did Chris to Rita as they made their way back to the door and out the room.

I got up and locked his door knowing it would do no good since Stephanie could pick it, but it was better than nothing. "I don't think we'll be doing anything tonight," I said getting back in bed.

"I know, I'm so horny, but I don't want them walking in on us having sex, that's not how I want them to find out about us," she said disappointed. "Yeah, we can't take that chance.

Stephanie can pick the locks, or someone could hear us." "We need to tell them soon Randy, I can't keep running around with Chris, not without him knowing how we feel about each other, its really starting to get to me." "I know, let's just go to sleep and put it all out in the open with them tomorrow," I said as I cuddled into her back in the spoon position and kissed her cheek.

horny asian fucked hard in various positions love you, goodnight." "Goodnight Randy, I love you too." . It took me a while to fall asleep, mostly because I was horny and I couldn't do anything about it, and also because I couldn't stop thinking what Chris and Stephanie's reaction would be when we told them about us.

I was assuming the worst, but like Rita said, they might not even care, and I should just warm up to the idea, but I just couldn't. I laid there with my arms wrapped tightly around Rita while listening to her slight breathing and the soft rain outside until I finally fell asleep.

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I was awoken some time later by a naked body grinding on top of mine and kisses being planted all over my face, I wasn't sure who it was, and I didn't wanna yell out Rita when it was Stephanie and blow our whole plan, so I grabbed the ass of the person on top of me to be sure, it was definitely Rita.

"What are you doing? Someone could come in here!" "No they won't, the door's locked, and I put the chair up against it," she said still kissing me. Before I could say anything else she was kissing her way down my chest under the blanket and down to my groin where she pulled my shorts off and dropped them on the floor.

I had to suck in my breath to keep from making too much noise when I felt her mouth close around my cock. I exhaled and grabbed her hands when she slid them up my chest and held them as she bobbed her head up and down my cock. I was in heaven, getting your cock sucked after a minor case of blue balls really hits the spot, and man was Rita really hitting that spot.

She let it slide out of her mouth and brought her hands down so she could give me a handjob while she licked and sucked on the head, and judging by her moans I knew she was fingering herself with her other hand. She took her hand off and went back to sucking me deep into her throat with no hands. I put my hand on her head and guided it down, but didn't force it in her mouth, and she moaned her appreciation.

After a while she stopped and made her way back up my body, kissing everything on the way the same way she did when she made her way down. "Fuck me Randy, please fuck me. I need my brothers cock in me right now," she purred. "Since you're on top why don't you fuck me," I whispered back. She needed no more encouragement, she grabbed hold of my cock and aimed it at her opening, and in one push it went all the way up into her pussy.

"Uuuuuuuuungh, oh fuck baby!" Rita moaned as my cock pushed deep into her. She sat up and rocked back and forth on my cock at a smooth pace. Her moans and the smell of our combined sex filled the air as she slowly moved faster and faster on me until she found a pace she was happy with. I xxx sex stories new lackal baf story her titties and she pushed against my chest and started grinding me in a circular motion, and then fell down onto me so we were chest to chest.

I felt her hard nipples poking me in the chest as I held on to the sides of her ass while she slowly rose and dropped down on me. "Oh Randy, oh Randy baby suck my titties, please suck my titties while I fuck you," she moaned. I did as she asked and sucked her tit into my mouth, pulling on the nipple with my teeth and switching to the other and doing the exact same thing.

Her arms went around the back of my head and she dropped her mouth to mine, kissing me as passionately as she ever had, and I kissed her back with just as much passion. We broke the kiss but she kept hold of my bottom lip, biting it between her teeth as she giggled and ground her pussy into me.

By now I had enough of her doing all the work and pulled her off me and lay her down so we were spooned together on our left sides. She giggled again as I lifted her right leg and rubbed my cock against her pussy, spreading her juice around it as much as I could. "You want this cock baby? You want me to put it back in you?" I teased. "Ooh yes baby, don't tease me like this, put that cock back in meeeooooooooooooh god!" I pushed it back in as she was talking and slid it in until I couldn't go any further.

I worked my left arm under her and cupped her left tit in my hand and squeezed her right tit with the other as I slowly fucked her, then built up speed until our skin was making the clapping sound. "Oh, oh, ooooooh, fuck this feels so good, just like that, keep fucking me baby, keep fucking me!" I squeezed both tits and kissed along her neck as I pounded into her, hard enough for our bodies to bounce off of each others, but not hard enough to shake the bed. She reached down to play with her clit and bounced back into me while I kissed her neck and cheeks.

When her leg slowly rose into the air I grabbed it and sat up on my elbow and fucked her deeper now that her ass wasn't in the way. "God Randy you're fucking me so good! Come on, I want you on top of me." I pulled out and she lay flat on the bed as I climbed over her.

I threw the blanket back over us and looked into her eyes as best I could in the dark, and from what I could see she was looking back at me with that loving look. While we were looking at each other I grabbed my cock and pushed it back into her pussy, making her moan louder then she had before up to that point. "Yes! Give me that cock baby! Fuck me good, fuck your woman good baby!" I quickly kissed her so she wouldn't wake anybody up (even though it was late at night) and started fucking her.

She held my face in place with her hands and kissed anything she could get her lips on in between moans. When she hooked her legs around me I pushed her arms above her head interlocked our fingers, and fucked her faster, which only made her moan louder.

"Rita keep it down, you're gonna wake someone up!" "I can't! It feels too good! Don't stop fucking me baby, please don't stop! Oh god yes!" By now I was fucking her fast enough where the bed started shaking, but luckily it was only shaking a little and not enough to draw attention. She dug her nails into my ass and pulled me into her, helping me fuck her while she moaned my name under me. It wasn't until I felt her pussy muscles moving around my cock that I realized she was gonna come, but when she started pulling me into her more urgently and breathing more erratic, I knew that's exactly what was happening.

"Are you cumming baby? Are you cumming for me?" "Yes, I'm cumming for you Randy! I'm cumming! Oh god I'm cumming!" "Whose cock are you cumming on?" "Oh god, yours," she whined. "Whose cock?" "My big brothers cock, oh god I'm cumming on my big brothers cock!" "Whose cock baby?" "Ugh, yours! I'm cumming on your cock Randy! Oh god I'm cumming all over my big brothers cock! Oh god! I love you Randy, I love you so much! I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming!" She looked at me the entire time she was cumming.

By now we had completely adjusted to the dark and I was staring right into her sparkling blue eyes. I was so lost in the moment I couldn't stop fucking her, but instead increased my pace. When she finally stopped cumming she looked at me with this look of pure seduction in her eyes and squeezed my cock with her pussy again.

"Cum for me baby, you know you want to. Cum inside your woman's pussy." That did it. I couldn't hold back if I wanted to. I tensed up and filled her with everything I had, which was about four big spurts. She kissed all over my face as she drained me of everything I had until it dwindled down to tiny spurts, then nothing.

After I finished unloading into her we lay there like that for a little while with me on top of her, and then she got out from under me, slipped back on her clothes, took a candle, and went to the bathroom to clean up. I took that time to put my clothes on too.

When she came back a while later she blew out the candle and got back into bed and cuddled up to me. "Chris is gonna be mad when he finds out we had sex in his bed," she joked. "Yeah, but he'll get over it. I'm sure us having sex will be xxx story pron sex stories black guy and girls shocker in itself." It was silent a while before she spoke.

"Randy, what you said earlier, would you really die for me?" "Yes, there's nothing I wouldn't do for you Rita, including give my life, I mean it. I love you." I could tell she wanted to cry, but she held it in. "I love you too." We started kissing again and she ended up on top of me, rubbing her freshly fucked but recently cleaned pussy into my crotch. For a minute it looked like we were about to have sex again, and I was all for it, I doubted I would be able to get hard again so soon, but it wouldn't stop me from trying.

She sat up on top of me and started to take back off her shirt when suddenly the power came back on. I guess Chris had left all his lights on in his room before the power went out because everything came back on.

The light surprising us like it did hurt our eyes, so I got up and turned everything off, but when I went to get back in bed Rita stopped me. "Randy, we should go tell them right now." "Now?

You sure? We could just wait until they wake up." "I don't wanna wait anymore, plus them being half-sleep might make it easier." "Ok, lets go tell them, but let me get a card first since Chris always locks the door when he sleeps." I shuffled through my pants and pulled out a library card, and we made the short walk over to Stephanie's room hand in hand, as if to help make it believable.

Just as I suspected, the door was locked, so I used the card and worked it until I had it in the right spot, and paused a minute. "There's no backing out after this, are you sure you wanna go through with it?" I asked.

"Yes, I wanna get this behind us as soon as possible. Lets tell them and get it over with." We took a deep breath, knowing there was no more backing out past this point and opened the door and flicked on the light switch. "Stephanie, Chris, there's something we wanna.

OH MY GOD!" We stood there speechless, completely forgetting why we came in there as Stephanie sat naked on top of Chris with his cock buried deep in her, the sudden light combined with the look of shock on our faces snapped them back to reality as they scrambled off of each other and tried to cover themselves.

"Oh my god! Randy, Rita, it isn't what you think!"