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Alixs hot lesbian shower alix lynx pornstar
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Lockup. I was brought to dc (disciplinary confinement). I was put in a small cell by myself. I was there a week before anyone besides the other locked up inmates even spoke to me. I was transported wearing shackles in front of a disciplinary team. I was found guilty and scheduled to be sent to Raiford Prison in Stark Florida. This is the worst prison in the Florida system. I figured that I only had a short few weeks, maybe a month to live.

The next week, I was brought to see one of the guidance counselors. I gave him a glazed over version of my story and I was told that I had maimed Thye for life. He would have scars on his face as long as he lived. I thought to myself that I would have scars the rest of my life also, because of him. Three days went by and I was brought out to speak to a guy from a well known human rights group that I won't say the name of to protect my privacy.

Anyway I spoke with him and gave him the same glazed over version of my story that I gave to the guidance counselor. The next day I was brought out to see a woman from the same group. She sat me down and told me she wanted to talk to me. She said that the reason she was there was because they believe it would be easier for me to tell my story to her than a man.

I told her that I would tell her my story minus the names of the people who were involved. It took 2 weeks for me to tell her everything in detail. She was taking notes and wanted all the details that I could remember. During this time she arranged testing for Aids and other STD's. Luckily or should I say miraculously everything came back negative.

It was hard to say goodbye to her on the last day. She told me that after hearing my story they had my transfer reclassified to Cross City Correctional Institution. She said that it was a much mellower institution than both Sumter and Raiford and wished me luck. (Before I continue here, I have some additional information. I meet a guy named Tiffany. Tiffany was a preop transsexual.

I refer to Tiffany as she, not only because referring to her as female is was what he would want, but because I believe him when he told me he was a female stuck in a male's body. Tiffany was 5'1" 103lb black male. Everything about him, from his nails, face, eyes, body shape, skin and manner was female. The only thing male about him was his plumbing. I wasn't able to stay in touch with Tiffany after he got out, but I firmly believe that if he was able to get the operation, he could easily make a living as a female model.) The next week I transferred out.

I was hoping this would change my situation and I could have a semblance of control. As soon as I was brought to my new busty blonde luna star gets slippery pussy hammered in bathtub (two person cells), I started to look for a queen, for I knew that it was just a matter of time before everyone would know I was fucking at Sumter and I hoped I could get some advice from one of the queens.

I met this guy who's nickname was Tiffany. He/She was a girl in every way except sexual organs. I have never till this day seen a guy who looked so much bazaar sex stories xxx sexy storys school teacher a beautiful black woman as Tiffany did.

I asked her if she could give me some advice about Cross City and she agreed. She was in the same dorm as I and told me to come to her room after supper count. I met her there and I told her my circumstances. I told her what I had been through at Sumter and she was horrified. She told me not to worry about anything. She asked me if I wanted to room with her and I agreed. It took about a week before we could make the arrangements (pay a guard) and I was moved to her cell. I got a job working in the silkscreen shop at PRIDE.

Prison Rehabilitative Industries Diversified Enterprises. The first day after work, Tiffany introduced me to a guy nicknamed Apache. He was a big black guy who supposedly had a mix of Indian in him, but I couldn't tell. Tiffany told me that I would need to pay Apache weekly for protection and occasionally give him a little sex and I could either live in peace or turn tricks to make my own money.

I was instantly skeptical. I said let me guess, I need to service him until I can pay him, right? She told me that I needed to get clear on something.

Hot blonde babe with big tits pounded in pussy by big cock said that she would take care of everything, she would pay for everything and the only thing I needed to remember is that I owe her. Later that night she was putting together what she called a business plan.

She told me that I would have to turn 5 tricks a week to pay for protection and live comfortably. She was telling me that I would need someone to do my laundry and sewing, I would need new panties, makeup and meals. I said don't we get meals at the chow hall and she replied yes if you want to eat that shit. She said she had her own cook, a guy who works in the kitchen. He fixes meals and we can eat them here. I was impressed with her situation. All of her pants were tailored to her ass and legs, she had real silky panties, she taped herself with surgical tape (not duct tape), she had perfume, real makeup and a stash of pot.

I told her how nice everything she had was and she told me that in a couple of days I would have the same. Again she said she would pay for it. I believe that looking back at Tiffany, I can understand why now I have a thing for femdom and transvestites.

She made me service her, not how I thought it would be. Our first encounter she tied me face down to the bed. She put her cock in my mouth and made me suck her incredible 8inch cock. She turned around and told me to lick her pussy (her ass).

I was incredibly turned on, but she told me if I was servicing her, I would be taped and not get a hard on. She said I owed her, she didn't owe me. I was in pain because I wanted to fuck that beautiful ass. I wanted to treat her like a woman and fuck her hard. She moved to my ass and started to finger it. First 1 finger then spoke to me in that husky feminine voice and said relax.

I want to play. I did as I was told and she slipped another finger in my ass. She had small hands and fingers, so this wasn't so hard to do. When she put 3 fingers in and spread them it became more difficult. Again she kissed the back on my neck and all the way to my ass and said relax.

I again relaxed and she slipped 4 fingers in and spread them. I started to squeeze back and she just left it there and told me to relax. After what cory chase and bailey brooke threesome sex on the couch pornstars and blowjob like hours she could feel me relaxing and she slipped the 5th finger in. At this point I figured I was as relaxed as I could get, but she patiently waited and kissed my ass until she felt my ass muscles relax again.

She started to slowly make a fist and I was thinking I was going to tear, she moved her fist in and out.

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After about a minute of this she released her fist and pulled her hand out. I sighed a relief and then she pushed her cock inside me and fucked me extremely slow, kissing and lightly biting my neck and back.

When it was time for her to get off she got off me and stroked her cock in my face until she blew in on my face and tongue. She i blackmailed my hot mom moved back behind me and put 3 fingers back in my ass, she felt around until she found my prostate.

She started to caress it I guess you would call it and I was ready to jump out my skin, and all of a sudden I started to cum. I was so fuckin amazed and blown away she began to giggle. She said you really don't know anything do you. I was blushing when she untied my hands and feet. I cleaned up while she redressed herself. I said what did you do? She replied that she had got me off and now I owe her even more.

Don't expect to get that all the time. Remember you owe me, not the other way around. Over the next week she dressed me the way she wanted, always trying to make me as feminine as her. This obviously wasn't possible. She set up my times with Apache, she set up my customers(which was only two), she made me wait on her, shave her, wash her in the shower and made me have sex with her when she wanted. I thought or hoped that I would get to fuck her, but she never let me.

Other than Apache I never saw anyone fuck her, but everyone wanted to. We were walking across the compound one day and she told me that she rarely lets anyone fuck her. She says she gets off on the desire. She said, don't you feel it?

I asked her what she meant and she told me to pay attention to my surroundings. Walk over to the basket ball court, by yourself stay there for oh let's say 20 minutes come back and find me and tell me what you see and feel. Pay attention to how everyone looks at you and talks to you. It is a rush. I wasn't sure what she was talking about but I did as she told me to do. I walked to the basketball court and watched while everyone's head turned to watch me.

I found myself walking with more of a sway, like Tiffany walked. I went to the bleachers and sat down to watch the game in progress, and with a couple of minutes all the guys had moved over to sit with me. First one, then another until all of them moved over to sit with me. They started talking to me, first asking questions about me, but I could feel it, they were hitting on me as if I were a woman.

I wasn't experience with this and I could tell that soon the conversation was going to go in an area I didn't want them to take it, so I jumped down and told them I had to go.

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They watched me intently as I jogged across the field, even the basketball players had stopped to watch me. I could tell they were probably saying obscene things about me, but I thought I was experiencing what Tiffany was hinting around to.

I found Tiffany back in our cell and told her what I had experienced. She said it was just part of it. She asked me why I waited on her hand and foot. She said if Mike was asking you to do all these things you would be upset, but you seem to do them for me without any quarrel.

What is the difference? I said that I owed her. She smiled and said that I did owe her, but as far as I knew I owed Mike also. I thought about it and said that I didn't mind doing things for mighty booty shake with exclusive dominican girl, it is not the same. She laughed and said that she dresses me up, makes me wait on her, give her back rubs, suck her dick, lick her ass, take her hand and dick up my ass.

I think I probably treat you as bad or even worse than Mike did. I tell you who to fuck, when to fuck them, who to pay protection to, what to wear, how to wear it, when to be here and when to be somewhere else. I totally run your life, but you seem happy to let me. I told her I don't know why I do this, you treat me better than Mike did.

She said it is desire, you and most everyone here on this compound desires me. She said that most women have this same power, but not all of them know it. The ones that do know it, don't know how much power they have. Women are brought up being desired by men, so most of them don't even realize it is a power. A guy would be happy to have more than one girl desire him, he would think he is king.

A halfway decent looking woman has almost half the population desiring them and they don't see it as a power. It is just the way it is. You have this power also, she said. You don't know you do, but you do. You need to refine it, but you have it in abundance. Most of hot plump teen with nice tits and pussy on guys would do anything for you, if they thought they could have you.

The line to walk is to never promise more than you are willing to give. That is a very fine line. I give just enough to let people know I give, but when I give, I always get the better part of the bargain. Don't worry, she said. I will teach you. It will be a long time before I decide that you don't owe me anymore and in that time I will teach you. She started teaching me the next day. We are going to the chow hall she stated the next morning.

I asked her why and she replied that I needed to learn how to handle myself in public. She said first we need to put some makeup on you. She said you are white so you have to be careful how much you use. The trick is she said is to use enough so it brings out the highlight in your face, but not look like a whore.

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When we were done applying the makeup, you could tell I was wearing it, but just barely. My eyes looked more pronounced but not slutty. Walking to the chow hall she told me how to walk, she saw that I was trying too hard. She walked behind me until she thought I was close to having it right. Practice that walk, she said, Soon you won't even realize you're walking like that and it will look natural.

She returned to my side and held my hand as we walked.

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I felt a little self conscious holding her hand and walking across the compound and she noticed. She said that this heightens the desire everyone will have for you.

She says that most guys have a fantasy of being with two women. When they see you holding my hand it will start fantasies in their heads. Keep an eye on everyone as we walk, watch how many conversations turn to us. When we sat at our table I figured we would be surrounded with guys, but we only had a few even talk to us. No one sat with us, but everyone was looking at us. She reached across the table and would squeeze my hand occasionally and the attention we would receive was amazing.

It was like everything she did was calculated. Later that afternoon after work we met back at our cell. She had a guy she introduced me to. She told me that he was a tailor in his previous life and he was going to take my measurements. I said ok and she told him to lose the back pockets on all my pants. She told me to turn around and she grabbed the material on my pants that was touching my ass. She told the guy to look how my ass is round but petite. We would need the material to be tight so it looks as though its straining to hold this tight ass, and to bring the seam up to spread his cheeks apart.

As for the front we would need it the same, so tight she said, as to show everyone that he doesn't have anything there. I will teach him to tape, so it will look like he doesn't even own a cock, she said with a giggle. I want the shirts tight also, she said, he has a no tit body, but I will make his nipples so hard that it will give him that sexy European look. Oh, she said, and 7 pair of panties. Yellow and pink if you can, I like those colors and I think they will bring out his eyes.

The guy left and soon after she left saying that she had some things to do. Before she left she brushed a kiss on my cheek and let her braids touch my face. This gave me a stirring in my loins. Sometimes it hurt just to look at her. I lay on my bed thinking of how my life had changed. I guess you could say I was happy.

I thought how can that be? I have a guy who basically owns me. This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. Tiffany tells me what to and when to do it in all aspects of my life. Mike ruled me and made me do what he wanted, but Tiffany owns just about every move I make.

I don't know why, but I wanted her to own me. These emotions were very confusing but I knew that for certain, I wanted her to own me. Later that night after supper I asked her when it would be my turn to fuck her. She laughed that kind of giggle she had and said that I would never fuck her.

She said she would never give me head, or be the female in our relationship in any shape or form. It is quite ok for you to fantasize about it as much as you want though, she said with that giggle. You are mine she said and I am going to mold you as I see fit. I will never force you to do anything, you can leave whenever you please. But as long as you are sleeping in this cell, you are mine. You will continue to clean the cell, make our beds, serve me my food and clean up afterwards and your reward will be to please me sexually, again with the giggle.

Do you have a problem with any of this, I hope not she said because there is more you need to learn (giggle). That night she said she had some tools for training. I asked her what amateur lesbo teenies get their wet cunts licked and nailed meant by tools? She took out two clothes pins and told me that I needed to wear these on my nipples every night for an hour.

She explained that I would lose a little sensation, but the result would be larger nipples and permanent nipple hard-on's.

This is extremely sexy she said and guys will go nuts to be able to flick them with their tongues. Second she pulled one of those balloons that you can tie into animals. The balloon was 4 balloons thick and filled with flour until it was about 7 or 8 inches long and about 1 ¼ inch thick. She explained that this is used to teach me muscle control. First she said you will want to be able to squeeze this so hard that it just about breaks in two.

Once you have this mastered, you will need to be able to move it in and out of your ass with just your muscles. You can't just push it out like you would poop (giggle) she said, you need to do this with your muscles. The reason for this is the desire thing we spoke of earlier. She said, you don't want to give yourself away to everyone, just a few.

You want those few to tell everyone how incredible you are. A horny milf lea lexus gets loose pussy stories like this going around the compound and every guy who isn't a complete homophobic will want you and be willing to give or do anything for you.

Power! She said. Plus (giggle), I want you to be able to please me better than anyone ever has. Ok, she said. This is going to hurt. She placed the first clothes pin on my nipple, not where I expected. She squeezed my nipple as close to the clothes pin's spring as possible. This gives it the most pressure. I cried out in paid and told her that I couldn't take it.

She said stop it you sissy, I know it hurts, but you can handle it. She placed the second one on and I thought I was going to die.

After 20 minutes she finally said I could take them off. Taking them off was almost as painful as putting them on. They throbbed for what seemed like hours. She said it would be an hour tomorrow night and to suck it up. Later she lubed the balloon up and slid it up my ass. I took to squeezing it pretty easy. I would squeeze then let go, she would pull it out a little to examine how much I had indented it and we repeated this process for an hour.

By the time we were done, I felt like I had been fucked by a horse. She said I did ok for the first time but would need much more practice before I would be able to move it up or down by myself. Now she said it is time to learn to give head. You have to make the guy believe that his cock is mighty. You need to worship it when you give head or the trick is to make him believe that you are worshiping his cock.

She sat down and pulled out her cock and said let's see you give head. I grabbed her cock and slowly and sensually I put it hottie babe carolina sweets wants to fuck huge hard meat my mouth. She started giggling, and asked me if I thought that was sexy. Ok, I will teach you how to give someone a real orgasm. First, don't touch me with your hands at least not yet, look at it with yearning.

Now slowly move over it and breath on it, now inhale it. Let your hair brush across it, softly blow on it. Now let it touch your face gently, start from the bottom and rub your face up the shaft, letting the friction force your bottom lip out. Good now gently kiss it, sunny leone xxx sex hot storys download on it again and kiss softly around the head. Good she says now again slowly rub your face up the shaft letting the friction pull you bottom lip rough threesome xxx some of these pigs just dont get it, good now when you get to the top look into my eyes and smile, make sure it's an evil smile.

By this time it should be as hard as mine is now and hopefully there is a small amount of precum coming out the tip. If not continue doing what I said and occasionally look into my eyes. When you can either feel or taste precum at the top then move up the shaft again letting your bottom lip drag and take your tongue and gently lick the precum off. Now you can use your hands. Very gently take my balls in your hands and lick them gently continuing up the shaft to the top.

Do it again and use a little pressure this time, if I am getting turned on, you will be drawing the precum out the tip. If it is plentiful, let it get on your top lip and look in my eyes while you use your tongue to lick it off. Very good she said.

Now take your tongue and lick around the head. The head is the most sensitive spot and you need to be gentle here. Good she said, now as you go around the head, you need to end up climbing up the tip with your tongue. MMM she said, very good. Now take your tongue to the bottom of the shaft and lick upwards, yea that's it. When you get to the top, cover the head with your mouth and suck back off and end kissing it. Do this 4 or 5 times.

Now take my entire cock down your throat until you gag. This will make the receiver think he is huge, no matter what his size. Good she says, looks like we will have to continue your lesson another time, now it's time to get me off.

I took her deep over and over again, until I could feel her jerk and blow in and on my mouth. When she pulled her cock out of my mouth I used my tongue to find the rest of the cum and swallowed it. That was a good first lesson. I think I am going to enjoy teaching you (giggle) The next night I was able to go 40 minutes with the clothes pins.

She made me use the balloon again until I was cramping in the side of my ass. We also continued with the head lessons. The third night she said we were going to do everything at once.

This way I can't focus on the pain. I had clothes pins on my nipples, the balloon up my ass and after a half hour she made me go through giving her head again.

She kept telling me to squeeze and instructing me on giving head. I was able to last over an hour with the clothes pins that night. The next day my wardrobe was ready. I didn't think I was going to be able to get the pants on.

First she taped me so tightly my balls hurt. She put the soft and silky panties on me and then she told me to put the pants on. I had to lie down on the bed and wiggle for 5 minutes before I actually had them on. Once they were on the buckle was easy to fasten, but I didn't think I could sit down.

She had me squat with my legs spread to loosen them to my figure, were her words. When she was satisfied she brought me into the bathroom to see. They were like a second skin except for the seam that pushed up my crack. The incredible latin teen whore from snapforsex flashes tits and ass separated one cheek from the other and made my ass stick out.

She said that it looked inviting now. She seemed excited to go out on the compound and show me off. After putting on some makeup we set out hand in hand, walking out to the track. She sent me around the track by myself to see what kind of looks I would get without her. I need to say this, I never wanted or do I want to now be a woman, but the looks, smiles and attention I was getting was intoxicating. I couldn't help but get wwe divas nude sex story on, and the more I got turned on, the more people gave me attention.

By the time we went back to the cell I was ready for anything. I think she knew this because after we ate she left and came back with Apache.

She told me we were going to try some of what I learned on him. She left me alone and told me to get ready (shower, shave, douche, makeup and perfume) She came back after with Apache.

She moved over to me and did that light kiss on my lips that she was so fond of and reached in my shirt to place the clothes pins on. She told me that this is training and we won't go into what you should do before you let a guy fuck you. Just lay down on the bed on your stomach. Apache, she said, lay on Society and push your cock in her.

Don't fuck her, just put it inside of her. He was happy to oblige. When he was inside me she told me to squeeze him. I did and he moaned. Keep it up Society she said and I did, over and over again until she saw that Apache wasn't going to stay still anymore. She told him to get off me and sit on the bed. Now she said he is primed and you can give him head. I went down and did what we had been practicing. After going up his shaft with my face the first time, I found a large amount of precum waiting on the top.

I figured he was ready and I put his cock down my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed himself into my throat. I gagged, but not as bad as I thought I would. I could tell by his moaning that he was close, I bobbed and sucked and kissed until he blew his load in my mouth.

The whole time Tiffany was giving me instructions. She giggled when he came in my mouth and told me to sensually clean finish cleaning his cock with my tongue while looking in his eyes. When we were done, she told me not to touch the clothes pins. To be honest I forgot I had them on. She asked Apache what he thought, and he told her that she was a perfect instructor. When will you need me again, he asked? I will let you know when I will need you again. You can leave now thank you, she said.

She made me keep the clothes pins on my nipples for an extra half hour. When they came off I thought I would cry, but she kissed them and told me it will only hurt for a few minutes. Later that night she caught me trying to masturbate and jumped out of bed to ask me what I thought I was doing.

I was embarrassed but I told her I was so fucking horny from everything that happened that day. Her giggle again, she told me, you are not allowed to get off without my permission.

Being horny makes you desirable. When you are horny, you unconsciously let everyone know you are horny. You think you are getting attention now, wait a few weeks and see how much attention you get then. A few weeks I said, by that time I will blow up. I have to room with you remember and looking at you makes me horny never mind everything else. She giggled again and said, don't worry, you will be touching me. As a matter of fact why don't you give me a message, I like it when you go from my neck to my feet.

You can spend a little extra time in the middle (giggle). When I was done I would have done anything just to get off, but I didn't. Tiffany was right, over the next few weeks I found myself flirting with guys every chance I could. My nipples grew 3 times the normal size and they were permanently hard. During this time she I achieved bringing the balloon up my ass, but couldn't bring it out without pushing.

She taught me how to fuck properly. Everything from the proper stance to how much to sway my hips. She taught me when to use my ass muscles and when not to. She showed me how to straddle a guy and look sexy doing it and how much talking to do during the fuck. She said guys are visual creatures with egos.

You need to stroke the cock, look good doing it and stroke the ego all at the same time. You need to make sure that what he tells everyone else is as impressive or more impressive than your performance. Sometimes she would use herself as the guy or if she wanted to see what I looked like while not in the moment she would bring Apache in.

She would make me belly dance to music so I could keep a good rhythm when I was getting fucked. She would make me do striptease for her giving me instructions all the while.

The one thing she wouldn't do is let me get off. When I could finally move the balloon up and down in my ass and (still not down very good) she thought that I was graceful enough during sex did she decide that I should start charming idol is flaunting her gaped spread hole in close up a few tricks a week.

She told me that she wasn't that concerned about my paying her back, but if something happened to her, I would need to be able to be comfortable finishing my time. She said that she would pick the guys first, so I could see what to look for in a john. You need to be picky she said. You want someone who will be happy to have a tumble with you. You don't want someone who thinks that after they fuck you they own you.

You can tell this by flirting with them, draw them out, get them talking about how they do their time and how they think it would be better. Do they think the occasional time with you would be make their time better or are they thinking you would make a great addition to their cell. You are young, not only in age, but you are easily gamed. Your biggest lesson you need to learn now is how to be street smart, or should I say jail smart.

I know you flirt with some of the guys out on the basketball courts and that needs to stop. Not because I am jealous or anything of that nature, but because people will kill for you.

If they thought they could get by me and Apache, they would claim you. No more flirting until you know how. The night came when I was to meet my first customer since my training had begun.

Tiffany had drilled into my head all day, seduction she said, remember everything you have learned. That night Tiffany came over and whispered in my ear, she told me to touch her ass. I was more than happy to, then she said kiss my neck and I started to kiss her neck.

I started from the back and was working on the front when she grabbed my face and kissed me hard. She was turning me on so bad. I could feel my cock trying to get out of its taped bonds. She abruptly stopped and told me to take that passion with me xxx com girl dudu nunu. Tiffany met him at the door and said she had already worked out for a look out, plus Gerrad the guard was on and he didn't care about anything.

When she left I offered him a drink and sat down next to him, very close. I put my hand on his knee and asked him what he enjoyed. He laughed and said a little suck and finish off in my pretty ass. I was wearing a tight shirt and panties. He had on a pair of boxers. I had to lean over him to turn on some music and asked him if he wanted me to dance. I knew he had to have gotten a whiff of the perfume in my hair.

He said that he would like that. I danced and swayed my hips and ass, brushing him lightly with my ass. I stood him up (he was tall) and I started using his legs as strippers poles.

By the time the first song was over, his cock was peeping out the top of his boxers. I have had a lot and I mean a lot of johns. This was the first time I was really getting into it. I ended my dance on my knees in front of him. I looked him in the eyes and slowly pulled his cock out of his boxers. He had an average cock for a black guy, about 8 inches.

It was relatively thick. What was surprising was the size of the head on it. It didn't even look like it belonged. He was really hard, it barely moved when I pulled it out. I figured that since he was standing I would tickle his balls with my tongue. I touched them lightly, then I moved completely under him and licked from the back all the way to the front. I spread them with my tongue, then looked into his eyes and gave him my evil smile. I sat him down and began worshiping it.

I was getting into it so much that I didn't notice until I got to the tip, how much precum was pooled there. I made sure it got on my upper lip and looked him in the eye as I lick it off with my tongue. I smiled and moaned. I wanted to spend more time there, but I could tell that he was super turned on and needed me to move on.

I stood up and danced some more in front of him and he started to grope at me. He was squeezing my ass, running his hand up my smooth legs and telling me he ached when he looked at me. When I was facing away from him, he pulled my panties down.

The hit kit (hair grease) was already on the bed so he lubed his dick and started to finger me. When he put his finger in me, I squeezed like I did with the balloon. That seemed to really turn him on. He lowered me onto him and I felt a jolt of pain as the head penetrated me. I moaned softly which turned him on. I could tell because he pushed me down on him roughly. When my ass had all of him in me, I started to sway my hips and use the up motion with my ass muscles (remember I wasn't very good with the down motion) He was moaning loud, I was a little scared that it was too loud, but I was in the moment and I began moving to the music up and down and gently side to side.

To be honest I don't believe he lasted another 30 seconds but who was counting at this point. I can remember his leg muscles at this point. They became so tight, I could see the definition and ripple of every muscle. I knew he was going to cum. I stopped moving up and down and finished him using the muscles in my ass.

I don't know if it was because I was so turned on or if he just had super hot cum, but when he got off I could feel every warm gush that was going into me. I shivered with excitement. When he was done he eased me off his cock, like it was super tender. I complied and grabbed the damp washcloth I had put on the locker next to the bed. Wrapping it around the base of his cock I put minimal pressure and moved up. This was cleaning the grease off his dick and pushing teeny lovers fresh cock after a shower remaining cum out, by the time I got to the head a glob of cum was sitting there.

I gave him that evil smile and said may I? He just smiled and I took the tip of my tongue and gently licked it off him. I savored it like it was a piece of German chocolate. He said you really are a freak, huh? He said that was really great. He thanked me and left.

Tiffany came in as soon as he was out the door. She told me she was watching and I had really turned her on. She told me to lay on the bed with my legs together real tight. I did what she said. She pulled out her cock and started to stroke it looking at me. I told her I would be more than happy to take care of her also. She said stay right where you are. I did and she stroked it a little faster. She said ok now, push that cum out of your ass. I pushed and I could feel the hot cum pooling in the crease where my ass and leg met.

It began running down my leg. She quickly moved over to my face and I opened my mouth and she came. I can't explain it, not to this day can I explain it, but it was like the feeling you get when your body hot babe anna bell peaks gets nailed and creamed adrenaline.

When she came in my mouth the pleasure feeling was so intense I felt dizzy. I told myself later it must have been because I was so turned on by pleasing her. But like I said, I don't know why that happened. I don't know if any of you have ever golden showers incest family group any putain defoncee par des internautes en parking before, but the first high always becomes the one you chase.

Till this day, I have not been able to reproduce that feeling. End of part 6