Amateur teen gets tits cumshot at work

Amateur teen gets tits cumshot at work
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Bounty woke up after about 20 minutes. Keela was snuggled up close with her head laying on Bounty's left breast. She looked over and saw Sara and Neela intertwined with each other kissing rubbing each others body. A few minutes passed, and Mike re-entered the room.

"Sorry ladies had to go oversee a few things downstairs." As he spoke, he walked over to the side Bounty was on and swatted Keela hard on the ass waking her from her slumber. "You girls go kneel on either side of that chair." Before he could get all the words out Neela and Keela, both jumped into action. Then he motioned to Sara to come to the other side of the bed. Sara quickly complied. Mike then nodded at Sherry who was already getting her recorder filming. After starting the recorder, Sherry produced a camera from the case and took another position to snap some pictures.

Mike whispered into Sara's ear "do you trust me?" Sara replied, "Bounty trusts you so there fore I trust you." Mike pushed Sara to her knees. Sara complied without hesitation. Bounty smiled she what was next.

She reached down and started rubbing her clit. Her mouth began to water and felt a twinge of envy.

Sara was going to get a lot of liquid nourishment. Mike undid his pants and pulled out his semi hard cock. Grabbing Sara by her hair, he pulled her to his cock. Sara reached up with one hand to grab his cock. Instantly her hand was swatted away.

Mike pulled Sara's head back. "You lock your hands behind your back." Sara nodded and complied.Reaching behind her she interlocked her fingers. Mike loosed his grip then pulled her head back to his cock. Sara opened her mouth and allowed Mike's cock to enter. She closed her lips around the shaft of his cock, with her tongue she played with the head. Mike lifted his head feeling the pleasure of her mouth.

Then looking at Bounty, he smiled his evil little grin. Bounty smiled back. She thought back to the first time she had drunk his piss. How at first she had gagged at the taste. Unlike Sara, Bounty had been forced to by Mike when he shoved her piss soaked panties in her mouth forcing her to drink her piss.

That was their first night when he had raped her. It was her first night of being turned into a slut. A night she would never forget. Sara already had experienced it. Sara felt his cock get harder inside her mouth. He was average in length, but even that was big for her. But she sucked greedily on his cock. Milking horny blonde milf masturbates hardcore show homemade and camshow for all she was worth.

It had been a long time she had tasted cum. She was ready. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. She desperately wanted to rub her aching clit, but she knew doing so would probably result in a slap across some part of her body. The pain was not her biggest thing. Mike was enjoying the sucking action, but his bladder was screaming. He needed to piss and piss badly. He had held it for some time. Even while consuming more liquids Sara's sucking was making the urge even stronger.

Finally, he relented and let his muscles relax enough to let a small amount out. Sara, being transfixed on sucking that the bitter taste of piss hitting her tongue took her by total surprise. To her credit, she swallowed and kept sucking. Bounty observed. When Sara's eyes shot open, she knew that she was getting what Bounty so desired.

She rubbed her clit faster willing an orgasm to hit. Sara kept on sucking with every few seconds her mouth would fill with piss. As hard as she tried, she couldn't swallow fast enough. Some escaped her lips and dribbled down her chin. Some even down his cock. The gushes of piss were coming faster, and Sara was becoming desperate trying to keep up and was desperate for air.

Finally, she pulled back gasping for air. Piss splashed her face. Mike grabbed his cock as soon as Sara pulled back. Aiming his cock, he sprayed her clothes then back to her face.

He took aim at her hair soaking it. Sara was enjoying the shower of piss. When Mike pointed it back to her face, she opened her mouth wide. She leaned forward taking his cock back into her mouth. In her mind she knew, she wanted, and was enjoying becoming a full fledged piss whore. She was getting greedy.

Mike felt his stream begin to dwindle. He pushed Sara's head back and let the rest are from his cock into Sara's mouth. As the stream of piss dwindled Sara leaned forward to catch every drop.

Bounty quickly got off the bed and onto her knees. As the flow stopped and before Sara could swallow what was left, Bounty grabbed her by her chin and gave her a deep kiss. Tasting Mike's piss in Sara's mouth and the kiss itself sent Bounty over the edge. Her orgasm caused her body to shake. Sara as well started to cum when Bounty grabbed her and began kissing. With her tongue, she pushed what piss was in her mouth into Bounty's.

The girls embraced each other for some time as they enjoyed their kiss. Finally, bounty broke away and glanced at Mike and nodded her head. Mike leaned down and grabbed Sara's hair and led her to the foot stool. As he was doing so, Sara tried to stand, but Mike quickly forced her back down. Forcing her to crawl on her hands and knees. Letting go of her hair long enough he moved the foot stool over to the couch Neela and Keela were kneeling next to.

He reached back grabbing Sara by her hair once again pulled her to the footstool. He then motioned for her to straddle her body across the stool. Making sure her head was in the chair. Mike turned and got the rope he had used earlier. He tied each hand to a leg of the stool. Stringing the rope back he wrapped each end to her legs just above her knees and forced her legs to either side, so her pussy and asshole were now fully exposed.

Tying the rope off he stepped out of the room for a moment. Bounty sat in the chair putting her legs sexy ladies flash boobs for some money either side of Sara's head.

She wiggled down enough so that her pussy was on Sara's face. With her hands she grabbed Sara's hair and began grinding her pussy into her face, With each movement, her clit rubbed up against Sara's nose. Sara was enjoying what she was getting, but she didn't understands the whole being tied to the stool. She would always gladly service Bounty without being asked. Mike entered noname jane creampie compilation pornstars and cumshots room followed by one of his dog handlers.

With her, she led two Huskies into the chamber. Mike took one off its lead and walked it over towards the girls. The husky was eagerly pulling at its caller trying to get to black and white s xxx robbery suspect apprehended exposed bitch.

When close enough Mike let go of the collar. As soon as the husky realized there was no resistance on his collar he headed straight to the exposed pussy.

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He shoved his snout into the pussy and began to licking. Sara let out a muffled scream when she felt the cold, wet nose hit her pussy. She tried to escape at first, but her bindings kept her planted to the stool. When the Huskies tongue dove into her pussy, it was like nothing else she had felt before. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body. She gave in and let her body relax, her moans of pleasure muffled as they were could be heard by all in the room.

Bounty could feel the vibrations of Sara's moans coarse through her pussy. She gripped Sara's hair tighter as she bucked her hips on Sara's face. Having satisfied his taste of his new bitch the husky jumped up on Sara's back and started humping the air in search of her pussy.

When the head of his cock hit her pussy, his thrusts became fast and hard. Sara screamed in pleasure as the Huskies cock was jack hammered into her. After multiple thrusts, she felt something entering and exiting her pussy.

Each time it felt like it was increasing in size. She felt a cross between pain and pleasure as it began to swell. Then she remembered when Neela had been fucked by the pit and when he pulled out seeing the huge bulge at the base of its cock.

Her eyes shot wide open when the husky made a final plunge shoving his knot inside her. She felt as though someone had shoved a fist into her. The husky never stopped humping.

She uncontrollably thrust back. Bounty pulled back a bit to expose Sara's face. As she did Sara started screaming. "OH FUCK HES COMING INSIDE ME.

HIS CUM HIS SO HOT OH FUCK FUCK YES YES!" Bounty smiled knowing exactly how she felt. Sara hot tampa milf charlee chase gets titfucked now lost all control of her body as multiple orgasms ripped through her body. She felt so full with the Huskies knot inside her plus all that cum he was shooting inside her.

She wanted more; she didn't want the fucking to stop. Bounty got up and started untying Sara.

At that moment she couldn't wait for the Huskies knot to go down and release Sara. She wanted to be ready she wanted to suck every she could from that pussy. As Bounty got to her hands and knees behind Sara, she was just about to roll on her back when she felt the weight of the other husky mount her back.

For the first time, Bounty was at an impasse. She wanted to get at Sara dog cum filled pussy, but she also wanted to be fucked since-less by this husky. She finally relented and lowered herself to allow access to her pussy. When the Huskies cock entered her, she moaned. " Oh fuck yes fuck me give your know and hot cum boy. Make me your bitch." When Sara heard Bounty, she turned her head and watched as the second husky pounded Bounty.

Bounty felt her first orgasm hit as the Huskies know began to swell. "OH FUCK YES YES YES FUCK ME FUCK ME." She screamed as the dog mercilessly pounded her. Mike stepped over to Sara and lifted the other Huskies tell so Bounty could get a good look at the knotted pussy of her friend.

Bounty took advantage of that moment and reposition herself so she could get at Sara's pussy. She could see doggie cum leaking out. She stuck out her tongue and started licking Sara's clit.She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the over a load sexy girl gets her wet cunt drilled pleasure.

The husky steadily fucking her and the taste of Sara's combined pussy juice and dog cum. The moment Bounty's tongue touched her pussy Sara felt another orgasm building. She pushed back wanting more of Bounty's tongue.

Bounty felt another orgasm hit when her dog began cumming inside her. The heat from his cum set off multiple orgasms. Bounty squeezed her pussy tight around the huge knot lodged inside her. She didn't want it to shrink she didn't want him to stop cumming. Sara felt her husky's knot begin to shrink.

"NO NO NO PLEASE NO." When the Huskies knot shrunk, enough an audible pop could be heard as he pulled out of Sara. Cum poured from her pussy directly into Bounty's mouth which she greedily drank down. Sara got up and rolled onto her back placing her battered and cum filled pussy into Bounty's face.

As she got herself positioned a still hard doggie cock was shoved into her face. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth and sucked it in.

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She could feel cum spurt into her mouth. She swallowed each drop as she steadily sucked it in and out of her mouth. She enjoyed the taste of dog cum something she never thought would happen in a million years. Both girls were in a euphoria.

Bounty filled with dog know and dog cum. Her face planted in Sara's pussy sucking away trying to get every drop of cum she could. Sara feeling thoroughly fucked and now getting her pussy licked and had a dog cock in her mouth.

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Bounty felt her husky's knot begin to shrink. "Sara get under me baby he is about to pull out. Hurry baby I want you to suck every drop out of me." Sara released the dog's cock from her mouth and spun herself around and crawled under Bounty. When she finally got positioned she lifted her head and sucked Bounty's clit into her mouth waiting for the Husky's cock to come out. Mike led Sara's husky to the side and motioned for Neela and Keela to come over and take care of him.

Grateful for not being forgotten both girls scrambled for the husky. Neela grabbed the base of his cock and Keela sucked his cock into her mouth. Bounty worked her pussy milking her husky's cock for every drop she could.

With Sara's mouth now on her clit her orgasms came more often and stronger. Sara could taste the dog's cum as it leaked from Bounty's pussy mixed with her juices. In her mind, she couldn't believe how depraved she had become. She was a total piss whore, she loved public sex, she enjoyed being tied up, And now she was a dogs bitch. Mike stood and watched the scene before him.

his girls steadily sucking one cock, Bounty knotted to the other, and double penetration big tits hardcore milf kimberly moss gets handled like a supreme friend's mouth latched to her pussy.

He stood there stroking his cock. Finally after what felt like a life time the Husky's knot popped out. With the release, cum flowed freely from her pussy. Sara gulped every drop she could.

At that moment she didn't want anything more. Mike motioned for his handler to take the husky around and feed his cock to Bounty. He then knelt down behind Bounty and slid his cock head just inside Bounty's pussy. Her response was just what he wanted to hear. Bounty moaned as Mike's cock head entered her now battered pussy. The husky was now in front of her. His cock in her face. She opened wide and excepted him into her mouth.

She sucked and relished the taste. Sara laid beneath looking at Mike's cock. She stuck out her tongue and ran it along the shaft to his balls, then back towards the head. Mike grabbed Bounty's hips and with a solid thrust slammed his cock deep into Bounty's pussy.

If not for a dog cock in her mouth she would have screamed her pleasure. But instead, all she could manage was a muffled moan. She felt Mike slowly pull out while Sara steadily worked her clit. Her body was totally alive, and all her senses were screaming at her. When Mike slammed his cock into her again, an orgasm shattered her body. She let go of the dog's cock.

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"OH FUCK YES FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD AND FAST, CUM INSIDE ME PLEASE!" She screamed. As Mike began to pound her faster, she met his every thrust. Sara tried her best to keep her tongue on Bounty's clit, but it was no use. She let it slide on Mike's cock. With each thrust, his balls hit her head.

Bounty came again. She quickly sucked the Husky's cock back into her mouth. She was getting fucked at both ends and was loving every second of it.

Mike couldn't hold out anymore. He pulled out at the last second. He stroked himself to completion. His cum splashed on and around Bounty's pussy, and some landed on Sara's head. As he finished, he watched Sara greedily attack Bounty's pussy sucking up every drop. Bounty once again let go of the Husky's cock. "Don't you dare swallow that cum bitch.

I want some for myself." Bounty let Sara finish and as soon as she felt Sara's mouth let go of Bounty's pussy she spun around. Seeing cum on her face Bounty licked it off then kissed Sara deep and passionately. After a few minutes, Bounty rolled onto her back. Sara rolled onto her side and snuggled up to Bounty. Laying her head on Bounty's chest. Mike had the handler remove both Huskies. As she left he collected the SD cards from Sherry and had her leave.

"I'll be back in a little bit girls you all relax for a while and come down in a bit. I have to return down stairs." He blew the girls each a kiss and left the room. Neela and Keela both crawled over to Sara and Bounty and laid on either side of them.

Bounty closed her eyes and relished the pleasures running through her body. She was on a total sexual high, and she wanted it to last. She hugged Sara close. Sunday morning the girls awoke in their hotel room. Sara snuggled up to Bounty and caressed her neck with her lips. Bounty moaned her enjoyment. "Keep it up, and we will never get checked out of here." Sara giggled then playfully nipped Bounty's neck; the n crawled out of bed.

"Yeah I know we wouldn't get out of here. But after last night I could go another round or two." She quickly turned and headed to the shower. Bounty quickly got up and followed. Eleven o'clock came quickly, and the girls headed to the counter to check out, then headed to the car and head back towards home.

As they were climbing into the car, a group of bikers was riding by. "God wouldn't it be fun to have a group of bikers take advantage of us on their bikes," Bounty said as she watched them pass by. Sara watched them adorable gf in uniform adores sexy sex past. "Hmm, you know your right it would be kinda fun." As Bounty was starting the car her phone buzzed. It was from Mike.

Swing by the club before you two leave. Bounty put the car and gear and headed over to the club. As they pulled up Mike stepped out. Walking over to the car and leaning into the car window as Bounty opened it. "Hey, I'm going to come down later this week I have something I want to give you girls." Bounty cocked her head and then asked. "What you going to bring us hmm?" As she said it she reached out and grabbed Mike by the crotch of his pants.

Mike laughed then gave her a stern look. "It's a surprise, and you two will find out when I get down there." He reached in shoving his hand down Bounty,s top and giving her nipple a hard pinch. "Now you girls be careful and have a safe trip home." He slid his hand over to the other breast and yanked it by the nipple out of Bounty's top. Bounty felt shock waves shoot through her body. AS Mike let go and before she could quickly put her tit back into her top Sara leaned over and gave her nipple a nice little bite.

"Fuck bitch that wasn't nice, bad enough he pinched them, but you gotta go and bite, now I'm going to be wet all the way home." Sara gave her best mischievous laugh. "Don't worry sexy I'll make it all better." Bounty headed out of the clubs driveway and headed for the interstate. Thirty Minutes from Pueblo, Sara looked over at Bounty. "Hey, baby we need to stop I gotta go to the bathroom." Bounty shook her head. "Ok there is a Rest Stop just ahead we can pull in there." As they took the exit, they saw a couple of trucks and a whole bunch of bikes in the parking lot.

Bounty pulled into a spot. As she did so, she noticed the vests of one of the bikers. Rock Bottom MC New Mexico. This was a very notorious MC in the Colorado and New Mexico area. In fact, one of the bikers from the Pueblo sunny leone sex stories hq amazing xxx story download lived down russian little girls age sixteen porn sex fairy tales5 street.

The girls got out of the car and headed toward the restroom. As they opened the door to the main building, they heard one of the bikers give out a long cat call. "OH DAMN IT BROTHERS LOOK AT THEM SEXY ASS LADIES!" Bounty grinned at them as they headed in.

Bounty stopped to look at the map as Sara headed into the Ladies room. As she was watching Grand Junction on the map and remembering her time there, she didn't see here the bikers come in. Just as she turned one grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her towards the Ladies room. "MMM boys we are going to have us some fun." As the one biker was saying that another shouted at two of the other riders.

"You probies watch the door while we men take care of business and if you're good enough we might let you two get some." With that, they drug Bounty into the bathroom. Bounty didn't have time to say a word as one of the bikers grabbed Sara as she stepped out of the stall. "Damn these are some fine ass ladies. Prez, you take first pick." One of them said as Bounty looked at each other.

"Oh, I know which one I want." as he flipped open his knife and headed toward Bounty. As swiftly as she had ever seen he sliced her top open then cut her bra. Her tits hung free. She wasn't scared, but she was worried. She had been in this position before but didn't know if Sara had. "Please don't hurt us we will do what ever you want." Bounty pleaded as the biker removed her jeans and yanking them to her ankles. " Hot japanese blows cock and swallows a full load more at javhd net, sweetheart you're going to do what we want that is for sure, or I'll slice your throats." As he said it, he was behind her and his blade to her throat.

"Now my boys are going to let go, and you're going to step in that stall and bend over the toilet, and I'm going to give that pussy of yours a nice fucking." He pressed the blade tightly to her neck. "Now don't you scream or try and run or you will be smiling from your neck." Bounty nodded and said yes sir.

As the other bikers let go, she moved into the stall. As she bent over, he removed the knife from her neck. She heard him undo his belt and pants. "I think this girl here is an eager slut what do you say, guys?" As he said that he reached down and swiped a finger across her pussy. "Fuck she's like my Harley, well lubricated, Fuck this is going to be fun." With that, he shoved his cock into her pussy.

Bounty let out a slight groan as he invaded her pussy and began humping away. He was of a fair size as well because with each thrust she could feel every inch and width. Her first orgasm milf and old couple teen threesome bruce a messy old boy enjoys to sma without any warning.

Sara redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital and watched as Bounty went into the stall. She was scared but seeing the calm on Bounty's face caused her to ease slightly. A biker stepped in front of her; she noticed Vice President on his vest. As she looked into his eyes, she felt the cold steel of his knife touch her throat. "So you have a problem taking a cock in your in tub taking bath xxx little ass, slut" As he said this, he spat in her face and pressed the knife tighter to get throat.

Sara started to cry and beginning to get frantic. From the other stall and in between getting pounded she heard Bounty. "Baby just do what they say. We will walk out just fine. They are just horny. Oh, fuck fuck fuck God yes give it to me." Sara looked at her biker and said "Yes please fuck my ass, sir.

Use me any way you wish." Though the words came out, she was still scared. The V.P. sliced open her shirt looking down. "Say boys this one don't even wear a bra to hold back her boulders." He ripped down her pants and spun Sara around to face the wall. Pulling his pants down he pulled out his cock he put it against her tight ass hole. Sara did her best to relax as she felt him push it into her ass. She had never been dry fucked before and didn't want to experience it.

"Please, I can I suck your cock before you fuck me, please. I'll make it sloppy wet." She said as sultry as she could trying to choke back tears and hide her fear. The biker wasted no time and took advantage of the offer. But before he forced her to her knees he leaned in close to her face and put the knife back to her throat.

"Bite me, and it will be the last thing you ever do." Sara dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. Grabbing her by her hair, he put his cock in her mouth and shoved it to the back of her throat. Sara started to gag; deepthroating was not something she was good at. Bounty, on the other hand, she knew she loved it.

When the biker had given her face several good forceful humps, he removed his cock now covered in slick saliva from Sara's mouth. Forcefully pulling Sara to her feet and spinning her around the biker put his cock back into her asshole.

Without any resistance, his cock slid easily into her ass. Sara's eyes rolled with the intrusion of the biker's cock in her ass. She caught herself thrusting back against him with his every thrust.

The Prez fucked Bounty relentlessly, and Bounty was enjoying every inch he gave her. He had a nice firm grip on her hair, and she was meeting every thrust.

"OH FUCK IM GOING TO CUM DEEP INSIDE YOU LITTLE SLUT" and with one final thrust, he filled Bounty's pussy. Bounty clamped down on his cock as he filled her up. "MMMM thank you, sir." The biker pulled out and stepped back.

"Ok, who ever once to fuck her next she is all yours." He said as he pulled his pants up and refastened them.

One of the bikers said "Pull the little slut out of there and bring her to the sink; she can suck my dick while who ever fucks her. Another biker stepped into the stall grabbing Bounty by her hair. "You heard the man slut step out and get ready to suck some dick." Bounty freely lets her hair be pulled and guided out of the stall. As she stepped around the corner another biker was leaning against the counter, his cock out and steadily rising to the occasion.

She stepped forward and bent over taking his cock family sex mom and dad her mouth as the biker who pulled her out of stall shoved his cock into her sopping wet pussy. Sara was beside herself as her body gave way to several orgasms. She was in total ecstasy. She felt her bikers cock beginning to swell in her tight ass. She clamped her muscles tight she wanted to feel his cum, and she wanted it now. "Fuck this ass is tight damn I'm going to cum." The biker pounded Sara's ass as hard as blonde babe nicole aniston and housewife fucking could.

"Fuck fuck fuck OH GOD YEA, " and with several thrusts, he erupted in Sara's ass. But before he finished he pulled out and let some splash on her back. With the sudden pull out and cum landing on her back, Sara was hit with another orgasm. Another biker stepped up and pulled Sara to the sink next to Bounty.

Another one of the bikers had already taken up a position his hard cock begging Sara to suck it. Without hesitation, Sara took the cock in her mouth.

With one hand she started stroking his cock with her other, she braced herself for the fucking. "Fuck I can't resist a willing female asshole to fuck," One of the bikers said and quickly dropped his pants and inserted his cock into Sara's well-lubed ass. For what seemed like several hours Bounty and Sara serviced all ten bikers with their mouths.

Pussy and ass. Bounty figured every one of them had at least gotten two turns, but she neither cared nor even actually tried to keep count. When the last biker had cum in Sara's well-fucked ass, the Prez. Hollered out "Alright you horny fucks its time to ride and get back home." As they began to file out, Bounty remembered the two that had been guarding the door.

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"Hey what about the two outside the door they didn't get any, at least let us suck them off," Bounty said with a very pouty lip. The Prez thought a second the shouted for the two outside."Hey, you two twiddle dicks get in here and get your cocks sucked so we can get rolling." The two probational riders came in to see both Bounty and Sara kneeling on the floor, and Bounty motioning for them to come over with a very seductive cock hungry look.

Bounty looked at Sara. "I bet I can get mine to cum first." She winked at Sara. Fuck you bitch I'll have mine looking like puddy while you're still stroking yours." With that said both girls didn't even give either biker a chance to undo their pants, they did it for them.

As soon as cocks were out mouths were wrapped around them. As they sucked, the other bikers began cheering them on. "WOOHOO suck them cocks girls." One of the bikers shouted out. Bounty figured the newbies were in their early twenties and by the looks of it neither one was going to hold out very long. While Bounty steadily sucked her biker all the way to his balls, Sara was sucking and stroking hers.

She kept looking up at her biker and maintained eye contact, that is as long as his eyes stayed open. The cheering section had begun to get louder, and Bounty was enjoying it. Several times she would hold her bikers cock deep in her throat and use her tongue to lick his balls. This was obviously something her biker had never sexy amateur blonde chick anal railed outdoors in pov. Suddenly without any warning, both bikers grabbed the girls by the head and thrust forward and came at almost the same time.

Sara gagged at the sudden flood of cum while Bounty greedily gulped down the load flowing into her mouth. After a few minuted the girl relinquished the cocks from their mouth and let them pull up their pants. They both stood up and pulled their pants up and pulled their torn shirts together and quickly exited the bathroom. As they passed by the bikers, several of them swatted their asses.

When they exited out the door, they made a full run for the car. Once in Bounty sat behind the wheel and watched the Club leave the restroom. Finally, she looked at Sara. "You ok baby." Sara looked over at Bounty and wiped some cum from her cheek and put it in her mouth. "You know I am you fucking slut." She smiled then leaned over and kissed Bounty full on the lips. "It was scary as fuck at the beginning, but god it was fun by the end.

I feel like a total slut." "What do you mean feel. You are a slut. A total cum slut" Bounty said with a huge grin on her face. She put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking space, Then hit a drive and headed for the highway. As they passed the bikers, she honked the horn.

As Bounty honked, Sara turned to the window and flashed her tits at the bikers.