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Cumblast horny milf handjob big boobs and bigboobs
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SHOUTOUT Comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls Imnoangel FOR THE IDEAS FOR THIS STORY It was a couple days after the wonderful birthday Jade had had.

Bailey decided to take her sister shopping. They went out to the mall to get some clothes, and to screw around for a while, happy to be out of the house. They tried on all the cutest bra and underwear combos, as well as some skirts, jeans, tops, and whatever the hell else they could find. It didn't matter, they were having fun. Bailey decided on a pair of tight jeans and a pink crop top that showed off her belly and breasts nicely.

Very hot. Jade chose a light green skirt with an adorable shirt to match. The skirt, if you looked at the right angle, was transparent enough that you could see her butt, which bounced as she stepped. The mall had a movie theater, and they decided to go watch something.

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What they decided on was the newest chick flick, a drama about vampires and werewolves like always, played by the cutest actors all the girls drooled over. "Can I borrow your chapstick sis?" Jade asked.

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"Sure whatever" Bailey answered, lost in the movie. Jade reached toward her purse that was in her lap, but instead reached into her jeans and felt her lips through the thin material she was wearing underneath. She inhaled sharply through her nostrils and her eyes widened, but she didn't move.

Jade smiled, and knew she had her big sister right where hot muscle guy fucks xxx assslave yoga wanted her. She continued to feel her, grabbing her panties and pulling them against her slit, which was getting wetter by the second. Bailey's face reddened, and she squeezed her purse closer to her to hide her sister's hand as much as possible. Jade slipped a finger into her, and Bailey covered her mouth and whimpered.

"Stop" she whispered helplessly. Jade only smiled and continued. Bailey started to grind her hips forward and back in her seat.

When Jade saw that her sister was about to finish, she pulled her hand out and acted like nothing happened, giving her a wink. Bailey sat in her seat, mouth open, and was still squirming. "Little bitch" she thought to herself. E.excuse me, I.I need to go to the bathroom" she said, and ran out of the theatre.

Jade sat smirking, and watched the movie. Bailey reached the bathroom, ran into a stall, slammed and locked the door, and undid her jeans, hands shaking with the excitement that her devil of a sister had built up in her. She sat down and rubbed herself with lightning quick fingers, eyes closed to some very racy thoughts that were pent up in her mind.

She shuddered as she finished, it took everything she had not to scream. She didn't wash her hands on purpose, and returned to her seat. She held her hand up to Jade's nose, and she inhaled the hot, overpowering aroma of her own creation on her fingers. She hummed happily, a smile still on her face.

The movie finished, and the hot smell of her incestuous sister was overwhelming, and she hardly made it to the car. Bailey drove them home listening to the sounds of her little sister loosening the tension that she had built up.

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They arrived home, and as they carried their bags of clothes to their room, they heard a noise coming from their mother's room. Jade shrugged and they entered to see what was going on. Both of them instantly recovered from the days events as they watched the scene.

Dylan had Emily on her hands and knees, and there were red handprints on her ass cheeks. She was gagged with his cock, and every time she tried to come up for air, he gave her a hard slap on the ass, and she cried out, tears dripping from her cheeks, (the ones on her face haha) and bobbed back down, engulfing the entirety of her son's raging member down her throat.

She turned around, and presented her beaten ass to him, back arched. "Fuck your mommy you filthy little bastard" she hissed through gritted teeth. He plunged into her, and gripped her hips like there was no tomorrow. She backed up into him as he slammed forward. "Yeah that's right, I know you like it when mommy fucks you hmmm honey?

Oooooh yeah you do". He pulled on her black ponytail, and leaned near her ear, looking into the terrified whites of her eyes, and whispered "Shut up BITCH I do what I want" this made her even more excited, she loved her son's dominance.

Listening to him dirty talk her combined with his pounding into her caused her to go over the edge, and she came, juices gushing onto him. He pulled out, and grabbed her roughly, throwing it is big cock day for mother id like to fuck pornstar and hardcore down on the bed on her back, watching her chest heave as she breathed heavily with excitement. He barely got her down in time as he came, splashing jizz onto her breasts and belly, a spurt or two hitting her mouth.

He collapsed for a moment, and he kissed his mother passionately, tasting a little of himself on her lips. He left the room, giving Bailey a wink and a quick grab of Jade's ass through her new skirt.

She squealed and smiled. Jade shut the door behind her. "Come here my loves" she said in a sing song voice, with a hint of sensuality.

They obeyed, and stood in front of their mother. "Teasssse me honey" she said to Jade. She stripped her skirt and shirt off slowly, unhooked her bra, and slid her panties off, tossing them behind her with a flick of her foot.

Then she started on her sister, pulling up her shirt, and pulling down her jeans. She unhooked her bra, freeing her breasts, and the hard nipples at the ends of them.

She slid down, pulled her now wet panties off with her teeth. Her mother recovered quickly at the sight, and her breathing, which had slowed down, sped up again.

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"Your mother is in a very sticky situation right now, and she would appreciate it if she was cleaned up" she said. The two sisters moved in unison, and tongued their brother's cum off of her breasts and belly.

Emily stood up, and walked around behind her daughters. "Lie down" she ordered. They obeyed, laying on the bed face up. Her mother used the fuzzy handcuffs she had retrieved from her drawer, and locked up Jade's right, and Bailey's left hand to the appropriate bedpost.

She then took a piece of rope and tied their remaining hands together, so they were a helpless mess. Mom what are you.AH!!" Jade was interrupted by her mother tweaking her nipple, hard. "Your brother may be my dominant, but I am yours!" She hissed. She looked at Bailey. "Oh and I KNOW you're excited sweetie, I heard about you and Sagey" Bailey let out a small squeal of excitement, and bit her lip.

Emily climbed on top of the two horny teenagers, tits swinging freely, and slid a finger into each of them. They moaned together, and their mother placed another finger in the same spot, using her thumb to rub their clits, which were enlarged with excitement.

"Whoever covers my hand with cum first gets punished" she put emphasis on this last word. They both tried to hold back as long as possible, but Bailey lost, as this fetish turned her on more than her younger counterpart. She cried out as she came, and stuttered "P.please punish me m.mommy" she finished Jade off and left her to reel in waves of pleasure. She turned her attention back to her eldest daughter, who had lost her sexy little competition. She dove headfirst into her daughter, using her tongue and two fingers to rub and suck her.

She came again, and her mother continued. "Mom stop please I'm soooo fucking sensitive, it hurts, it HURTS!" She shrieked this last word busty lovely gals get drilled pornstar and hardcore she came for the fourth time.

She sat up, deciding she had had enough, and cleaned her lips, which were covered in her daughters lubricant. She unlocked the two, and as she left the room, gave Jade a wiggle of her ass, which was still beaten red, and said "Clean your sister up, she's been through a lot today" she giggled and left the room. Jade used her mouth to softly clean her sister, who was still convulsions and whimpering. When they had recovered, Bailey fell right asleep, and Jade followed.

They had both had a very long day.