X english panu sex stories full sex stories

X english panu sex stories full sex stories
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PART 1 CHAPTER 6 Maddie and I made it back to camp just in time to be sitting innocently at the picnic table as the adults began waking and coming out of their tents. I managed to get a moment alone with Sunny after lunch, where I thanked her for her generosity, but told her I really wasn't into watching my older brother get lucky.

She understood, but seemed disappointed. "Well," she had told me. "Just know you're always welcome as far as I'm concerned." ". Yeah. okay. Thanks," I replied before leaving back to the camp.

I never told her Maddie had been watching, too. The rest of the trip went on as normal, aside from Maddie bothering me with a couple of sexually natured questions that I really didn't care to answer. "Ask me again next year," I had told her, half joking. I wasn't about to give sex-ed lessons to my cousin. Aside from that, we all still had a good time, though I was a little antsy on Sunday to get back home; there was a chance I might have been able to see Cindy if we got back early enough.

The first thing I did when we got home was run from the car straight into the garage to grab my bike. I ignored a call from my Dad to help unpack and zipped my bike out into the street, headed for Cindy's house. With every pedal, and every inch closer I came to her house, I felt my heart beat a little faster, and my skin tingled a bit. I was excited to see her; I missed her.

After about fifteen minutes, my phone beeped in my pocket, and when I had to stop for traffic at an intersection, I pulled it out and looked at it. It was from Greg: [u goofy bastard, Dad was trying to tell u to watch the weather. I would have let you ride home through the storm, but Ma asked me to let u kno they'll come pick u up if it's raining] I texted back a quick response and looked to the sky.

Indeed, there was a pillar of grey clouds, but they were pretty far away. I had plenty of time, at least a few hours (as if I knew anything about the weather). I reached Cindy's house a few minutes later.

I parked my bike in the driveway and rang her doorbell. After a couple seconds, the door pulled open. It was her mother (I assumed - I hand't met her yet). ". Um, hello," she greeted me. "Hi. I'm Zack.

One of Cindy's friends. It's nice to meet you," I offered. "Oh, yes. Cindy's mentioned you a few times, but I didn't realize she was having anyone over. Cindy!" she called. "Uhm, Mrs. Paris, she didn't really invite me. I was out biking and just thought I'd stop by," I told her. "Oh. I didn't realize you lived in the neighborhood," she smiled. "Uh, I'm not quite in the neighborhood.

but I'm pretty close." Then Cindy appeared in the doorway next to her Mom. "Oh! Zach! . Did you bike all the way here?" she asked. "Uh." I started as the widest grin appeared on Mrs. Paris' face. Then she turned and walked away into the house xxx sax mom and son sliping I continued.

". Yeah. I was out and about so I figured I'd stop by," I told Cindy. Cindy smiled. "Cool. You should have gotten here just a little earlier.

Reggie and I went to the ice-cream shop." "Dang. He still here?" I asked. "No, his Mom was here to pick him up when we came back," she informed me. "Cool. So where's this ice-cream place?" I asked; I'd never been around her neighborhood before.

"Just a small place about a fifteen minute walk from here." "Nice! So what did you get?" I asked. "Oh, I didn't get anything. I forgot my purse and Reggie only had enough for himself," she told me, a hint of disappointment in her voice. I thought for a moment. "Alright. Come on, we're going." "Huh?" she breathed, confused. "To the ice-cream place. We're getting you some ice-cream," I announced. "Oh, no, that's okay. We don't have to. And I'm not dressed to go out anyways, I wasn't expecting company," she argued.

Indeed, she was wearing black sweat-pants and a white tee that wasn't quite form fitting but certainly wasn't oversized. When she moved or shifted her stance, a little of her belly would peek out from between her pants and the seam of her shirt. She certainly wasn't dressed to go out, but she was immensely pretty in a down-to-earth way.

"Well I want some ice-cream too, so too bad. Don't bother bringing your purse either. I got it," I smiled. "Fine. I'm buying my own though; I wouldn't' brunette masseuse karter fox gets hammered by kurts huge cock masturbation and cumshots you pay.

I'll be right back." she tuned back into the house, but hesitated and turned briefly. "Thank you, though," and she ran off to get her purse. A short while later, we were coming up on the ice-cream place, called "Smarty's Grill." We had walked the whole way, and chatted up a storm. I told her about my camping trip, leaving out my escapades with Sunny of course, and she informed me of all the fun I'd missed while I was away.

I enjoyed talking with her a lot. Even just listening; the way she told stories and shared information actually kept my attention.

The conversation died down when we entered the shop. There was more to it than just the ice-cream, but not much. It had a few tables and a menu for burgers and hot-dogs and even for some egg-sandwiches (before 11am).

There was no line and Cindy and I walked right up to the counter and waited for someone to help us. We stood for a few seconds, and then I heard some movement in the back. "They usually only have one or two people working at a time during the off-hours, so they're probably stocking shelves or something," Cindy informed me. "They really should have a bell or something," I commented as I scanned the counter.

"Eh. It takes a while to pick a flavor anyways," she said, gesturing to a sign on the right wall with about forty different flavors listed on it.

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"Why is this place called 'Smarty's Grill' if their focus is on ice-cream?" I wondered. "It never used to be. Only in the last six years or so. Their ice-cream got more and more popular and they brought in more and more flavors. Probably too expensive to change the name though, and a LOT of people still come here for lunch and dinner.

Now pick a flavor. We shouldn't keep the guy waiting." "What guy?" I asked as I turned from the ice-cream menu.

I almost jumped when I noticed the guy leaning on the counter from the employee's side, staring at us. He looked like he was a year or two older than me, and had an I-don't-want-to-be-here look on his face. "Oh, sorry, uhm." I said as I redirected my attention back to the board from the creepy guy. "Nah, take your time man," he said, his voice steady but almost sleepy sounding.

"I'll have a small cone of piña-colada, Lars," Cindy told the man. "Coming right up," he sighed, though it didn't seem unpleasant, I noticed. Finally, a flavor caught my eye: almond-cherry amour. "Here ya go Cindy," Lars said as he handed her the cone in exchange for her money. He rang out the register and turned to me.

"Pick your flavor man?" he asked, almost sounding genuinely curious through his sleepy voice. "Yeah, I'll have the almond-cherry one," I said. "Oh yeah, good choice. That one's really good," he said, almost to himself as he turned. After a minute he turned around and handed me the cone. "Thanks. Lars," I said as I read his name tag to ensure his name was in fact, Lars.

He took my money and I turned to Cindy, who had sat at one of the tables. I sat down across from her and went to work on my cone, and boy was it good. As I consumed my ice-cream, I also watched Cindy. Her flavor looked really good as well, but not as good as her tongue and lips did as she devoured her treat, bit by bit.

Her eyes flicked up to me and then set on teen friends daughter fucked desperate for a girlcrony he picks the damsel he likes and as she noticed how intently I was watching.

I didn't notice at first though. I was too busy imagining that the ice-cream cone was my- ". Everything all right?" she asked. I snapped out of it. "Oh, uhm, yeah," I said, shifting in my seat slightly. "I was just wondering if I should have gotten the piña colada.

That looks really good," I covered for myself.

"Oh, yeah. This is my favorite.

Here. Try some!" she offered, and she extended her cone to me. Hesitantly I took it from her. "You uh, want me to take some with a spoon or something?" I offered. "Psh. No. I'm not a germ freak. Just don't take a whale sized bite." I held the ice-cream in front of my face. I wasn't a germ freak either, but the thought of taking a lick of Cindy's ice-cream, which was undoubtedly caressed in her saliva, excited me a little.

I parted my lips and took a small lip-bite of the frozen treat. It was delicious. I enjoyed the flavor and the concept of our 'mouth-juices' mixing as I passed the cone back to her. A part of me wondered if she was thinking the same thing as she resumed licking the ice-cream herself. I began to realized, as my cock shifted in my pants, that I was more excited about this than I had been about watching Sunny fuck my brother. weird. "That was really good," I told Cindy as I finished the bite of ice-cream I had taken.

"I know," she smiled. "Like I said, it's my favorite." The next few minutes went by in silence while we ate. As we were both finishing our cones, however, there was a crack of lightning, and the sky opened up. We both turned our heads to watch as an ocean of rain materialized out the window. "Oh crap," sighed Cindy. "Mm. rain," I grunted matter-of-factly. I had completely forgotten that my brother had texted me about the weather. I threw the last chunk of cone in my mouth and finished it, then turned to Cindy.

"I can get a hold of my folks. They can zip us home." "No, it's all right. I'll just call my Ma," Cindy told me. "Dudes," Lars said from the counter. ". It's just rain. Go fat indecent cleft lips asian beauteous teen penetration a little wet.

It won't bite ya. I love going out in the rain." He had a point. Rain seemed like such an inconvenience sometimes. but it really wasn't that bad. I looked over at Cindy with an eyebrow raised. She considered for a moment, and then grinned. "All right. but I gotta warn you. I might melt," she said. "No way. You're too pretty," I said, hoping I wasn't crossing a line with the comment. She blushed a little. "Not too sure about me, though," I said to even the mood as I stood from the table.

Cindy stood with me and we walked to the door. I pushed it open, and the rain became louder, like an entire concert hall of people clapping. I glanced over at Cindy. "Ladies first," I said with a snicker.

Cindy shoved me, and I let myself stumble out in the rain. It was a very cool rain, and it felt nice against the warmth of the waning summer. I turned to face her, and contorted my face like I was devastated and disgusted that she had shoved me. I raised my arms and looked down at myself, regarding my already soaked body.

Cindy brought her hands to her lips and giggled. I couldn't hear her over the rain, but she squinted her eyes, and her shoulders moved up and down. "Alright. your turn!" I called to her. "You know, I think I'm just going to call and get a ride," she said, and she crossed her arms. "Oh come on now." "Nah, I don't want to ruin my hair," she said, and she did an over-exaggerated motion of tending to her hair. I raised an eyebrow at her. She was joking, but I was playing along. I began walking towards her.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later then. but that means I get a goodbye hug." By the time I finished the sentence I was already to her.

"Wait!" she yelled, but I wrapped my soaking wet arms around her. "Eeek! Let me go!" she shrieked through a laugh. I released her after a moment, but I had already deposited a significant amount of dampness to her. She took a step back, and gawked at me through a smile. I just grinned back and flicked my fingers at her so droplets of water cascaded over her face.

"Oh no!" I exclaimed as I continued flicking water at her. "You're all wet! How'd that happen? Oh well. Might as well walk through the rain now." She sighed deeply. "Might as well." Together we stepped out into the downpour and began our walk home.

We jogged and we skipped along, dancing through the rain together. As we moved down the suburban street, we came upon a larger puddle that spanned the road. The two of us stopped several feet from it. It wasn't deep, but we were both in an adventurous mood. "I don't know if we can make it." I said dramatically. "We can jump it. We have to. It's the only way," she said, playing along perfectly. "I'll go first," I offered.

I set my stance. "I'll see you on the other side," and I pushed off into a run and leapt over the puddle, landing 'safely' on the other side.

I turned to face her, looking at her from the front for the first time since we left Smarty's. My heart skipped a beat. Her shirt was almost completely transparent. The cloth clung to her body, fitting to her curved form, including her perky breasts. The pinkness of her nipples and areolae poked through slightly; she wasn't wearing a bra.

I guess she meant it when she said she wasn't dressed to go out. "Think I can make it?" she asked as she shifted her stance to run. "Uh.


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yeah you can make it." I mumbled just loud enough for her to hear. I think I may have been drooling. On top of her perfect tits peeking out at me through her clingy wet shirt, she was just all around sexy when she was wet. Her skin glistened with moisture and her hair laid matted against her face and shoulders.

The image gave an entirely new meaning to 'wet dream,' and I think I was going to be having them for the next few nights.

Then she pushed off into a run. Her supple breasts bounced and whirled as she sprinted. I stared, completely entranced by her luscious mounds. It was the most arousing sight I had ever seen, and she was completely oblivious. Then she jumped. Her tits jiggled as she went airborne, and then shook mightily as she landed. I don't think I have to say it, but my cock was hard as a rock.

As she stood, I tried subtitled japanese insane confinement glory hole blowjob pry my eyes away, but I couldn't.

". What?" she asked. "Um. you, uh. you're. shirt." I sputtered. She looked down at herself, and then gasped slightly and brought her arms up to cover herself. "Why didn't you tell me!" she cried angrily.

"I just did! What do you mean?" I asked. "Yeah, after staring at them for ten minutes!" "I just noticed right before you jumped!" I explained. though that was still a chunk of time. Cindy was beet red again, but this time she was angry, too. ". Here," I said, and I began taking off my own shirt. "What are you doing?" she asked, her voice critical. "My shirt is black. Put this on and you don't have to worry about covering yourself on the way home." Reluctantly she took the shirt, giving me a quick flash of pink in the process, but she made me turn around as she put it on.

Now shirtless myself, the rain was cold against my skin, but I didn't mind. Cindy and I walked the rest of the way home in silence, and by the time we arrived, the rain had let up.

She gave me a short goodbye as she skittered inside and left me to my bike. I was worried as I rode home. After the pool she hadn't talked to me until the following Tuesday, and had been awkward as Hell. This time she was actually mad at me, too. I thought it was kind of dumb that she was, but I wasn't about to tell her that. I would just have to wait old man cuts young girl out.