Brazzers new upload porn story 2019

Brazzers new upload porn story 2019
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Hi, my name is Joey, I've recently graduated high school, but there was something that happened during my sophomore year that I am a little ashamed of, but felt so good, something that I am hot blonde anal fuck with instructor brandi edwards to tell you, something that has been haunting me for many years, but I need to get it out and clear my conscience.

February 17th, 2010 It's been hard living in this house, my mom is going through an especially hard time after Dad died, my foxy teens bang the biggest strap ons and spray juice everywhere Sarah is a slut, she's had two abortions and she things she may be pregnant again, and my little 10 year old brother, Nigel, has autism and is also suffering from a brain tumor. Sounds horrible right? On top of that, I've been the one working my ass off doing shit like, shoveling the 8-15 inches of snow we get about once a month for 7 different houses, make sure that the chores are done when mom is away, keep the wood stove burning, keep Mom's car running(constantly fixing it) and make sure my young brother takes his proper medications for various other things he's been battling.

What does my sister do? she takes off with her boyfriend and they fuck each other. On top of all of that, I'm expected to do homework, and do good in school!

Finally it's 7:00 and Mom is home! "Hey Joey, did Nigel give you a hard time?" Mom said, more energized than usual. "Nah not at all, could you take over things, so I can finish my home work?" I asked. "Sure hon, go right ahead." She said, giving Nigel some medications for his tumor-related headaches. "Thanks" I said, hurrying up stairs to my room, on the far end of the house. My Geometry homework was hard, but I was able to knock it out in 30 minutes.

I already had a hard on, as I picked up a photo of my crush, pulled down my pants and boxers, and started stroking my seven inch dick. When I was about half a minute in, I realized that Mom looked so sexy in her outfit she wore to work today. I knew that I would regret this later, but I started masturbating to the thought of my mom. I can't fucking believe it, I'm actually doing this!? I was two minutes in of jerking off to the thought of Mom, that I didn't realize I was calling her name.

Sure enough she heard it and came in my room, right as I blew my load. I was so fat shlong stuffs her holes girlfriend homemade that I didn't even realize she was standing right next to me, because my room was so small, that the door was right at the foot of my bed.

I never saw her for the rest of the night. She woke me up at 5:30 the next morning like always. Except she had a differant thing in mind. "Joey, follow me." She said, her heart racing. "What is it?" I said, rubbing the sleep outta my eyes. "Just come." She said. I followed her to her bedroom, nervous about what she intended. She hopped in her bed, covered up and motioned me to get in with her. I thought she just wanted to talk about last night.

"Mom, I just wanted to say-" She kissed me on the lips. She forced her tounge to make contact with mine, and i couldn't help it. I untied her robe, nearly ripping it off her, and i took off my night pants, and boxers. We continued to make out as I started fondling her nice 36C breasts. My 7 in monster couldn't be contained, I turned her around, rubbed her ass with the head, and I slowly shoved my cock in. She was in shock. She couldn't believe that herson would've done something like this so quickly.

She had to cover her mouth to keep from waking up Nigel and Sarah. I was about to shoot my load. "Mom, I want my load in your pussy." I said. Did I really just say that? I thought to my self. "You can't! I don't want to get impregnated by my boy." She said. I couldn't help the urge, I forcibly turned her back around, and I shoved my cock in her pussy, and right at that moment, the largest load I had ever had was unleashed inside my own mother. "Joey, that was fucking amazing, where did you learn to fuck like that?" She asked, exsausted.

"I did what felt natural." I told her. "Mom, you are my first. I lost my virginity to you." We kissed for a little longer, before it settled to cuddling. "Mom?" "Yes Honey?" "When can we do that again?" "Whenever you want." "Mom did we just do something wrong?" "If you love me and I love you, then no.

You just have to promise me that you won't tell anyone." She paused. "Can you go wake up Sarah?" "Sure." I got my night pants and boxers back on, and headed to the basement, where Sarah's room is. I knocked on her door, she was already awake. "Come in." She said. "Sarah, Mom wanted you up." I told her.

"I know, Joey can you come here and lay down with me for a second? I wanna talk." "Sure. What do you want to talk about?" I asked her.

"Joey, if I tell, you have to promise you won't tell anyone." She said. "Okay." "Not even Mom." I again agreed, "Okay." "Joey, get under the covers, this might take a while." "umm.

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Okay." I was a little confused. "Joey, I love you." "I love you, too." I said. "No Joey, I mean I really love you." She paused, took a deep breath, and continued. "Joey, I love you like a boyfriend.

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I want you to be my lover. I have been spying on you while you- ya know- jerk off. and I want that giant cock of yours inside me. I haven't slept all night because I was thinking about you, and since we're in the basement, no one will here us-" I kissed her like Mom had kissed me not even ten minutes ago. We continued this long passionate kiss for two minutes until i finally broke it and asked if she had any condoms. "Not anything big enough for that beast!" She said, taking off her bra and her panties.

and before I could even beautiful fit webcam brunette striptease tube porn about it, she already had my pants and boxers off, and was forcing my dick to the back of her throat.

She continued giving me my first blow job and when she finally had enough, she then took my dick and positioned it for her to sit on. She did it ever so slowly to make sure that it went in her ass halfway before cramming the rest in.

She already gave me an amazing blow job, so i offered to do doggy style to give her a rest, and allow me to do some work. Before we where inturupted by Mom walking in.