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9x mother sexy my mother x mother x1
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Starting to awaken, she stretched and yawned, rubbing her face against his leg. Naked, save for cuffs, the human puppy looked up at her master, whimpering lightly as she pressed her cheek into his thigh. She smiled, and hummed happily, as he reached down to rub the top of her head. He pushed her hair to the side, and clipped a short leash to her collar. Knowing what is coming, she licks her lips and puts her hands on the edge of the chair, and swaying her ass back cop fucks chubby gal in red dress forth slowly, the long furry tail buttplug tickling her thighs.

He pulls lightly on the collar, slipping his cock out of his boxer briefs. She whimpers, knowing she can't have her treat just yet. He pushes down on his shaft, the drippy head barely out of her reach. He pulls the leash tighter, bringing his cockhead against her lips, generously allowing her to lick the drips off of his cock. She continues to lick, even though the drops were gone, trying hard, to suck more of his delicious cock into her mouth.

He put his hand, on the top of her head, and pushed her back off his dick, pulling his cock back inside his underwear. She whines, and lays down on her soft flannel dog bed. She lays for a few minutes, before she is nudged by his foot. Perking up, she looks at the foot, as he slowly presses it between her legs, opening her widely.

"Stay there, legs open." He says gruffly, as he pushes his chair back, leaving her stretched open. He digs around in a desk drawer, finally pulling something out of it. He sets something on the top of the desk, before reaching down, to rub her wet slit.

"Already prepped for play, are we pup?" He slides something cold between her lips, slowly pressing it into her warm love canal. He presses hard on her clit, before using his foot, to close her legs.

She squirms lightly, but lays there, with his foot on her knee, keeping her legs closed. As he starts to play some game, there is a click, and with a buzz, the remote control vibrator turns on, and she gasps. He rubs his foot down her leg and back, relishing in the smooth skin, as he turns the vibrator speed up, feeling her squirm beneath him. He turns the vibrator on full speed, and says, "If you can be a good girl, and not cum before I finish my raid, I'll give you a treat." She whimpers, and lays as still as possible, as he plays his game.

An hour later, he tugs on her leash, leading her out from under the desk. He rubs his fingers against her clit, dragging his hand across her wet pussy, slowly pulling the vibrator out of her sore hole. "Did you cum, pup?" he asks, and she shakes her head, and looks up at him, whining and wiggling her ass.

He pets her head, and pulls the leash back under the bed, and she follows obediently, laying on her dog bed. He pulls his chair into the desk, pulling her leash, graciously allowing her free reign. She eagerly licks the head of his cock, whimpering and sucking lightly. "Go ahead, you were a good girl." She groans, and wraps her lips around the head, sucking lightly and licking at the tip.

He leans back in his chair, watching her, suck happily on his penis, not noticing she now has an audience. He runs his fingers through her hair, gently pulling her closer, and she whimpers and takes more of his dick. Humming lightly, she licks up the base, and down the shaft, twirling her tongue around the head, before placing his cock in her mouth again.

She pulls herself down on her amateur latina drilled by nasty pawn man, deep throating him, gagging slightly, but making a determined effort to swallow his cock.

He groaned, and leaned further back in his chair, as a thick wad of cum, gushed down her throat. She choked a little, and eagerly drank up every drop, licking the excess off of his penis, making sure he was all clean. Grunting, he pushes her back onto her little doggie bed. "Stay." He walks off, leaving her under the desk. A little while later he comes back, with a longer leash in hand.

He hooks it to her collar, and leads her on all fours, into the kitchen. Tying the leash to a ring on the wall, he gives one order. "Cook," he commands, and then leaves the room.

The human puppy sits up and stretches, before standing to browse through the refrigerator.

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She picks a few things, and then goes and turns on the oven. Slowly chopping and mixing ingredients, she stands fully naked, leashed to a wall, cooking her master's food happily. She hums a little tune, and doesn't notice him watching her from the door. She puts something in the oven, and starts to mix something else, also putting that in the oven, and setting a timer.

She smiles and starts to sing softly, as she takes the dirty dishes, and begins to wash them. Putting the dishes away, she pulls a clean plate out of the cupboard, and places it on the table with a fork. Pulling the food from the oven, she puts two cornbread muffins, and a stuffed bell pepper on the plate, and turns to call her master, only to notice he had been watching.

She blushes, and pulls a chair out for him, setting a glass with ice, by the plate, not knowing what he would want to drink. She leaves the rest of the warm food, on top of the stove, and lays down by his chair. He slowly eats his dinner, and then grabs a little silver dog bowl, scraping his left over food into it. He sets it in front of her, and she waits patiently until he tells her she can eat now. She slowly eats the food from the bowl, trying not to make a mess, and whines a little.

"Is the puppy thirsty?" he asks, setting a bowl of water next to her food. She murrs and shakes her butt a little, lapping up the water gratefully. She finishes her food, and he unclips her leash, and tells her to finish the dishes, and meet him in the bedroom. She nods, and speaks for the first time, "Yessir," before turning to do the dishes. She finished the dishes, and wanders down to the bedroom, knowing what she would find inside.

As she steps through the door, he pulls her close, and kisses her roughly. He binds her hands, and leads her to the bed. She follows obediently, and allows him to tie her down on her back, with her hands above her head. Removing the tail plug, he moves to secure her feet, making sure her legs are spread wide open. He lights a candle, and leaves it on the bedside table, as he retrieves a gag ball.

He kisses her quickly, before putting the gag ball in her yummy redhead sweetie eva berger gets her juicy ass ripped striptease and pornstars. He pulls the strap tight, making sure its secure. He turns to the table, and gets the candle, slowly dripping the wax down her chest, to her naked pussy, dripping a few drops on her slit, one hitting directly on her teacher with student 2019 xxx storys sindhi. She squirms and whimpers, her eyes begging him to stop the pain.

He pays no attention, as he grabs a small box, full of sex toys, pulling out a decent sized dildo, shaped like a dog's cock. He takes a small syringe, and fills it with lube, putting some on his finger, and rubbing on her tight little asshole, she tries not to squirm, as he sticks the tube to her ass, filling her slowly with warm lube.

She moans around the gag ball, as he slowly slides the rubber cock deep into her ass, not stopping until she is fully knotted. A thankful groan, escapes her, as the knot finally slips in her ass. "That's your favourite part, isn't it pup?" he asks, as she mutters happily around the rubber ball.

He grins, and laughs, "I remember something you like even more." He leaves the room for a xxx story sex stories 2019 first time, coming back with an ice cube in his hand, slowly pulling the dog cock from her ass.

"You always did like the feel of a nice cold ice cube in your tight little ass, didn't you whore?" he teases, as he slides the cold ice cube into her ass. She squeals and arches her back, as it slips inside her hot bowels, whimpering, as he lightly pushes the dildo back into her ass.

He leans down, and taps his finger on her clit, causing her to squirm, and him to smile. He puts one of her legs, over each of his shoulders, as he leans down and starts to viciously lick at her drippy slit and clit.

She moans and twitches beneath his tongue, longing for more than he is providing. Knowing that she wants him inside, he teases her, sitting up between her legs, and pressing a finger inside her wet cunt, probing slowly, as he rolls a nipple between the fingers of his other hand.

Twisting it, and pinching, he pulls the nipple up, causing her to writhe in pain, before letting go of it, watching her breast fall back down to her chest. He plays with the other nipple, giving the tortured one a slow teasing tongue bath. Flicking the sore nipple with his tongue, he pulls the other one high, and lets it go, before turning his tongues attention on it. He slips another finger in her puss, as he bites down lightly on each nipple.

Pulling his fingers out, he wipes them on her stomach, and then rubs them on her lower lip. He stands up, and pulls of his briefs, exposing his rock hard 7 inch cock. He leans over her face, knowing all too well, that she wants his cock. He rubs it on her lower lip, rubbing his pre across it.

"You want this, don't you pup? You little cockwhore, you want this cockmeat to fill every hole in your body, don't you?" She whimpers and nods, as he rubs his dick on her lip, and cheeks. Sliding his hard penis down her neck and chest, he slaps his cockhead on both her sore nipples, one after the other, watching her twitch with each hit.

"Tender, aren't they, slut? Do you like that? You like being slapped with your masters cock?" She whimpers and nods, throwing her head back, as a particularly hard slap hits her left tit.

He presses her perfect, perky 32DD breasts together and slides his cock between them. He groans and looks around for a second. Letting her boobs fall, he slides his dick from between them, and grabs the candle.

He pours asian honey love getting drilled hard squirting japanese oil candle wax on each of her nipples, before tracing a line between them. He puts the candle back on the table, and rubs his cock between her breasts, coating it, in the warm massage oil. Pressing her tits together, he resumes his tit fuck, groaning and rutting roughly, as he flicks and pinches her nipples.

She whimpers and moans, trying to tilt her head enough, to watch her love fucking her boobs roughly. He grunts, and sprays three thick strings of cum onto her chin and neck, before pulling back, and loosing 4 more strings on her breasts. He tweaks one of her nipples, and gets up to leave the room. He comes back, with a glass of ice water, sipping at it, before digging an ice cube out of the cup, and rubbing it in circles around her hot, tortured tits. She whimpers and tries to squirm out from under the ice, the cold a stark opposite to her burning, sore nipples.

"Not here?" he asked, as she violently shook her head. "How about here then…" The ice cube is slowly dragged over her thin stomach, over her clit, and rests on her pussy lips. Her eyes widen and she shakes her head, and makes disapproving noises, through the gag, as he presses the large ice cube into her wet fuck hole.

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She practically howls, behind the gag, whimpering and panting, as a sweat breaks on her brow. He grins, and presses a finger into her, pressing the ice cube deeper into her warm sex cave. She whines, begging him with her eyes, as he sits between her legs. He taps the head of his dick onto her clit a couple times, before ramming himself balls deep into her sopping pussy.

She groaned in pleasure, as he pulled himself out to the tip, before slamming balls deep again. Over and over he assaults her puss like this, before unclipping her ankle cuffs, and propping her legs up.

He starts thrusting big mom xxx ve dulokal roughly, slamming into her, as she whimpers and throws her head back, moaning as he occasionally hits some sweet spot, or goes deeper than usual. Putting a hand on each breast, he props himself up, and hammers away at her tight fuck hole, her kegel muscles gripping his thick, hard cock like a vice.

He thrusts forcefully, twisting and pinching her nipples as he starts to feel his orgasm coming. He groans and pulls out, and then forcefully plunges his dick back inside, shooting cockslime all over the interior of her cave. He lets her legs down, as he pauses to breathe, her vaginal muscles milking his cock, for every drop of cum in it.

Slowly he pulls out, dripping her arousal, and his seed onto the towel underneath her. Looking at the mess it was making, he thinks to himself that he's glad he took the precaution. Straddling her face, he undoes the gagball, letting it rest on her chest. "You want this, whore? Do you want to suck your master's dirty cock?" She blushes and looks down at the hard, wet cock in front of her.

"Y.Yes sir…" she stammers. "Dick goes where?" he asks, with a grin, as she opens her mouth wide. "That's my good girl." He rubs her head, as he guides his thick cock into her waiting mouth. She moans, as his cockhead slips past her lips, tasting the slightly sweet taste of him, and her own oddly sweet arousal as well. She leans forward as much as she can, trying to deep throat him, as she slowly licks all evidence of their sex from his dick.

He pulls back, and leans forward slightly, presenting his balls for cleaning as well. She licks each softly, slowly pulling each one into her mouth and sucking lightly. When she's done cleaning his balls, she leans her head back, and licks the base of his cock, eagerly trying to convince him to let her suck him off.

He pulls back, and flicks one of her nipples. "Bad dog, you'll suck my cock, when you've earned it. Now I think its time to play a little more…" He grabs the candle from the bed stand and hovers it over her breasts. "Beg for it, bitch. Beg for me to cover your dirty body in hot wax." She whimpers and complies, "P.Please.

Please pour hot wax on me… Sir, please cover my dirty body in wax…" He grins, and pats her head with one hand. "That's my good girl." He tilts the candle, and lets a long stream of hot wax splash off of her right nipple, causing her to inhale sharply, and whimper.

He frowns and sets the candle down. "As much as I love to hear you beg, you little cock whore, I don't want to hear all your little noises." He puts the gag ball back in her mouth, and tightens the strap up. Picking up the candle again, he drips a line from her collar bone, over her right nipple. She whimpers and tries to pull back, as her tender nipple is lightly burned. He drips the wax down over her stomach, and over the hollow of her left hip, before making a V-shape, down to her clit, and back to her other hip hollow.

He looks at her lovely sweetie is gaping narrow slit in closeup and cumming covered body, and admires his handiwork. Taking a breast in hand, he fondles it lightly, massaging the flesh, before drawing his hand back, and slapping it sharply. She squeals and jerks, at the sharp pain, recoiling again as he slaps the other breast just as hard. He alternates for a minute, each slap drawing a whimper of pain from his bound pet.

He flicks one of her nipples, as her eyes roll back from the pain, taking in the sight of her bright red, abused tits. He kisses one gently, and then slides his hand up her thigh, and uses a single finger, to press against the base of the plug in her asshole. She whimpers, and her eyes widen. "Don't worry pet, I haven't forgotten how much you enjoy having your ass filled." She groans behind the gag, as he slowly pulls the rubber cock from her ass.

"Alright pup, your legs are already unbound, turn over on your stomach.

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Elbows and knees, curve your back the way I like it, get that ass up in the air." She obediently rolls over to her stomach, and props herself up on elbows and knees, resting her face in the bed. He drips some lube onto the top of her ass, watching as it slides down to her tiny puckered asshole. Rubbing his dick over her ass, he presses roughly against her anus, groaning in pleasure, as it opens to accept his cock.

She moans, as the cockhead slides into her ass, with an audible pop. Without realizing it, she presses back against him, trying to envelope more of his thick long dick, in her tight ass. He leans forward, and kisses between her shoulder blades, before roughly shoving the rest of his penis in her.

Balls deep he begins to fuck her slowly, knowing her ass can't take near as much abuse as her sloppy pussy. Knowing he won't last long, in this tight hole, he groans and takes advantage of it, sliding his dick in and out of her ass, listening to her moan and whimper. He reaches for the candle, and blows out the wick, dripping the last of the hot wax down her lower back, and between her shoulder blades.

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As she cringes from the shock of the hot wax, her ass muscles convulse around his cock, taking him over the edge. He shudders, as he cums in her ass, filling her full. "There you go pup. All three holes, and then some." He pulls out and unlatches the handcuffs and ball gag. "I'll meet you in the shower hun." He says as he leans over and kisses the back of her neck. She sits up and slowly takes all the cuffs off. Stretching, she picks up the dirty towel and takes it with her to the bathroom, throwing it in the dirty clothes hamper, as she slides the shower door over, and joins her sexy love.

The water is lukewarm, but still stings, on her sensitive breasts. "I didn't go too hard on you, did I?" She smiles, "No, love, you were fine.

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It was hot, really." He smiles insecurely, as she picks up a loofah, and some sweet smelling soap, and starts to wash his body. Working from his shoulders down, she slowly massages his body, enjoying the play of the soap bubbles over his chiseled chest and abs, the bulge of his biceps, and the muscly feel of his back. Slowly, she drops to her knees, washing his ass, and thighs, calves and feet. Getting a handful of soap, she lightly washes his balls and cock, rubbing him in a slightly arousing manner, as she cleans.

He groans, and hugs her to him, pressing her face into his hip. She smiles and hugs him back, happy with her life with him.

She stands up, and lightly pushes him into the stream of water, watching the soap run off of his body. He tilts his head into the water, and she grabs the shampoo, lightly lathering his hair, and watching him rinse the shampoo out.

She leans into him, and kisses his neck, pressing her face into him, and breathing in the sweet scent of his body musk and the soap. "Your turn, Shel." He said, as he picked up the loofah and rinsed it out. Rubbing the loofah and soap in his hand, he made sure it was nice and soapy, before bubble butt amateur holly hendrix gets her two holes fucked hard turned her around, and started to wash her back.

She moaned, and leaned against the shower wall, as he massaged the soap into her aching shoulders and back. Smiling as he set down the loofah, to coddle her ass, squeezing it lightly. She turns to face him, and he carefully washes her sore breasts with his hands, picking up the loofah to wash her arms, stomach and puss. He pats his leg, and she lifts her foot up to his thigh, as he cleans her foot, calf, and thigh, then switches and cleans the other leg as well.

She stands under the water, sighing at how refreshing it feels, careful to rinse herself well, splashing extra water over her genitals, hoping to clean out most of all brazzer sexy girl xxxx story cum and lube. She leans her head back, getting her hair wet, and then gets on her knees, so he can wash her hair in return.

Slowly massaging the soap into her long brown hair, he sighs. She leans back, and rinses her hair, as soon as he is done washing it. Both squeaky clean, they look at each other for a moment, before she steps up and holds him tightly. "I love you…" She whispers, barely audible.

He sighs, "Yeah, I know you do." After toweling each other down, they return to the bedroom, lighting a couple candles, to help dispel the sex smell. Laying down in bed, she hides her face in his chest.

He wraps his arm around her, and soon, her breathing becomes slow and regular. Knowing she's safely asleep, he holds her close, and closes his eyes as well… TO BE CONTINUED…