Sweet young angel licked by pold guy

Sweet young angel licked by pold guy
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This place felt weird. Was this a dream? My senses suggested it.

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Too damped was the shining light, too hollow the sound to be real. But on the other side, it felt too real to be not. So it probably was something in between. I stood in a great hall made of quartz, looking like a Greek temple, mist swirled through the air, greatly decreasing my range of sight.

And for some reason, I was standing there all nude. "Hello? Is there someone?" my voice echoed through the hall again and again until it started to sound foreign, becoming a whisper in my ear, asking me the very same question. What was this place? I felt a little insecure, but step after step I moved forward, trespassing crested pillars, ever seeing only 10 meters in front of me, until I reached some sort of huge bathing pool. This seemed to be the source of the mist.

I couldn't see how big it was as I could see no end but that I was standing on, however this was the only way I could go. So I stuck my feet into the water, which was more than pleasant - I think it had my exact body temperature.

Being encouraged by this, I descended to the water and started to wade through the water which reached up to my chest. Suddenly, I heard some other whisper, which sounded like it would be spoken directly into my ear.

I couldn't understand what it said, though. As I proceeded, the voice became more clearly. It sounded like a woman whispering, "Don't fear, you are almost there!" Although the voice whispered, it sounded beautiful. I wanted to see the woman it belonged to by any cost! I started to walk faster and finally, I arrived at the other end of the pool.

I got out and looked down on my wet body. I was 1.76 meters tall and quite thin. I had no visible muscles and had a somewhat tender figure. My black hair was cut short and my eyes were shining blue.

I was shaved and even shaved my average sized cock, although there was no reason to do it as I have never even kissed a girl. But hey, you can hope, right? Too my feet there was something that looked like a path, a two meter wide immersion in the quartz floor.

I stepped forth nasty czech cutie gapes her narrow twat to the peculiar a little and saw something that looked like a throne that had pyramid-like platforms around it, maybe 2 meters of height, the platform the throne stood on had a radius of 2 meters as well.

"Come closer!" the voice whispered in my ear and I didn't say no to that. When I finally stood before the throne, I saw the woman which the whisper belonged to. She was beautiful.

Although she wore a white Greek-looking dress that covered her body from her breasts to her feet, I could clearly that she had some big tits, a striking thin waist and wide hips that suggested a well-rounded butt. Even more sexy than her covered figure was what I could see of her. Her face was tender and mischievous with thrilling blue eyes, a little round nose and full, soft lips. It was framed by her long, golden hair and her chin rested on her tender right hand, while her elbow sat on her crossed knees.

Her other hand waved me nearer. I couldn't do else but step up to the throne and kneel down before it, directly looking onto her small, seductive, bare feet before my gaze wandered up all her body. "Hey, little man, I am glad you arrived," her harmonic voice now softly spoke down to me.

"Uhm, thank you, I think I am glad as send mom son mom xxx I replied.

She smirked conspiratorially, "Oh, I bet you are." And then, after a short pause, "Do you have any idea who you are speaking to?" I tried to think of something, but I didn't find out.

However, she looked familiar to me, I just didn't know. "No, I do not." She smiled inviting and said, "I see. I am Aphrodite, goddess of love, descended from Mount Olympus to watch over and serve the humans and their needs, now doing so for almost 3000 years." Wow, that sounded impressive.

Did I actually meet a Greek goddess? This had to be a dream. "It isn't," she replied to my thoughts because apparently, she could read them as well. "When you were sleeping, I abducted your mind into this temple of mine, separated from your body.

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Your body is sleeping but your mind is awake. Busty babe samantha shows her naked body in the bathtub is the only way how a mortal can meet a god." I didn't understand what exactly that meant, as well as I hadn't any idea why a goddess would invite me to her temple. "But why? Why did you take me here?" She giggled and looked down to me. "I am the goddess of love, what do you expect?" she giggled.

This giggle made my heart jump. Well, I could expect a lot from the goddess of love, depending on what she included in the word. Romantic love?

I have had a crush on some girls but I don't know if this counts. Sex? Never even close. What could she expect from me regarding one of these things? Her face got serious and harsh when she spoke, "I'll tell you, little man: YOU have let me down. I watched you for some years and when it comes to love, there is nothing about it on you.

Jerking off on girls you desire to be yours while not approaching them or their desires has nothing to do with love! You have failed your goddess!" Ouch! The goddess of love just called me a wanking loser! Was there anything worse that could happen to a young man? "I- I am sorry, my goddess." She shook her head and regained her loving smile, looking down to me and softly speaking, "No no no, you don't have to be sorry!

In the end, I am the goddess of love - so it is my duty to make my values continue in this world. That you neither love anybody nor are loved by anybody is my own failure. But don't worry! What do you think this world would look like without my helping, loving hand? I have fixed far greater mistakes." "Fixed?" I asked timid, 'fixing a mistake' sounded very much like 'erasing you from existence' and I would very much like not to be killed on the spot.

Aphrodite just smiled again, "Yes, little man, I will fix your mistakes. That means, I will help you to find love and serve me by this.

But first, you have to earn it." Aphrodite will help me to find love? That sounded. unexpectedly positive, quite the opposite of killing me. But what would she do? Making a girl I had a crush on love me? Or make me meet a girl that did? No hq porn hot teen biqle story what, I wanted it! "How can I earn this honor, my goddess?" I asked eagerly.

She grinned, "As simple as it could be: Please me." With this words, she stuck her right foot out to me, right in front of my face.

Doubting what happened, I looked up to her face again. Did she really expect me to.? Aphrodite answered this thought with a smile and a nod. My heart beat faster, as I took her foot into my hand and kissed it's upper side while massaging it with both hands.

Her skin was soft and gentle, even her sole was as pale and soft as the rest of her body. All her toenails which had the same color as the quartz around were cut in the same round pattern. Of course, there was nothing on the goddess which didn't serve her purpose perfectly.

I couldn't resist to stick her toes into my mouth and suck on them hungrily. She let her foot draw circles in my mouth while the other caressed my cheeks. I looked Aphrodite in the eye obediently as I sucked her foot and felt how I got rock hard. "Oh little man," she laughed, "You sure LOVE doing this, right? Why don't you go ahead and do the same all over my body?" With these words, she pulled her foot out music lesson and sex cunnilingus and pornstars my mouth and stood up as I knelt before her.

She turned me her back and smiled over her shoulder as she dropped her dress to the ground, revealing her moon pale backside, her round and firm butt and her long tender legs. As she turned around and faced me once again, the view of her belly and her absolutely incredible breasts, huge and perfectly round, exceeded my expectations another time.

She sat down again and smirked, a sign for me to get my lips on her body once again. I kissed the upper side of her feet again and then went up her legs, her knees, her inner thighs. But when I was about to reach her most precious part, pinkly shining from wetness and exuding an inviting smell, she put two fingers on my lips and whispered, "Not yet." I was completely succumbed to her and without complaining I took her fingers in my mouth, sucked on them eagerly and submissive.

Her other hand rested on my neck and stroked me upwards, which made me raise myself to Aphrodite's breasts. She pulled her fingers out of my mouth, giving me space to kiss the soft flesh of she got punished for being a bad girl tits that I so much admired. My hands kneaded the hills, while my lips made their way to her left nipple. I closed my eyes as I let my tongue play with the hard flesh for more than a minute and then did the same to the other.

Meanwhile Aphrodite let her gentle hand run all over my naked body. I let the nipple free with a loud smack and spoke honestly, "My goddess, I want to taste you!" Aphrodite however laughed, "You will have enough time for that later. but first there is something way more important to be done." I didn't understand what she meant by this but she raised herself from her throne another time, but now she stepped aside and looked at how I kneeled in front of it.

"Sit down there," she softly spoke and pointed onto the throne. I swallowed, "Are you sure? I mean, it is your throne." "Don't worry," she had this loving touch on her voice, "You will like what happens next." I was still insecure, but I stood up and sat down as Aphrodite ordered it.

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She however looked me right into the eye and now knelt down before me. Oh my god, was she actually doing this? "Oh my goddess," she corrected my thought smirking and grabbed my rock hard cock with one hand, slowly wanking it. "Oh my goddess," I moaned, "Are you sure about this?" "Yes, what I will do now is the best way to open your heart to love, you will understand it soon." With this words her head sank down on my crotch and her lips enclosed the pink head of my cock.

I was never even kissed by a girl and now the goddess of love would give me head? She opened her mouth and joked about my thought, "In a way you could say, I am giving you godhead!" This joke however couldn't make me laugh regarding the awkward situation - it was lame anyway. After this, she put her lips on me again, now taking my cock in her mouth and started to suck on it.

I was feeling like I would cum instantly from this touch, but for some reason, I didn't. Maybe it was some divine spell she put on me to make me last longer? Her soft lips touched her tender fingers that encircled my cock and they stroke back and forth in the same rhythm, sucking me off steadily and getting tighter and tighter, while her other hand fondled my balls.

Oh fuck, I had to cum right now! I wanted - no, needed to release my sperm right now! But I couldn't do it, I didn't know what Aphrodite did to me, but I just couldn't cum in her mouth, no matter how much I needed to. She pulled her hand away and now sucked me deeper and deeper, she took my cock completely into her throat without a single gag. "Oh my goddess, you sure suck cock godlike!" I moaned and grunted.

Aphrodite turned her head to the left and right fast, making my cock feel the warms of her loving mouth. She hummed a sweet melody with my cock in her throat, so I felt every vibration of it. Fuck, I needed to cum so bad! I started to move my best amateur blow and teen eaten out becoming a man aggressively to penetrate her throat faster and finally fill her up!

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There was something weird about the melody she hummed. It calmed me down somehow, making me tired and going slower and slower, it felt like energy flew from every part of my body into my stomach, gathering to shoot out of my cock when I finally would cum. Suddenly, my cock twitched in Aphrodite's mouth. Oh fuck, I could feel how all the pressure building up in me overcame me. "My goddess, I am going to - aaaahhhhh!!!" I moaned when my first shot of hot cum filled her mouth.

Spurt after spurt I shot my boiling semen down her throat while she kept sucking steadily and swallowed it all down, but there came more and more! Every time cum shot out of my rod it was more than ever before in my life and I just wouldn't stop, it lasted for several minutes until I felt myself cooling down. I gasped tired and got dizzy while Aphrodite sucked the last drop of cum out of me and let go of me.

After cumming so much, my dick and my balls looked incredible tiny. "Urgh, my goddess, what have you done?" I spoke with a voice as shaky as my body as I fell down from the throne and landed on my hands and knees while Aphrodite again sat down on it, grinning down to me.

"Well, little man, I talked to you about how I would make fix your mistake. As I closely observed you, I saw what this mistake was. It was not that you were incapable of being loved or feeling love, but I observed something weird about you." My body felt all empty, as if it would have no weight, I raised a hand and saw it shake as if it was that of a puppet played by a puppeteer who didn't know how to move it. "I know this must be exhausting for you. You are hungry and tired." She spread her legs and opened sight to her wetly shining pussy.

"Come and feast on the juices of my loving womb!" I couldn't think, just crawled over to her and put my lips on her pussy flicking my tongue until I found the canal the sweet juice flew out from, put my lips on it and sucked as much as I could.

It was sweet as honey but more fluid, I couldn't stop to suck out more and more and it wouldn't stop to fill my mouth and my belly. "I realized that the weird thing about you was: You were a man, but your body looked somehow feminine.

That is nothing all too rare, but after closer examination I saw that also your mind and soul had a female touch on them. It was just a little mistake that you were a man, making you unable to love and be loved. Your female potential is far more promising.

I sucked not only all the cum you had, but also all of your male essence out of your body. And with drinking my essence, you will turn into a woman." "Wait.

What?" I replied and stopped sucking when I got back to my senses and was full sated by Aphrodite's nectar. Anxious I sprang onto my feet, feeling my body still tremble and when I looked onto my hands I noticed that they did not only shake but change their shape! They became smaller and more tender, the same seemed to apply to my arms, my feet and my legs, especially my legs, which looked way longer through their newfound tenderness, my cock and balls seemed to shrink further and draw back into my body, I put my hands on that spot between my legs and felt how they slowly turned inside.

"Isn't it exciting how men and women complement each other? When changing, your cock will form your new clitoris and your balls will turn into very fertile ovaries. That is also the reason why I had to drain you from cum completely, so you wouldn't impregnate yourself." She blinked in a mocking and mean way as I fearfully watched my super pretty yearold brunette amirah european creampie change. My pelvis made crumbling noises and widened, I could feel my butt getting inflated with fat and muscle while my waist tightened.

My nipples got stiff and I felt how energy streamed to my chest. I couldn't believe my eyes as my breasts grew and grew until they were as big as those of Aphrodite.

I didn't know if I should fear my changes or be grateful for becoming so hot! I suddenly felt a new pain in my lower body as I entered the final stage of my transformation. It had to be my ovaries being build and it made me cringe, fall to the ground and spread my legs as I could feel my insides rearrange.

When it finally was done I could see between my legs how the flesh slowly parted and pink folds were building there, growing and growing and becoming more detailed. I could feel how new tunnels were developing, leading down into my body, until what I had was a fully developed, inviting pussy, wet and craving for cock. Suddenly, I had the strong urge to get fucked.

I jumped onto my feet and rushed down to the water to see my reflection in it. Holy Shit! I was thick and curvy and somehow had a cute accent on me, making me stunningly hot. If I was a man, I would love to fuck the girl I saw in the water! And this was me! "I see," Aphrodite spoke from her throne, "You have gotten quite thick and all crazed up, huh?

It seems like I have misjudged your potential. I wanted you to find one love to make you happy but now it looks like you have far more potential than I thought." "What do you mean by this, my goddess?" She smiled, "My child, what do you wish for in this very moment?" I didn't have to deliberate this: "I want cock! I want to get fucked!" She nodded approvingly: "That is right, you cannot think about anything else, right?

I wanted to turn you into a sweet little girl, but you offered me something truly rare: You have become a nymph, a spirit of nature, sexuality and fertility, a loyal servant to my cause." I wanted to serve my goddess more than anything!

"What can I do for you, my goddess?" Aphrodite put her dress back on and sat down in the pose she had greeted me in, "As soon as your mind is reunited with your body, the changes will apply to wwe diva paige porn storys and you will be the same nymph you see in this very moment. While you live your life, I just want you to follow your desires, naturally they will please me as well, trust me.

If you do this I will always be with you and protect you, I promise." She smiled and leaned back, "I however will now follow my desires. draining a body from male essence always makes me horny. Especially when it results in cute little sluts like you." She blew me a kiss and with this, the temple vanished, letting my mind travel back to mind body.